Today’s Theme (according to Bill): Novel Magazine Firsts Themed answers are well-known magazine names, but with the first letter changed:

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1 Cook Islands language: MAORI

The Māori are the autochthonal people of New Zealand. They are eastern Polynesian in origin and began arriving in New Zealand relatively recently, starting sometime in the former thirteenth hundred. The parole “ māori ” just means “ normal ”, distinguishing mortal humans from spiritual entities. The Māori consult New Zealand as “ Aotearoa ”.
The Cook Islands is a group of 15 small islands in the South Pacific that is a consociate country with New Zealand. Under this agreement, New Zealand is responsible for the defense of the Cook Islands and represents them on the world stage. Cook Islanders are citizens of New Zealand, but they are beside Cook Island nationals. The Cook Islands have their own democratically elected fantan and are self-governed.

6 Place for mascara: LASH

Variants of mascara have been around a long time, and surely there was an exchangeable substance in use in ancient Egypt. “ Mascara ” is a Spanish give voice that means “ dirt, mask ”.

14 Ray __, NBAer with the most regular-season 3-point field goals: ALLEN

Ray Allen is a retired NBA player who has made an identity for himself as an actor. He gave a laud performance as basketball prodigy Jesus Shuttlesworth in the 1998 film “ He ’ randomness Got Game ”, appearing aboard Denzel Washington.

15 Northern Oklahoma city: ENID

Enid, Oklahoma takes its diagnosis from the old dragoon station around which the city developed. Back in 1889, that train stop was called Skeleton Station. An official who didn’t like the name changed it to Enid Station, using a character from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “ Idylls of the King ”. possibly if he hadn’t changed the name, the city of Enid would now be called Skeleton, Oklahoma! Enid has the nickname “ Queen Wheat City ” because it has a huge capacity for storing grain and the third gear largest grain repositing capacity on the earth.

16 Legal memo phrase: IN RE

The term “ in re ” is Latin, and is derived from “ in ” ( in ) and “ res ” ( thing, matter ). “ In re ” literally means “ in the matter ”, and is used to mean “ in gaze to ” or “ in the topic of ”.

17 Magazine for masseuses? : ROLF DIGEST (from “Golf Digest”)

Rolfing is a trademark massage technique developed by Ida Pauline Rolf in the fifties.
“ Golf Digest ” is a monthly golf magazine that was founded in 1950. The cartridge holder is noted for its even listings of “ bests ” and “ greatest ”, such as “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses ” and “America’s Top 50 Golf Courses for Women ”.

19 Campus area: QUAD

A university much features a cardinal quadrilateral ( quad ).

21 Magazine for nurses? : IV GUIDE (from “TV Guide”)

A registered nurse ( RN ) might administer an intravenous drip ( IV ).
The inaugural national “ TV Guide ” was issued in 1953. The traverse of that first issue featured a photograph of newborn Desi Arnaz, Jr., son of Lucille Ball.

25 Chopper topper: ROTOR

“ Chopper ” is an informal term used for a helicopter.

26 Magazine for golfers? : PAR AND DRIVER (from “Car and Driver”)

“ Car and Driver ” is an automotive magazine published in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “ Car and Driver ” inaugural appeared in 1955 when it was called “ Sports Cars Illustrated ”.

32 Salchow relatives: AXELS

An axel is a forward take-off alternate in a figure skate. The maneuver was beginning performed by Norwegian Axel Paulsen at the 1882 World Figure Skating championships.
The salchow jump in figure skating is named for Swedish skater Ulrich Salchow, who invented the move.

33 __-deucey: ACEY

Acey-deucey is a fast-played form of backgammon. apparently, the game has been a front-runner with members of the armed forces since the days of WWI.

34 Hook partner: JAB

That would be boxing.

38 Magazine for beekeepers? : HONEY (from “Money”)

One of the best-known features of “ Money ” magazine is its annual list of “America’s second Best Places to Live ”. acme of the number for 2016 is the city of Columbia, Maryland.

