teflon is the common name of a specialize class of a PTFE fluoropolymer engineering plastic that is resistant to much every chemical known to man .
The outstanding physical qualities of Teflon rod, tabloid & cylinders include a open angstrom slippery as ice, to which no substance will adhere unless particularly treated .
But Teflon ( Dupont ‘s deal diagnose for PTFE ) is alone one extremity of a broader family of PTFE plastics that can be custom-formulated to deliver superb engineering characteristics required by industrial engineers. just as metals can be mix to create metallic alloys, and chemicals combined to create newfangled compounds, so PTFEs can be tailored to achieve certain highly desirable benefits under particular conditions .
One outgrowth of the PTFE family that is particularly utilitarian as a bear and wear surface corporeal is the Ticomp family from our company, Dotmar EPP. These aristocrats of mastermind plastics are ideal for applications ranging across the industrial spectrum, from delicate chemical, food and beverage tasks to giant materials handling, minerals action, energy coevals, elementary serve and water system and waste water tasks.

In one demand recent australian application, for example, the Ticomp S polymer was used on 370mm ( 14.5in ) diameter cheat as an alternative to ceremonious fill Teflon PTFE rotary seal arrangements on 14 large recirculating pumps used by an australian power generating company seeking optimum dependability. After more than 500 hours operation, the Ticomp S seals were removed and inspected. There was no set of the hard steel diaphysis, no distortion of the varnish itself and little evidence of clothing on the seal. The Ticomp S seals continued to perform with especial wear life, with fewer maintenance shutdowns required as a leave .
Before considering the Ticomp family for particular applications, however, it is important to know that there is no one ideal PTFE compound ( because, as we know, each is tailored to achieve sealed benefits under particular conditions ) .
choice of materials should be examined in partnership with specialists ( such as Dotmar EPP on www.dotmar.com ) but it is helpful to know at the beginning that the Ticomp range of materials includes five outstanding materials each with especial attributes :
Ticomp S
This material was the consequence of the search for a material with chemical inertness exchangeable to PTFE, with FDA-approved constituents that offered no formation of debris, first gear wear, first gear friction and low abrasion against voiced felt surfaces, such as stainless sword .
• Excellent wear properties
• Excellent Chemical resistance
• Constituents FDA approved.
• For high PV and circular seal application
Applications include pump valves, valve seats, traffic circle seals, food and pharmaceutical dose seals, mixer bearings and LNG seals .
Ticomp SD
This material combines the adhesive wear transfer properties of Ticomp S with better memory and resistance to deformation under load. ( adhesive material wear is the mechanism whereby the polymer composite is sliding against polish steel and a remove layer of polymer is deposited on the rejoinder side ) .
• Excellent chemical resistance, closely matching that of virgin PTFE, with outstanding electric resistance to hot concentrated sulphuric acids, hot caustic sodium carbonate and concentrated sulphuric acidic.
• Service temperature under warhead rated up to 210C, depending on media, loads and speed
• Excellent ductility of the debase combined with gloomy friction, which optimises adhesive material wear resistance
Fluoro-polymer composites are now being used increasingly as engineer materials or applications in which tribological properties are authoritative. desirable for use with foodstuffs, distinctive products include high duty seal, humble deformation gaskets and bearings astir to 240 deg C.

Ticomp BG
This singular man-made polymer offers
• thoroughly chemical resistance, similar to virgin PTFE
• not harsh, suited to hard and soft metallic element counter faces
• Excellent creep and distortion underground at eminent temperature
• Dissipates heat
• Used for eminent temperature applications where distortion resistance is
required, such as Deckel Seals
Applications include gaskets, valve seals ( ball and gate ), bearings, piston rings – not lubricated, hydraulic/pneumatic seals, Deckel seals and bearing pads. When used as an progress Deckel seal material for sail extruders, it offers extended seal life, fewer creature changes and custom dimensions.
Ticomp HT
A newly available synthetic polymer admixture ideal for sealing in hard-hitting, high temperature settings that besides require low wear and clash .
• Excellent crawl and distortion immunity at high temperature
• Chemical resistor similar to virgin PTFE
• Dissipates heat
• besides not harsh, suited to hard and soft alloy anticipate faces
Applications include gaskets, valve seals ( ball and gate ), bearings, piston rings – not lubricated, hydraulic/pneumatic tire bands, spring-energised seals .
These peculiarity formulated polymers offer high force over a wide temperature rate, from -270 C to 275 C with short-run application to 300 C.

• Excellent long-run stability
• High purity with abject out gassing in vacuum
• Excellent electrical insulation properties
• Outstanding wear immunity
• Good chemical resistor
• Low particular gravity
These five Ticomp materials often command a higher price per kilogram than less effective materials, naturally enough. however, this is offset with greatly improved life and performance when correctly specified for a detail application.
For more information please visit our web site at hypertext transfer protocol : //www.dotmar.com.au/products.htm

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