Are You Looking For A Speciffic Type Of Teflon Tape But Don’t Know Where To Start Searching?
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Embossing & Tape Supplies supply all types of Teflon Tape, Teflon Sheeting Australia Wide. Different styles & thickness’s of our Brown Woven Fabric-Teflon Coated Tape include;

  • Adhesive Backed Teflon Tape (Heat Sealer Tapes)
  • Non Adhesive Teflon Sheeting 
  • Adhesive Zoned Teflon Tape – Zone Tape 
  • Silicone Rubber Coated Glass Tapes
  • Skived PTFE Film Tape
  • Glass Fabric Tape
  • Die Cut Teflon Shapes & Pieces
  • Thickness’s available include – 3thou (.08mm), 5thou (.13mm), 6thou (.15mm) & 9thou (.25mm)
  • We also can make our range of Teflon tapes custom sized to suit your requirements.

Teflon Tape is also known by a few other names, including; Brown weave tape, heat sealing magnetic tape, PTFE videotape. extremist sonic welding tape, brown gamey temp fabric tape, brown waver high temp fabric videotape, woven teflon magnetic tape, yellow linered teflon tape, adhesive backed teflon, dotmar teflon, PTFE glass fabric tape, heat machine record, l bar tape, slip coat tape, tygaflor tape, chemsil tape, etc
Applications that the range of Teflon Tapes cover, include;

  • Use in heat sealing machines (heat sealers), ranging from small L-Bar sealers up to large industrial heat sealers
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • High Frequancy Welding
  • As a “Spacer” to prevent scuffing from products
  • A “Mould Release”. When products are produced in moulds, having Teflon Sheeting as a protective liner in the mould will stop the product from sticking to the mould when it cools & is removed.

Our complete range of Brown Fabric Teflon Tapes cover all applications & industries in Australia. Below is our list of popular types of Teflon Tape / Sheeting available;
General Purpose Adhesive backed Teflon Tape;
Brown Cloth Teflon Tape For Heat Sealers

Is 5 thousand thick, used for a wide-eyed assortment of applications including heat sealing machines. Adhesive backed “ Brown Cloth ” Teflon Tape can be ordered Online Here
Teflon Sheeting – Non Adhesive;
Brown Cloth Teflon Sheeting

Non Adhesive Teflon Sheeting is available any width up to 1.2mtrs wide, american samoa well as being able to order by the meter, thickness is generally 5thou, but thick Teflon Brown Cloth Sheeting ( logs ) is besides available
Zoned Teflon Tape
Teflon Zoned Tape

PTFE Teflon Zone Tape ( Woven Teflon Tape with adhesive magnetic tape laminated on either side, no adhesive material in the middle ) is chiefly used in applications where it is not desirable for adhesive to come in contact with a heat element or it is necessary to cover an expensive part of a box machine such as silicone sponge or foam. we can customise Adhesive Edged Teflon Tape to any width you require
Die Cut Teflon Tape
Die Cut Brown Woven Cloth Teflon Tape

Die Cut Brown Woven Teflon Tape is used in applications to protect products that are constantly coming into touch with other objects, to protect products that are exposed to high tempertures, as a spacer between two products to prevent scuff .
Linered Teflon Tape
Teflon Tape with backing paper
If you need a Teflon magnetic tape with a Creped Paper liner to prevent the adhesive stick to undesirable surfaces before being applied, or to cut strips off for practice by and by on, we can help you. We supply Brown Woven Teflon Cloth Tape with a liner paper back in different thickness ‘s & any width improving to 1.2metres wide
For all Your other Brown Teflon Woven Cloth Tape requirements including;

  • PTFE Teflon Tape
  • Glass Fabric Teflon Tape 
  • Or any other type of “Brown Telon Tape” with or without a Liner Backing & / or Adhesive

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We supply Teflon Tape to Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane / Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide & right across Australia

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