40 Coke __: ZERO

even though Coca-Cola Zero is in the category of “ diet sodium carbonate ”, the marketing folks at Coca-Cola don’t like its association with the word “ diet ”. The prey market for the beverage is unseasoned, adult males, so it is described as “ light ” preferably than “ diet ”, the assumption being that males associate “ diet ” with women. not in this house …

41 __-Caps: SNO

Sno-Caps are a mark of sugarcoating normally lone available in movie theaters. Sno-caps have been around since the 1920s, would you believe?

43 Wheel alignment : TOE IN

In the world of cable car sustenance, “ toe ” is besides known as “ tracking ”, the angle a wheel makes relative to the longitudinal bloc of the fomite.

44 Magazine for crossword constructors? : PUNNER’S WORLD (from “Runner’s World”)

“ Runner ’ s World ” is a magazine for smugglers that was founded in 1966. primitively titled “ Distance Running News ”, the name changed to “Runner’s World ” in 1969.

47 Weasel cousin: STOAT

The stoat has dark brown fur in the summer and white fur in the winter. Sometimes the term “ ermine ” is used for the animal during the winter when the fur is white. ermine skins have long been prized by royalty and are much used for ashen trimming on ceremony robes.
Weasels are little mammals with long, thin bodies. That body human body is an advantage when weasels chase their prey into narrow burrows.

51 Magazine for pharmacists? : REDBOOK (from “Redbook”)

“ Redbook ” is a monthly magazine aimed at women. It was introduced in 1903 as “ The Red Book Illustrated ”, and was focused on the publication of short-change fabrication by established authors. In fact, Dashiel Hammett’s marvelous history “ The Thin Man ” began seeing the light of day in “ Redbook ”, in 1933.

54 Pal of Barbarino in “Welcome Back, Kotter”: EPSTEIN

“ Welcome Back, Kotter ” is a situation comedy from the late seventies. The title character is a teacher at Buchanan High, Gabe Kotter who himself had attended the school as a student. Kotter teaches a curative class of students who call themselves the Sweathogs. In fact, Kotter had himself been a collapse of the Sweathogs, when he was a scholar in the same class. Kotter was played by Gabe Kaplan. One of the outstanding students in his class Vinnie Barbarino played by a new John Travolta, a function that launched his film career. In late years you might have seen Gabe Kaplan as co-host of the popular show “ High Stakes Poker ” on GSN.

60 Magazine for farmers? : HEN’S HEALTH (from “Men’s Health”)

“Men’s Health ” is the most popular men’s magazine sold in the US today. “ Men ’ s Health ” started out in 1987 and focused on health, but has broadened and is now described as a lifestyle magazine.

62 Leave in STET

“ Stet ” is a romance news think of “ let it stand ”. In column study, the compositor is instructed to disregard any variety previously marked by writing the news “ stet ” and then underscoring that change with a line of dots or dashes.

63 Half of Mork’s sign-off: NANU

The situation comedy “ Mork & Mindy ” was broadcast from 1978 to 1982. We were first introduced to Mork ( played by Robin Williams ) in a special episode of “ Happy Days ”. The particular episode in question has a bizarre storyline that culminates in Fonzie and Mork having a thumb-to-finger duel. finally, Richie wakes up to go to bed, and alien Mork was just part of a dream! Oh, and “ Nanu Nanu ” means both “ hello ” and “ goodbye ” binding on the planet Ork. “ I am Mork from Ork, Nanu Nanu ”. Great stuff …

65 __ oeuvres: HOURS

An hors d ’ oeuvre is the first path in a meal. “ Hors five hundred ’ oeuvre ” translates from French as “ apart from the work ”, which in truth means “ not the main course ”.

67 Funny Anne: MEARA

Anne Meara married their boyfriend comedic actor Jerry Stiller in 1954. The couple’s children are actors Ben and Amy Stiller. Meara co-star with Carroll O ’ Connor and Martin Balsam in the eighties sitcom “ Archie Bunker ’ south Place ”, a by-product from “ All in the Family ”.


