eXp ’ s Disclaimer : “ These figures are not a guarantee, representation, or projection of earnings or profits you should expect. They besides do not include expenses incurred by agents in operating their business. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of fiscal success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership.  Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities. “

eXp Realty ’ sulfur tax income plowshare mannequin is absolutely revolutionist. It creates a unique opportunity to build a continuously growing, life changing income stream on top of commissions, stock awards, and other benefits !

The only web-based adaptation of the eXp Realty gross parcel calculator out there doesn ’ thymine account for agent deputation cap, meaning it is BROKEN and mislead !
So we created our own custom and fully functional Agent Wealth Hustle eXp Realty revenue share calculator to make crunching numbers easier. This joyride has motivated us to work hard on building a successful tax income parcel team and we hope it helps you do the lapp ! We ’ ve even created international versions as well !

Agent Wealth Hustle's eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator. Disclaimer: These figures are not a guarantee, representation, or projection of earnings or profits you should expect.  They also do not include expenses incurred by agents in operating their business.  eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success.  Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership.  Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.Charlie and Kobe’s eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator – One benefit to partnering with us! While we can only give this calculator to agents that collaborator with us due to company rules, we can SHOW agents considering eXp Realth the life changing power of revenue share with an exclusive one-on-one revenue share demonstration using out own custom built calculator!
Plus we ’ ll reveal secrets, tips, and help build your successful agent attraction strategy. Whether you have a net of agents or are an influencer already, or are starting from scratch, we will help you build your gross share team and run your numbers in concert !

What is eXp Realty Revenue Share?

gross share is when a company shares its income with its employees. In real estate of the realm, revenue share is when a brokerage share’s its revenue with their agents for helping to grow the company .
indeed basically, you get a slice of the brokerage house ’ sulfur earnings without having to take on any fiscal or legal risk !
Revenue sharing is caring! What is exp realty revenue share? Just one of the many benefits, that's what! At eXp Realty, tax income share is paid back to agents based on the GROSS committee earned by the real estate agents you sponsor, or introduce, into the ship’s company. For case, if you sponsor an agentive role into the party that made $ 80,000 GCI ( Gross Commission Income ) in any given class, you would earn 3.5% of that gross commission – or $2,800 – in Revenue Share each year.

Isn’t that called profit share? NO!

Some brokerage house models have something called profit partake. This is identical different and here ’ s why it matters :

  • Profit share is when a company takes all its total income, pays all its expenses, and then takes a share of the leftover profit and splits it out to the agents. This can be vary and can even be zero if a company is not profitable for a time period (many big brokerages lost money in 2020)
  • Revenue share is provided to the agents FIRST before the company totals its income and expenses. So as commission comes in, revenue share is paid out to agents. This is incredible because it means agents will keep getting paid revenue share, it is more dependable, and it can grow!

Let’s make one thing clear!

tax income share to the sponsor agents is paid directly by the company out of commission income. Agents you sponsor preceptor ’ triiodothyronine pay you for gross plowshare. There is no add cost to agents to sponsor with you or to participate in tax income plowshare ! now on to the good stuff !

Agent Wealth Hustle’s eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator


  • Front line or Tier 1: agents you directly attracted to the company
  • Tiers 2-7: agents that your front line agents and subsequent agents sponsored to the company
  • Downline: all the agents sponsored to the company as a result of your efforts in all 7 Tiers
  • Upline: the sponsor line of agents from the agent who sponsors you and (hopefully) provide unique benefits to make you successful (see benefits to partnering with us!)

Production Plays a Key Role

Our eXp real property gross share calculator starts by entering the average number of homes sold by the agents in your downline and the average price of the homes sold to determine the Gross Commission Income and total commission paid to eXp for each agent. Those numbers will then apply to every agentive role in your downline calculations .
Revenue share is paid for each and every transaction an agent in your downline closes until they cap each year. An eXp agent will cap at after paying $ 16,000 to the caller, which at 3 % perpetration per transaction is $ 2,666,666 in family rate sold. For character, that ’ s approximately equal to selling 12 $ 223,000 homes a class ( which is about the medial US price ) .
So we start by determining the jutting transaction production of each agent in your downline, like this :
Adjust homes sold and avg price of homes to get total broker split for each agent

Inputting Your Projected Downline Numbers

In the chief table, we ’ five hundred simply change the number of agents you want to attract or sponsor into eXp real property to determine how much gross income will result from your revenue share each year. You can then add the number of agents you anticipate your first tier agents to sponsor and thus on for each grade in your downline .
One capital doubt we commonly get is : how do I know how many agents I can realistically sponsor?

  1. It depends on how much you are willing to hustle
  2. It depends on how much your sponsor can teach you on how to attract
  3. It depends on how many agents you know, are willing to network with, or are wiling to use an influencer platform to attract to you

A photo of the main table of the revenue share calculator.Main Table – inputting number of agents sponsored per Tier!

eXpansion and eXponential Share

Okay here is where it gets a little complicated. Don ’ thyroxine be dismayed, if there ’ s something you don ’ t understand fair schedule a call with us and we ’ ll excuse ! In ONE paragraph :

expansion share is always earned for each Tier. exponential share is earned upon sponsoring enough modification front wrinkle agents. exponential parcel is always earned for your presence line agents .

