Education web site templates is a broad class. The templates can be used for educational institutions, on-line courses offering companies, personal train providing companies, and the list goes on. The catchy separate here is, based on the class you choose the blueprint of the layout changes wholly. here in this barren education web site templates number, we have managed to get the perfect templates for all possible education-related sites .
Since the class is very wide, let ’ s split them into two major categories ; institutional sites and course offering sites. The institutional sites need to be more professional and should follow a clean layout with proper navigational options so that the students can know more about the institutions and the features that are offered. On the other hand, the run offer companies are for commercial use, where the sales and conversions are given precedence. The course offer sites need to have promotional elements, review elements, and credibility-building factors .

To help you get a dispatch estimate and better resultant role we have collected templates from other niches that have the features of educational web site templates. We had taken huge care in selecting the templates, so the customization work would be greatly reduced. In most of the templates, the biggest customization you need to do is to change the icons. Saying that let us get into the list of release educational web site templates.

Best Free & Premium Education Website Templates

Whether you are looking for on-line courses/coaching web site templates, collage web site templates, kids education web site templates, or any other relate websites, the free department of education web site templates in this list come in handy for you .

Academia (Bootstrap 5)

bootstrap 5 education website template
Academia is a Bootstrap 5 education web site template .
The godhead has used the latest bootstrap 5 features to deliver a visually stun web site experience. large sections on this template ’ mho clean layout showcase the courses and their features clearly to the audience. Since this is a general-purpose education web site template, the creator has given both academic web site and on-line courses features on this template. As more educational institutions are adopting on-line courses, this template will come in handy for many modern educational websites. The latest bootstrap 5 and HTML 5 frameworks in this template will make the backend work childlike for the developers .
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educational website template for professional courses
tutor is a perfect education web site template for professionals. If you are offering career-oriented and master skill-oriented courses, this template is the best option for you. The clean layout with lots of card elements will help you neatly organize the message and besides help the hearing easily find the service they want. A run class section is besides given on the top section of the home page to make the search easier for the users. All elements and pages are designed to make the interactions easier for the hearing, which makes it a proper user-friendly education web site template .
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fun to use kids education website template
As the name implies, this education web site template is for kindergarten and kids education websites .
colored layout and cunning web elements will give a welcoming spirit for the kids and their parents. right from the play activities to the subjects everything can be explained neatly in this template. chic elements like cards and carousels are used to group all related information in one stead and make more space for other elements. Animations, interface elements, and everything works smoothly in the default design itself. consequently, you can use this template as such on your web site .
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Enlight (FREE)

free education website template
Enlight is a modern box width education web site template. With the modern trendy lifelike colors, this template stands out from the other free education web site templates that you might have seen earlier. Though it is a box width template, you get an ample sum of space to add contented blocks and web elements. The long home page design lets you add an important section to give users an overview of the courses and services you offer .
This template gave you enough space to showcase your courses. If you run a membership plan you might need a pricing postpone. By adding a few lines of code will help you get a price table or you can simply use other unblock department of education web site templates mentioned in this list. The animation effects are neat and uninfected, so you can use this template for professional sites without any worries .
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rear is the best complimentary department of education web site template for children. The clean layout and bright colors give a welcoming feel a soon as the user lands on the web site. Plus, the smooth animations take the exploiter experience to the following tied. The default home page design is short and steer so that the newfangled exploiter can quickly understand the services you offer and the service pricing. High-quality icons and images are used throughout the template, which makes this template find more agio. basic pages like the staff page, gallery page, and a batch more pre-designed for you — once you have added your content, you can straightaway launch the web site .
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Studylab is a colored and energetic education web site template that most advanced students will love. If you are targeting young college students, free education web site templates like this with a bouncing blueprint will be a good choice. You get a raw user registration form at the home page header department ; not merely this, but many elements are placed sanely on this template so that users don ’ t have to spend a fortune of prison term to find basic options and frequently used features. The entire core script used to make this template is shared with you in the download booklet ; consequently, developers can work with this template easily and can make your dream web site in no meter .
