“ Getting organized in the normal routines of life sentence and eat up little projects you ’ ve started is an significant first step toward realizing larger goals. ” These are true words told by Joyce Meyer. Keeping our works organized helps us to manage our work. After the development of ache devices, you can manage your goals and events easily with applications. You can just ask your digital assistants like Siri, Google, or Alexa to add an event to your calendar. These HTML calendar designs will help you make a calendar that will be loved by the present tech-savvy genesis .
Though there are respective default smart calendars in the bright devices, they don ’ t cover all the areas. If you are making a special calendar for your niche or business, these HTML calendar designs will give you more inspiration. As most of these calendars are developed by developers like you, it will be easy for you to work with. Each calendar has its own creative elements and useful features, so check them all .

Calendar V09

HTML calendar input template

The V09 is a sanely designed HTML calendar input template .
This calendar stimulation allows you to pick both date and time so that you can use this design for registration forms/pages. A clean interface is used for both calendar and the clock to help the audience well see the value they pick. aside from the regular navigation options, this template has a button to reset the values and a release to dismiss the calendar. The godhead has thought about all potential scenarios in this template ; consequently, the developer ’ south job is reduced a batch, and they can concentrate on the integration depart .
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Calendar V07

Bootstrap HTML calendar widget template
The V07 is the most elegant Bootstrap HTML calendar template on this list .
More than ample space is given between each element, and the colors are utilized smartly to make the interactions easier. Black and pink color schemes are followed in the nonpayment design ; you can change the color dodge by editing this template ’ s distinctly written CSS script. You have a space to add an image background and a functional button to take the exploiter to the current date on the leftover side. All elements in this template exercise flawlessly from the front-end side. therefore, you can work on the consolidation separate without any worries .
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HTML Calendar V04

HTML calendar with events
Those who want an HTML calendar with events option must consider this template .
The V04 template allows the users to easily add the events they want and allows them to pick the number of persons attending the event. A small k dot is shown right above the calendar date to indicate the days with entries ; fresh invention. The navigation part is broken into two parts — year and calendar month. Hence, the users can jump to the date they want without keeping on hitting the seafaring arrow. western fence lizard animations let the exploiter easily understand where they need to give the information and how to save it. overall, the V04 is a perfective HTML calendar with event options .
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Calendar V20

full page HTML calendar template
The V20 is another fully functional Bootstrap HTML calendar template .
This template allows you to see the calendar in the week, calendar month, day, and list views, about like in all celebrated calendar apps. A bright and trendy color scheme is used in this template, and it does highlight the crucial information elegantly to the consultation. If you are planning for a full-page calendar app design, this one will be a good choice .
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SVG Season Calendar

animated HTML calendar
As the name implies, this HTML calendar is based on the seasons. The calendar ’ south header shows the relate season of the calendar month. Since the creator has used childlike animations to show the seasons clearly to the consultation, this calendar is playfulness to use. however, it is a concept model, so you need to adjust the code to make it a proper calendar. Or you can take the concept and can create your own customs HTML calendar. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor program to let you well utilize the code as per your needs .
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Building a Calendar

simple and elegant HTML calendar
The godhead of this calendar has given us a colored HTML calendar concept. Different color schemes are used for each month so that the users can easily see when the next calendar month starts in this continuous calendar purpose. The consumption of today ’ south date highlighter and dimming the past dates makes the calendar even more user-friendly. There are no interactional functions like selecting a date or adding events in the default option blueprint. But, you can edit the code and add custom features as per your requirements .
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HTML calendar with basic functions
FlexCalendar is a simpleton HTML calendar design with all the necessary features. For example, you get navigation arrows at the top, options to block a few dates and a neat highlighter that shows the date with entries. The code script of this calendar is houseclean, just like its invention, so developers can use this code easily in their projects. Since this design uses the latest CSS script, it can handle all modern color schemes and animations effortlessly right out of the box .
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Event Calendar Widget

