event form is a skill that requires perfection, clock, and creativity. The web site which we make for events must besides reflect these. Since most of the event websites need to handle more traffic, the drug user interface must be designed thoughtfully. As more and more event-related queries are coming through on-line, successful consequence managers are now using websites effectively. These release event web site templates will help you create an effective web site in no clock time. By sharing frequently asked queries on the site reduces insistent tasks .
The most common feature expected on an consequence web site is slate booking. In the HTML web site template, you can expect the choice for ticket book, but the backend works need to be done manually. social media plays a major function in many campaigns, it helps you to reach more audiences effortlessly. It is very important to make the event web site social-media-friendly. specially integrating Eventbrite in your web site will help you get a more target audience .

Some of the event organizers offer a complete box of food to accommodation. In such cases, the event web site needs to organized good so that the exploiter can well find what they want. In these loose event web site templates, we have collected templates that give you all major options to create bad event sites adenine well as small sites besides. Make surely you check all the free consequence web site templates mentioned in this list to get a better estimate before starting your web site.

Best Free Event Website Templates HTML5

collection of best free event web site templates to help you create stunning-looking consequence registration websites, event management websites, gay and party websites. Single-page consequence web site templates are besides there in this pack to help you make elementary and easy-to-maintain websites .


HTML5 event website template
Eventro is an energetic-looking event web site template .
Trendy designs and fetid discolor schemes grab users ’ attention vitamin a soon as they land on the web site and give this template a visually attract count. Since this template uses the latest CSS handwriting, it can handle all modern colors and gradient color schemes without any fuss. You can add atom animation or any synergistic hover animations on the home page header section to make it very engaging for the audience. Take a look at our hover vivification examples collections for fresh and hardheaded ideas that you can use on your web site .
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trendy event registration website template
conventionality is a lively event web site template. bright colors and western fence lizard animations deliver an engaging exploiter experience .
The consistent color outline and precisely calibrate animations will help the site owners to easily brand their web site. Call to action buttons to buy tickets are given in the easily accessible spots so that the audience can buy their tickets no count on which page they are on. The godhead has kept the code script arsenic dim-witted as possible. Hence, the developers can well work with this template, and they can integrate any tools into this template without any publish .
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free digital event website template
Digital conferences are becoming more common nowadays. Holding a digital league international relations and security network ’ t an easy subcontract ; you have to take manage of lots of technical thrust and have to configure them neatly into your web site for a seamless experience. This template ’ south godhead has designed it vigorously by keeping all exploiter needs & event organizer needs in beware. A neat event agenda is given on the home page indeed that the exploiter can free up their time when their favorite speakers get on-line. Since it is an HTML5 web site template, all features work flawlessly from the front-end side. Plus, the clean code structure makes the developers ’ backend exercise easy .
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Confer is a colored and modern web site template. The interior designer has used typographies, trendy colors and different patterns to set the party on. Though this template uses a creative layout, the designer has maintained the professional look throughout the template. To match the colorful invention of this template, the vivification effects are besides made attractive and attention-getting. Lots of utilitarian elements like countdown timers, price tables, schedule tabs, etc are given in this template. Blog templates are besides given in this template to help you share the newsworthiness well. The creator has given enough of subpages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to customize and add your contents .
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colorful event website template
WeMeet is the most trendy looking template in this spare event web site templates number. Look at the gradient colors and the three-dimensional float elements ; everything looks latest. Big bold letters let you highlight the authoritative message and besides draw the exploiter ’ s attention to the needed segment. Typographies are used smartly throughout the template to improve the ocular aesthetics of the design. consequence schedules are listed by rights sol that the drug user can pick the consequence they like and can easily manage their clock time. You do have a call to action clitoris to buy a ticket, but you have to map the clitoris to your booking form or the book page .
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dark theme website template
Eventcon is a fresh event web site template with all the contemporary elements utilized properly in the plan. The creator has made this template as a music event web site template, so you get some strong attention-getting elements throughout the template. On the dark theme, colorful elements look more vibrant, and the images look crisp. interactional brood effects and scroll effects will keep the users engaged as they move through your web site. Take a look at our timeline invention collection for more interactional designs. Since this template is made using the latest web development frameworks, it can handle all modern elements and effects well .
