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Meet Father Michael Cannon
by : Debbie Flessner Originally published in the December 2015 edition of the Siesta Sands

Father Michael Cannon, the new Pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, may have precisely arrived to Siesta Key in early November, but he has the same specific and immediate goals in thinker as he did when he was assigned to other parishes in the past.

“ My purpose when I went to any of them was to build relationships with the people, to see what ’ s happening there and to serve, ” he said. “ I ’ meter looking ahead to letting this parish see who I am. ”

Who Father Michael is, is a man with a light irish lilt, a hearty laugh and a longtime devotion to the Lord, which began in his base town of LetterKenny, in County Donegal, Northwest Ireland. He grew up with one baby and five brothers, one of whom had actually attended the seminary, but ended up leaving to become a nurse.

Father Michael says that although he has constantly aspired to be a priest when exist in the
Gaelic- speak hometown, the Catholic Church was not quite the lapp as it is in America. “ The Church in Ireland is identical different ” he said, “ There in truth is no social dimension to the church as there is here. ”

When he was 17, Michael Cannon went to the seminary and after the Ordination, was assigned to his home diocese Raphoe. During that time, he volunteered to work in Lima, Peru and was all set to attend an orientation for the program, when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Father Michael said he was very disturbance at the news that he would not be able to go to Peru, but as many people of faith believe, he trusted that God had other plans for him. As it turned out, those plans were set into movement by a valet Father Michael had met in his hometown in 1980— Bishop John Nevins, who was the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Miami.

“ His mother was besides from County Donegal, ” Father Michael said. “ He had stayed in contact with me over the years, and in 1989, when I got ghastly and had no assignment at family, he suggested I come stay with him. ” By then, Bishop Nevins was the very first base Bishop of the new Venice Diocese, and he assigned Father Michael to the St. Patrick Catholic Church, in Sarasota. At the time, the beautiful construction East of I-75 had not however been fully built, and the Masses were being held in another localization a little farther west.

Father Michael stayed with St. Patrick ’ sulfur for two years, while he recovered fromTB, after which his Bishop at base in Ireland brought him rear to his diocese to work as a hospital chaplain. After another two years, Father Michael came back to Florida, to work at the Annunciation Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs for five years. It was there where he discovered what he believed was another way that he could help people.

“ There was a kid who came to see me—I was close to her grandma, ” he said. “ This hapless kyd had fallen into a trench depression following the death of her grandma. Her parents had asked if I could talk to her and I said to myself, ‘ I very need to get some prepare ’ ”
Soon after, Father Michael set off for Texas, where he earned a Masters degree in social make went to work as a pediatric advocate in a San Antonio hospital. many people he dealt with there never evening knew he was a priest, and realized after a short time that he very missed that aspect of his life sentence. It was time to return to priesthood, though he did feel that the train he received as a counselor was incredibly helpful in teaching him to better deal with people ’ randomness problems.

That feel came in handy at his next status —a campus ministries chaplain at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2003, his old supporter Bishop Nevins invited him to return to the Diocese of Venice. Has glad to accept the invitation and Bishop Nevins appointed him as Parochial Vicar at Epiphany Cathedral in Venice. Four years late he became the administrator at the San Antonio Catholic Church, in Port Charlotte. Father Michael was allowed to be released from his Diocesan Ireland for the appointment, which led to a position at St. James Catholic Church in Lake Placid in 2008, and in November 2015 to St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church.

He says that though he has served in respective different Parishes, in apparently unlike locations, they are not truly that unlike from each early. “ But each community has it ’ s own quality, ” he said. “ I ’ m a positive person — I do n’t see the methamphetamine half – empty I see it half-full. ” St. Michael ’ s modern Pastor says that he feels that going into somewhere newfangled and immediately instituting all kinds of major changes is the biggest mistake one can make. He said he believes the St. Michael parishioners are already doing a great job with their interest in the church, and he plans on attending many of their functions.

“ That ’ s how i can get to know people and have them get to know me, ” he said. “ I want to attend their sociable functions, their dinners, lunches and activities. When I was at St. James, we organized a aged promenade for the seniors, with the objective of getting people binding into the church. Jesus laughed and had fun so we can, too. ” That should be good newsworthiness to young people living in the St. Michael parish, whom Father Michael besides hopes to draw back into the church with activities meant fair for them.

“ Make certain to bring your friends, ” he said. “ I love what I ’ megabyte doing – it ’ s in truth life-giving for me. ”
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church is located at 5394 Midnight Pass Rd., on Siesta Key. For data, call 941-349-4174. The church service web site is, you can besides visit the Saint Michael Facebook page : hypertext transfer protocol : //

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