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jolly boat Holiday Bakery is a prompt service restaurant located on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland in Anaheim, California. This Mary Poppins-themed bakery offers up pastries, sandwiches, an assortment of coffee drinks, and some fantastic seasonal worker items throughout the year. Jolly Holiday holds the distinction of being the highest rat quick service restaurant in Disneyland with and Unofficial Guide to Disneyland readers. It presently has a 94 % thumbs-up rate, which just beats its neighbor across the street, Plaza Inn at 93 %. today we’ll take a spirit at its menu and see if it deserves its place at the top.

If you’re headed up Main Street towards Sleeping Beauty Castle, Jolly Holiday Bakery will be on your left-hand side, equitable to the leave of the entrance to Adventureland. You ’ rhenium greeted by this reasonably arch-topped off with one of the film’s celebrated penguins.
There’s no indoor seating at Jolly Holiday, but there are two bombastic outdoor patios. The restaurant is located in the highest-traffic area of the parking lot so seating can be hard to come by during bill dining hours. The highlight of Jolly Holiday’s menu for many people is the Jolly Holiday Combo. For $ 12.49 you get a crispen tall mallow sandwich and a cup of tomato basil soup. This entree is perfect comfort food that ’ is sulfur simple but absolutely executed. The tomato soup is creamy and rich, and the toasted cheese sandwich is gloriously gooey. If you don’t thymine wants the soup you can get barely the crispen tall mallow sandwich for $ 8.99. The Jolly Holiday Combo is particularly good on chilly nights late in the year, or on a rare showery day in Southern California.

Another highlight I have to bring up is the Matterhorn Macaroon, which is my personal front-runner Disneyland cover. This is a coconut macaroon, dipped in white cocoa, and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar to recreate the expression of the ballpark’s celebrated frosting capped mountain. It’s as delightful as it is photogenic. It’s sulfur besides cheap, priced at only $ 2.99. You can’t thymine beat that!

jolly Holiday receives a short ton of special seasonal worker items for major and minor holidays, as well as whatever consequence the park is promoting. These are normally very good quality and photogenic. Pictured above is the Mickey Mummy Macaron ( with cookies and cream filling inside ) which is available during the Halloween season. How cute is that?
here’s the Roast Beef and Smoked Cheddar on Hoagie Roll. You get a good part of a roast gripe on this sandwich and the pickled onion and mustard aioli spread to give it a singular taste compared to other immediate military service items in the park. It’s besides “ merely ” $ 10.99, which is expensive for a sandwich in the actual world. But in Disneyland that makes it one of the cheapest promptly overhaul items. however, I ’ molarity not a big fan of this sandwich because it’s south by and large bread. very chewy bread. here’s the Oven-roasted Turkey on Ciabatta. This sandwich is tasty and substantial with a generous helping of thickly sliced turkey and mustard aioli. At $ 10.49 it’s another decent value proportional to other Disneyland quick-service items.
Both the Roast Beef and Smoked Cheddar and Oven-roasted Turkey sandwiches are served with house-made chips. They’re crunchy, salty, and very satisfying.

The Jolly Holiday Salad includes Mixed Greens, Spiced Pecans, Feta, Tomatoes, Dried Cranberries, and Raspberry Vinaigrette served with a Parmesan Breadstick. This is one of the better salads in Disneyland Resort. I enjoy the mix of sweetness and savory flavors and you can’t beat the $ 8.49 price tag.
That’s it for the items you could make a meal out of at Jolly Holiday Bakery. We didn’t deoxythymidine monophosphate cover the variety of chocolate drinks or other baked goods available, but you get the idea. I have to assume Jolly Holiday is as highly rated as it is because of its south cardinal placement in Disneyland. Everyone walking up Main Street after entering the park will undoubtedly see the restaurant, so, therefore, more people will eat there. More than, for case, the French Market in New Orleans Square has a much more diverse and better quality menu. besides, if you want sandwiches, Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney is a much better and cheaper option ( and it’s a short monorail ride aside ). Take lunch out of the equation and Jolly Holiday is a big place for pastries and baked goods. So it does have that going for it.
What’s your favorite item at Jolly Holiday Bakery? Does it deserve to be the highest-rated Disneyland quick service restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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