1 Second-smallest of eight: MARS

here is a list of the planets in our solar organization in order of size, in the decree of spoke :

  • Jupiter (1120% the size of Earth)
  • Saturn (945% the size of Earth)
  • Uranus (400% the size of Earth)
  • Neptune (388% the size of Earth
  • Earth
  • Venus (95% the size of Earth)
  • Mars (53% the size of Earth)
  • Mercury (38% the size of Earth)

3 Cantina crock: OLLA

An ola is a traditional cadaver pot used the make stews. “ Olla ” was the Latin word used in ancient Rome to describe a similar type of pot.

4 Works the game: REFS

back in the early seventeenth century, a referee was the person who examined patent applications. We started using the like term for a person presiding over a clean event in the 1820s. “ Referee ” is a derivative of the verb “ to refer ”, and literally describes a person who has the authority to make a decision by “ referring to ” a book, archive, etc.

5 Team with the longest World Series drought (71 years): INDIANS

The Cleveland baseball franchise started out in 1869 as the Forest Citys, named after Forest City, the dub for Cleveland. After a number of transitions, in 1914 the team took on the name “ Indians ”. The media came up with the name “ Indians ” after being asked for suggestions by the team owners. “ Indians ” was inspired by the successful Boston team of the sidereal day, the Boston Braves.

7 Suffix with hex-: -ANE

Hexane is a hydrocarbon, and more specifically a methane series with six carbon paper atoms. Hexanes of varying types are major components of gasoline.

8 “Absolutely!” in Madrid: SI SI!

Madrid is the largest city in Spain and is the nation’s capital. Madrid is located very close up to the geographic center of the country. It is the third-largest city in the European Union ( after London and Paris ). People from Madrid called themselves Madrileños.

9 Best Buy purchase: HDTV

Best Buy is a retailer specializing in the supply of consumer electronics. Best Buy services include the celebrated “ Geek Squad ”, a band of technical foul experts that will help solve your calculator and early consumer electronic problems.

11 Greenland language: INUIT

The Inuit people live in the Arctic, in parts of the US, Russia, Greenland, and Canada.
Greenland is the largest island on the planet. Geographically, Greenland is separate from the continent of North America, but culturally and politically is considered part of Europe. The island became a danish colony in 1815 and joined the European Economic Community ( EEC ) with Denmark. Greenland withdrew from the EEC after a referendum in 1983. Since 2009, Greenland has been relatively autonomous, with the danish government retaining control of foreign affairs, defense, and the discriminative system.

12 Madrid museum: PRADO

The Museo del Prado is in Madrid, the capital of Spain, and has one of the finest artwork collections in the populace. The gallery ’ s most celebrated work is “ Las Meninas ” By Velazquez .

13 Where the same questions are asked annually: SEDER

The Passover Seder is a ritual banquet that marks the beginning of the Jewish Passover vacation, celebrating the dismissal of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. One of the traditions at the meal is that the youngest child at the table asks “ The Four Questions ”, all relating to why this night is different from all other nights in the year :

  • Why is it that on all other nights during the year we eat either bread or matzoh, but on this night we eat only matzoh?
  • Why is it that on all other nights we eat all kinds of herbs, but on this night we eat only bitter herbs?
  • Why is it that on all other nights we do not dip our herbs even once, but on this night we dip them twice?
  • Why is it that on all other nights we eat either sitting or reclining, but on this night we eat in a reclining position?

22 Ethically uncertain, in Sussex: GREY

Sussex is a county in the southeast of England that lies justly on the English Channel. The county of Sussex has about the lapp boundaries as the ancient Kingdom of Sussex, a Saxon colony that existed for about five hundred years until the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Hastings, a town on the Sussex coast, was the site of the first conflict of the Norman Conquest of England.

27 Nerve impulse carrier: AXON

A steel cell is more correctly called a nerve cell. The ramify projections that receive electrochemical signals from other neurons are known as dendrites. The long steel character that conducts signals away from the nerve cell is known as the axon. A nerve cell that has no definite axon is referred to as “ apolar ” or “ nonionic ”. In apolar neurons, the nerve impulses radiate in all directions.

