EchoPanel® Astro is a one color design featuring faceted interlock line bring imitating crystalline forms. It is printed double-sided onto 12mm EchoPanel®, to be used as a double-sided workstation screen with the add profit of 2800mm in length.
Printed with environmentally sensitive pigment inks to deliver excellent fall stronghold while remaining low-voc, non-flammable and non-toxic.
Available in 5 inspirational colourways of shimmering iridescent ivy, smasher, lavender and stun gold on licorice combinations. EchoPanel® Astro is a lightweight and durable merchandise, made from 60 % recycle plastic bottles with outstanding acoustic qualities.

Environmental Thinking
EchoPanel® Astro 12mm is made from 100 % PET ( Polyethylene Terephthalate ) which, depending on tinge contains up to 60 % post-consumer content. This is reclaimable.
EchoPanel® Astro 12mm demonstrates ongoing commitment to environmental operation and sustainable interiors. Its intersection achieves excellent environmental credentials, including Global GreenTag ( GreenRate Level A ), with the use of post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams and low VOC emissions. They are red List Free and have published ingredient transparency with Declare, compliant with LEED v4.1 Building Product Disclosure and Optimisation credit requirements.
EchoPanel® Astro 12mm is a finished intersection consequently reduces costs in labor and materials in many applications, including workstations and wall paneling.
Non Hazardous Materials
With regards to many furniture assemblies, substrates containing formaldehyde are still being actively used. These materials emit dangerous off gasses over a menstruation of years.
EchoPanel® only emits a full VOC emission rate of < 0.02mg/m2/hr ( over 7 days ) .. when used as a vertical screen splitter in junction with a formaldehyde-free desk system it is a solution to a safe work environment and will contribute towards a GECA or EcoSpecifier certify workstation.
Size/Weight Ratio
At a weight of 2400 grams per square meter ( 12mm thick control panel ), EchoPanel® Astro 12mm is about one third base the slant of MDF or plasterboard in equivalent sizes. It is a face finished product, pin-able, slender and can be used as double sided or one side dialog box, giving it the desirable benefits of fitting into slim-line framing systems and requiring less majority in coping with its fall weight.
• Acoustics: EchoPanel® Astro 12mm meets the acoustic demands of nowadays ’ s open plan position ; it has been tested to AS ISO 354-2006 and received an NRC ( make noise decrease co-efficient ) result of 0.75 ( with a 50mm atmosphere opening ), 0.60 ( with a 20mm air gap ) and 0.45 ( with no air gap ). This is a better than average absorption of sound particularly utilitarian in open and reverberating spaces apparent in nowadays ’ mho office environments.
• Fire: EchoPanel® Astro 12mm has been tested to the Fire Test AS1530.3, ISO 9705 : GROUP 1, GB8624 B1 and BS EN 13501.1 : CLASSIFICATION B-S1, D0.

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