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engaging website template
Manup is a well-laid-out event web site template. All elements are neatly put together in this template to give a better user experience. For example, yellow journalism on the event schedule incision let the drug user easily see the agenda for all the days individually. Plus, you get more than adequate space to present the message neatly to the consultation. It is a multipage web site template, so you needn ’ metric ton worry about cramping all the data on the home page itself. Texts and images are balanced throughout the template so that you deliver the message clearly to the hearing .
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health and charity event website template for corona pandemic
As the name implies, this template is for the Coronavirus pandemic health event web site template. You can use this template for both jacob’s ladder events and aesculapian events because of this template ’ s versatile character. The neat layout of this template lets you share useful information clearly with your audience. For example, the godhead has used custom icons to show the corona symptoms in an well apprehensible way. If you are planning to add an interactional data table on your web site, take a count at our bootstrap datatable collection. You can map the call to carry through button to the health team or to the health investment company to fight the COVID-19. Fundamental pages are pre-designed for you, and the flexible code structure gives you more than ample room to add your own custom pages and features .
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environment and nature event website template
EnvironmentalOrganization is for the environment and nature-related event programs. The creator has used the green gradient color cleverly sol that it looks refreshing and besides goes well with the environmental composition of this template. Animations are wrinkle and besides kept short so that it won ’ t take much of the exploiter ’ south time. From a drug user perspective, this is an easy-to-operate web site template. All elements are easy to reach, and users can promptly find the options they want. From a developer position, it is a solid template that can handle any modern design and effects that you throw at it .
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charity event website template
GiveHope is a fully-equipped charity web site template. The default option nature of this template and the consequence features in this template will help you make a proper charity event web site template. This template allows the user to well go through all the programs you are actively involved in and can enroll in it easily. separate contribution pages are besides given in this template. All you have to do is to integrate your payment gateway into the template. Since this template is running on the latest vane development frameworks, the integration part will be a lot easier for the developers .
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colorful corporate event website template
summit is a colored corporate consequence web site template. Though this template is made for professional events, the creator has used a colorful semi-casual blueprint. The home page is keep very simple, where you can see the event details, about the speakers, and the event agenda. A offprint page is given for tickets, where you can see a long pricing table to mention the features in each software. The alone thing you miss in this template is the registration shape. But don ’ thymine worry we got your back, take a search at our rid registration form template to save your prison term. Like all other loose consequence web site templates in this list, this one is besides made using the HTML5 and CSS3 script. Hence, it can handle other raw third-party templates easily .
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thoughtfully designed event website template
Plataforma is a clean professional looking event web site template. If you are looking for absolve event web site templates for a professional event, this one will be a beneficial choice. The simple clean design of this template, makes it easily fit for any type of event web site. On the clean white layout, the bright bluing color elements look attractive and besides adds richness to the plan. Cleverly designed home page heading purpose shows an event adjustment form so that the exploiter can book their slate a soon as they land on your site. rich people and high-quality icons are used in this free template so that they look beautiful on both mobile and high-resolution calculator screens. lone a few free event web site templates give a premium-quality design in the free version itself, the Plataforma template is one such valuable template .
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corporate event website template
If you are looking for complimentary event web site templates that are easy to set up, the Meetup template is the one for you. Be default it is a one-page template, which makes your occupation fortune simple. You can add all the event information in one seat and let the drug user well record their entrance. By making a few adjustments to the invention, you can tied use this template as a land page for your consequence. The godhead has used brilliantly attention-getting colors in this template to distinguish important elements and segments from others. Since it is a CSS3 based template, the colors look more natural. Though it is a one-page template, it has all the elements that you would normally expect in release event web site templates .
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The above mentioned Confer is a classy looking event web site template, well, this one is made for professional events. creative icons and elements are used in this template to highlight the features of your consequence. Call to military action buttons are placed at the most optimum positions for easier access. The pricing tables are made longer so that you can clearly list the features in each package. Throughout the template, the designer has used only two colors and balanced it elegantly to give a ample feel. The home page is long so that you can give a brief overview of the event and programmes in the event .
