Projectile Tube Cleaning offers both successor and repair services for condenser expansion joints. Condenser expansion joints, which are besides sometimes referred to as frump Condenser expansion joint diagram -bone expansion joints due the traditional supreme headquarters allied powers europe of the expansion joint, is the condom belt that is installed between the bottom of the steam turbine and the top of the main airfoil condenser hotwell. The condenser expansion roast needs to be constructed out of a elastic material like rubber because of the expansion and contraction of the condenser hotwell and the turbine during heating system and cool cycles. Because the expansion joint is rubber eraser, or sometimes dilute corrugated metallic element, this piece of equipment is more susceptible to wear and tear during ability plant operations than early equipment in the condenser hotwell. The condenser expansion joint is an necessity piece of equipment to maintain since a steam power plant whole is unable to run without it. The construction of the joint and the hostile environment that it operates in makes it very susceptible to abasement. This degradation of the joint can make it a source of air travel in escape into the capacitor system, which in turn reduces the overall efficiency of the unit. austere abasement of the capacitor expansion joint can besides lead to a complete catastrophic failure of the expansion joint which can completely shut down a steam office plant. Given the integral nature of the condenser expansion joint and its conduct relation to a steam condenser ’ second efficiency, it is highly important to monitor this equipment and by rights plan for expansion joint haunt .
Condenser Expansion Joint Inspection and Assessment
Projectile Tube Cleaning can support all condenser expansion joint inspection and judgment needs. projectile offers air in escape testing to identify if an expansion joint is beginning to degrade and cause air in escape. Air in escape is normally the first and most noteworthy augury of expansion joint failure. This assessment is done while the unit of measurement is on-line. Projectile besides offers ocular inspections from both the outside and inside of the condenser hotwell. Durometer testing for hardness of the belt can besides be used to tell if the expansion roast is out of specification. Typically expansion joint durometers start out in the upper 50 ’ mho on the shore A scale and become unvoiced over fourth dimension. When the belt becomes harder due to old senesce it becomes more brittle and frankincense more susceptible to failure.

Condenser Expansion Joint Replacement
once an assessment on the expansion joint has been performed and it has shown that the condenser expansion joint should be replaced, Projectile Tube Cleaning can help with all aspects of the expansion joint replacement. Projectile condenser expansion joint crews can supply the new expansion joint based on customer drawings. If drawings can not be provided, onsite measurements Installing dog bone expansion joint will have to be taken. During the successor serve, Projectile Technicians will mark and remove all associated hardware such as clamping bars, heating system shields, washers, and nuts. Studs, washers, and nuts will be replaced per the customer ’ mho required specifications. Once the expansion joint hardware is removed it is cleaned and set aside for initiation. obliterable and fixed clamp bars are cleaned. After surface clean and planning is completed, installation of the new capacitor expansion joint is done. Installation continues until all but one side of the joint is finished. At that point Projectile Technicians will vulcanize the expansion roast to connect the two sides to one another. vulcanization involves cooking the expansion joint in a specialize press to ensure a proper connection. once this is completed, the final examination clamp bars are installed and final examination torques begin on the nuts. For all steps in the process, Projectile technicians can provide all british labour party and equipment or per the customer ’ south procedures can work to supervise union personnel to install the expansion joint. Projectile Tube Cleaning Technicians can besides build all scaffolding and deck needed for an expansion joint replacement project .
Condenser Expansion Joint Repairs
In some instances condenser expansion joints need replaced, but for economic reasons the establish can not shut down or expansion2 can only shut down for a limited amount of prison term. In these instances a haunt of the expansion joint is golden to wax substitution. All repairs are temp and should only be done with the purpose of allowing the plant to run until there is prison term to complete a wide change of the belt. Repairs involve using a sealant on the expansion joint to stop air in escape. This is most normally done from the outside, but more extensive repairs involve removing clamping bars and sealing from the inside at specific locations .

Rubber Expansion Joint Retrofit for Metal Bellow Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints can be retrofitted into a condenser that presently has a alloy bellow expansion joint. This involves cutting out the plate on the bellow from the hotwell, welding in newfangled clamping bars to the hotwell, and then installing the knock. After the action is completed the quad between the old bawl and the new arctic frump bone expansion joint is pressurized between 5-8 psi to ensure none of the welds are leaking. Welds are repaired as needed until the modern hardware passes the inspection .
Surf Water Expansion Joint Replacement
Surf water expansion joints are used on circulating water shriek systems going into the condenser water system boxes. many power plant ’ s circulating body of water expansion joints are condom spool-type expansion joints which are located between the condenser water box and the intake and mercantile establishment circulating water piping on the go around urine system. Surf water expansion joints act as a stabilizer to minimize the movement at get down up and shut down. The expansion joints come in a assortment of sizes. The industry recommends that the circulate water expansion joints should be changed approximately every 10 years. The total of water going through the mobilize water arrangement can be more than 30,000 GPM on a small system to over 1,000,000 GPM on a large system. A leak could be catastrophic if the expansion joint fails during process. Projectile Tube Cleaning provides full prison guard services for refilling of surf urine expansion joints .
Types of Condenser Expansion Joint Failures:
Catastrophic Failure of Expansion Jointdog bone expansion joint failure
typically catastrophic failures of expansion joints occur when the system owner waits besides long to replace the expansion joint. The typical life of an expansion joint is 10-12 years. Because a failure of an expansion joint can wholly shut down a unit, it is a good maintenance commit to replace the belt within its operational biography. The picture shown future to this text shows what a catastrophic expansion roast failure can look like. In this exemplify the ball which is held by the clamp bars completely separated from the pillow of the belt out and the impel of the belt being pulled into the hotwell by the vacuum bent the heat shields backwards. The bent heat shields show the shear power that the expansion joint is subjected to on a daily basis .
Improper Installation Failure
If a condenser expansion joint is not installed correctly using correct procedures, the modern belt can leak immediately from the beginning of the new initiation. Errors in initiation can be caused for diverse reasons such as : pinching the dog-bone ball, not using proper sealant, improperly applying sealant, not replacing certain hardware that needed replaced, improper torquing, etc. The Dog bone expansion joint crushed ball picture future to this text shows a crush expansion joint ball that was improperly installed. When installing equipment equally significant as a condenser expansion articulation it is necessary to use a highly dependent contractor that specializes in this character of initiation. Using contractors that are not experienced in this study will cost the plant significantly .

Benefits of Projectile Tube Cleaning Condenser Expansion Joint Replacement Services:new condenser expansion joint hardware

  • Complete turnkey replacement of all components.  Projectile can supply the following for a full turnkey solution:
    • Inspection and assessment services of the expansion joint ahead of any installation plans
    • All labor and equipment
    • The new condenser expansion joint
    • Any new hardware such as clamping bars, heat shields, washers, nuts, studs, etc
    • Scaffolding and decking of the condenser hotwell
    • Vulcanization of the belt onsite
  • Projectile Tube Cleaning can work with Union sites as technical support for Union employees
  • Expansion joint replacement services will provide an immediate return on investment in terms of lower back pressure, lower levels of dissolved oxygen, which ultimately will lead to increased system efficiency
  • Replacement of the condenser expansion joint will provide a more reliable condenser system

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