The Feed has detected a phishing scam on the gay dating app Grindr.

An ACCC spokesperson has confirmed to The Feed, “ The premise the swindler uses is that the victim must register on a web site to provide they are not a ‘ wolffish ’ or registered sexual activity wrongdoer. The victim is told this involves a nominal fee ( $ 1 to a charity in one subject ) .

“ Once the scammers obtain the victim ’ second credit card details, the card is charged a monthly fee of what appears to be USD $ 39.00 ( approximately AUD $ 59.00 ).

“ It is ill-defined at this stage if the details are used for other purposes. ”

This victimize is not run by bots. The scammers are charming and charismatic. They use big but realistic profile photos — including the head shoot of pornography performer Griffin Barrows — and send nude photos to their victim to build trust .

The swindler then claims to have been the victim of a gay sock and even sends photos that appear to show their bruised and scarred body after the sock. The swindler asks the victim to sign up to a third party web site for a police background hindrance using a Google Chrome browser. They say this is to ensure they are not being set up for another homosexual sock .

This background crack is actually a phishing site. The locate appears to be a queer-friendly resource by using acronyms like ‘ GEPP ’ – ‘ Gender Equality Pride Protection for LGBT people who are looking to hook up safely ’ or ‘ LGBTQI Infinity ’ .

Carlos phishesCarlos phishes

Source: SBS

“ end time in the meet rate 2 guys drugged and beat me, ” one swindler wrote. “ They stole my car and money. Hope you understand. That was identical traumatising for me. ”


“ Basically I in truth love to meet you but can you make that account first gear before we meet, so we can ensure that we are both dependable to each early if it ’ randomness okay to you ? ”

Serious guy phishesSerious guy phishes ‘Serious guy ‘ asks Grindr exploiter to make an history on a third party web site to run a background bridle for ‘peace of beware ‘ before meeting up.

Source: SBS

‘ Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get me wrong I ’ m not saying your a bad ridicule, i equitable want to clear things out, i am good requiring this immediately because last clock time one met a guy, 4 guys appeared and beat me for no reason hope you understand my concern ’ one wrote ‘ … im not here to waste my time for some damn ’

Serious guy gets intenseSerious guy gets intense Phishing bill ‘Serious ridicule ‘ claims that “ last fourth dimension I met a guy, 4 guys appeared and beat me for no cause ”.

Source: SBS

When a exploiter threatened to report a swindler to Grindr, the swindler replied : “ foda-se você ” which is portuguese for ‘ fu*k you ’ .

The ACCC spokesperson advises people to “ constantly block and report these profiles on the dating app to prevent others falling victim. ”

If you believe person is trying to defraud you, just do an internet research using the names or exact wording of the message to check for references to a victimize. And if you have fallen prey, make sure to contact your bank or fiscal initiation immediately .

The Feed contacted Grindr for gossip. No answer was received by the time of publish .

If you believe you are a victim of this victimize please contact jack.atherton @ , you can besides report scams to the ACCC via the report a scam page.

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