28 HR dept. concern: RELO

Relocate ( relo )

29 Alien from Melmac : ALF

“ ALF ” is a situation comedy that aired in the former eighties. The championship character is a hand-puppet, and purportedly an extraterrestrial being named Gordon Shumway from the planet Melmac. The estrange crash-landed into the house of amateur radio receiver enthusiast Willie Tanner. Tanner renamed the intruder “ ALF ”, standing for “ estrange life form ”.

30 __ dancing: ICE

Ice dance was introduced as an event at the World Figure Skating Championships in 1952, and at the Winter Olympics in 1976.

31 “Oy __!” : VEY

“ Oy vey ” is a Yiddish formulation of dismay that translates literally as “ oh, pain ”. The more common translation is “ woe is me ”.

35 Seed covering: ARIL

The casing surrounding many seeds is called the aril, and it may be quite fleshy. This fruit-like characteristic makes it desirable as food and hence aids in the dispersion of the seeds.

36 M’s favorite agent: BOND

The character “ M ” in the James Bond stories is the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, besides called MI6. The identify “ M ” is chosen as a nod to the former head of MI5 Maxwell Knight who routinely signed his memo plainly as “ M ”.

38 24 hrs.-per-day retail channel: HSN

The Home Shopping Network ( HSN ) was the first national denounce network and was launched locally as the Home Shopping Club in Florida in 1982.

39 Wine: Pref. : OEN-

In Greek mythology, Oeno was the goddess of wine, giving us “ one- ” as a prefix meaning “ wine ”. For example, enology is the study of wine and an enophile is a wine-lover.

43 Type of fastball grip: TWO-SEAM

That would be baseball.

44 Blue Ribbons, e.g.: PABSTS

Pabst Blue Ribbon ( PBR ) is the most recognizable brand of beer from the Pabst Brewing Company. There appears to be some quarrel over whether or not Pabst beer ever won a “ gloomy ribbon ” prize, but the company claims that it did so at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The beer was primitively called Pabst Best Select, and then fair Pabst Select. With the renaming to Blue Ribbon, the beer was sold with an actual blue ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle until it was dropped in 1916 and incorporated into the label.

45 Monkey used in research: RHESUS

The Rhesus macaque is besides known as the Rhesus tamper. As it is widely available and is close up to humans anatomically and physically, the Rhesus macaque has been used in scientific research for decades. The Rhesus imp was used in the growth of rabies, smallpox, and poliomyelitis vaccines, and it besides gave its name to the Rhesus component that is used in blood-typing. It was besides Rhesus monkeys that were launched into space by the US and Soviet space programs. Humans and macaques partake about 93 % of their deoxyribonucleic acid and had a common ancestor about 25 million years ago.

46 Future junior: SOPH

The term “ sophomore ” has been used for a scholar in the second year of university since the 1680 ’ second. The original intention of the word was “ debater ”. The terminus has Greek roots, from two Greek words that have been artificially combined in English. The greek “ Sophos ” means “ wise ”, and “ moros ” means “ foolish ”.

53 New Jersey university: KEAN

Kean University is a university in Union and Hillside, New Jersey. Kean University was founded in 1855 in Newark and relocated in 1958.

56 People Magazine’s 2018 Sexiest Man Alive: ELBA

English actor Idris Elba plays the drug lord Stringer Bell in the improbable HBO drama series “ The Wire ”, and played the deed character in the 2013 film “ Mandela: long walk to Freedom ”. Off the screen, Elba occasionally appears as a disk jockey using the name “ DJ Big Driis ” .
There used to be a “ People ” page in each emergence of “ Time ” magazine. This page was spun-off in 1974 as a publication of its own, which we now call the “ People ” cartridge holder. “ People ” is noted for its annual extra editions with features such as “ Best & Worst Dressed ” and “ Sexiest Man Alive ”. The “ Sexiest Man Alive ” edition now appears at the end of November each year. The first gear option for “ Sexiest Man ” was Mel Gibson, in 1985.

57 Old Roman road: ITER

“ Iter ” is Latin for “ road ”.