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OnlineEdu is a professional-looking department of education web site template. As the name implies, this template concentrates more on the on-line course feature. Swift and free-flowing animations make interactions easier. Plus, the godhead has calibrated the inputs and animations carefully to deliver a buttery smooth experience for both computer & mobile users. For more synergistic designs like the one used in this template, take a look at our bootstrap animation examples collection. Blog pages are besides included in this template, along with the basic pages. If you are planning to share useful information with your audience/students, the include blog pages will come in handy for you .
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easy-to-interact website template
Wiser is a dapper education web site template. The creator has used trendy designs in this template to attract the contemporary users. Funky elements and professional looks make this template a perfective burst for both on-line courses offering websites and education institutional websites. Big bold elements not alone make the interaction easy but besides make the legibility easy. This template has all-important pages like — run pages, admission pages, and a fortune more. All you have to do is add your contented and launch your web site. speak of forms, take a search at our HTML form design collection to make interactional, user-friendly forms within minutes .
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trendy-looking website template
Edumark is a colored web site template that is designed strictly by keeping future users ’ needs and taste in mind. Whether you are making an on-line course web site or a university web site, this template design can handle it easily. Lightbox effects are used smartly for the forms so that users don ’ t have to leave the page for filling a form. Coding-wise, you silent have lots of board to add your own feature. Since this template is designed using the latest web growth frameworks, you can use any advanced designs and effects without any worries. The godhead has liberally included all the images, fonts, and icons in the download file. Working with dislodge education web site templates like this make your subcontract easier .
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education website template for kids
Kiddy is a colorful and fun-filled school web site template. The godhead of this template has used modern web development frameworks to create unique organic shapes that give a perfective ambiance for a school web site. dazzling colors are used in this template without any restrictions. Since this template is primarily designed for kids ’ school websites, these colors will help you clearly communicate with your target hearing. The top bar is used effectively to show the communication details and open hours. All the basic pages and features that you would normally expect in free education web site templates are given in this template. So you can well work with this template to create your own unique web site .
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bold modern education website template
Fox web site template is designed for universities and colleges. The creator of the template has made this template by understanding the contemporary scholar ’ mho needs and tastes. fresh new plan and engaging layout will help the students to well search and find the content they want. The cleverly designed home page lets you list all your sport courses, facilities, and best faculties so that the new exploiter can get a clear up mind before proceeding far on your web site. tied a quote request/ application imprint is given on the home page to let the students well get in allude with you. Like most other spare education web site templates in this list, this one is besides a multipage template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you .
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clean multipurpose education website template
Academics is a fresh and clean looking web site template made for both academic websites and on-line courses offering websites. Using free education web site templates like this will give you plenty of utilitarian features. You can truly promote your courses and besides maintain the master look of an educational mental hospital web site. Since this template is designed for both on-line courses offering websites and educational institutional websites, you have to customize it a bite to fit your needs. The creator of the template has made kept the code structure simple and elastic therefore that you can easily add or edit the features you want. release education web site templates with such bounty choice design and code-quality will save you time and money .
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colorful and modern looking education website template
If you are looking for release education web site templates with colorful and trendy design, this is the template. In the default design, the creator has used colored vector characters. If you have the resource you can add micro vivification to these vector characters to make your web site flush more engage to the exploiter. For vivification inspirations, take a expect at our three.js animation example solicitation. gradient colors are used efficaciously throughout the template and the color-shifting hover effects make the call to action button unique from early buttons on the page. Since the exempt education web site templates are made for all types of audiences and exploiter needs, you get plenty of elements pre-designed for you. By spending a few hours you can keep the elements you want and can personalize the web site for your needs .
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Edustage is an on-line course offering web site template. With bright colors and lots of smiling faces, this template gives a positive shaking. Since this template is designed for clientele use you get both professional and commercial elements in this template. With this template, you can elegantly highlight your crucial features and feature some of your best courses. Tags are besides given in this template to help you intelligibly mention the price of a course. apart from the course list page, the godhead has besides given you a single course page. In the single class page, you give a detail overview of the path, plus you have review elements and customer ratings on the sidebar to know the enroll scholar ’ second thought .
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Kiddos is an education web site template for kids. You can use this template for the school web site angstrom well. Since this template is designed for kids, the graphic designer has used a batch of colors. The two-dimensional style design gives you batch of distance for the textbook and double contents. The home page is made retentive enough for you to give a brief overview of all your programmes and features. price tables are besides given in this template to let you clearly list the features in each package. It is a multi-page template with more than enough pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to add your content and launch your web site .
