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Ecclesia is one of the finest WordPress themes specially designed for churches, temples, mosques, Gurudwaras, and all other non-profit organizations. I would rather like to call myself a critic than a review writer. I have nothing to do write good things about Ecclesia WordPress Theme but it has something in it, that’s why I am helpless to write about the Ecclesia theme.

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I have seen many times that authors generally take the money and write a big essay in praise of things on the Internet. That’s not the case here. I have used and tested the Ecclesia theme on my own website, it runs much faster than other themes too; later in this review article, I will tell about the page loading speed of the Ecclesia theme. Ecclesia theme is been quite old nowadays and the current version 2.1 comes lots of new features since its release.

So let’s talk about the features and good and bad things about Ecclesia WP theme free download.


Ecclesia WordPress theme is an elegant theme by design and color schemes. The grace of its design and color combination suits non-profit and social organizations. In other words, this is the elegant look of the Ecclesia WordPress theme which forces the administrators of the religious sites to use it.
So this is the first good point about Ecclesia.

Multiple Color Scheme

Ecclesia WordPress theme loaded with 5 different yet impressive colors. There are different colors dedicated to a different organization, so everyone using such a site needs a unique color and Ecclesia WordPress theme free download goes best for this. Also, you can change the color once or twice a year to give your visitors a fresh new look and feel.

Beautiful CSS Design

As many theme builders use images, external fonts, flash, and javascript, too many queries to beautify a theme, here it’s not the case with Ecclesia WordPress theme. This theme is totally designed with clean CSS with simplicity. Whereas heavy image, fonts, flash, and JS makes a site too slow and complicated but Ecclesia WordPress theme is quite simple yet very beautiful.

Search Engine Friendliness

Ecclesia WordPress theme is optimized for better work in Search Engines, there is no waste of code, and no dirty and heavy images are used in this theme which slows down the site. It runs faster than other themes which use Google fonts. If you don’t want to compromise your search engine ranking then go with it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed for best-inbuilt SEO strategies which never let your rank down.


As everybody knows, we can customize the WordPress theme to the Ecclesia WordPress theme. With a little bit of experience, you can change the Ecclesia theme free download the way you want.


There is nothing bad in Ecclesia WordPress theme free download, it is a lovely WP theme with all great features for non-profits and churches, temples, mosques, gurdwara, etc.

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