Leaving aside the Zip Lines inside the Adventure Parks, which generally do not exceed 250 meters, we will list some structures in Italy and around the world that are worth trying .

1. Italy – San Mauro Castelverde (Palermo)
With a view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

upstream elevation : 920.63 megabyte
Altitude downstream : 681.37 meter
deviation in altitude : 239.26 thousand
cable length : 1600 m
descent speed : 120 kilometer / planck’s constant
Number of passengers per flight : single, in pairs, disable people

2. Italy – Aurano (Verbania)
We fly over Lake Maggiore
flight positions : horizontal with the head forward or vertical
upriver altitude : 1307 thousand
Altitude downstream : 960 thousand
dispute in elevation : 347 megabyte
cable length : 1850m
descent rush : 120 kilometer / henry
Number of passengers per flight : one, in pairs

3. Italy – Frassinetto (Turin)
flight positions : horizontal
upriver altitude : 1298 megabyte
Altitude downriver : 1040 molarity
dispute in altitude : 258 m
cable duration : 1800 thousand
descent amphetamine : 140 kilometer / hydrogen
Number of passengers per flight : up to 2

4. Italy Rocca Massima (Latina)
It is the longest zip up line in the world with its 2250 meters of one extension cable .
The panorama ranges from the Lazio coasts to the Alban hills to the Abruzzo mountains. Flying over huge olive groves and karst areas gliding on the slopes of Monte S. Angelo, cradle of the Falco Pellegrino .
Altitude upriver : 730 meter
Altitude downriver : 315 m

deviation in altitude : 415 molarity
cable length : 2250m
origin focal ratio : 150 kilometer / heat content
Number of passengers per flight : up to 2

5. Canada – Whistler
One of the longest ziplines in the global with views of the canadian mountains and forests with their flora and fauna .
cable length : 2000 m
lineage focal ratio : 130 kilometers per hour

6. England – Wales
The fastest zipline in Europe and with which it is possible to travel a stretch clandestine .
descent amphetamine : 190 kilometer / heat content
This zip code line offers unlike packages, from the stretch inside a cave, to the steep one and to the one that allows you to discover the English woods .

7. Nepal – Pokhara
This zipline is one of the steepest, with an incline of 56 degrees. You can admire the singular mountains of the Himalayas in the global .
dispute in elevation : 600 megabyte
cable length : 1800 megabyte
origin rush : 120 kilometers per hour

8. Puerto Rico
It is the longest zip up agate line in the world, immersed in an ecotourism ballpark in the lavish mountains of Puerto Rico, where there are besides early zip up lines ( there are 8 in all ) .
cable length : 2530 megabyte
descent accelerate : 152 kilometers per hour
ground headroom : 365 molarity

9. South Africa – Sun City
It is one of the longest and fastest energy lines in the global
cable length : 2000m

descent rush : 160 kilometers per hour

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