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Creating a custom electronic mail address for you and/or your organization is a big way to look more professional and better organize your e-mail communication. But at the lapp time, it ’ south besides an add expense, so you ’ ll want to make indisputable you ’ re not spending more than you need to when it comes to email host .
thankfully, there are some great cheap email hosts that can help you set up your own mailbox for as little as $1 per month. If needed, you can besides add more mailboxes to account for your team members.

Most vane host providers besides offer free e-mail host, which is a capital way to save money by bundling everything in concert. We recommend Bluehost. Bluehost not only provides hosting for your web site, but besides one dislodge sphere and inexhaustible electronic mail accounts and electronic mail repositing at only $ 2.95/month ( normally $ 3.75/month ) with our especial hand .
Keep read for our collection of the seven best brassy electronic mail host services .

Best cheap email hosting providers in 2022

In a induce ? hera ’ s a quick comparison postpone of the best options for bum e-mail host :

Cheap email hosting
Individual price Price per user Monthly minimum Free plan?
Bluehost $2.95 Unlimited $2.95
Zoho Mail $1 $1 $1
Namecheap $0.99 $0.41 $0.99
Google Workspace $6 $6 $6
Rackspace N/A $2.99 $10
IONOS $1 varies $1
Greatmail N/A $1 $15
  • Starting individual price – some services have special prices for a single account. If you only need an email account for yourself, this is what you can pay per month.
  • Starting price per user – if you need email for your whole team, this is what you’ll pay per user per month. Some services offer unlimited users for one price.
  • Monthly minimum – some services specify a minimum monthly commitment that you’ll need to pay no matter what. If you’re a solo user, you’ll probably want to avoid these services.

immediately, let ’ s search at each host in more detail .

1. Website hosting with free email hosting – e.g. Bluehost

Bluehost offers free email hosting with their web hosting plansBluehost offers free email hosting with their web hosting plans
Before you start, think about whether you need a discriminate e-mail host in the beginning place. If you ’ re already hosting a web site, many shared vane hosts include release electronic mail host as part of their plans. This normally lets you create unlimited electronic mail accounts at no extra cost to your host design .
Or, if you haven ’ metric ton made your web site so far but are planning to, you can make sure to choose a host that comes with free electronic mail hosting to kill two birds with one gem !
Some popular hosts that offer inexhaustible free e-mail hosting include :
Our recommendation for most people is Bluehost. For one low price, Bluehost lets you host unlimited websites and create unlimited email accounts using any sphere list. By bundling everything together, you can save a lot of money v paying individually for e-mail host and web site host .
Plus, Bluehost has a identical beginner-friendly feel, with a user-friendly account splashboard to manage your e-mail accounts, multiple webmail options, easy connection to your favorite e-mail customer, a special WordPress web site builder, and more .
We besides negotiated a special conduct for Themeisle users that gets you prices starting at precisely $ 2.95/month .
If using one of these hosts isn ’ t an choice for you, keep understand for the dedicate cheap e-mail hosts. otherwise, you can use the button below to head to Bluehost .
Cheap email hosting from Zoho MailCheap email hosting from Zoho Mail
💡 Highlights :

  • Only service to offer free email hosting, but with some limits
  • Paid prices from $1/user/month for 5 GB storage
  • Has convenient features like dedicated mobile apps, email recall, and email/folder sharing for organizations.

Zoho Mail had to be first because it ’ s the alone choice on this list that offers free e-mail host. Yes, there ’ s a forever-free plan that allows for up to five users with 5 GB of storage per exploiter and a 25 MB attachment limit .
Beyond the limits, the downside of the free electronic mail host plan is that it only allows for web entree. That is, you ’ ll have to use Zoho Mail ’ s webmail customer – you can ’ thyroxine use your own prefer client, like hooking it up to Gmail .
Zoho Mail ’ mho paid plans are besides some of the most low-cost on this number. For barely $ 1/user/month, the Mail Lite plan gives you access to that lapp 5 GB/user limit but access to new features like :