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Eclipse is a trendy looking web site template designed for on-line class offer websites. The designer of this template has used modern design in this template to attract the contemporary audience. If you are specially offering courses for designing and arts, this template will clearly show the nature of the courses you offer. Bold text and cool vector icons intelligibly depict the services you offer and the topics covered in a naturally. big capacity blocks are provided to list the courses you offer along with their pricing and the exploiter review .
apart from the courses list foliate you besides get a branch page to explain the courses. The interior designer has included significant elements like star denounce, user comments, and feedback form in the course description page to let the user clearly understand the quality of the course. The bright gradient color schema of this template easily gets user attention and besides highlights the crucial vane elements .
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Edusmart is a multipurpose education web site template, which can be used for both institutional websites and course propose websites. With entire of colorful web elements, this template draws exploiter attention on the ask web elements easily. Shadow and depth effects are used cleverly to differentiate each element from the respite of the design elements. Line vector icons are used to neatly depict the services you offer. The assets like icons, images, and fonts used in this template are shared with you in the download charge so that you can easily work with this template .
At the top proper corner, you have the option to include drug user login choice. If you are about to provide an on-line report for your students, take a count at our exempt dashboard templates to manage your students easily. Different trendy gradient colors are used in this template, you can always add your own colors to this template. As this template uses the latest CSS3 model it supports all modern colors .
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Educature is an interactional web site template with pixel perfective design. The godhead of this template has given you premium features for detached. short animation effects are given in this template, which makes this one a unique in this list of exempt education web site templates. This template is a perfect fit for both educational institutions and on-line course offer websites. In the home page header section, you have an advance search banish with percolate options. A issue of pre-designed subpages are given in this template to let the drug user easily set up a web site in no time. Blog templates and unmarried blog post templates are besides given in this template to let you run an active web site with useful contents. The creator of this template has made it completely elastic so that you can customize it easily as your demand grows .
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Learnit is a clean and fresh looking educational web site template for on-line run propose websites. If you are offering both dislodge courses and premium courses, then this template is the best option. With the childlike clean layout and proper cleavage, this template neatly highlights the best courses you offer. In the home page, you have elements for testimonials and a separate section for featuring your tutors. If your web site has industry leaders as tutors, you can use this section to inspire the new visitors to take a look at your courses .
You besides have a price table in the home page, which has ample amount of space for text to list the features in each plan. The courses page follows an trope streamer design to categorize the contents. In the single course page, you have a tabbed interface so that you can organize the contents and present it in an well accessible direction. On the sidebar of the single course page, you have important information of the course and call to action button to enroll in the course .
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Genius is a colored looking interactional web site template. If the contemporary college students and professionals are your target consultation, then this template is the best option for you. By placing the web elements in the most appropriate places this template will make the users stay in your web site for a longer period of time. On the clean white background, the text are crispier and easy to read. In the home page, you have colored banners in between sections to highlight crucial contents and besides to add promotional elements .
The godhead of this template has made the home page farseeing enough so that you can give a complete overview of all your courses and best features in one station. The sticky top bar not alone makes the navigation easy but besides increase the visibility of “ Apply immediately ” call to action button. No topic where the drug user is in your web site, this call to action button will take them to the registration page. Since video contents are preferred more by the contemporary consultation, this template gives you quad to add television contents. Since it is an HTML5 web site template, you can add any multimedia contents to this template .
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Academica is a professional looking web site template, which can be used for both institutional websites and on-line course offer websites. The home page of this template not lone designed to list your top courses but besides to speak a short of your organization, which makes this template a perfect option for educational institutions. early useful features you get with this template are animated counters and advanced search prevention. For on-line path offer websites, this template has pricing tags and neat subject blocks to feature the courses. In the top seafaring measure, you have space for user login and registration options .
If you are about to run a membership web site, take a look at our ( admin template collection ) to easily manage your members. On the run list page you can show the course double, exploiter ratings and total of students enrolled in a particular course. This course page design helps the user to easily find the best path without spending much of their time. The footnote section is made big enough to list all your flying links and organize them as a class .
