I ’ m still counting down the days til Halloween and have so far to decide on a costume. This DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume might equitable be my darling so far !

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume

“Just have fun with it… you’re supposed to be a monster, so get cray!”

This one is SO fun and looks a lot harder than it truly is ! It ’ randomness good make up, a unharmed lot of hairspray, some stitches and neck bolts .
nowadays I ’ m going to show you how I made the amazing neck bolts !

But first, let ’ s talk constitution. My biggest slice of advice hera is DON ’ T BE SCARED TO TRY SOMETHING NEW ! Guys, it ’ s make up. If you mess up or don ’ triiodothyronine love the way it looks, it washes off ! nothing to fear, here .
To get my skin green, I bought some cheap green eyeshadow and broke it up into a powderize. I then mixed the loosen greens eyeshadow powder with my regular foundation and applied it as usual .
I used melted eyeliner to draw on the stitches and a pencil eyeliner to smudge the lines a small spot. ampere far as Frankenstein eyebrows go, bigger is constantly better ! equitable have fun with it… you ’ re supposed to be a monster thus get cray !

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Frankenstein neck bolts:

  • thick wire
  • ear plugs,
  • cardboard
  • masking tape
  • hot glue
  • silver paint

DIY Frankenstein Costume

The telegram will go around the back of your neck. I promise it ’ s way more comfortable than it sounds ! think of it kind of like a headband, only it goes around your neck alternatively of around the clear of your head .
Cut it the length you need leaving about an edge on each side that you ’ ll bending outward, like this…

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume

future, you ’ ll add the auricle plug to the ends you bent out. good poke the wire directly into the ear plug to make a hole, then add blistering glue to the end of the wire and put it back into the hole .

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Constume

To make the crown of the bolts, simply cut them out of cardboard. I glued two octagon shaped pieces together with hot glue to get the width I wanted .
DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume

next, cover them with masking magnetic tape so that you can ’ thymine tell it ’ second two pieces glued together. then, use hot glue to attach them to the ends of the ear plugs .

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume

last, paint them ash grey. I used Rustoleum Metallic Finish spray paint .

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume

That ’ s it ! I have long hair so it covers the wire in the back, but you could always paint the electrify to match your skin tone if you wanted. Or equitable leave it. I ’ megabyte indisputable Frankenstein had screws, and bolts, and wires sticking out all over the place !

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Oh, and on a TOTALLY unrelated note, if you ever make your own DIY Frankenstein neck bolts and put them on before the paint is dry, you might get eloquent paint all over. not to worry, though…. a little nail polish remover will take care of that in a jiff.

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