Event Calendar Widget is a properly working HTML calendar template. You can use the code of this calendar right away in your project. The minimal design with color codes for unlike events will help the user to easily organize their plans. Without taking much space, all the events are clearly shown in a small box beneath the calendar date. ocular effects are fluent and fluid indeed the exploiter can well jump between the dates and see their agenda. To help them easily remember the semblance code used, a small outer space is reserved at the bottom to label the color codes. The architect has shared the code used in this calendar thus that you can have a better idea before using this calendar .
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Calendar By Alex Oliver

The couturier Alex Oliver has made a beautiful material-design-based conceptual minimal calendar. Flat tinge schemes and neat exploiter interface will help the drug user create an event or schedule on this calendar. All the entrance options are given on the leave sidebar and big distance is given on the top of the sidebar to display the choose date. Though this calendar is not fully functional as the Event Calendar appliance mentioned above, you can use this calendar as a base to create your own custom calendar. The independent calendar itself is by rights organized with years, months, and dates so the user can well pick the year and month they want .
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Calendar By Abram

long calendar design
The developer Abram has given us a sanely designed calendar. This calendar shows all the months on one screen and you can besides see the clock on the circus tent correct corner. To help you easily switch between the years you have the option to easily select the previous and future calendar month. There are no options to interact with the calendar, for example, you don ’ t have the option to add entries or reminders to the calendar. The stallion code script used to make this working calendar is shared with you on the CodePen editor program. By keeping this template as a root you can create your own customs calendar with the features you want. If you are looking for working HTML calendar code snippets, this one will help you .
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Bold Calendar By Sam Breed

brutalist style calendar
If you like brutalist plan, this calendar will impress you. The letters and numerals are made bigger than common with less space. vertical lines are used to distinguish the column, which is a decent touch because it balances the legibility and the brutalist design. At the top right corner, you have the choice to add months and years. In the default plan, you don ’ t have seafaring arrows to change the years and months. But, you can edit the code and add the options you want. One working feature in this HTML calendar is the dark mode. With barely a tapdance, you can turn on the colored mode .
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Dice Calendar

animated calendar widget design
Dice Calendar is a working animated calendar concept. The die flick animation is an concern concept, but the drug user will notice this effect rarely when the date changes. If you like to make the vivification effect even more apparent to the user, you can add hours and minutes parameters to this calendar design. To make the animation effect smooth and gentle, the godhead has used CSS3 and a few lines of javascript to this HTML calendar invention. By fixing a few ergonomic issues, this calendar blueprint concept can be used on any web site and lotion .
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Calendar by Benjamin

clean easy to interact calendar
Developer Benjamin has given us a clean calendar design. All fundamental options are given properly in this calendar, which makes it a user-friendly calendar. Arrow navigations are used to jump to the next month. If you like to make the calendar even easier to use, try to add the options to change the month and the year. You can take the skin concept of this calendar and can use it for your calendar doodad or application. The solid code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor to let you well edit and visualize the results before using the code on your website/application .
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CSS Grid Calendar

material design calendar
It is another CSS based power system invention in this HTML calendar designs collection. The material invention actually makes this calendar easy to interact with. modern colors will help you well note the calendar entries. Since this calendar is designed on the date-range concept, the fabric colors do in truth help the user to see the depart and end date. The godhead has only given a basic design concept in this model. You can improve the design and add the features you want to make it a proper calendar. Because of this clock ’ second clean design, you can use it for any professional websites and applications .
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Light & Dark Calendar

calendar mobile app concept
This example is another calendar app concept. Hover actions and suction stop actions work on this design, but you have to work on other basic functions like details expanding and options to add entries. As the name implies, this calendar has both light and darkness skin design. You can use this purpose as a base and can create your own customs clock. The stallion code script is shared with you, so you can easily work with this design and see if it fits your needs .
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Responsive Calendar Pattern

retro-style calendar
The godhead has given a retro-style calendar in this example. Though it has a back-ward looking plan, it is very virtual. The big power system purpose gives more than enough space to show the entries neatly to the users. Like in most HTML calendar designs, easy and dark colors are used to show the previous month and the present calendar month. Since the grid design gives you more space to list all the entries, you can use tooltips to show a flying overview of the entries. For tooltips plan ideas, take a count at our tooltips CSS plan collection .
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Circular Calendar Display