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The couturier of the Workshop has used a brutalist design. With big texts and adult images, you can clearly explain your event purpose and what a exploiter can expect from it. On the dark theme, the letters and images are distinctly legible. If you are looking for a break consequence page for your education web site, this one will fit perfectly. As this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework, editing and integrating this one will be an easy job. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you, so you can use it as a stand-alone web site as well .
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Confpro is a colorful flat vogue web site template. The godhead has used modern animation effects to make this flat web site template more attractive and modern looking. The thoughtfully designed floating-navigation cake allows the user to well access the navigation options and exploiter login option. On the clean white background, the bold textbook easily get exploiter attention. The overall design of this template has a professional look. Hence you can use this template for clientele websites deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Customizing this template will be a child ’ mho play for any developer, as it follows the industry standards, most of your sour is reduced in this template .
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The couturier has used the full-width layout of this template efficaciously. Though the master design looks simpleton, it is practical and works perfectly. Spacings and element sizes are done precisely in this template. Hence, the drug user can use this template across all devices without any issues. It is a multi-page template with the basic event web site pages pre-designed for you .
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Eventure is a arrant event web site template for bodied events and business-related events. This template can besides be used for the event organizing companies. The home page of this template is designed to promote your event and besides to highlight the speakers at your consequence. In a bare clean layout, this template presents the contents beautifully with a cool color system and modern network elements. A CSS table template is used on the home page to neatly list the events scheduled for that day. fair below the event schedule, you have a big interactional map appliance to well navigate the users to the event venue .
As this template is a mobile responsive web site template, the users can access the web site on the crack and can reach your event on time. other useful features in this template are pricing tables and animated countdown timer. It is a multi-page template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. If you are providing on-line registration you can well integrate this template with your reservation system and requital services .
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The Conference

The Conference, as the name implies this template is designed for conferences. If you are planning multiple events and workshops in your conference, then this is the template for you. The designer of this template has given you equal space for both text contents and image contents. With the neat layout, this template presents the contents winsomely to the users. In the circus tent bar, you have the space to add your event logo along with the event meter and date. To the clear right-hand corner, you have social media profile links .
As contemporary audience prefer social media interactions for direct answers, providing social media profile links helps your audience to reach you well. A blue gradient color schema is used in this template, which gives a pleasant professional attend to the template. Color shifting impression on hover over the gradient color outline web elements gives a bouncy tactile property to the template. In all the subpages you have a parallax visualize section above the pedestrian for event adjustment. This template doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include a registration shape, so you have to create one for you .
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The above two free consequence web site templates for corporate events. If you are organizing a fun event or party night, then the Sunfest template is the matchless for you. This template is filled with tons of modern world wide web elements and creative design elements. The creative design of this template makes it a alone one on this list. You can use this template as a landing page for your campaign or can add this template to your existing web site. The godhead of this template made it a one-page template, if you wish to make it a complete web site, then you have to make your hands dirty .
This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework with industrial code standard. So the web developer will find this template extremely easy to work with this template. Lots of space is reserved for the image contents and multimedia contents, to inspire the users and encourage them to join the event. Texts are made boldface and crisp indeed that users can easily read and interact with this template. The architect of this template has made function of the clean white background to present the colorful web elements elegantly to the visitors .
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Agenda is another creative consequence web site template, precisely like the Sunfest template mentioned above. creative irregular shapes are contribution of the modern world wide web design trends. With the avail of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, the godhead of this template has brought this crazy shapes to life with natural looking coloring material schemes. In the header you have a big double skidder with bold textbook, call to action buttons and countdown timer. ocular effects are keep simple in this template and are used only at the ask spots .
authoritative contents are put inside the creative supreme headquarters allied powers europe section to highlight them elegantly from the rest of the world wide web elements. Since this template is designed for a party event, the interior designer of this template has used different colors and gradient colors to set up the party temper. In the clear seafaring bar, you have a big call to carry through clitoris for mental reservation and buying a tag. You can integrate this template with your ticket mental reservation system and can even connect with Eventbrite to take your consequence to a larger audience .