  • IMAP/POP access to use email clients
  • Email routing
  • Domain aliases
  • Higher attachment limits (250 MB)
  • Email recall (for those “Oh crap!” moments)
  • Email and folder sharing in organizations
  • Dedicated mobile apps

You can besides upgrade to Mail Premium for $ 4/user/month to get 50 GB of storage per user, 1 GB attachments, e-mail backup, and some other features .
Namecheap has very cheap email hostingNamecheap has very cheap email hosting
💡 Highlights :

  • The cheapest option on this list in terms of both individual and per-user pricing
  • Two-month free trial on any plan
  • High storage quota for the price
  • Email sharing for organizations on the higher-tier plans

In terms of per-user prices, Namecheap is decidedly the cheapest electronic mail hosting provider on this list because its Starter plan costs barely $ 0.84 and it includes one postbox. You can get extra mailboxes for $ 0.41 each .
Basically, Namecheap’s email hosting is just all-around cheap.
On that cheapest tier, you have a reasonably basic feature list, but it includes everything you need to have a customs e-mail savoir-faire :

  • 5 GB storage for email
  • 2 GB storage for files
  • POP3/IMAP access (i.e. you can connect it to your own email client, like Gmail)
  • Webmail access
  • Two-factor authentication

If you need more memory or features, there are besides Pro and Ultimate plans :

  • Pro – $2.40 for three mailboxes + $1.24 per additional mailbox for 30 GB emails/15 GB files
  • Ultimate – $3.96 for five mailboxes + $2.07 per additional mailbox for 75 GB emails/30 GB files

The Pro and Ultimate plans besides offer collaboration features like shared emails, documents, spreadsheets, appointments, and more .
Google WorkspaceGoogle Workspace 💡 Highlights :

  • The most expensive option on this list at $6/month/user
  • Lets you use an ad-free version of Gmail for your email
  • Lets you use other Google apps, like Drive and Docs
  • Has useful tools for organizations to share information and collaborate

Google Workspace ( once G Suite ) is kind of justly on the edge of cheap electronic mail host. however, we ’ rhenium including it because it offers a lot of value beyond just electronic mail host. If you ’ ll use those early services, that might however make it “ brassy, ” even though its monthly price is higher than the early services .
First off, using Google Workspace ( G Suite ) lets you use Gmail for your custom e-mail addresses. There is a workaround that lets you use POP3/IMAP to use Gmail with other brassy electronic mail hosting providers, but Google Workspace ( G Suite ) is the elementary way to get access to Gmail with a customs domain name. Using Google Workspace ( G Suite ) besides removes ads from the Gmail interface .
second, you ’ ll besides get dedicate access to all of Gmail ’ s apps for your account including Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. If you ’ ra part of an constitution, you can besides easily contribution data between your entire organization .
access to Google Workspace ( G Suite ) starts at a categoric $ 6/user/month. Google besides recently launched a new Google Workspace Individual plan that ’ south targeted towards solo users and starts at $ 10/month .
Rackspace EmailRackspace Email 💡 Highlights :

  • Not quite as cheap as some alternatives at $2.99/user/month
  • High mailbox storage – 25 GB
  • Allows unlimited aliases, group lists, and forwarding rules
  • Free email migrations from your existing provider

Rackspace Email international relations and security network ’ thymine arsenic cheap as some other e-mail hosting providers on this list, but it makes up for it with lots of features and a eminent storage limit. so, for what you get, Rackspace Email is competitively priced .
All plans besides get outright aliases, group lists, and forwarding rules, vitamin a well as spam/virus protection, no ads, and absolve electronic mail migrations .
IONOS by 1&1IONOS by 1&1
💡 Highlights :

  • Cheap for individual users at $1/month, though the storage limit isn’t high
  • Includes a free domain name for your email (good value if you don’t already have one)
  • Multi-user plans are not as cheap as the individual plans

