Colombo North America – Adel, Georgia

We are Colombo North America, a Peanut Combine Manufacturer located in Adel, Georgia. We operate as a auxiliary of Colombo Group, the largest brazilian manufacturer of harvesters for peanuts, comestible dry beans, and components such as PTO drive-shafts and U-Joints .
Our 40 plus year previous company is recognized worldly concern wide for our timbre of products, mastermind expertness, state-of-the-art fabricate facilities and high quality workplace. Colombo North America has continued this bequest in Georgia since 2006 providing the state ’ randomness peanut farmers with a choice of Rotary Peanut Combines, technical serve and active back for Colombo Peanut Combines .

Reasons To Use Our Colombo Peanut Combines

Farmers in North America should use Colombo Peanut Combines because Colombo peanut harvesters yield a low rate of LSK, impurities, and field losses. They are the only machines harvesting peanuts with Axial-Flow system which allows for working in more humid conditions. Colombo knows that farmers need to work without having any downtime in the most critical moments of the season .
This engineering allows for a longer feasible day. At the conclusion of the season you harvest more acres with merely a single machine. Colombo combines are simpleton. They have only a few points of alteration : pulleys, gears, and belts. This makes for childlike, easier self-repairs .

Colombo Peanut Combines yield a low rate of LSKs, impurities, and plain losses .

This besides makes them far less expensive in alimony costs. adjustable rotor pins allow the compound to pick in a wide variety show of conditions. Colombo has over 40 years of exploitation behind us. In these years we have accumulated technical experience in insignificant farming and efficiently produced an low-cost insignificant trust .

Built With The American Farmer In Mind

Colombo North America continues the bequest of the Colombo Group extending the engineering of the Rotary Axial-Flow System Combine to the american Farmer. Since 2006 we have grown in the market from the inaugural 4-Row Advanced Peanut Combine to nowadays offering a 6-Row Twin Master Peanut Combine, 2-Row Double Master III Peanut Combine, and Dump Cart.

Our engineers meet post-season with Peanut Farmers to consider modifications to better the harvest .

We are annually update and modifying our equipment to better befit the american Farmer ’ s harvesting needs. Our engineers meet post-season with farmers to consider modifications to better the reap .

Incomparable Service and Locations

We presently have dealers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Arkansas. Dealers coming soon to Texas and Oklahoma. We provide technical foul service and support for Colombo Peanut Combines from our restricted service technicians and franchise network .
We have an active service that is always confront during harvest season. Our headquarters is located in Adel, GA. We are Colombo North America and we look forward to partnering with you. We ’ re here for you sol never hesitate to contact us.

New Markets & Partnerships

In a little more than 20 years, Colombo has established, structured, and defined marketplace goals. No limits are seen with our stay evolution. Colombo is a solid group who achieves everything they commit to do ; working hard to fulfill the commitments to quality, regard to dealers, technical aid, and servicing customers .
Driven by creativity, Colombo Group pursues raw partners here and abroad. Colombo is looking for individuals and companies alike who partake the ideals and have a willingness to add hard work and capital to extend production and place products where they are needed .

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