I was lucky enough to recently get my hands on a full set of the Edwards Custom Upgrades ECU MK1 Compacts to use for a few weeks and write a review on. I ’ ve constantly wanted to see these alarms in person to see what the quality is like .
They ’ re one of the more expensive cavil fish pungency alarm sets on the market and have constantly seemed like to many of the entry-level budget sets. I can now say that there are some differences that make these alarms worth the extra monetary value, we will cover them in the points outlined below .

Edwards Custom Upgrades Bite Alarm Review on YouTube.
What I like most about the ECU Alarms is the quality. It ticks all the boxes for must-have features on a bite alarm and also provides some more custom options. Let ’ s dive into the fine details of the timbre and features of these bite alarms.

Edwards Custom Upgrades – ECU MK1 Compacts – Main Features

Edwards Custom Upgrades MK1 Compacts Carp Fishing Bite Alarm Set

Tone Settings 16 Levels
Volume Settings 9 + Silent Mode
Sensitivity Settings 5 Levels
LED Colours Red, Blue, Green, White and Purple
LED Brightness 4 Levels
Power Button Toggle Switch on Bottom
Battery Type 1 x 9v Battery

ECU MK1 Compacts – Features
The Edwards Custom Upgrades Bite Alarms Run off a charismatic Roller Wheel, a lot like other pungency alarms. With this set there are 8 magnets on the roller wheel, depending on the alarm’s sensitivity settings. Each time a magnet passes the electronic sensor, it notifies the angler via an audible tone and visual LED light. Most other bite alarms only have 2 magnets on the roller wheel, this allows the ECU Alarms to have a all right sensitivity put .

  • Take Indication – The ECU Bite Alarms have 16 adjustable tone settings for take indication, the alarms LED lights also light up to indicate a take. An interesting aspect of these alarms is that they emit a single tone when the sensitivity is turned up. Many anglers look for this feature and few alarms on the market come equipped with it.

The Alarms lack a dedicate drop-back reading. The light and heavy are both the lapp in the event of a carry or drop back .

Edwards Custom Upgrades – ECU MK1 Compacts – Reciever Features

Edwards Custom Upgrades Receiver The ECU Receiver is very compact and durable. much like the alarms themselves, the recipient is made from choice parts that will stand up to the asperity of cavil angle .

Volume Yes
LED Levels Yes
Lights Red, Blue, Green, White and Purple
Silent Mode Yes
Vibrate Yes
On / Off Switch Toggle Switch
Battery Type 1 x 9v Battery

Edwards Custom Upgrades MK1 Receiver Features
The receiver has the like streamlined blacken color as the alarms and a duplicate array of LED lights across the top. The specific stage set I reviewed was all green so the liquidator lights were all fleeceable vitamin a well to match. The adjustable brightness of the LED lights is an added bonus feature that I have not seen on other sets. This is a great feature for visibility during the day and added power saving at night.

Edwards Custom Upgrades Bite Alarm Other Features

The most interest feature of these alarms is the option of customizing them. There are isotope slots and interchangeable snag ears to change the looks to suit the goosefish.

  • Quality – Durable Plastic outer shell with high-quality metal components.
  • Batteries – Easy to access battery compartment, and each alarm takes simple to replace 9v Batteries. (Tip: Purchase Quality Lithium Batteries, and they will last many years.)
  • They Look Nice – The ECU Alarms look different than most other alarms on the market.
  • Locking Collars – One Stainless and One Soft Rubber Locking Collar (washer), this makes setting them up very simple; no more fiddling with two stainless locking collars to line your alarms up. Snug it down to the rubber washer, and give it a turn until it lines up straight and you’re good to go.
  • Low Battery Warning – Once your batteries drop below a certain level, the alarms will notify you.
  • Lightweight and Compact – These alarms fit in carry bags with no problem. Some alarms can be big and bulky and a pain to transport. This entire set with receiver fits nicely within one compartment of my bivvy bag.
  • Isotope Slots – Additional isotope slots on both the alarms and receiver add more customization options for anglers.
  • Compatible Port for Illuminated Bobbins – As with many other alarms, the ECU Alarms come with a small 2.5 mm port on the bottom corner. This is for illuminated bobbins or swing arms. A sought-after feature that most anglers must have.
  • Removable Snag Ears – The set also comes standard with removable snag ears for each alarm. Although the alarms themselves have a sturdy rod seat, the option for attaching different sized Snag Ears is an added bonus.

The Edwards Custom Upgrades MK1 Compacts Set comes complete with :

  • Presentation Case.
  • Matching Screwdriver.
  • Lots of Spare Screws.
  • Spare Snag Ears and Long Snag Ears.
  • Spare Speaker Covers.
  • Spare Stainless Nurled Locking Collars.
  • Spare Rubber O-Rings.
  • User Manual.

It ’ s dainty to see a set of alarms that actually comes with bare parts. It can be frustrating to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of bite alarms and then have to shell out more to cover substitute parts and shipping a class or two later .

Edwards Custom Upgrades MK1 Compacts Bite Alarm Pros and Cons

I was quite impress with the ECU Alarms and had trouble finding the cons for the pros and cons number below. If you ’ re looking to buy a set they come highly recommended. If you ’ re looking to get away from mass-produce cookie-cutter alarms made in China this is your casual to support a small UK-based company .

Pros Cons
Lightweight and Compact Battery Compartments Require a Screwdriver to Open
Optional Custom Storage Sleeves No Dedicated Drop Back Indication
Removable Snag Ears Included More Expensive than Other Bite Alarms
Sleek Carpy Looks
Higher Quality Construction and Components
Long Life Span and Impeccable Customer Service

Edwards Custom Upgrades Pros and Cons
These alarms get a 5-Star Review for their timbre, Durability and Customer Service. All ace in my books. Although they ’ re a bite more expensive than other sets of alarms, they will concluding longer and offer more customization options for anglers that are looking for them.

Edwards Custom Upgrades – MK1 Compacts – Bite Alarm Pricing

The price of the ECU Alarms can be found at many different retailers as most stock them. I will include links to three sources then you can shop around and compare current prices yourselves .
If you ’ re placid not certain about this hardened of alarms and features be certain to check out the product review from the reservoir in the video below .

ECU MK1 Promo Video

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