This is a WordPress theme that helps you in easily getting started with your blogging website.
Hence, you can share either personal or any other news related blogs on your website.
This WordPress theme offers you a custom background feature.
As a website developer, you should set a precise website background that perfectly reflects your business.
Thus, with this theme, you can set various kinds of backgrounds for your website like colored, image, etc
Using this theme, you can customize your site header.
The header is quite flexible to adjust in accordance with the size of the browser window.
Also, you can customize various images and texts in this section.
With this theme feature, you will be able to make your website recognized among other business brands.
Also, whenever users search for your website, this icon will always appear on the top of your website.
It’s very necessary to have intuitive and well-organized menus that ease your users’ way to find what they need on your site.
You can do this with the help of this theme by adding custom menus.
All the creation and management of menus is very easy in this theme.
This WordPress template is ideal for building a premium online store & capturing all the shopaholics.
It can be done easily as you will be facilitated with various essential elements like product detail page, categories, cart & checkout page, etc.
with the help of WooCommerce plugin.
It’s pretty annoying when you have to keep hitting the preview button every time you want to see how your WordPress post will look like.
But with this WordPress theme, you can easily modify the content and see it in real time using its editor style option.
Featured images can transform long content into visually appealing posts as it grabs the visitors attention right away.
To accomplish this goal in your website as well, this WordPress theme lets you set up the right post thumbnail with a myriad of customization options.
Widgets are used to improve the site’s structure control mechanism.
And here in this theme, you can add the widgets in the footer area.
You can use the left sidebar option of this theme for showcasing the advertisements from third-party websites on your webpage.
Also, you can add various fields like recent posts, photo gallery, etc which makes your website more engaging.
This dynamic news template is ideal for up-to-date blogs, online magazines and all kind of other vibrant news websites.
Its aim is to set up a news site on any subject from health to finance.
Using this theme, you can add custom posts in your website from the post editor section.
It gives you more control over on posts & embeds video/audio files to the posts.
With the right sidebar feature of this WordPress theme, you can furnish your web pages with beautiful sidebar menus along with a brief meta description, which can be embed side by side with the menu bar.
The WordPress theme allows some sticky elements like social sharing buttons, company information and various types of forms, retained on the pages when users scroll down them on the website.
This WordPress theme gives the flexibility of powerful and detailed option panel for customizing your website as the way you want.
Additionally, you can use preset options and page settings to modify each web page.
Now, your users can directly reply to a specific comment instead of commenting globally.
This will definitely increase your visitor’s interest and overall page feedback as well as queries regarding.
Using this theme, the user will understand the web-content better in their native language.
Also, it has a crisp & neat web layout for providing better readability to your site visitors

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