Top 17 Free Responsive Website Templates in 2022

Best Free Website Templates

normally, when you finish learning HTML CSS, you will want to find websites to practice coding in ordain to improve your skills. So today I would like to introduce you to some websites to download release HTML5 Templates to get design ideas vitamin a well as teach more skills from other programmers. nowadays let ’ s find out together !

1. W3Layouts

W3Layouts W3Layouts is a huge collection of templates for websites of diverse genres such as Education, Blog, cordial reception, tourism, watering place … When using the free version, you must accept to link the broadcast ’ s ad on the web site. Left if you want to delete it, it will be an option to enter that template We pay ( typically between $ 10 and $ 25 ). Link Project


HTML5 UP HTML5 UP is a web site that helps you to download barren HTML Templates with amply responsive on-screen devices, built-in two basic languages HTML and CSS, easy to edit. Link Project

3. UIdeck

UIdeck UIdeck is the place to get you to download loose bring pages built primarily with HTML and Bootstrap. This web site is normally pure code, not available software to build templates. consequently, according to me, the web site templates here are frequently designed very well, in argumentation with world, easy to edit and customize. Link Project

4. One Page Love

One Page Love One page Love is a web site that gathers more than 79 release HTML templates with reactive ability on multiple screens, the web site is designed with high aesthetics, diverse fields … Link Project


GRAY GRIDS GRAY GRIDS is a web site that synthesizes many responsive HTML templates with many utilities provided such as fully responsive, high-quality web design … however, its limitation is that it is only free for personal projects. for the commercial version, you pay between $ 0 and $ 14. Link Project


templatedco aggregates more than 867 CSS, HTML5 and Responsive Template for dislodge. Link Project

7. Creative Tim

Creative Tim creative Tim is a solicitation of the best templates and themes developed by Creative Tim. These templates are typically built using Bootstrap with a assortment of modern styles and can be easily edited through the put up components. Link Project

8. Templatemo

Templatemo Templatemo aggregates over 146 bootstrap templates that are reactive on multiple device screens. Over 548+ CSS templates to be used completely free for the web site, either for personal or commercial projects. Link Project

9. FreeHTML5.CO

FreeHTML5.CO FreeHTML5.CO is a collection of HTML 5, Free Bootstrap templates desirable for designers, programmers, bloggers … with minimal and convenient design. It besides provides other utilities like cross-device answers, easy edit, tweaking, not excessively boastfully file size. The fields that this web site offers are diverse such as restaurants, photograph management, companies, tourism, real number estate … Link Project

10. Styleshout

Styleshout Styleshout is a great collection of HTML5 Templates that are simple, clean, and completely absolve to download. The web site besides allows the practice of these templates for both personal and commercial projects. Link Project

11. HTML5xCSS3

HTML5xCSS3 HTML5xCSS3 tập hợp hơn 480 Website Template miễn phí với đầy đủ tiêu chuẩn W3 và responsive trên nhiều thiết bị. Link Project

12. Themes For App

Themes For App Themes For App was founded by Kantbtrue and Savydv with the aim of inspiring design and save time for developers when developing a web site interface with many free templates. Link Project

13. Tooplate

Tooplate Tooplate offers the latest and completely dislodge HTML, CSS, Bootstrap templates for personal and commercial projects. Link Project

14. Startbootstrap

Startbootstrap Startbootstrap provides basic and democratic Bootstrap Templates for websites. Link Project

15. BootstrapMade

BootstrapMade BootstrapMade provides childlike, beautifully designed, neat and minimal web site templates with Bootstrap. Link Project

16. Themevault

Themevault Theme Vault provides responsive templates for free with a variety of fields such as hotel restaurant, fashion, beauty, commercial enterprise … Link Project

17. Free CSS

Free CSS As I see free CSS, in addition to providing beautiful web site templates, it is besides very update web site templates according to trends for vane design. Link Project

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