Lospa Knee® System Features Shape for a Cruciate Retaining ( CR ) to a Posterior Stabilized ( PS ) Knee Within a Single organization
Corentec America, Inc., a wholly-owned auxiliary of Seoul-based Corentec Co., Ltd., has announced that the Company has received FDA headroom to market the its novel Lospa Knee System® in the United States. The innovative Knee Joint Replacement System is available now, along with the presently available Total Hip Replacement System, and a Pedicle Screw System for spur. Product extensions for the Company ’ s already cleared Bencox THR® System and Spinal Implants are in the process of FDA clearance, or in the growth grapevine for the U.S. market .
“ Corentec America has successfully completed a act of cases in the U.S. using the Lospa Knee System, ” said Michael Y. Son, frailty president, Corentec America, Inc. “ The feedback from leading surgeons has been outstanding, precisely as we expected. Surgeons have commented on the positive attributes of the Lospa Knee System, including the wide range of options allowing for patient variables, and in particular, surgeons have made affirmative comments as to the ease-of-use, and intuitiveness of our instrumentation. ” Mr. Son added, “ Corentec is now poised to enter the following roll-out phase for the Lospa Knee System by reaching more distributors and surgeons. ” The Lospa Knee System is available with a robust catalogue of instruments designed to ensure ease-of-use in the OR, and a more efficient surgical routine. ”
State of the Art Design
Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities located in South Korea, the Lospa Knee System offers an anatomically featured shape for both a cruciate retain ( CR ) and a later stabilized ( PS ) knee within a one system. This ensures successful patient outcomes with natural stifle range of motion and increase longevity of the implant.

Femoral Component
The Femoral Component of the Lospa Knee System is designed with a single axis concept for articular constancy with flexion for improved scope of movement. The anterior flange form and property provides optimum patella track. The intercondylar cam design of the PS type is to prevent dislocation in cryptic flexure. The sphere-shaped articular surface purpose ensures reduced contact tension and improved stability .
Tibial Insert (Fixed Type)
A Curved on Curved Tibial Insert is designed to provide senior high school ossification at the facade plane to maximize contact sphere. double radius at the sagittal plane ensures anterior stability and thick flexion. The Rotated articular track for CR and PS versions allows optimum rotation of the femoral component. In the case of PS type, the tibial position is designed to reduce edge loading. The Tibial tuck besides allows for improved front tooth easing for deep flexion .
Tibial Baseplate
The Tibial Baseplate, for fixed-CR and Fixed-PS, features a stem with a keel for improved initial plant stability. The stem has a back tooth gradient to avoid anterior lens cortex impingement. A preciseness earth finish on the Tibial Baseplate allows for full moon peripheral capture to reduce micromotion. The grind eat up of the Tibial Baseplate insert mating airplane is designed for decrease buttocks wear.

Patellar Component
The 30mm Patellar Component Dome is available in six sizes ( 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, and 34mm ). Three fixation pegs are consistent for all sizes. Cement pockets provide an optimum condition for cement fixation. The cement pouch is 1mm in depth, but is not deep enough to compromise the lastingness of the component. There is reinforcement in the plaza of the pocket and peripheral brim, besides with a 1mm thickness .
Size Combinations
Corentec offers six Tibial inset sizes ( Fixed Bearing Couple ), in combination with 16 femoral component sizes. There are six CR Type, and six PS Fixed Type size combinations. For extra information, visit hypertext transfer protocol : //www.corentec.com.

Corentec will unveil the Lospa Knee System, and the Company ’ s portfolio of Hip and Knee Joint Implants at the north american Spine Society ( NASS ) Annual Meeting in Dallas, October 24-27 and at the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons ( AAHKS ) meet, in Dallas, November 2-4, 2012, ampere well as the Company ’ s advanced solutions at the american english Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Meeting, in Chicago, March 19-23, 2013 .
“ Corentec is continuing our program to establish a network of highly successful distributors who possess deeply relationships with ahead surgeons, ” said Mr. Son. “ As we move forward with distribution of Corentec ’ mho advanced solutions for Knee, Hip, and Spine, we will be offering highly competitive perpetration rates to high-producing distributors throughout the U.S. We are besides interest in stocking distributor proposals. ”
About Corentec America, Inc.
With international headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea, Corentec Co., Ltd., was founded in 2000, by Dr. Doo Hoon Sun, and other renowned orthopedic surgeons affiliated with leading university hospitals. In the emotional state of collaboration, Corentec ’ s founders have been stead-fast in developing a growing portfolio of advanced artificial Hip and Knee Joint Replacement products, and Spine Implants, which are quickly becoming recognized around the World. Based in Irvine, CA, Corentec America, Inc., is a wholly-owned auxiliary of Corentec Co., Ltd. The company markets products for Hip and Knee Joint Replacements, Spine Implants, arsenic well as Instruments used in orthopedic surgeries. Corentec ’ mho products will be available through authorized commission-based and stock distributors. For extra information contact Michael Son at 949.290.9885 .

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