You ’ ve read our tutorial how to install custom Windows 7 themes, but you are distillery clueless ? well, there are some more things worth mentioning when it comes to installing Windows 7 shell themes on Windows 7 64-bit. sol, hera ’ s the revised tutorial. Installing Windows 7 Shell Themes

Update 8/7/2010: We have released a Windows 7 theme installer that allows you to install Windows 7 shell themes quite well. If you are annoyed by installing Windows 7 themes manually, you can check out the Windows 7 subject installer here .

Theme Patcher ( Required)

Before you start thinking about installing Windows 7 plate themes, you have to make certain that your Windows 7 is capable of installing 3rd-party themes. By nonpayment, Windows 7 does not allow 3rd-party themes ! Download Universal Theme Patcher. This patcher will automatically patch the follow files on Windows 7 : uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll, themeservice.dll that let you to install shell themes.
Universal Theme  Patcher

General Info: Windows 7 SysWOW64 Folder

Windows 7 themes much include system files for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. If you are on Windows 7 64-bit you will often need both ! Because Windows 7 64-bit can emulate 32-bit you will need 32-bit files angstrom well or how do you thought was it possible to run 32-bit software on Windows 7 64-bit ?

Important: SysWOW64 is the 32-bit booklet of Windows 7 64-bit. All 32-bit files have to be copied here, but merely if the composition actually requires it ( not all of them require it ) .

List of some possible theme files and explanation

Most themes include the following files:

  • explorer.exe (this includes for example the Start orb)
  • explorerframe.exe (this file includes the forward/back navigation buttons)
  • shell32.dll (this includes some control panel icons and other icons)
  • imageres.dll (this includes the most Windows 7 icons!)
  • .theme (this is the actual .theme file)
  • .msstyles (this file is very important! It not only includes the caption buttons: close/restore/minimize buttons, but also a lot of other important icons. If you are into skinning Windows 7, you will quickly notice that this is one of the most important theme files!)
  • OobeFldr.dll (this is the welcome center file)

Other common theme files:

  • timedate.cpl
  • ehres.dll (Windows Media Player)
  • shellstyle.dll
  • ieframe.dll
  • basebrd.dll
  • wmploc.dll
  • mydocs.dll

Installing Windows 7 Shell Themes Walkthrough

1. StepCopy .theme files: Copy .theme file and booklet with precisely the like name to C : \Windows\Resources\Themes here ’ s a typical Windows 7 shell root : Typical Windows 7 shell theme

There are .theme files and enough of subfolders. As you can see the .theme files have precisely the lapp name as the some of the folders. These “ matches ” are the themes that you have to copy to C : \Windows\Resources\Themes Let ’ s take a attend into the booklet Dark Soft fiddling icons : Windows 7 Shell themes folder 2. Copy system files
next, let ’ s take a look at some of the system files. Windows 7 Theme System Files There are again respective subfolders. If we look inside the booklet Explorerframe, we will find two more subfolders : Windows 7 Themes: 32-bit and 64-bit now, what you have to do is to replace all the organization files individually. Most system files go into the booklet C : \Windows\system32, but not all. VERY IMPORTANT
Windows 7 32-bit: Copy 32-bit ( x86 ) organization files into C : \Windows\system32
Windows 7 64-bit: Copy 64-bit ( x64 ) organization files into C : \Windows\system32 and 32-bit system files into C : \Windows\sysWOW64 If you don ’ t know if you are on Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, read the guide : What Windows version do I have ?

How to replace system files in Windows 7

Because replacing system files is not that easy in Windows 7, there are some registry-hacks that will add the choice “ Take ownership ” to your context-menu ( right-click menu ).

Summary: If you decide to do it manually, you have take ownership of each file, grant yourself permission, rename the file and the copy the fresh file into the booklet. See ? It takes pretty long without the hack ! We have across-the-board guides that explain you how to replace organization files manually or via register hack : Replace System Files in Windows 7
Replace Explorer.exe
Replace Shell32.dll
Replace Explorerframe.dll

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