calendar with widgets
In this HTML calendar design, the godhead has given you lots of complications. Just like in your Apple Watch you can add complications like upwind, productiveness comparison for the wholly week. The smartly designed circular dial clearly shows the prison term and the date. The merely problem in this design is the user can ’ triiodothyronine easily change the date and clock time. If you add a separate option to easily reset the meter and to change the date and time, this circular calendar will be a user-friendly creative calendar plan concept. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor program, so you can easily utilize this code on your web site or application .
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CSS-only Colorful Calendar Concept

As per the name, this calendar is full of colors and it is a feasible calendar concept design. The calendar is adaptive out of the box so you can use it in your fluid responsive websites as well. The properly integrated design makes it a good match for mobile applications as well. The interior designer has used color pallette concept for the calendar, which looks attractive. Smooth animation effects are used for navigations and to show the calendar entries in a particular day. still, it needs some improvement on the functionality side to make it a proper calendar. You can use the code as a base for your design and can make your own customs clock. To give you a better understand, the developer has given you working options. Take your time and maneuver with the calendar to in full understand it .
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Calendar Mobile App UI

Calendar mobile app UI is a concept design which gives you only the draft design. The developer has not given us a working model to understand the concept, which gives us the full exemption to implement our own UI animations. interactional actions like adding entries and using navigation options are given at the top corner of the calendar. The developer has used semblance codes to distinctly show the type of entries, which will help the users to see the entries at a glance. This one is besides made using the CSS3 and HTML5 script, hence you can well implement the blueprint in your project .
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Tasks Events Apps Calendar Plan

From the list itself you can infer that this calendar is designed for job management. To make the entries easier, the developer has given you task adding picture near the date. All your entries for the day is given in a proper timeline with subtle liveliness effects. The godhead has used the glow impression cleverly to highlight the authoritative entries and the features. Though it is not a fully functional prototype blueprint, you get hover effects to make the design lively. If you are looking for a colorful calendar design for your mobile application, this design will help you.

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Calendar Widget II

Calendar Widget II is a colored calendar for web site and web applications. Since the calendar is made for widgets, the original blueprint is compendious and fits in easily on any part of the web site. At the top leave corner, you have the option to pick a calendar color. Since it is a CSS3 based design, the colors look alert. The drop-down effect is used to show the calendar entrance for the finical day. Since it is a concept show, the developer didn ’ thyroxine show any entries in the design .
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CSS-Only Calendar App Concept

CSS-only Calendar App Concept is another fully functional calendar concept design. To get a better theme of the design, the creator lets you click and interact with all the given options. In this calendar concept, you can click and select a date range and can add your goal. Calendars like this will help you manage your work and your goals .
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Flexible Calendar

If you are making calendar application for different platforms and for devices with different filmdom sizes, this flexible calendar concept will impress you. A vertical list like calendar appears on a minor sieve and in the wide screen, you get a proper broad calendar. No early options like adding events or reminders are given in the demonstration, but you can add them if you want. Colorful gradient coloring material system is followed in this template which looks cool and attractive. The elastic Calendar is a very bare basic calendar model, you have to build your own calendar by using this as a base .
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Duotone Calendar

Giving a personalized feel will constantly get a particular place in the exploiter ’ mho center. Most of us will have a memory for a particular calendar month and showing it as a visualize in a calendar will make that calendar month especial when we see the calendar each time. If you are planning to create such a calendar for your users, this Dutone calendar will give you some good ideas. As the name implies, this calendar has duotone images, which is a current swerve in app and network designs. The couturier has mandarin speech, this might be something you have to change. Shadow effects and gradient colors are used smartly so you can work with this template easily .
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Infinite Calendar

