This WordPress theme provides you an ideal feature to create blogs on your website on any kind of topics such as travel, fashion, photography & so on.
Besides, you can also construct blogs on your personal experiences or thoughts.
This WordPress theme offers you a custom background feature.
As a website developer, you should set a precise website background that perfectly reflects your business.
Thus, with this theme, you can set various kinds of backgrounds for your website like colored, image, etc
In this WordPress theme, you can find a custom color functionality that supports the custom design of your website.
It helps you to choose from various color options for serving different website niches.
This theme enables you, to efficiently customize the theme header.
Here, you can upload images, change text or color in the header section.
This WordPress theme comes with a unique custom menu feature which helps you to build an attractive dropdown menu on your website.
The menu includes all the important pages of your website.
Hence, users can get a complete view of the menu by clicking on navigation buttons & can explore their desired topics or contents.
The featured image section provided in this theme will help you represent your posts & pages through attractive images.
You can use different ways to exhibit the image like displaying it on the archive page, header, or above a post.
The theme also provides you a flexible header option from where you can adjust its size.
It reacts to scroll view events.
That means, it offers the functionality in which header changes its thickness on scrolling.
In this theme, you can add widgets in the footer section.
Furthermore, there are multiple options available to choose among the site pages that you want to showcase.
With this WordPress theme, you can put forth all the components in a single full-width column.
You can easily customize the layout’s color, size, etc according to your website.
Grids are an effective way to display the content especially if you own a photography or portfolio site.
To ease your task, this WordPress theme comes with a beautiful grid layout that will easily blend in your website.
You can easily customize these grids & its color, size,etc.
A single column or storyteller design of this theme makes your website a lot easier to use for the users.
You can also add anchor text in your content to make it comfortable to use.
This WordPress theme is built for photographers plus other photo-centric bloggers, who can showcase their art & images through the website which heightens the photo appeal.
This theme provides a portfolio built option with the help of which you can easily create personalized web layout regarding your niche.
Professional web font integration makes it even more compelling.
This theme comes with a sidebar feature which locates your menu options on the right side of the screen by default.
This feature helps you in ordering your menu items and showcase your message box, recent post, and search bar, etc.
The WordPress theme allows some sticky elements like social sharing buttons, company information and various types of forms, retained on the pages when users scroll down them on the website.
Additionally, this WordPress theme gives a powerful admin panel which allows you to create a website with the live customization option & see the changes through preview.
At the same time, it includes various custom options like page layouts, multiple custom sidebars, etc.
There are some visitors who want to find their answers regarding your page content through the comment section.
So, you could add up a threaded comment string to help them get actual answers.
A multilingual WordPress theme for entertaining the needs of global users.
For instance, it is a good fit for designing a sports club website.
Fans from all over the world can easily communicate with their team bypassing the linguistic barrier.
Use the two column layout which is specially designed in this theme for your professional website.
Further, you can easily customize the site elements that goes perfect with the overall design

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