CloSYS Mouthwash

here at Sydney Boutique Dentistry in Waterloo, Sydney, we make oral health and care a precedence for each and every patient. In doing this, you may notice a few products on display and for buy in our dental operation .
I have chosen these particular products intentionally, after years of trying myself, reading daybook articles, dental research studies, talking to my think of colleagues and specialist team and looking at the results that my own patients have been achieving using these products .
CloSYS is an american trade name and is not normally found in Australia. It was developed in 1991 by a lead periodontist Dr Perry Ratcliff, meaning it has been developed by dentists and oral health specialists. They discovered that by using stabilized chlorine dioxide, they could importantly reduce the issue of oral bacteria. It is identical natural, contains no harmful chemicals, no unnecessary additives and delivers superior results when it comes to killing oral bacteria.

Most leading brands of gargle use either alcohol or triclosans ( chlorhexidine ) as their chief anti-bacterial component. Whilst being adept anti-bacterial agents, alcohol dries out your mouth making it more susceptible to decay and has recently been linked to oral cancer. Triclosans can cause staining on the tooth when used for drawn-out periods of time .
An freelancer analyze of mouthwashes was conducted in 2011, comparing the potency of CloSYS to other commercially available mouthwashes. These were the findings.

multiple mouthwashes were tested for their potency in killing bacteria associated with gum disease, decay, oral infections, regretful breath and root canal infections. Listerine achieved a 100 % kill in 1minute, while the chlorhexidine and CloSYS achieved a 100 % kill in 5 minutes. frankincense giving CloSYS the same potency as Listerine, adenine long as the mouth is not rinsed with water until 5 minutes post-gargling .
Benefits of CloSYS mouthwash vs. Listerine and Chlorhexidine mouthwashes

  • No alcohol
  • No sulphates (common foaming agent)
  • No staining potential
  • Does not require mixing
  • Long shelf life
  • Pleasant and easy to use

The other main reason I recommend and prefer CloSYS is that it does NOT contain the multitude of preservatives, additives, colourings, flavours and synthetic chemical that other mouthwashes do. There are 4 ingredients to the CloSYS gargle and it has an optional flavor phial containing lifelike mineral vegetable oil and natural peppermint .
If you are uncertain about your gargle or do not have one, come in to Sydney Boutique Dentistry in Waterloo, Sydney and try CloSYS. It is the alone gargle that I use, my integral dental family uses and my friends use because we already know how dependable it is .
Find out more about CloSYS here

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