product review deland bakery gluten free breads When I was a child growing up, bread was a huge staple in my diet. My day-by-day breakfast was 4 Eggo waffles, my lunch was some type of sandwich or 2, my afternoon nosh was toast with margarine ( electronic warfare ! ! ) and my dinner normally included a slope of bread and butter. Martin’s randomness mark of potato boodle was my favored boodle! fast forward to when I started caring more about what I was putting into my body…I realized eating that much bread might not be the best for my health.

I learned that white bread actually gets processed the exact same way as sugar does when we eat it. We have these enzymes in our saliva called amylase which converts starch immediately into simpleton sugars. Our torso then goes through the same reaction if we eat a dinner cast as if we eat a Milky Way. Dopamine is released in our brain ( saying “ yay sugar ! ! ! ” ) and our blood sugar raises. We then release the hormone insulin to help control that blood carbohydrate transfix. Did you know insulin is one of our fatness storage hormones? product review deland bakery gluten free bread product review deland bakery gluten free bread In summation to that, traditional bread is made with flour that contains gluten. This includes white boodle, my old fav potato bread, and wholly wheat bread. Gluten ( a protein found in pale yellow, barley, rye ) is something that means more people have an intolerance than they realize because there are sol many different symptoms, some of the symptoms are less obvious than if it were an allergy, and symptoms can occur up to 72 hours after ingesting the food ( vanadium with an allergy it happens within just 8 hours ). research estimates that 18 million Americans have gluten sensitivity. I am one of them! When I found this out, it rocked my bread-loving universe, and I was devastated. I tried some gluten-free bread I found on the shelves and in the deep-freeze segment at the grocery store, but they good weren’t the lapp. I ate identical little to no bread for 5 years after that -until I discovered DeLand Bakery Breads! I was cruising through the deep-freeze segment at Whole Foods when their millet veggie flat boodle caught my eye. I picked it up and skeptically looked at the ingredients, waiting to see hidden gluten or early preservatives in it. a lot to my surprise, all that was listed was millet flour, zucchini, cabbage, carrot, carrot juice, baking gunpowder, filter water system, and sea salt ( oh and ALL of those are organic excessively ! ). I figured it was way excessively good to be true, but bought some to try it anyhow. IT WAS SO GOOD. I toasted it in the toaster and melted some of my darling ghee blend with some garlic powder and sea strategic arms limitation talks. Yummmmmm. I immediately went to the company’s website to see if they had any other products that were similar ( free of gluten, yeast, and eggs – all things I have intolerances to ) and they had a bunch. product review deland bakery gluten free bread

product review deland bakery gluten free bread I ordered a big box full. Since then I’ve tried LOTS of their other products and many of my clients have tried and love them excessively: These were all amazingly delectable. The bread and buns toast up perfectly with a decent crust and reasonably cursorily compared to other gluten-free bread. The season and consistency in all of those products were absolutely comparable to “ normal ” boodle besides, compared to the grocery store gluten-free bread is very unvoiced and has an unlike the type of consistency. The gluten exempt chocolate chip cookies were thus full I literally ate the whole carton in 1 sitting…not my gallant moment ( join my private Facebook confirm group to see why ! ) product review deland bakery gluten free bread For storage, you can keep them clean in the refrigerator for up to a calendar month ( hello sandwiches ! ) or in the deep-freeze for up to six months. In the products I mentioned that I tried, there is no gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, yeast, corn, or corn syrup. It wholly sounds excessively good to be true. That should decidedly tempt you to try it 🙂 evening if you don’t have any food sensitivities that you know of, compare the ingredients on these products to the boodle you’re used to eating and you’ll see how many preservatives and additives ( and even carbohydrate in some cases ) that you would be avoided by switching. If you do have a very severe gluten allergy, use caution before trying their products, as there may be some cross contaminant. My husband has Celiac Disease and he eats their millet-based products just fine! thus mind on over to their website, search about, and order some of their delectable products to try. Let me know what you think in the comments section below! product review deland bakery gluten free bread

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