T28/39T Portal Crane – Colmar

The equipment can be supplied for any rail gauge type. This portal has been developed for handling and laying dragoon switches ( turnouts ), cut panels, or sleepers. The portal structure is made of uncompromising electro welded steel. The cabin, with its dominate dialog box, the engine and the hydraulic world power unit are placed on the independent body. The equipment is supplied with a button board for distant controlling all manoeuver functions. The vehicle can drive on crawlers or on rail wheels, and is wholly mugwump during both the removal phase and the material laying phase, a well as when driving to the exploit site. When it has to be transported for long travels, the T28 portal site can load/unload itself autonomously on beach wagon or semitrailer. Two vertical hydraulic column – instrumental to the portal vein lifting – allow the right and left crawlers positioning even on surfaces at differential gear levels, frankincense constantly maintaining an horizontal loading set up, and allowing a stable movement of the equipment. The portal vein is besides equipped with four vertical hydraulic cylinders, for standing on rail wheels, and with four hydraulic cylinders for lifting sleepers/rails/track panels/switches. The lift system is adjustable on the horizontal flat on a compass of +/- 5° and on the upright plane on +/- 2° 30 ’, in orderliness to smoothly drive on rough and uneven terrain. The equipment avails an artificial horizon in order to automatically maintain the load in horizontal position, flush when the portal is on a acclivitous or downhill path. Horizontal hydraulic cylinders for earthworm open/ cheeseparing operations, and for managing the skeletal system, which handles the load, are provided adenine well. Longitudinal rail road switch launch: The T28 portal vein removes the honest-to-god rail road switches and launches the new ones, moving along the rail track, according to the pursue steps :

• It lift and loads of the new rail road switch on the Colmar/Ameca A25 / A35 streetcar, and tow it to the lay area. • It sets the T28 on the old rail road switch, hooks it by means of the clamps, and removes it from its position. Afterwards, it lifts, moves and launches the new rail road interchange. • finally, the T28 portal loads the old train road throw on the Colmar/Ameca A25 and A35 trolleys to move it outside the work area.
Lateral rail road switch launch: The T28 portal removes the old train road switch and sets the raw one at the right slant with deference to the bloc of the track. By standing on the four rail wheels, the portal site lifts itself up by means of the four upright hydraulic column. It then moves to the side, either LH or RH, one of the horizontal shine, for exemplar the one on the RH side, with its earthworm upraised, while the vertical column on the early side, LH, keeps its sycophant to the labor. subsequently, it lowers the RH side earthworm to the establish, and moves the central body in the lapp management, in order to lift and remove the old rail road switch. finally, it will perform the lapp operations to launch the new rail road switch over. Track panels laying down: The T28 portal lifts and removes the old path panels and lays the new ones down. Sleepers laying down: By means of an hydraulic or mechanical sleepers radio beam, the T28 portal site moves and lays up to 60 concrete sleepers down. Technical characteristics: overall width with abjure crawlers 3.130 millimeter overall width with extend crawlers 7.180 millimeter Length 11.000 – 13.550 millimeter

Height ( min – soap ) 3.190 mm – 4.915 millimeter Weight 32,5 triiodothyronine Lifting Capacity 39 triiodothyronine ( 78 metric ton when in tandem ) Horizontal plane range of the lifting balance beam ± 5° Vertical plane oscillation of the lifting glow ± 2° 30 ’ Across centreline distance between clamps 1.500 millimeter longitudinal centreline distance between clamps 10.000 – 12.600 millimeter Crawlers overall width 360 millimeter Rail wheels, diameter 400 millimeter Wheel base 2.800 millimeter focal ratio on crawlers 5 Km/h speed on rail wheels 11 Km/h

Diesel Engine:  N° of cylinders : 4 world power : 129 kilowatt Emergency Diesel engine: N° of cylinders : 2 exponent : 12,5 kilowatt Optional: Synchronised commands of the portals, when operating in tandem, for both working and travelling phases .

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