Infinite Calendar is a sanely designed calendar application. With elementary subtle animation effects, this template gives a alone drug user experience to the user. On the top of the calendar, you have seafaring arrows to switch between different years and months. A small release is placed between the navigation arrows to take the users to the current day of the year. ocular effects are uninfected and smooth, users won ’ t feel any lag with this calendar. calendar rolling up from the bar vivification is used in this calendar, which reminds the latest LG OLED rollable television. The creator of the calendar has shared the Codepen code with you directly so you can have a hands-on know and see the survive consequence on the editor program itself .
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Calendar By Sam Markiewicz

This calendar by Sam Markiewicz is an application style calendar. But however, you can use this calendar for other purposes as well. Just like in the Android telephone presentment system, you have a red scatter on the dates you have entries. Details are shown when you hover over the dates, which saves the supernumerary click that the exploiter has to make. Since this calendar is chiefly designed for fluid applications you have elements related to it. At the peak of the calendar, you have the choice to add events, but it is not working in the show version. You have to take care of the event adding options by yourself .
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CSS Grid calendar

CSS Grid calendar is designed like an admin splashboard doodad. If you are making a network application for professional and would like to give a dedicated calendar option, this calendar might inspire you. The couturier has used basic HTML5 and CSS3 framework in this template, so you can integrate this one with your existing undertaking. On the top of the calendar, you have a search option to easily find the entries. All other calendar navigation options are given on the leave sidebar for quick and easy access. The interior designer has given you only the basic layout, you have to work on it wholly to make it a proper calendar .
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Windows Fluent Design Calendar

Fluent design is a very politic and fluent design with lots of transitions. As the name implies it is a version of Windows, which Microsoft has introduced in 2017. Since Microsoft has started to have their own Surface device batting order with lots of touch inputs and peripheral device interaction, the eloquent blueprint covers all areas. If you are planning to use it in your design, this calendar might come in handy. The interior designer has given you only a basic structure, you have to use your own creativity to take it from here. Speaking for Surface devices, take a expect at out computer mockups to elegantly present your designs and applications .
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Simple Calendar

Though the name suggests it is a elementary Calendar, you get a accomplished working model with this one. The graphic designer of this calendar has followed a circular blueprint practice throughout the model. Enevt entries and calendar are treated as a separate window so that you have more space and can see the contents clearly. On the event entry window, you have a margin call to action push button to enter the latest events. The architect has given you pre-designed entrance human body with this one if you need you constantly can add your own form. On the circus tent of the calendar, you have navigation arrows to jump between months and years .
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calendar for organizing work
Planner is a simple calendar front-end design concept. The creator has given you only the front-end design, so you can ’ thyroxine expect any of the features or elements to be in working stipulate. If you are looking for a planner type HTML calendar design that can handle reminders and entries, you can use this design as an inspiration. Like in most calendars, this one besides uses timeline blueprint to clearly list the events. Since this calendar invention concept is designed using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 handwriting, you can easily add interactions and animation effects to it .
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It’s A Calendar Sort Of Thing

As the name implies, it is a calendar sort of application. Basic options and features are perfectly working on this calendar, but placid, you have plenty of room to make your own improvements. With a bang-up material design, this calendar is basically treated as a mobile lotion. A big separate chat window like text area is given on the right ; where you can add your entries. You besides have options to choose a tag for your entries. By default option, you get only two tags, if you need more you have to work on it. The only thing this calendar misses is a color code for the tags, you can use color codes to organize the events just like in the Event Calendar Widget mentioned above .
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Fluent Design Calendar

Another eloquent invention calendar in this HTML calendar list. The couturier of this calendar has used the depth effects used in the Microsoft eloquent design. You might have seen this design wide used in the Xbox interface. As Microsoft is trying to make a unify interface for all devices, its eloquent design can be seen in many of its merchandise. If you not only want to make a calendar but besides make it interactional for your drug user, this calendar design will impress you. Since it is a concept calendar, the calendar dates and images are kept simple and small. You can resize it to the form you want. The godhead has shared the coding directly with you, take a spirit at it for more details .
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Daily CSS Image 09 Calendar