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Knowledge is the most trendy modern web site template in this list of exempt education web site templates. With creative advanced web elements, this template engages the visitors efficaciously. ocular effects are used vigorously to let you add more courses within the given space. ample sum of space is given between each element and section thus that the user can interact with the network element easily even on the small screen devices. Texts are besides treated as a separate of the design in the modern web design .
The interior designer of this template has selected the cleverly so that the textbook are easy to read and besides add profusion to the appearance of the template. It is a multi-page template so you have more than adequate quad to explain the courses in contingent to the users. Smooth scrolling animation gives a full of life find to the template. In the pedestrian section, you have an ample amount of space for adding your contact details, other foliate links, and late blog post. In the naturally list foliate you besides have offer elements like tags, price cut-out option, and a fortune more. Overall the Knowledge is a must-try modern education web site template for on-line course offer websites .
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Elearn is besides a modern creative education web site template like the Knowledge template mentioned above. But this template has its own singular layout and features. If you like the cognition template you should check out this template adenine well. Bright orange gradient color system is followed in this template. On the blank white backdrop, the orange color gradient looks attractive. Carousels and accordions are used in this template to help you add more courses without taking more filmdom space .
even in the fluid watch, the cleavage ordering is neatly done so that the drug user can well interact and learn the courses on the run low. Since it is an HTML5 web site template it can add multimedia contents without any worries. The developer of this template has followed the diligence code standard. So you can well integrate this template with other tools or you can convert this template into other CMS chopine like WordPress and Joomla in no time .
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The Course is a complete education web site template. Whether you are an educational institution or course supplier, you will find this template extremely utilitarian. This template gives especial stress for course supply and educate institutions in its default option layout. rather of a traditional full-stretched menu prevention, this template uses a boxlike menu bar that is sticky. The architect had taken huge care to make the muggy menu bar unobtrusive .
This is a multi-page web site template, which has pages like about us, courses and contacts pre-designed for you. In the header, you have an prototype slider with bluff text and static category banners with cable icons. On the clean and jerk white background, the bright yellow color looks bright and manages to get exploiter attention. extra standard choice is provided to highlight new courses and offers. In the class section you particular web element to show the path title, writer, and pricing .
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Edusite is a bodied dash education web site template. The default design of the template makes it a perfect choice for an on-line run providing sites. With the bare clean blueprint, this template gives more importance to the contents of the site and the user besides can enjoy a distraction-free web site know. With lots of white space, this template helps you to put any number of web elements on the screen neatly. ample come of space between contents and blocks makes the reading experience great on this template .
The Edusite template uses font amazing icons. You have tons of premade icons so you can customize the icons based on your needs. The orange color outline looks more attractive on the clean white background. In the courses section, you have space to mark the course price. ocular effects are besides big in this template, with the latest CSS framework the godhead of this template gave us more full of life effects .
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interactive travel website template
Though Trips is a travel web site template, it has all features and options you need to create a proper education web site. You have to tweak the design a piece — Since the customizations are made very easy in this template, you needn ’ t worry about editing the template. image spaces and television sections are used efficaciously to deliver the contentedness winsomely to the consultation. You can use the change of location package listing page to list your courses .
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image-rich website template
Travelo is an image-rich web site template. The default design of this template makes it a perfective choice for on-line courses offering websites. promotional elements and video sections are given in this template to improve the conversion rate. You have space to add a tollfree count at the peak seafaring barroom. If you like to engage the users american samoa soon as they land on your web site, try on-line chew the fat tools. The godhead has thoughtfully written the code basis for this template, so you can easily add any modern features and tools to this template .
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Traveland is chiefly a travel web site template, but it has all the functionality to make a proper education web site. With this template, you can neatly list your services and its price. Since this template is designed for a commercial function it has promotional elements. With large banners and bright colors, you can highlight your best courses. Advanced research bar with filter option is besides given in this template to let the drug user easily find the naturally they are concerned in. Since it is an HTML5 web site template customization and integration will be an easy job for the developers .
