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What results can I expect the first year ?
If you are new to our program, much will depend upon when you the homeowner starts the broadcast. If you have started receiving treatments in early spring when pre-emergent weed control is applied, your results will be better than if you started mid-season. Most weeds are annuals, meaning the weed plants actually die due to winter frost. unfortunately, the weed plants do not die before they set raw seeds which lay dormant until warm spring weather when germination occurs. Our pre-emergent pot control condition applied in early form prevents the weed seeds from germinating ( i.e. from becoming plants ). obviously, the early give application provides optimum results .
If you have started with the Executive Turf Care program later in the season, however, you will achieve upstanding results. The fertilization will promote a lavish green grass and weed control is always a part of our program. We simply treat the weeds in a post-emergent condition .
Improvements to your lawn may vary depending upon many factors.

Do I have to be at home when applications are made ?
No, unless we are teach otherwise, applications will be made without any pause to you or your family .

What if it rains after an application ?
rain is actually beneficial to fertilizer, pre-emergent pot control condition and worm control. Please allow two to three weeks for best results after each treatment .

What is a homeowner ’ randomness responsibility in ensuring that his or her lawn looks its best ?
Lush k pot makes any home more beautiful and appeal, but it is not without function on the character of the homeowner. good tips to follow are :

  1. Ensure that you are not mowing your Fescue lawn too short. A taller lawn shades the grass roots better requiring less water and thus less “burn-out.”
  2. Make sure mower blades are sharp. Dull mower blades will tear the grass blades making each blade turn brown due to being torn and the lawn will be more susceptible to insects and fungus.
  3. When possible, water the lawn in the early morning so that the grass does not sit damp all night encouraging fungus. Non-electric water timers that turn off automatically are desirable, attach it to your hose and set the timer.
  4. Water regularly to a depth of 3 inches or not at all.
    1. Deep watering once or twice a week will encourage roots to grow deeper and thus gain water from a larger area.
    2. Short spells of watering are more prone to evaporation which is wasteful and does not promote root development.
    3. If you cannot water in dry periods, that’s OK too. You will not get the same desired lushness; however, most grasses will simply go dormant until the next rain.

What is proper ph and why do I need to care about it ?
In order for fertilizers to work properly and bond with your grass, the acid/alkaline learn should be between 6.5 and 7.0. If your ph is less than 6.0, your grass will not be able to make beneficial use of the fertilizer. Executive Turf Care offers Soil Testing for $ 25. Our regular lime application will keep your lawn healthy. however ; if your territory is deficient, you will require a supplementary lime application .

What does aeration do and why is it necessary ?
Core-aeration increases the sum of water system that can be absorbed by your lawn. It besides loosens hard territory and provides rest room for the roots of your grass. Aeration is a supplementary service recommended every year for a healthy turf .

Can I re-seed my lawn in spring ?
Yes, but with reduce benefit. Our first discussion of the year includes pre-emergent weed-control. This product prevents seed from germinating – all seed, both desired and undesired. If you are planning to over-seed in the spring, BE SURE TO ADVISE Executive Turf Care. We will omit the pre-emergent part of our application. The leave of this will be more weeds in your lawn, but your grass semen will be able to produce eatage. Rest assured that Executive Turf Care will treat any weeds that do pop up in subsequent applications .

Are your products condom for children and pets ?
The products Executive Turf Care uses are comprehensively approved and rated to be very condom by the Environmental Protection Agency. These products are professional grade for use by entirely professional applicators and are not available to the homeowner marketplace. We DO recommend, however, that children and pets stay off the lawn when fluent applications are applied until such time the product has wholly dried. On most cheery days, the products can sometimes dry within adenine little as 30 minutes to an hour. If you are extremely sensitive or highly allergic, let us know and we will schedule applications to take seat when you are not at home .

How do I pay for services ?
Your bill will be left on your door with a return envelope. payment terms are listed on the back of each invoice. Receive a 7 % deduction in the early spring by choosing our pre-payment option. We take Visa, MasterCard, and American Express .

How high should I cut my lawn ?
A lawn ’ randomness growth pace is affected by many factors, including fertilization, rain or irrigation, and grass species. here are recommended pout heights for the most normally secondhand lawn grasses :

Turfgrass Optimum Height typical frequency Mower Type
common Bermudagrass 1½ ” to 2½ “ 5 to 7 days traffic circle
loanblend Bermudagrass 1 ” to 1½ ” 3 to 5 days synchronous converter or Reel**
Tall Fescue 2 ” to 3½ ” 7 to 14 days synchronous converter

1 ” to 2 ” 7 to 14 days synchronous converter or Reel**

** Reel mowers provide a better quality cut and are
needed for heights below 1½ inches, but powered
reel mowers can be much more expensive to buy and
maintain than regular rotary lawn mowers.

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