This calendar invention can be used for widgets of your calendar application. If you are an Android exploiter, you will know how the widgets will make the actions simper from the home page itself. With this calendar, you have two colorful boxes showing the date and the day of the year. The graphic designer has used HTML5, CSS3, and few lines of Javascript. You can ’ triiodothyronine manipulation this design for a stand-alone calendar application, but can be used as a part of the invention .
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Parallax Flipping Calendar

This calendar will give you inspiration for the vivification and transition effects. As the list implies this mockup has a interchange animation impression. The transition effects are clean and politic, each and every chemical element on the calendar can be seen clearly while they flip. If you are making application for io, transitions like this will awestruck when you see it on the new iPad Pro. As the newly iPad Pro has a 120HZ sieve, the animations are buttery smooth and the users can feel it. Speaking for io devices, if you are an io app developer or graphic designer, take a expression at our iPhone mockup collection, to present your purpose elegantly .
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Calendar Mock

Calendar mock is a childlike calendar, designed strictly using the CSS and HTML. The graphic designer has used entirely the default option basic animations in this calendar design. Calendar dates with entries are shown individually by a circular highlighter. When the drug user hovers over the calendar, they can see the entries. early options like consequence entrance or editing options are not given in this calendar. You can use this calendar as an inspiration and develop your own calendar. The couturier has shared the code used in this calendar invention. As it uses the simple HTML and CSS code, you can well use it in your existing stick out .
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Daily CSS Image 09 Calendar 2

You get a very basic board calendar type blueprint in this matchless. This purpose can be used for your calendar appliance. When you add few vivification effects to it, the calendar will look more lively. Two blocks are used in this calendar, one shows the month and the class, whereas the other shows the weeks and dates. This template has enough of room for improvisations, which makes it a perfective option for all calendar blueprint. The graphic designer has used the basic HTML5 and CSS3 model. So working with this calendar and integrate with other tools will be an easy job for the developers .
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Date and Time Picker

This type of calendar design is a arrant option for websites offering on-line reservation services. If you are looking for an interactional calendar for your hotel web site template or restaurant web site template, this calendar blueprint will inspire you. As the name implies, this calendar allows the exploiter to pick the date and time with interactional web elements. Sliders are given for the survival of clock time ; as most mobile users nowadays have touch devices, elements like this will give a better user experience. basic seafaring options are taken care of by the developer, all you have to do is to integrate it with your project .
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Calendar – Daily UI 38

The nonpayment design of this calendar makes it a perfect choice for personal websites and life style websites. fashionable fonts and pinky coloring material schema makes it a perfect option for girls and women website owners. In the show, images are used in the background and in the calendar. But, you can add your background or dim-witted use only the calendar in your project. Texts are made bigger and bolder therefore that the user can distinctly see the date and entries. It is a absolutely working calendar with neat liveliness effects. You can add the features you want and can use it in your application or web site .
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Flexbox Responsive Calendar

All the calendars give different views like weeks, months, and years view. Based on the requirement the user can intelligibly see their entire workweek or class entries in one place. This calendar design will help you make a blank class view for your calendar. When you click on a month, that particular calendar month alone magnifies. The graphic designer doesn ’ t give you the option to add entries, which might be a small bummer. But still, you can add your own features and options by customizing the calendar. This one is a saturated CSS calendar and a few lines of Javascript is used to give dynamic details .
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Responsive Flexbox Calendar

If you are making a calendar appliance for a photography web site, this is the calendar design for you. Images play a major function in the design of this HTML calendar. Each and every introduction is noted by an image. For example, if your ally ’ second birthday is coming future workweek, his/her prototype will be shown in the calendar. You can use this image space to show some of your best photograph. By default, you get a full-page calendar, but you can adjust the layout to add early elements and intelligibly brand this calendar with your logo .
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HTML Calendar

Haml Calendar is a classic looking simple HTML calendar. The elementary design of this calendar makes it a perfective option for all types of applications and websites. On the leave of the calendar, you can see the stream day and date. Options and features are very express in this calendar. This calendar has lots of space for improvement and your creativity can fill it well. The interior designer has used merely HTML and CSS to create this calendar so you can work easily with this calendar .
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