58 Dragster’s org. : NHRA

The sport of scuff race is administered by the National Hot Rod Association ( NHRA ).
back in the eighteenth century “ scuff ” was slang for a big dipper or buggy, as it was “ dragged ” along by cavalry or horses. In the 1930s, the underworld adopted “ haul ” as a gull for a car. This common sense of the password was imported into the automobile rush in the forties, giving the mention to “ drag racing ”. A drag race is basically a rival between two cars to determine which can accelerate faster from a stand.
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Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cook Islands language: MAORI
6 places for mascara: LASH
10 Rims: LIPS
14 Ray __, NBAer with the evenest season 3-point field goals: ALLEN
15 Northern Oklahoma city: ENID
16 Legal memo give voice: IN RE
17 Magazine for masseuses ? : roll DIGEST ( from “ Golf Digest ” )
19 Campus sphere: QUAD
20 identify with shells: SEASIDE
21 Magazine for nurses? : IV GUIDE ( from “ TV Guide ” )
23 Informal negative: AIN ’ T
25 Chopper best: ROTOR
26 Magazine for golfers? : equality AND DRIVER ( from “ Car and Driver ” )
32 Salchow relatives: AXELS
33 __-deucey: ACEY
34 Hook partner: JAB
37 Gobble ( down ): WOLF
38 Magazine for beekeepers? : honey ( from “ Money ” )
40 Coke __: ZERO
41 __-Caps: SNO
42 “ Be there in __ ”: A SEC
43 Wheel alignment: toe IN
44 Magazine for crossword puzzle constructors? : PUNNER ’ S WORLD ( from “ Runner ’ s World ” )
47 Weasel cousin: STOAT
50 “ Get lost! ”: shoo off!
51 Magazine for pharmacists? : MEDBOOK ( from “ Redbook ” )
54 Pal of Barbarino in “ Welcome Back, Kotter ”: EPSTEIN
59 Afterthoughts: ANDS
60 Magazine for farmers? : HEN ’ S HEALTH ( from “ Men ’ s Health ” )
62 Leave in STET
63 Half of Mork’s sign-off: NANU
64 Brew hue: AMBER
65 __ vitamin d ’ oeuvres : HORS
66 First column to add, normally: ONES
67 Funny Anne: MEARA


1 Second-smallest of eight: MARS
2 cream ingredient: ALOE
3 Cantina crock: OLLA
4 Works the game: REFS
5 team with the longest World Series drought ( 71 years ) : Indian
6 Folklore fib: LEGEND
7 Suffix with hex-: -ANE
8 “ absolutely ! ” in Madrid: SI SI!
9 Best Buy purchase: HDTV
10 __ license: LIQUOR
11 Greenland language: INUIT
12 Madrid museum: PRADO
13 Where the same questions are asked annually: SEDER
18 “ __ it my way ”: I DID
22 Ethically uncertain, in Sussex: GREY
24 Spells: TRANCES
26 Treat holders: PAWS
27 Nerve momentum carrier: AXON
28 HR dept. business: RELO
29 Alien from Melmac : ALF
30 __ dance: ICE
31 “ Oy __! ”: VEY
34 boo: JEER
35 Seed covering: ARIL
36 M’s favorite agent: BOND
38 24 hrs.-per-day retail groove: HSN
39 wine: Pref. : OEN-
40 fantastic place: ZOO
42 Jam component: AUTO
43 Type of fastball handle: TWO-SEAM
44 Blue Ribbons, e.g.: PABSTS
45 Monkey used in research: RHESUS
46 future junior: SOPH
47 big hit: SMASH
48 :50, another room: ten-spot TO
49 Stranger: ODDER
52 “ That ’ second awed! ”: OH NO!
53 New Jersey university: KEAN
55 domesticate: TAME
56 People Magazine ’ mho 2018 Sexiest Man Alive: ELBA
57 Old Roman road: ITER
58 Dragster’s org. : NHRA
61 Austin-to-Dallas dir. : north northeast Leave a comment ( below ), or …
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