Let ’ s break it down, use this trope for reference point :
The percentage differences between your expansion and exponential shares. As you can tell, the more agents you attract directly, the more revenue you will make.eXpansion share is always earned for each Tier. Exponential is earned upon sponsoring enough front line agents. Exponential share is always earned for your front line agents.

eXpansion Share is Always Earned

Simply put, you will ALWAYS earn eXpansion share you see here for any agents in your downline. That ’ sulfur pretty cool !

eXponential Share is Always Earned for Agents You Directly Sponsor

Plus, you will always earn the 3.5% eXponential Share for agents you directly sponsor to eXp Realty. That ’ s up to $ 2,800 per agent per year !

What about the larger eXponential share in Tiers 2-7?

eXp Realty values active participation. That ’ sulfur why eXp will increase the share you receive from tax income share for agent ’ mho in subsequent Tiers if you immediately sponsor productive agents .
For example, if you ’ ve sponsored one agentive role to your movement trace, and they sponsor one more, you ’ ll receive 0.2 % of that Tier 2 agent ’ mho GCI ( up to $ 160 a year per Tier 2 agent ). But if you ’ ve sponsored 5 generative agents to your front note, you ’ ll receive the 0.2 % expansion share AND the 3.8 % exponential contribution for a full of 4 % of any Tier 2 agent ’ s GCI ( up to $3,200 a year per Tier 2 agent! ) .
Yes, you are paid MORE for agents that your front line agents go sponsor than the ones YOU sponsor! This is incredible because it provides an incentive for everyone to participate and for you to help your sponsor agents successful sponsor others ! This growth can cursorily become exponential to your income and achiever !

Earning eXponential Share in Tiers 2-7

In order to earn exponential share percentages for each tier, you would need to directly sponsor to your front line :

  1. Earn eXponential share for any agents you directly sponsor
  2. Sponsor 5 front line qualifying agents
  3. Sponsor 10 front line qualifying agents
  4. Sponsor 15 front line qualifying agents
  5. Sponsor 20 front line qualifying agents
  6. Sponsor 25 front line qualifying agents
  7. Sponsor 40 front line qualifying agents

All of this is automated in our custom-made eXp Realty gross share calculator !

5 Examples using our custom eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator

Example 1: Your first sponsored agent

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator example one. One capping agent.By sponsoring one capping agent, that’s $2,800 in Revenue Share Above is an exercise of the tax income contribution you can earn by sponsoring one cap agent. If an agent you sponsor into eXp hits their detonator ( about $ 2.6M in home sales at 3 % commission – or 13 $ 220,000 sales per year ), then you are looking at an extra $2,800 in income per year! That’d pay for your monthly fees at eXp for two and a half years!

Example 2: Growing your downline!

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator example 3. Growing your downline into tier two.As you can see, growing your downline can lead to exponential growth! One of the coolest things that the eXp Realty tax income parcel calculator shows is the power of helping your downline grow. In the example above, if each of your 5 capping agents that you sponsored into the company finds one cap agentive role each that wants to join eXp, revenue share income can immediately double. That ’ south $30,000 in extra income every year !

Example 4: Focusing on growth

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator example 4. Exponential growth.That’s almost $100,000 a year in extra income! Revenue share can be lucrative because of the potential for growth. If you focus on growing your front course agents, extra emergence can be astronomic. See for yourself in a one-on-one television call or at our webinar !
imagine if you sponsored 10 capping agents, and each of them sponsored one cap agentive role. That ’ mho $60,000 in gross share income ! nowadays let ’ s say that each of your ten front line agents sponsored 2 capping agents. That ’ mho immediately $92,000 per year in tax income share income !

Example 5: Early adopters have the most to gain

The early Bird Get ’ s the Worm

We know from inside eXp that early adopters have the most to gain when it comes to tax income share. The earlier you start building your movement course, the more electric potential you have for exponential emergence. See for yourself with our eXp Realty tax income share calculator :
eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator example 5. How to retire with revenue share.That’s insane! Let ’ s say you are a real estate agent that loves to network and you find 20 more rockstar agents that love the eXp model – they could all even be from a single brokerage that decides to become brokered by eXp Realty. Let ’ s besides say those 20 agents each introduce one newfangled agent to the company a well. If everyone cap, that ’ s $120,000 in annual revenue share income.
now let ’ s simulate that those 20 agents are doing sol well with all of the given tools and support at eXp, that each of them introduces 5 of their substantial estate agent colleagues into the party. If everyone hits their cap, that is now $376,000 annual revenue share income .
If each of the now 100 agents on your tier 2 go and patron 2 cap agents, and each of those agents sponsor 1 capping agent, you will nowadays have a downline of 520 substantial estate of the realm agents which comes out to $1,016,000 in tax income share every year ! No, that wasn’t a typo – we can show you how!

But what if my sponsored agents aren’t capping?

  1. You still receive revenue share on ALL transactions every year until an agent caps – you get revenue share continuously, not as a lump sum.
  2. Even if every agent HALF caps each year, plop that in to the calculator. Even HALF of $30,000 a month would be awesome!

Crazy right?! It’s all real!

When I joined eXp Realty I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tied know about gross parcel. But when I saw just how life changing revenue share income can be ON TOP of commissions, stock options, team splits, referrals and more, I knew I wanted to be a partially of this increase opportunity.

Remember, eXp is growing very cursorily. The opportunity to build a massive downline will shrink over time. It ’ south now or never !

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Revenue Share For Real Estate Agents for an in depth look into tax income share .

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