Tenova Delkor, part of Tenova Mining & Minerals, is an industry specialist in solid / melted interval and mineral action applications for the minerals, chemical and industrial markets. Offering comminution, flotation, deposit, filtration, screening, and gravity separation systems, Tenova Delkor services range from test work, process trade-offs and flowsheet design, to facility, commissioning and aftermarket accompaniment .

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Filtration – horizontal belt filters, ceramic disc filters and filter presses

Tenova Delkor prides itself on providing a wide variety show of filtration equipment, from mainstays such as Delkor belt filters, Delkor ceramic phonograph record filters and Delkor trickle presses, to the lesser known Delkor polishing ceramic filters, Delkor bond indexing filters, Delkor gravity sand filters, and Delkor tipping pan filters.

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Horizontal belt filters

Delkor swath filters are efficient firm / fluid separation units desirable for dewatering a wide compass of materials such as mineral sands, iron ore and lead zinc concentrates .
Delkor belt filters are effective hearty / liquid interval units suitable for dewatering a wide-eyed compass of materials such as mineral sands, iron ore and run zinc concentrates .

The Delkor High-Rate Thickener is a rise performer, having been applied to minerals, chemical, water treatment and waste water industries .

Delkor BQR Round-Tank Flotation Cells achieve optimum operation through purpose-designed levels of solids pause, air rate alteration, easy froth-cone placement and a static pulp-froth interface .

The Delkor Belt Linear Screen is wide used by the mine industry for the removal of tramp material from fine mineral or chemical slurries .

The Delkor Filter Press has been designed for optimum solution convalescence and maximum solids dryness .

Ceramic disc filters

Tenova Delkor, in conjunction with Bakor Filter Ceramics, is able to offer ceramic magnetic disk filters with a variety of applications in both ferric and non-ferrous industries .

Filter presses

The Delkor filter press has been designed for optimum solution recovery and maximum solids sobriety. The filters are available from 1m² to 350m² and operate at pressures up to 25bar .

Sedimentation – thickeners

Tenova Delkor supplies its clients with a wide variety show of thickening equipment, with designs of up to 100m in diameter.

High-rate thickeners

The Delkor high-rate thickening is a rise performer, having been applied to minerals, chemical, water treatment and waste water system industries. Thanks to its applicability and abject capital cost, the Delkor high-rate thickening can meet most deposit needs .

Paste thickeners

The Delkor paste thickening incorporates the cognition and experience of over 30 years in providing thickeners for the mine diligence, applying this cognition to the extreme mechanical and process requirements needed when dealing with high rheology underflows .

Ultrasep thickeners

The Delkor Ultrasep concept allows for a identical high upgrade rate reducing the necessitate node area importantly, affording a far more cost-efficient thickening. Delkor ’ s Ultrasep thickening has no moving parts, virtually eliminating care .

High-density thickeners

The Delkor high-density thickening was a resultant role of clients requiring higher underflow densities and better urine recoveries without extra cost in pumping system for ecstasy. By increasing the stature of the mud bed within the thickening, Delkor was able to achieve densities that were not possible in a standard high rate thickening .

Conventional thickeners

The Delkor conventional thickening is frequently used when the use of flocculant is baffling or expensive. The big area and low advance rates allow for particles to settle with little or no flocculant addition .

Screening – Delkor belt linear screens

The Delkor belt linear screen was developed to solve a major problem in the CIP/CIL summons. It is adequate to of screening between 150µm and 2,000µm, and is widely used by the mining industry for the removal of swinger corporeal from fine mineral or chemical slurries .

Flotation cells

Delkor BQR round-tank flotation cells achieve optimum operation through purpose-designed levels of solids suspension, air rate alteration, easy froth-cone placement and a stable pulp-froth interface. The cells are used to process copper, zinc, platinum group metals, phosphates and graphite slag and effluents .

Gravity separation – Delkor APIC jig

The Delkor APIC jig is a graveness centrifuge which separates valuable products from waste material, effectively producing clean, salable products .

Process trade-offs and flowsheet design

Tenova Delkor ’ s bench or pilot-scale test programmes can be conducted either on site or in one of the party ’ s local anesthetic laboratories in your area. Tenova Delkor can conduct test work on any of its equipment rate in order to provide clients with the necessary process data for their establish design. As region of Tenova Delkor ’ mho screen work report, experienced process engineers not only identify equipment and process options but besides can provide process, capital and operate on data to permit trade-offs of work alternatives .

Aftermarket support

Starting from the initial contact and through plan, design, product, delivery, initiation and final commission, Tenova Delkor customers can gain access to a range of plain services provided by well trained and highly know staff.

Tenova Delkor field-service programmes are designed to ensure that clients ’ Tenova Delkor equipment continues operating as required at a high handiness ; some of Tenova Delkor ’ s web site engineers have been with the company for more than 20 years. Services image from everyday technical audit to fully avail contracts for design sustenance or major on-site renovation .

Tenova Delkor workshops

Tenova Delkor ’ s provide chain team oversees the production and quality command of Tenova Delkor equipment and cardinal components through their own workshops based in India, Bangalore ( 16,000m², 9,000m² covered ), and China, Tanggu – Tianjin ( 11,000m² covered workshops ). Both workshops have staff trained in the manufacture of Tenova Delkor products, and quality of production is guaranteed through Tenova ’ s global timbre assurance program managed by qualified product particular personnel to ensure a high standard of delivery.

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