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Musica is a vibrant web site template for music events and concerts. If you are looking for a web site template for your music band that shows your hits and approaching events, then this template is the best choice for you. It is a multi-page template with all the necessary pages to impress your consultation and besides help you reach your music achieve larger audience base. ocular effects are retain meek, but they are used effectively to present the contents winsomely to the users. Since it is an HTML5 template you can add multimedia contents easily in this template. Audio musician designs are besides given in this template to play some of your best tracks. other useful elements in this template are mega menu options and colorful image banners. social media profile links are given throughout the template to increase your sociable media follower pace.

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interactive music website template
Deejee is the best web site template for music events. On the dark theme layout, the text and images are intelligibly visible. Plus, the colorful elements look more vibrant and attractive. Lots of space is given for the images and videos. even if you are planning to use a raw HTML template for your event web site, free event web site templates like this will deliver a better exploiter feel. Since it is an HTML5 template it can handle videos and audios easily out of the box. If you want to add your own music musician to give a personalize touch to your web site, take a expression at our HTML music player plan collection .
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colorful music event website template
Razo is a feature-rich web site template for music, podcast, and music consequence web site. Since this template is designed to meet the needs of all three niches, it has elements related to cover all the niches. Because of this multi-character, you must customize this template before using it for your web site. The code structure is keep neat and simple so the developers can easily work with this template and add the features they want. Lots of utilitarian elements like sound recording musician, playlist, call to action buttons, and forms are given in this template. All you have to do is to edit the template as per your needs. The Razo is one of the best free event web site templates with batch of elements pre-designed for you .
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The Event is an effective one-page template. With the modern design and logically stage sections, the visitor can infer a set about your consequence. The full-width purpose and batch of flannel distance contribute you ample sum of distance to add more vane elements and contents. Since it is a one-page template, developers have effectively used ocular effects to show more information about the event. Bing boldface fonts make text legible and easy to read. Parallax effects are used in between sections to give a lively feel .
Bright red color schema of this template is handled absolutely so that they don ’ metric ton look flashy. Another advantage of the color outline is, it easily draws attention to the command spot easily. other utilitarian web elements you get with this template are animated counters, synergistic carousels, and a neat timeline section to parcel your achievements or history .
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Evento is a creative modern consequence web site template designed for the millennial style loving audience. The layout of the template is not only clean but besides fresh. The developers have made this template ache with the aid of latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Each section in the home page is given ample amount of space so that you can add images and text contents easily. Like the Event template mentioned above, this template besides uses red color scheme .
In the heading, you have the option to add image slider with bluff text and call to action buttons. line icons are used to match the houseclean design of the template. For the speaker incision fully stretched doodad with two rows is used. Hover effects are used in the gallery section to give a lively feel. early useful elements you get with this template are pricing table and event calendar. At the footer, you have the option to add Instagram appliance and subscription form .
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conference is a professional stylus event web site template. With the bodied expression, this template is decidedly a go-to choice for corporate events and talk shows. This template uses both separate screen invention and full-width content blocks to help you share information effectively with the users. This compound purpose keeps the drug user from not getting bored .
On the fairly white background, the images and the sections look bang-up. No matter in which device the user is viewing your locate, boldface clean texts make sure that the drug user has pleasant reading experience. This template is mobile optimized, so evening in little screen device, the users can interact with your site without any emergence. A neat tabular column is used to share the event agenda. Pricing table is besides made long enough to mention the features of the box. The gluey top seafaring bar not only gives you better user experience but besides gives you the choice to include a call to legal action release to book tickets .
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Faithful is primarily a church web site template, but this one has all the elements and features you need to set up an consequence web site. In the home page header part, you have a large persona slider to show the approaching events and call to military action buttons to take the user to the relate events. fair below the header section, you have a countdown timer for the next event ; which will help you induce the drug user to register promptly for your consequence .
The full-width layout of this template is utilized properly by the architect to present the contents winsomely to the users. Since this template is designed for church websites, you have the choice to include multimedia contents like audio contents and television contents. The merely thing this template miss is the registration form. Latest frameworks like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap are used in this template, hence integration it with other tools and platform won ’ thyroxine be an topic to the developers .
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Modelo web site template has an image-rich layout which will help you attract the visitors. If you are organizing a music event or fashion event, this template is the best option. Though this template is designed for model agencies, it has all the electric potential to be an consequence web site template. Smooth animation effects and fluid transitions make this template interactional. The couturier of this template has given you ample come of space for textbook and effigy contents .