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Sogo is a multi-purpose web site template for hotel and travel websites. With the pristine clean design and trendy fonts, this template presents the content winsomely to the users. If you are making an education web site for designers, this template will be a perfect choice. To give you more screen space all the navigation options are moved behind the ground beef menu picture. Subtle animation effects are used in this template to add biography to this minimal looking web site template. properly used visualize and text contents will help you explain your courses clearly to the users. By making a few adjustments to the design you can use this template for department of education websites .
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Deluxe is besides a hotel web site template, merely like the Sogo template mentioned above. You can expect the same neat and rich people front in this template. As said in the Sogo template, it has all the features you need to set a proper education web site. You can list your courses and show their prices neatly to the users. Of course, there is enough of customizations you have to do in this template. But, the flexible code base of this template makes the oeuvre lot simple for the developers .
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Sierra is a creative agency expressive style web site template. It is very surprise that you get a pixel-perfect creative web site template for detached. Two tone semblance schema of this template is carried well throughout the blueprint of the template. rather of using same circular or boxlike shapes this template uses trendy irregular shapes, which makes this template expect alone. To make the two shade discolor schemes even more attractive ocular effects are used when you hover over the buttons. This creative education web site template is the best option for creative professional course offer institutions .
The home page is long enough to handle all the authoritative sections. apart from the home page, you have other subpages like approximately, services, portfolio, and contact. In the services foliate, you get more interactional web elements like animated counters, accordions, parallax effects and pricing table .
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The stack is a professional looking commercial enterprise web site template. Since it is a business web site template it uses a standard web site layout that you have seen in many modern business websites. This template can promote your courses and besides can increase the conversion rate. With the pristine clean purpose, this template intelligibly differentiates each section and elements .
In the home page the logically arrange segments first let the people understand who you are and what you offer. former the tribute, social proof and other credibility building divisor to increase the people trust on you. In the top seafaring stripe, you have the option to include Login and signup choice. You besides get forms pre-designed for you in this template. If you are looking for a more creative form check out our forms collection list .
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The frame is a flexible multi-purpose web site template. With the neat design combined with elusive animation effects, the Frame becomes one of the best professional web site templates. In the header, you have a large hero visualize section with parallax consequence. You besides have the option to add two predict to action buttons in the header. The light color scheme used in this template is mild and acts comfortable on eyes. Interactive scroll effects are used to say about your courses efficaciously to the users. Those who are looking for a one-page template to showcase all their products and courses will find this template very utilitarian. This template uses latest HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. so even if you need to add some pages to the template it can be done easily. The skeletal system is besides the best choice for landing pages .
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Horse Club

cavalry Club is an effective web site template for knight ride courses and aim. Since this template ’ mho core theme shares some aspects of department of education naturally providing sites, it becomes a best fit for education web site template. With a blank blueprint and red color dodge this template easily grabs one attention deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as they land on your site. gradient colors are used for the call to natural process buttons, which gives visually pleasing effects .
The gluey top seafaring bar is used for better exploiter have. ocular effects play a samara function in this template to make it more synergistic to the users. It is a multi-page template so you get branch pages for services and training. In the courses page, you have the choice to add course price. In the home page, you besides have the choice to add price mesa. other useful elements you get with this template are date booking form, veranda appliance which you can use to add Instagram feeds besides and trendy shapes .
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Luxe Hotel

Luxe Hotel is an effective hotel web site template. But the flexible layout and web elements that are closely related to the education and course offer sites, this template finds its descry in this barren education web site templates collection. On the pristine scavenge plan, the colored web elements look more vibrant and attractive.Since this is a hotel web site template by default all the icons used are related to the hotels, but you can change it well by editing few lines of code .
In the header, you have the option to add an advance search stripe for rooms. Since this search barroom is merely functional from the front end, you can use it for filtering courses when you integrate it with your search index. You get product carousel with the choice to show five-star evaluation. Multimedia fresh besides this is a capital template, it gives you adequate quad to add television contents. As this template uses latest HTML5 framework adding multimedia contents won ’ thymine be a big offspring .
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Destino is a travel web site template by default. This is the most modern and beautiful complimentary web site template in this list. The design choice you get with this template is so much for a detached translation. You can ’ metric ton ask more with this template, it gives you a feature tamp down product as you get with a premium template. Online class offer companies will find this template highly utilitarian. You can elegantly showcase your courses and its features to the users .
