“ Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the global, ” a knowing old saying teaches. undoubtedly, if you are into charity, you are doing a bang-up subcontract. however, if your NGO constitution doesn ’ thymine have a web site even it loses hundreds of potential supporters and donors. possibly, you think that you can ’ metric ton afford yourself to spend money on your on-line presence. then, there is good newsworthiness for you. You don ’ t have to spend a penny using barren NGO templates. They are your lucky chance to convey your message not lone to your community but to the whole earth. Free NGO Templates featured image possibly, some of you are afraid that your technical school skills are not adequate to build a charity web site that will be both attractive and effective. At the lapp time, your finances don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate allow you to hire a master. To tell the truth, that ’ s not a problem anymore with a modern charity web site builder. In fact, even a novitiate can easily customize any charity theme he chooses with the handy tools web site builders offer. The entirely thing you need is to choose an appropriate charity template .

How to Choose a Proper Template

As a principle, modern web site builders provide you with a wide variety of ready-made charity templates for any budget. Frankly address, free NGO templates sometimes are highly competitive with the paid themes. If you carefully look through them you ’ ll decidedly find a big design for nonprofits that perfectly suits your needs. however, whether you ’ re going to work with the paid themes or release NGO templates there are several things to remember while making your choice.

Layout and design

first and first, you are to distinctly identify your future charity web site goals. It will help you determine the ideal web layout and design you need. Is your elementary purpose to raise awareness ? Are you looking for supporters and volunteers ? Is your intention to increase donations ? Whatever your purpose is, the basic invention of the NGO template you choose should completely coincide with it. The best idea is to choose a color dodge similar to your logo. As for the layout, it should be clean and easy to navigate. Don ’ metric ton forget about the winder elements of any charity web site :

  • An “About Us” page that contains your mission statement and determines the aims of your charity;
  • An “Events” page that tells about upcoming events and their purpose;
  • A “News” page or blog that includes the stories of people your charity has helped;
  • A “Finances” section that provides your visitors with up-to-date financial data on your projects;
  • A “How to Volunteer” page that focuses on non-monetary ways for people who are eager to help;
  • A “Contact Us” page for those who are willing to get in touch with you;
  • Highly-visible CTA buttons for donating and volunteering.

If you are a novitiate in web site creation it ’ d be utilitarian for you to find out some more tips on how to make a charity web site .


second, a good NGO template has to provide you with the functionality your future charity web site requires. consequently, whether you ’ re choose from paid or release NGO templates, look cautiously through their features. here are a few things to focus on .

  • Responsiveness and compatibility. To begin with, you should take care of you future charity website responsiveness and compatibility. To put it simply, keep in mind that your visitors will use different browsers and various modern devices. So, your primary aim is to make a website that will look attractive and perform well despite the browser and the device your visitors use.
  • Widgets and plugins. Next, you’ll definitely need various galleries and sliders to showcase the work of your charity organization. Undoubtedly, you can’t build an effective charity website without strong visuals. It’s also a good thing if the charity template includes video and audio widgets. They will make it much easier to convey your message to the online audience. Moreover, there’s no doubt that you’ll need a contact form and donate buttons alongside with a convenient paying system.
  • Loading speed. Besides, don’t forget to take into consideration the loading speed of your future charity website. Honestly, even the most patient donors won’t wait too long and find another place to invest if the loading speed is low.
  • Customer support. Finally, pay attention to the possibilities the customer support offers. Unfortunately, even if you are a pro, sometimes you badly need these guys.

Ease of use

third, the choose template should be easy to customize and update. It goes without saying that you don ’ triiodothyronine want to spend endless hours on it .

Free NGO Templates

Since MotoCMS team powerfully believes that charity is of vital importance nowadays, we can ’ t stay aside. “ Deeds, not words, ” they say. so, today we are gladiolus to present you our free NGO templates. Believe us we tried our best to come up with the best design for nonprofits aboard with high functionality .

Merciful NGO Responsive Website Template

Merciful Free NGO Template
DOWNLOAD FOR FREE This free charity template from MotoCMS may become a true assistant in your lord mission. To start with, the template design will perfectly suit any non-profit organization aimed at the charity. The bomber effigy of the dwelling page will immediately grab the attention of your on-line audience. user-friendly navigation will make your visitors ’ on-line travel smooth and pleasant. It won ’ t take you long to customize the template according to your requirements due to the mighty admin panel. Merciful Free NGO Template What ’ s more, you ’ ll easily highlight the independent goal of your mission or showcase your donors with one of handy gallery widgets. furthermore, the smartly used CTA buttons will allow your audience to make donations and join your events in no prison term. Merciful Free NGO Template furthermore, if your on-line visitors decide to find your organization in actual life they will do it without any trouble. The handy Google Maps appliance will enable you to show your location in detail. Merciful Free NGO Template

Child NGO Responsive Website Template

Child Free NGO Template This free NGO theme may become a number-one solution for your charity organization. If you want to inform people of the oeuvre you do and increase your community this template will be a thoroughly choice. first, each and every detail of the template is carefully thought out. There are no pleonastic elements in the purpose. Each section is a utilitarian consolidative part that helps tell a coherent report. Child Free NGO Template

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE second, this charity template release download won ’ t take you retentive. third, you ’ ll fill your future charity web site with the necessary content on the fly due to the convenient drag-and-drop editor program. ultimately, you ’ ll have more than 20 amaze widgets to add any functionality to your web site. You ’ ll find modern volunteers and supporters with ease using the Contact Form and social media buttons. Child Free NGO Template Although everyone can download these professional free NGO templates, there ’ s one thing to remember. MotoCMS reserves the right to deactivate your web site license if you use any of them not for charitable purposes .

Premium NGO Templates

If free NGO templates are not enough to completely suit all your requirements don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate disturb. MotoCMS has besides a bunch of premium jacob’s ladder templates that are able to satisfy even the most demand customer. Have a expect at some of them. surely, their amazing and adaptive design for nonprofits and high functionality won ’ t leave you indifferent. By the way, if you very want to make this global a better invest, you are welcome to join our Charity Sale .

NGO Website Template for Charity Organizations

NGO Website Template for Charity Organizations TRY FOR FREE

Crowdfunding Website Design for Personal Projects

Crowdfunding Website Design for Personal Projects TRY FOR FREE

Сustom Сhurch Website Design

Church Website Design TRY FOR FREE

Orphanage Website Template for Children’s Community

Orphanage Website Template for Children's Community https://themedipia.com/website-templates/motocms-3-template/orphanage-site/ TRY FOR FREE

Non Profit Charities Website Design

Non Profit Website Template TRY FOR FREE

Website Design for Charity Organizations – Gravitas

Charity Organization - Gravitas


Free NGO Templates and Charity Designs – Final words

We hope that you like this collection of release NGO templates and will be able to create your jacob’s ladder web site and spread the beloved. To help you in full set up your web site, we have prepared a extra offer by one of our recommend host providers Bluehost. You can buy and get your hosting using the release below. Buy Hosting

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