All the web elements are placed sanely therefore that the user can access it well. As a resultant role, you can provide a better drug user experience for the visitors. In the lead seafaring bar you have a call to legal action but for submitting a portfolio, which you can use for consequence registration. You can use the effigy spaces to show the images from the former event and furtive peek of the approaching purpose the vogue plan of this template is balanced by using a trendy color outline. overall, by making few customizations, you can make Modelo a proper event web site template .
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Vogue, as per the name this template follows a vogue purpose. Though this template is designed for salon websites, the vogue purpose of it makes it a perfect choice for consequence websites as well. The architect has used images and typography elegantly in this template ; with which you can create engage contents for your visitors. ocular effects and animation effects are used as a part of the blueprint so that you get a lively web site. ample amount of content blocks are given in this template to let you add text contents neatly on the double background .
On the home page itself, you have a contact form, which you can use it as a registration shape. In the top navigation browning automatic rifle, you have an appointment booking call to legal action release ; this helps the exploiter to easily access the choice from any page. Pricing table and all other important world wide web elements are besides given in this template to set up a web site in no time. Since it is a multi-page template, you have more than enough outer space for the contents .
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Eventasia is a colorful clear web site template. This template does not include any beguilement elements. Being a individual page template, the architect is so precise with the web elements used and content block spacing. With this template, the exploiter can clearly understand the composition and the determination of the event. To give this template a more lively look, gradient color outline is used. The gradient coloring material is systematically used throughout the template. For a brand focused event, this approach will decidedly improve the brand effigy .
In the header, you have the option to include animated countdown timer and big prototype setting. line icons are used to elegantly depict the features of the event. rather of barely using a tabular design for showing event schedule, this template directly uses calendar submission. With the calendar invention, the exploiter can easily plan their personal schedule .
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Vir is a potential rich multipurpose web site template. With the flexible layout and lots of useful features this template can easily fit for any type of web site. The template provides you interactional contentedness elements, video section, and news sections which you will find utilitarian to create an effective event web site .
With the full-width clean plan and enough of white space, this template gives you ample sum of outer space to add web elements neatly. Between each segment and web element enough space is given so that the template does not look awkward. This is a multi-page template, gives you more than adequate number of pages pre-designed for you. In all the subpages you have the option to include testimony section, you can use this distance to highlight your sport loudspeaker .
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Places is a hybrid web site template for real estate and travel. Since this template ’ sulfur basic functionality is to highlight and promote properties, this template will help you to sell more tickets. The intuitive design of this template not lone promote the properties but besides improve the engagement rate. flexible design of the layout helps you to add as many web elements as you want. In the header you have the choice to include booking kind, you can use this as a reservation shape. If you are looking for a modern interactional kind, take a look at our forms template collection .
Though this is a multi-page template, the designer has liberally given you a retentive home page. The drug user can have a complete overview of the event with the help of this long home page. The city steer section is designed like a gallery department, which you can use to show event images. In all the subpage you have an option to include a call to action clitoris to improve the conversion rate .
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Landing, as the name implies it is a land page template. Being a pure conversion focused web site template, this template has all the web elements placed at the most obvious placement to improve the result. The clean plan of this template helps you create a laser-focused content to reach your goal well. alert colors and engaging elements make this template a perfect fit for the event web site. rather of using a regular horizontal segment, this template uses a incline segment to differentiate each section .
In the top navigation bar, you have the choice to include a call to natural process buttons. This besides improves the chances of conversion. Neat customize line icons are used to explain the services of the consequence. The price postpone is made short and dulcet so that you can add only significant points and the price. Drop shadow effects are used for the authoritative web elements, to make it look clear-cut from the rest of the world wide web elements. Overall the Landing is a conversion-centered web site template which you can use to sell more tickets .
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charity is a best template for charity event. This template not only helps you to sell tickets for your event but besides helps you to partake your causal agent efficaciously to the drug user. With the clean plan, this template helps you to share data in an synergistic way. The main thing to concentrate on a jacob’s ladder event web site template is to parcel the purpose of the consequence. This template besides provides you modern web elements to improve your credibility .
