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When we add something new to the OptimizePress platform, we get very excited because we cant wait to see what you’re going to do with it.

Creating templates is more than just a simple process of web design, aside from the technical aspects of coding by the development team, our templates include a range of moving elements that combine to focus on a common webpage goal.

Whether that goal is to increase your sales, improve your conversions, add subscribers to your list, expand your audience, or simply just to get your website visitor to confirm their email address…

We are constantly split testing and tweaking behind the scenes to ensure our page templates conform to the best practices in optimization.


And, that is why today we are excited to unveil a BRAND NEW LANDING PAGE TEMPLATE that has been brought to us by optimization and traffic ninja Justin Brooke.

Justin is sharing with the OptimizePress community his exclusive highest converting landing page ever – all you need to do is add your personal/business elements and click publish.

We would love to know how you plan to use this template in the comments below…

Important Note: The template upload function requires version 5.3 of PHP or above running on your server. If you get a “FilesystemIterator” error – this is the cause. Please contact your host and ask them to ensure you are running version 5.3 of PHP to prevent any issues

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