This is a carousel. Use Next and previous buttons to navigate Pinpointing precisely when the supernumerary pounds became a trouble is a challenge for Sawyer Heights nonmigratory David Armendariz. As the owner of Studio A Salon in Rice Village, Armendariz was just excessively busy to notice. Most of Armendariz ’ s energy went toward building his business. “ I gained weight because I was not paying attention to my health, ” he said.

much, Armendariz and his partner, Jesse Gudino, who is besides a stylist at the salon, worked all day, returning home exhausted to eat something quick before passing out .
“ I wanted to home in and grow my commercial enterprise, ” he said. “ And it ’ s a minor business. I had to be there 100 percentage of the time. ”
Armendariz estimates he gained about 40 pounds during the past five years. He started to notice when traveling with Gudino. He wasn ’ thyroxine enjoying posing for photograph together .
“ I didn ’ triiodothyronine like what I saw, ” Armendariz said .
He went to the sophisticate and discovered the supernumerary pounds were affecting his health. His cholesterol was high, and his blood carbohydrate levels were up enough to make him prediabetic .
“ Diabetes runs in kin, ” Armendariz said. “ So, that was huge. ”
Armendariz was besides about to turn 40. He decided it was prison term to make a change .
Working hard to achieve perfection is not newly for Armendariz. He earned a bachelor ’ s degree in music and dance at the University of Houston in 2003 and classically trained at Ballet Center of Houston, arsenic well as with the Washington and Austin ballet .
Armendariz danced professionally for 10 years in dance companies, including the Sandra Organ Dance Company in Houston and David Taylor Dance Theatre in Denver, angstrom well as the “ Havana Nights ” picture in Las Vegas .
When he decided to become a hairdresser, that art besides came to him naturally. He has owned Studio A Salon for the past seven years .
But when it came to managing his burden, Armendariz hit a wall .
“ I tried all of the fad diets, and nothing worked, ” he said. “ I asked my doctor, ‘ What can I do ? ’ The scale was not moving. ”
His sophisticate recommended finding a dietician at a gymnasium. Armendariz knew good the right guy for the job : A while back, he contacted Randy Canché, a lawyer and body builder who besides offered nutrition coach services. At the time, Armendariz did not feel ready to take on the challenge .
“ now, in hindsight, I think I was merely making excuses, ” he said. “ I wanted it to happen fast and easy. ”
That ’ s not how Canché operates. He believes in lifelong changes, which take time and feat. A healthy diet was constantly an important separate of his life. even as a child, he was preparing to be an Olympic gymnast. When he outgrew gymnastics, he played every frolic his educate offered .
“ I kept seeing nutritionists and dietitians, ” said Canché, whose occupation has steadily grown via Instagram. “ then in my 20s, I became a soundbox builder. ”
In his 30s, he besides became an avid base runner and an Iron man. In 2012, he started competing in the “ human body division ” for soundbox builders, with ball-shaped success .
Canché hadn ’ metric ton considered coaching others until he went professional. People saw his photograph and found him at competitions and sought his advocate .
Before retentive, Canché started offering a nutriment service, created Concentric Consulting and brought in adjunct coach Adam Pate. Concentric Consulting creates a specific meal design for each node and schedules follow-ups. The coach is more like a concierge service, Canché explained .
“ People can contact us 24/7/365, ” he said. “ We ’ re trying to guide them, and we ’ re there for mental support. ”

He explained that food becomes a tool in achieving the soundbox his clients want .
“ Diet is 80 percentage of it ; it actually is, ” he said. “ The smasher of that is, adenine soon as it clicks for people, it completely changes their expectation. Once that snaps, they get excited about it. ”
Armendariz experienced that breakthrough firsthand. “ It ’ s all about the diet, ” he said. “ If you ’ re looking to lose weight, you have to follow a diet. ”
He lost 15 pounds right aside, equitable by following Canché ’ s meal plan .
rather of grabbing food after knead, Armendariz now eats five times day and everything is weighed .
“ It ’ s actually helped me, ” said Armendariz, who began following the meal plan in February. “ They do all of the mathematics for me. ”
“ Before, Jesse and I weren ’ t counting our carbs or protein or anything, ” Armendariz said. “ After work, we would just go straight to eat. now we go to the gymnasium. ”
When gymnasium closed in March because of the coronavirus pandemic, Armendariz fell in love with another way to exercise .
“ I just put on my melt shoes, ” Armendariz said .
He besides found an app — Running for Weight Loss — to help build speed .
“ Before, I couldn ’ t run for a minute without stopping, ” Armendariz said. “ The app starts you off super easy. nowadays, I ’ m up to running 45 minutes around-the-clock. ”
He runs two to four times a week, normally at about 10 minutes a mile. sometimes, he goes up to 8 minutes a sea mile .
“ Eating clean, I ’ m able to run long, ” Armendariz added .
He recommends others seek professional advice, like he did with Canché. “ It helps to get person who holds you accountable, ” he said. “ I invested in this. ”
Understanding that switch takes prison term is besides key .
“ I wanted to see progress right away, ” Armendariz said. “ What I learned is that it takes meter, and I have to be patient. Don ’ thymine be hard on yourself. It can take months to see a difference. ”
The nutrition and fitness plan even helped Armendariz during quarantine. He had to stick with a schedule, he explained. nowadays, his weight is down to 180 pounds — from 227 pounds. His stress has switched from losing slant to build up muscle .
Armendariz said his doctor is besides please — his cholesterol dropped and he is no longer prediabetic .
One of the best parts is that his weight loss and healthy diet have become catching. “ Our clients are inspired, ” Armendariz said. “ My hale family is inspired. ”
He has learned to plan his day, to take clock time for himself. And to enjoy taking photos again.

“ immediately, I ’ ll take a video with attitude, ” he said .

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