CMS Templates You Get with ONE Subscription

By getting the subscription to ONE, you get access to more than 3500+ CMS templates, including :

  • Shopify templates;
  • OpenCart templates;
  • PrestaShop themes;
  • Magento themes;
  • Joomla templates;
  • VirtueMart templates.

All these themes and templates are eCommerce-oriented. They come with assorted features useful for on-line sales. We will get back to them later, and now it is time to answer a popular interrogate. What types of on-line projects you can manage with the serve of CMS web site templates. From a neat land page to a full-fledged on-line shop with a taggable gallery and numerous product pages, you can build anything. here are alone a few topics to cover :

  • Fashion & Beauty;
  • Food & Restaurant;
  • Design & Photography;
  • Sports & Medicine;
  • Holidays;
  • Entertainment, Games & Nightlife;
  • Computers & Technologies;
  • Books & Education, etc.

These are lots of products to promote your business or services online. You can use tags or find a perfect item by feature.

What Is ONE?

ONE is a revolutionary subscription servicing from TemplateMonster that collects all ace digital products in one gallery. the subscription allows saving clock and budget, as you get access to 28.000+ modern products, including the follow :

  • 1408 WordPress themes;
  • 3553 CMS & eCommerce themes;
  • 7672 Presentation templates.

Besides, you can enrich your web site with numerous features and visuals, as the subscription besides gives you access to :

  • 28 Plugins & add-ons;
  • 13060 Graphic assets;
  • 416 Video assets;
  • 236 Audio assets;
  • 1.7M Photos.

CMS Templates as Part of the ONE Subscription

The serve makes a ready-made solution for web designers & developers, marketers, and photographers. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is going to set up more than one web site. You can choose from 3 price plans :

  1. $82/year – Creative – this variant is ideal for starters who want to try themselves in website creation or upgrade their projects. It provides you 1-year-long access to all graphics and assets ONE gallery contains + 1 year of free technical support.
  2. $179/year – All-in-one – this option is perfect for experienced designers and developers who have many orders and don’t have much time. The plan gives you  1-year-long access to all the products from the gallery, including flagships, premium plugins, and eCommerce theme + 1 year of technical support.
  3. $599 – All-in-one – here is a proven solution for oldies. You get lifetime access to all themes, templates, and add-ons from the ONE gallery, including media and audio files + lifetime technical support. 

Mobile-Friendly CMS Templates

fluid searches take half of the web traffic globally. This summer, smartphones generated 51.5 % of web site traffic, which is a visible increase compared to the previous year. These numbers continue growing, so you do need a well-running mobile translation of the web site. Below you can see a few reasons why you should choose mobile-ready CMS web site templates .

  1. It makes shoppers’ lives easier, as you let customers visit your site once they have a free minute.
  2. It could boost sales because now people can purchase once they are on your website.
  3. It shows customers you take care of their comfort and make your website more user-friendly.

Other Must-Haves for CMS Templates

In 2020 people already expect your web site is responsive and available to enter from any device. And you don ’ thymine want to start an on-line career with disappoint your visitors, do you ? That is why we recommend you to take a closer expression at the checklists below. here is what you need to create a modern web site :

  • Search Engines Optimization;
  • Excellent site loading speed;
  • Unique content with quality illustrations;
  • Responsiveness + cross-browser compatibility;
  • Comfortable site navigation with contact forms.

And these are the eCommerce-oriented features to look for before buying your CMS template .

  1. Related Products – the feature would link your product pages with each other. You can display information about a related product right on the main product page. Create a short description, and don’t forget to add the item’s image.
  2. Social Login – lets people enter your site via their SM accounts. It furthers the registration process and brings you more social traffic. 
  3. Social Sharing – allows the website visitors to share your products on their social media accounts, add them to selections, wishlist, etc. so that there will be more people to hear of your business.
  4. Ajax Cart – makes the shopping process more comfortable. With it, customers can add products to cart, wishlist, or the “compare” field and remove them in one click.
  5. Brands – the feature allow to sort your goods by brand;
  6. Product Quick View is a must;
  7. Product Carousel, Slider, and Banner – these are essentials to promote your best products;
  8. Collection Catalog – allows visitors to create eye-pleasing product collections and share them with friends and followers.
  9. MegaMenu – the feature helps to create complicated menus and sort your content by categories;
  10. Newsletter – another must-have for any eCommerce project. Use the feature to notify customers about any important occasions, like sales, holiday discounts, and special offers.

Up-to-date CMS Templates Work FAQ

Where to buy the best CMS templates? Our drift contains more than 3.000 advanced CMS templates, including OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, and VirtueMart templates. All of them are trendy enough to meet current vane design requirements. You will get a mobile-friendly design, fairly and SEO-friendly code, rocket-fast loading speed, responsiveness, and early substantive features inside the box .Can I get CMS templates with ONE Subscription? Yep, you can ! By purchasing a subscription to the service, you get entree to 3500+ CMS templates. Installations are unlimited for all ONE subscribers. It means you can download as many products as you want and use them to create an inexhaustible total of websites. Just make sure you have selected a suitable plan. By the way, the subscription besides allows using WordPress and eCommerce themes. Plus, there are addons, graphics, and other useful cliched products to enrich your on-line pages .Where can I download free CMS templates? The TemplateMonster gallery contains 400+ high-quality detached templates you can download for exempt. You can find many well-featured CMS templates related to business, medicate, technologies, art, beauty, design, and more. Please note that, though they are detached, TemplateMonster ’ second freebies still come with numerous all-important options.

How to start working with a CMS template? You will need to buy and download your product before all else. then unzip the template ’ randomness files and start the initiation. It is a distinctive march, but you have guides and bit-by-bit tutorials in case of any questions. Besides, you can besides contact our customer support that is available for you 24/7. once you have installed the template, navigate to the editor program ’ second window and fill the pages with your subject. You can customize everything with a drag & dribble builder. No tease is required. Just open the presets library, choose UI/UX elements, and drag-and-drop them where you want .

Thousands of CMS Templates in One Subscription

Are you looking for a high-quality web site template with a responsive design and many other must-have features inside the pack ? Click on the video recording to see how to download thousands of CMS templates well .

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