For only a erstwhile tip of $ 25 we ’ ll set you up as a Travel Agent and give you travel agent booking engines that you can book your travel on. You ’ ll get Travel Agency Rates and earn commissions on your reservations besides ! The price will go back to $75/yr without notice!
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The Extreme Savings Travel Club is designed to help you have more Fun in your Life
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“It Ain’t Rocket Science!”
here is the easiest means to look at our travel broadcast. The # 1 travel booking engine is Expedia. You would be hard pressed to find person who has not booked a mental reservation on Expedia .
Expedia has a Travel Agent Program called TAAP ( Travel Agent Affiliate Program ) that pays a 6 % commission on rental cars, a 10 % mission on hotel stays, a 5 % commission on fly and stay packages and a 10 % committee on activities to travel agents when they reserve on that site. The prices are the same, the lone difference is the Travel Agent gets a commission when they book on Expedia TAAP and the consumer doesn ’ triiodothyronine get a commission when they script on Expedia .
So here is my question; why would you want to book at retail and not get a commission on your reservation if you could?


And it’s not just Expedia TAAP.
We have over 100 Travel Agent Booking Engines that you will have access to. Here are just a few:

Booking Engines #4

Booking Engines #5



“Great Program for Personal Use!”

How can you say no to this ? For a erstwhile fee of $ 25 you are able to book all of your personal change of location at travel agency rates and earn 2/3 of the travel commissions that are paid to the seller of travel. You don ’ t have to take any classes and there are no early fees to pay. No web site fees, No diligence fees, No action fees. THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES!
You ’ ll have entree to Travel Agent Booking Engines for Life where you ’ ll get Travel Agency Rates and earn 2/3 of the commissions on your personal travel .
Why buy travel at retail when you can buy it at wholesale?


“Great Program for the Travel Professional!”

travel is a fast pace, agitate industry with outright income likely and if you have a desire to become a Certified Travel Agent and earn your CLIA or IATA Card, we can help you do that besides .
If that ’ s your goal, our hand-pick course of study will prepare you to hit the flat coat running when you begin your new travel business .
Our locomotion Club broadcast for “ The Travel Agent ” offers both live events and on-demand webinars that will teach you everything that you need to know to become a profitable locomotion agent and more .
Our change of location representation ( Sunset Beach Travel ) is a Registered Seller of Travel ( #990 ) out of the submit of Iowa and has been in commercial enterprise since 2010. They know what you need to build a profitable travel business. Sunset Beach Travel belongs to the state ’ sulfur largest travel consortium and they have designed our change of location Club train plan specifically for individuals who are serious about the locomotion Industry .
here are just a few of the tools that our Travel Club makes available to our travel Agents :

    You ’ ll have access to Agent Snapshot. This military service enables you to attract high quality leads on the Internet .
    You ’ ll have access to Engagement, our targeted, conduct mail and e-mail program that allows you to capitalize on thousands of dollars in Preferred Partner commercialize funds to drive more clientele to you !
    You ’ ll besides have access to In-Sites. These are destination and/or life style focus multi-partner micro-sites .
    We ’ ll provide you with Social Media Tools that include resources for Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites .
    And you ’ ll besides have access to Vacation Port. This is where you ’ ll find all of our especial offers and promotions. It incorporates a brawny, easy-to-use e-mail market cock that allows you to design and send professional HTML emails directly to your clients .
    You ’ ll besides have access to countless Certification Programs .

Plus we do over 10 live Webinars per calendar month that will teach you everything from getting started as a newly travel agentive role, to booking groups, to learning insider tricks and more .
Plus we have dozens of on-demand webinars that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

The benefits of becoming a travel partner with our Travel Club are almost too numerous to mention:

    –You can become a Destination Specialist on many properties and venues–You can plug into our regional Events to mingle and learn from the pros
    –You can attend our annual Events at exotic locations
    –You have access to CLIA ( Cruise Line International Association ) train
    –You can earn your CLIA/IATA cards when you are restricted
    –You have the ability to book change of location and earn commissions while training
    –You have access to a Proprietary Cruise Booking Engine with personal education
    –You have access to a Customer Relationship Manager program
    –Continuous Business Development Support
    –Educational journeys, FAM trips, and ship inspection opportunities
    –An automated client betrothal system
    –A Cruise travel plan and monetary value trailing system
    –Web based tools to work from anywhere
    –Exclusive price and packages
    –Free hotel and cruise amenities for your clients

Plus, you ’ ll have the ability to build a travel commercial enterprise that can make your dreams come on-key by bringing on other people who ’ d like to make a living in travel or bringing on people who ’ d merely like to be able to book their own travel as a travel agent !


“Get Your Travel Agent Booking Engines!”

It doesn ’ t matter if you joined the Extreme Savings Travel Club to book your personal travel on Travel Agent Booking Engines or if you joined the Travel Club to become a Certified Travel Agent, you ’ ll get access to these benefits for barely a erstwhile monetary value of $ 25 .
You’ll probably save more than the $25 with your first reservation.
You ’ ll have access to all of our Travel Agent Booking Engines and experience 2/3 of the commissions that are paid to the seller of locomotion for this erstwhile fee of only $ 25 .
Plus, if you want to become a Certified Travel Agent, you ’ ll have access to all of our Travel Agent Training besides .
All of this for only $ 25 erstwhile ! ! ! How can anyone say no to this?


“Getting Paid to Refer”

As an Active* Travel Club Member, you can refer others to get apparatus as a Personal Travel Agent or as a Certified Travel Agent by purchasing the extreme Savings Travel Club for only a erstwhile fee of $ 25 .
You will earn a 25% cash commission on that $25 sale.~
( So you ’ ll earn $ 6.25 on every $ 25 Travel Club membership you refer. )


“Building a Travel Business”

As an Activated** Travel Club Member you can besides earn commissions on travel that is booked by travel agents in your team .

    We take 1/3 of the commissions that are paid to the Seller of Travel on the reservations that are booked by the Agents in your team and pay that out to Qualified*** Travel Club Members through a team build plan .

As an Activated** Travel Club Member you can besides earn Team Building commissions on the $ 25 Travel Club Memberships that are referred by Travel Club Members in your team besides .

    We take 1/3 of the $ 25 Travel Club Fee and pay that out to Qualified*** Travel Club Members through a team build up program .

To get more information on the income potential, check out the Opportunity part of this site .
*Active Travel Club Member is person who has purchased the erstwhile $ 25 Travel Club.
~25 % commission is merely available on TC purchases that are made at time of gestural up. TC purchases that are made later entirely pay 10 % commissions.
**Activated Travel Club Member is person who has generated at least $ 12.50 in book within a 30 day period.
***Qualified Travel Club Member is an Activated Travel Club Member who has generated at least $ 25 in personal bulk within a 30 sidereal day period and personally referred at least 1 activated Member in each of their binary teams.

We are not making any guarantees .


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