good troughing, high ductile strength, and MSHA Pt 14 approval – precisely some of the things you expect in a mining conveyer belt knock. These belts run fast, carry heavy loads and ideally, conform to little diameter pulley. alone belts engineered for use underground can provide the operation and lastingness necessary for these harsh, demanding environments .
For clandestine applications, we recommend Cobra America mine conveyer belts. These belts are proven in baffling, hot, and dirty conditions and they won ’ thymine let you down .
Get the mining conveyer belts you need for your operation. Contact West River Conveyors at 800-332-2781 to discuss carcasses, covers, sizes, and delivery .


Cobra America Conveyor Belts LogoDepreux Conveyor Belts Logo Conveyor systems designed for clandestine applications typically use narrow, fast-running belts that wrap around humble diameter pulley. This requires the thinnest possible belts with high ductile intensity, low elongation, and hard-wearing, tear-resistant covers.

Cobra America manufactures Depreux brand conveyer belts engineered to meet these challenges. Both steel and fabric carcasses are available with versatile types of durable rubber eraser and PVC covers .
Belts used belowground must come with MSHA Pt 14 blessing. This shows they ’ ra safe to use in confine spaces where entrance and exit space is limited. Cobra America mining conveyer belts meet MSHA standards .


Cobra is a ball-shaped manufacturer of conveyer belts. While they previously traded as Depreux, today this name is reserved for a line of conveyer belts developed for mine and other heavy industries. Cobra America commenced operations in 2001 and is based out of Bristol, TN with a moment location in Bakersfield, CA.


When choosing a new or substitution conveyer belt out for a mine application the most significant factors to consider are :

  • MSHA Pt 14 approval
  • Tensile strength in PIW (Depreux textile belts run up to 2,200 PIW and steel belts go higher)
  • Cover material — tear resistance is especially important
  • Thickness — a thinner belt wraps around a smaller pulley and is often easier to replace
  • Troughing — thinner belts trough more readily for less spillage
  • Inclination — cover material is a factor in material retention/stability on steeper inclines

Learn more about the conveyer belt belts we carry hera.


dependable and hard-wearing conveyer belts are key to minimizing downtime and sustenance and maintaining high end product. West River is gallant to spouse with Cobra America, manufacturer of quality Depreux belts. Proven in the harshest, most demand environments, these belts deliver especial performance and lastingness .
Choosing a belt entails calculating knock loads and considering a long list of application factors. Detailed belt cognition and conveyer belt expertness are essential to avoid under or over-specifying. The West River team is standing by to help you make the right choice for your operation .
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