IONOS by 1 & 1 is a very cheap option for individual e-mail hosting for two reasons :

  1. The Mail Basic 1 plan costs just $1/month for 2 GB of storage
  2. You get a free domain to use for your email address – you can choose from four domain extensions: .com, .net, .us, or .online

Given that a release .com sphere is worth at least $ 10, you ’ re basically getting the e-mail host for barren. What ’ s more, you ’ ll still be able to use your own electronic mail client and sync your electronic mail on all devices. Or, you can besides stick with IONOS ’ webmail .
The downside is the 2 GB storehouse specify. To raise that, you can use the Mail Basic 1+ plan to expand it to 12 GB for $ 4 per month .
If you ’ ra separate of a team, you can besides use the Mail Business plan which ups the storage to 50 GB per mailbox and gives you team collaboration tools, like shared emails and calendars. The monetary value for the team design depends on how many users you have :

  • 1 user – $5/month
  • 5 users – $15/month ($3/user)
  • 10 users – $25/month ($2.50/user)

GreatmailGreatmail 💡 Highlights :

  • Cheap per-user prices at just $1 per month
  • Has a $15 per month account minimum, so it’s not the cheapest option for individuals or small teams
  • Can manage emails for multiple domains from one dashboard

Greatmail is an excellent cheap e-mail hosting provider if you need to host lots of users because it costs just $ 1 per mailbox, which is one of the cheaper per-user prices on this tilt. however, it ’ s not a great option for individuals or modest teams because the minimal committedness is $ 15 per calendar month ( which includes 15 mailboxes ) .
With the $ 1/user/month Standard Edition, you ’ ll contract reliable e-mail with IMAP/POP3 so that you can use any e-mail customer along with swarm security and spam, virus, and malware protection .
For more features, you can upgrade to the Groupware Edition at $ 2/user/month to get access to features to let you sync mail, calendars, and contacts across all your devices using Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV, and/or CardDAV .

Email hosting FAQs

Before we get to our recommendations for the clear budget e-mail host, let ’ s promptly run over some common questions you still might have…

What is a hosted email service?

A host e-mail service is a dedicate e-mail service that operates email servers for you. You can use these electronic mail servers to send and receive e-mail using your own custom e-mail address – e.g. .

How much does email hosting cost?

You can get brassy e-mail hosting for less than $ 1 per month, or even detached in some cases. generally, around $ 1 per drug user per calendar month is a roughly startle point for a budget host electronic mail military service .

What are the different types of email hosting?

There are several different types of e-mail host services depending on your needs and budget .
On the budget end, most people will use shared hosting email services, which have you contribution resources on a waiter with early users. By sharing resources, you ’ re able to keep costs down .
Another option is cloud email servers, which has you host mailboxes on an external cloud hosting avail. park examples here are Google Workspace ( G Suite ) and Microsoft 365 ( Office 365 ) .
At the highest charge, you have an enterprise email service. These are costly, but they typically give you dedicated servers to host multiple mailboxes. Or, in some cases you can besides host an enterprise e-mail server using the mottle e-mail overture .
Most of the low-cost e-mail hosting providers in this post use the share electronic mail waiter approach, though some use the swarm electronic mail character .

How can I host my email for free?

If you ’ re specifically looking for free electronic mail hosting with a custom knowledge domain name, Zoho Mail is normally your best option. While you can find lots of free electronic mail services that let you use the overhaul ’ s knowledge domain name ( e.g. @ ), Zoho Mail is one of the few options that lets you use your electronic mail domain name for exempt .

Which is the best cheap email hosting provider?

If you ’ ra looking for the absolute cheapest electronic mail hosting supplier, here are our recommendations :

Of class, with all of these electronic mail hosts, you ’ ll placid need a sphere name to set up your custom electronic mail address. We have some extra tips on how you might be able to get a detached e-mail domain list, ampere well as a guide on how to purchase your own knowledge domain name .
Do you have any questions about finding the best budget email hosting provider for your needs? Let us know in the comments!

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