The faint red tinge system looks antic on this pristine clean web site layout. This template provides both promotional elements and visitor friendly elements to make the exploiter experience great. barely below the header section you have advanced search option to filter the courses easier. other pages you get with this template are about, offers, blogs, and contacts .
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OnePro is a business classify minimal simple web site template. For those are expecting a classy web element in a advanced layout, then this template for you. This elegant looking web site template is a one-page web site template. So all your products and services can be seen on a single page without roaming around unlike pages. Since it is a one-page template you get a long home page which can accommodate all the authoritative sections. The advantage of one-page template is you can focus on a particular keyword and can optimize the entire web site for that keyword well. Startups and small education related companies will find this template utilitarian .
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Tour is another feature packed web site template. With this template, you get plenty of utilitarian web elements. indeed at every stage of your web site emergence, you will find these web elements handy. The synergistic coil effect helps you to share your courses efficaciously to the users. logical purpose of this template helps the exploiter to know more about your services at a glance. Though this is a multi-page template the home page is long adequate to show glimpses of all the pages .
The advanced design layout combined with modern web elements makes this template unique from the stay of the dislodge education web site templates on this tilt. In the default design itself, you can see promotional elements like banners and highlighters. The lone thing you might need to customize is the icons used in this template. other than that the template is all set to launch your educational web site .
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Zeta is an agency vogue web site template. With the creative design layout, you can show the users how unique you and your services will be. even minute details are considered in this template to make this template visually appealing and pixel perfective. On the clean white background, the content big rectangular contented blocks make this template feel like a boxed-width template .
The use of crimson color scheme is attractive and easily draws user attention at the right field position. creative course icons are used in this template to elegantly depict your services. The best contribution is most of the icons are close related to the educational web site, so you needn ’ metric ton worry about customizing the icons unless if you have any extra needs .
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The Estate

The Estate is one of the topmost free web site templates that follow modern conversion centered plan. If the conversion rate is the precedence of your site then this the template for you. directing icons help the exploiter to show what to do next on the site to find the best path easily. In the header section, you have advanced search option with an range of fields to choose from. Since this is a real estate of the realm web site template, you get enough of promotional elements. When these promotional elements get blend with synergistic ocular effects, sure for fire your most deal course will find its way to reach its customer .
If you are a master aim and course offer party, the effective line diagram will help you interactively show the users how your march works. The circus tent seafaring measure is a smart gluey barroom, which will turn into an opaque bar when the user scrolls down .
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Villa a hybrid web site template, which is a mix of hotel and real estate of the realm. As this template shares some design traits followed by educational websites, this hybrid template besides becomes an education web site template. Bold textbook made reading easy on this template, even on a modest screen the users can read and interact with this template easily. The synergistic coil effects make certain that the users scroll the pages till they hit the footnote incision .
To give users a distraction-free web site experience, hamburger expressive style menu option is used. The menu choice opens in a separate window in which you besides have options to add social media profile links. To indicate users which page they are presently viewing, a red strikethrough is used. Thet template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks. Since this template used global coding standard, the developers will find it slowly to customize .
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Taxx is a colorful advanced web site template. With the trendy color gradient color outline it easily gets into the list of creative modern web site template list. The scale scroll effect gives accurate scroll in both desktops and small screen devices. To match the trendy plan and colors the icons used are tweaked a little. other useful elements you get with this elements are animated counters, gallery section, and carousels .
The home page is not alone creative but besides have enough space to add arsenic much as web elements you want. logically arranged segments help the exploiter to overview of the services and courses you offer. ocular effects are handled effectively to give this template a clean professional count. Overall the Taxx is arrant bodied web site template with all the potential to become a modern education web site template .
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FPlus is a creative business web site template. This template completely follows a unique layout and that ’ s what makes this template especial. You get all the regular segments and pages with this template, but all of them are completely aligned in a creative layout. In the name of creative design, the creators of this template did not skip any normal functions and features you would normally require in a normal web site
With the balanced use of light colors this template maintains its elegance throughout all pages. On the clean white background, the images and the orange vane elements are more appeal. The only matter you will be missing with this template is the subpages. Yes, it is a one-page template. sol for people who love to be precise with their contents and to have a modern layout, then FPlus template is the best choice .
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