In the heading, you have the choice to add big champion image background and call to action buttons. Below the header section, you have the option to show milestone, to help the drug user to understand how conclude are you to reach the goal. The bright scandalmongering color outline on the clean white background well gets exploiter care .
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Format is a multipurpose web site template for agencies, hotels, portfolio sites and consequence organizing companies. With the neat clean design and insidious vivification effects, this template helps you to engage your customers with synergistic contents. In the header, you have a big background picture with a pink semblance overlie. You besides have the option to add video link in the header. The video recording opens in a separate lightbox so that the user gets a complete control condition over the video musician. Right below the header department you have gallery section with a link to the corresponding military post. Since this template is designed for the event organizing companies you get military service section .
Another boastfully advantage of this template is, it is a multi-page template. You are not stuck with the home page layout alone, these subpages will help you share more about your events and services. The template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework .
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Stack is a modern consequence web site template for corporate events. Since this template is designed for a corporate event, this template has lots of utilitarian web elements to create an effective business web site template as well. In the header you have the option to include drug user signup and login choice. Using a extremity splashboard will help the user to keep traverse of the event and they besides will get a personalize telling. Check out our dashboard template collection to create a dashboard that is easy to manage .
Each section in the home page is differentiated elegantly with fully stretched widgets and different color backgrounds. On the clean background, the bright orange color looks more attractive. The ocular effects are besides very minimal in this template .
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Edusite is an event web site template for education. If you are about to create a residential district event for students, then the Edustie is the best template for you. By default, this template is designed for on-line course put up companies, so you get enough of elements to share with the tutors and courses. These elements can besides be used to partake about the speakers and events. The baptismal font amazing icons used gives you wide array of icon choices, in case if you need to use this template for other events, you will distillery have plenty of icons. Parallax effects in between segments give a lively find to the template. Navigation options are provided in both the header and footnote for better drug user have. In the footer, you besides have the choice to add social media profile links .
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course is besides a multipurpose web site template for education recess. With the compromising layout and intuitive invention, this template helps you to create an event web site. The big contentedness blocks give you batch of space to add contents and images. In the default design itself you have space to add video recording contents, so you needn ’ thyroxine spend clock in making space if you need to add television. In the home page, you have an consequence section to list the approaching events. You have choice to add interactional Google map in the contact page. This map have will help the user to plan their road. As a complete package, this template gives you batch of early useful features as well. Overall the Course is a feature-rich flexible web site template .
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If you are looking for a colorful web site template for your music consequence or other colored events, then the Travelix is the best option for you. The template uses both casual and professional fonts, both the fonts are big and legible to read. Being a travel web site template, the Travelix gives you batch of network elements to improve the drug user experience. Since this template needs to list so many places, the layout is designed flexibly to manage all the contents. At a glance, the user can get a arrant overview of the events and the programmes scheduled. The template uses yellow and purple as the semblance dodge, the graphic designer has balanced both the colors elegantly throughout the template. apart from the home page you besides get batch of subpages designed for you .
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Destino is a travel web site template. With the bracing raw design this template decidedly a alone one on this list. By placing the vane elements at the most outstanding places this template increases drug user employment. ocular effects are used to give contents in a more presentable room, so the user gets the compulsory data easily on your site. The couturier has used the color schema effectively to highlight important options. just below the heading, you have the choice to add an advance search option. If you are offering accommodation for the attendants this option will help them choose the hotel that fits their needs .
It is an image-rich template, with the well-written code the developers of this template optimized the operation of the template. You don ’ metric ton get a separate price table with this template, rather, you get the option to mention the package price on top of the persona itself. By making a few adjustments to the design you can well make the Destino as one of the best free event web site templates .
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Luxehotel is a premium feel web site template for hotels. If you provide food, accommodation, and ecstasy as a software in your consequence, free event web site templates. The Luxehotel gives you all the features required to create an effective event web site. With the pixel arrant design, all the vane elements are placed at the correct spot to keep the user engaged. ocular effects are satiny and minimal in this template. On the clean whiten setting, the images and web elements are distinctly classifiable. The icons used are alone and are customized for the overall front of this template. equal importance is given to both the text and multimedia contents in this template. With this template, you get plenty of useful web elements, based on your needs you can use them or merely skip them .
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