A couple of weeks ago, I spent three days in Haiti helping to set up a sustainable vision clinic with my supporter Dr. Dave Ziegler and Mission of Hope Haiti .
When I was a administer optician, I was able to see how I impacted people ’ s lives every time I helped troubleshoot a patient ‘s ocular problems or gave a child her beginning pair of glasses. But sometimes when you ’ ra working for a large manufacturer, it can be difficult to feel like you ‘re actually making a dispute, even when your company ’ s deputation is improving lives by improving sight .
In my 15 years with Essilor, I can honestly say our mission international relations and security network ’ metric ton equitable words. The caller encourages employees to actively volunteer with vision-related causes. so flush though Mission of Hope Haiti is n’t an Essilor-driven enterprise, the company gave me prison term off to help another organization improve lives by improving sight .

Dave Ziegler, OD, with vision clinic staff Diana and Ezekiel

Because we were installing equipment on this trip, we were alone able to see about 25 patients during our short stay. several had cataracts that were thus advanced their sight could not be significantly improved with eyewear ( cataracts are the No. 1 cause of blindness in non-industrialized countries ). however, we did have five patients who were living with significant refractive errors and required prescriptions high enough that they would be considered legally blind in the U.S. The shocking separate ? none had ever had eyewear before, so it was an incredible moment when they received custom eyeglasses with their claim prescription and could see intelligibly for the first base clock.

I ’ megabyte lucky to work for a company that strives to fulfill its mission every day. Having the opportunity to put my scrub on for a few days and be back on the front lines of improving sight reminds me why I am passionate about Essilor ’ sulfur mission. More importantly, this experience brought our deputation to animation and made the deviation for the Haitians who need vision care. When a 52-year-old woman who has never been able to see better than 20/400 put on a pair of glasses I fair made and broke into laugh and delight as she saw 20/20 for the first time, I knew I ’ vitamin d merely made the difference in every moment she ‘ll have for the lie of her life. That moment will carry me through months of daily meetings !
Click here to take a tour of the Mission of Hope Haiti imagination clinic. To learn how you can support this first step, visit the Mission of Hope Haiti web site .
Pete Hanlin, ABOM, is Senior Director Professional Solutions, Essilor of America, Inc. He has held numerous roles in his 15 years with the company. Prior to joining Essilor, Pete spent 15 years in the ocular diligence managing ocular lab and optometric practices .

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