By Aaron Yeager, Edited by Drew Angelovic
What do you get when you mix fandom, friends, and a whole batch of fun ? FanX panels fill the halls of the Salt Palace Convention Center with debauched cheer and are a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to celebrate the things you love surrounded by passionate people fair like yourself ! Come interact with diligence experts, local celebrities, and super-fans alike !
Panelists speaking at FanX

What Is a Panel ?

At its heart, a panel is a celebration of a particular topic. This could be a specific testify, a favorite genre, a bewitching trope, or something completely unlike. The panelists and moderators are selected for their enthusiasm, cognition, and passion about each different topic. From workshops on write, to how to create your own comedian, or flush just debating about which Winchester brother is the best, there ’ s something for everyone.

many panels are more than just a presentation though. At FanX we like to involve everyone and make it a discussion. In Q & A sessions, you can interact directly with the panelists and ask all your electrocution questions .

Types of Panels You ’ ll Find at FanX

There are a wide-eyed variety of panels to enjoy. Debate panels, game shows, mystery panels, crafting workshops, and a celebration of all things fandom !

  • live argue

argue panels are presented as a formal time debate with a moderator and specially selected panelists. Each side will present their case on the subject selected, then consultation members will have the opportunity to vote for which side made their font better. Topic questions from the past include Was Thanos Right or Wrong? and Who was Right About the Sokovia Accords, Tony Stark or Captain America? Stay tuned to the FanX social pages and official newsletter to see when this year ’ sulfur topics are announced !

  • Workshops

Workshop panels are special events where you can come and learn from experts and professionals in the industry. You can join authors as they teach story craft, cosplayers give advice on how to improve your costume, artists share tips to enhance your skills, and musicians help guide you through the process of creating melodies. These panels are perfect for people who want to pull back the curtain and see how the charming is made, but besides for aspiring artists themselves who are looking to learn from those already in the commercial enterprise.

  • game Shows

Yes, real bet on shows ! These live events are styled after your favorite crippled shows. Have you ever wanted to be depart of a game express ? then FanX is precisely where you should be ! These game shows are a great manner to flex your cognition and skills, either as a dissenter up on the stand, or as an hearing penis playing along from your seat. Cheering for your favored contestant, watching the drama blossom as the game progresses toward a single winner .
Contestants are selected directly from the consultation to compete for amazing prizes and show off their fandom cognition ! These one-of-a-kind experiences allow you to jump directly into the action and be part of the show. We ’ ll test your cognition of the adult, easily facts about being separate of a fandom deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as very push you to your limits with modest details. You don ’ thyroxine want to miss FanX Game Shows !

  • Fandom Celebration

celebration panels are a perfective put for fans of a specific fandom to get together and share all their thoughts and love for it. You ’ ll discus what makes your fandom the best, dissect the manner it was made, theorize on the future of the franchise, and enjoy the party of people who love it arsenic much as you do. These panels are high-energy that frequently include lots of cheering which can be heard spilling into the halls at FanX and spreading even more rejoice and fandom sexual love .

  • mangle mystery

New to FanX for 2021, you and your boyfriend audience members are presented with a challenge. You will have forty minutes to investigate the crime before meter runs out. The scenario will be presented by the server, then the audience must gather clues by asking questions to the panelists sitting up front. Each panelist will play a character and respond to you and each other in quality ! After gathering together all the clues, the consultation members will present their verdict on who they believe is guilty. Will you successfully capture the perpetrator, or will they get aside ? Join us to find out !

Above all, the thing that makes all of these panels extra particular is YOU the fans. You get to be part of the feel and aid shape the result, add to the energy in the room, meet incredible fresh friends, and create memories that will concluding forever !
Join us for all the fun at FanX 2021 at the Salt Palace Convention Center this September 16-18, 2021. Get your authorize now !

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