We are in a fast populace with all the facilities at our fingertips. People prefer Uber than standing on the corner for hiring a taxi. Book a cab at your preferable placement and prefer clock, a taxi will be waiting for you outside when you complete your bring. Eight out of ten-spot users prefer on-line book and this applies to the healthcare industry equally well. According to the PatientPop survey, 42 % of the affected role prefer on-line schedule. In this list, we have collected absolve healthcare web site templates with on-line schedule options. All you have to do is to integrate the template with your appointment scheduling cock .
Having an on-line schedule option helps the exploiter to book an appointee at their convenience. When we take a closer look at the date book time, about 40 % of the request came after the standard working hours. As a majority of the on-line scheduling users in a healthcare web site are women, providing an on-line scheduling option in your web site increases the chances of filling your empty time slots .

As all these exempt healthcare web site templates are HTML5 templates you have only the front-end design. You have to manually take wish of integrating this template into an appointment reserve system. Acuity schedule and Setmore are one of the celebrated on-line schedule tools designed specifically for healthcare websites. If you are going to convert this template to a WordPress theme, you have enough of free and agio plugins to help you with.


free healthcare website template
Health is a contemporary-style dislodge healthcare web site template. The unusual layout design of this template let the locate owners well highlight the important points. Plus, the hearing can cursorily see the services they want and can book an appointee without even loading multiple pages .
The sanely designed home page puts authoritative information at the top so that new users can use your web site without any issues. For example, the appointment booking contact number is placed at the peak. apart from the contact count, you besides get an date booking form on the home page. once, you integrate the kind with your engagement system, your site is ready to receive an on-line book. If appointee scheduling is what you care most about on your web site, take a look at our appointment scheduling web site templates collection .
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healthcare website template for Chiropractic
As the name implies, this healthcare web site template is specially designed for Chiropractic. You can see spinal related images and icons throughout the template to deliver an authentic user experience. The godhead has included all the icons and images in the download file, so developers can easily work with this template and convert them as per the requirements. Being a multi-purpose web site template, this one has all the cardinal pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to add the content you want, integrate the tools, and launch the web site .
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Physical Therapy

healthcare website template for physio therapy
physical Therapy is a alone template in this healthcare web site template collection. This template is made for physical therapy service websites. The godhead has maintained a cleanse layout and mild tinge schema to deliver a relaxing exploiter have. A typewriting text animation is used on the home page header section to cursorily mention the services you offer. big imageries and image backgrounds let you showcase your services elegantly to the consultation. If you want a elementary and elegant looking physical therapy web site template, this one will be a dear choice .
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user-friendly website template
Medi is a thoughtfully designed healthcare web site template. The creator has understood the contemporary exploiter needs and designed this template. Modern web elements are used effectively to group the relate content so that the users don ’ t have to scroll a much. Smooth animation and sleek effects will deliver an engaging user experience. Since this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework, you can control the animations as per your demand. For more modern animation examples, take a search at our bootstrap animation examples collection. right from the appointment booking shape to the blog pages, everything is readily available for you in this template. Simply install the template, add your message, and launch your web site .
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beauty and healthcare website template
Aesthetic is the best option if you are making a smasher & skin related healthcare web site. The creator has designed this template with extreme point care to make it appeal to the niche audience. For model, lone niche-related icons are used in this template, which increases the web site ’ second authenticity. Plus, the web site owners can just install your template and launch their web site in a few days. Everything works smoothly in this template from the appointment booking shape to the elementary visit to action buttons. You can concentrate on the back-end work with a peace of take care because of this template ’ mho smooth front-end design .
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animal and pet healthcare website template
PetVet is a unique web site template made for veterinarians and animal healthcare websites. The clean, adorable design of this template will attract about all favored lovers and favored owners. right from the header to the footer, all elements are integral and well fall in hand ; hence you needn ’ triiodothyronine concern about the user-interactions. Plus, the logically arranged web page sections will help the audience promptly understand the services you offer. Again, high-quality niche-related icons are used just like in the Aesthetic web site template. You can just download this free healthcare web site templates for pets and can use it for your locate .
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health coach website template
Healthcouch will be a perfective web site template for health coaches. The sensible design of this template improves the trade name prototype and besides the exploiter interactions. by and large contemporary-style elements are used in this template, and the proper use of modern animations takes this template to the future level — even it will give a tough contend to a premium web site template. All basic pages are there in this pack. Since the entire code script is shared with you, creating custom pages with the same look won ’ t be bully for the developers. If you are looking for a brand-image construction responsive free checkup web site template, Healthcouch is the best option for you .
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clean medical website template
Docmed is a clean and professional-looking aesculapian web site template. The godhead has used white spaces effectively in this template to give a fresh appearance. Light trendy colors elevate the premium look of this template. Since there is an ample amount of space for images and textbook contents, users can easily interact with your web site. important sections and texts are made bluff so that users can promptly find the authoritative links and chute to the comparable pages. Like most other unblock healthcare web site templates in this list, this one is besides a multi-page web site template. You can explain your services individually on different pages without any issue .
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multipurpose dental clinic website template
Dento web site template is designed for alveolar consonant healthcare clinics. The versatile invention of this template makes it a perfect choice for both belittled and big hospitals. conventional elements give a straightforward plan indeed that the users can easily find their room on your web site. The long home page design is more than adequate for you to list all your services in your place. limited segments like the testimonials and award sections are given to boost your credibility. All elements are properly working from the front-end side. Though it is a free web site template, the godhead has given a agio quality codebase. Developers can easily work with this template and can make their custom web site in no fourth dimension .
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dentist website template
Prodent is besides a dental healthcare web site template. This template uses bright colors and icons to draw user attention to the want spots. If you are making a web site for a growing organization, this template will be a good option. The flexible code structure lets you add customs features easily as your requirement grows. All icons are related to the dental niche, so you can use them as such on your web site. The godhead has included all the assets like fonts, images, and icons in the download file so that you can well work with this template .
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trendy looking free doctor website templates
Medico is a mod web site template with a trendy design. The creator of this template has used colored vector characters in this template to give a narrative experience. The best separate about this template is you get all the images, fonts, and other assets in the download files. So you can work with this template well. Lots of egg white outer space is used in this template hence the user can well interact with the template. As an ample come of space is given between each element, even on mobile devices the exploiter can well click the links and buttons. Smooth liveliness effects enhance the serviceability of this template. The date booking form is given on the home page itself to let the drug user well book an appointment american samoa soon as they land on your web site .
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interactive doctor website templates
Mediplus is one of the best barren healthcare web site templates with versatile features. The elastic nature of this template helps you set any medical and healthcare-related websites. Plenty of visit to natural process buttons are given in this template so that you can easily direct users to the equate pages. Animation effects and levitate effects are used to present the contents winsomely to the audience. With bang-up looking vector icons and proper color dodge, this template is one of the few unblock healthcare web site templates that give a premium front. By default option, this one is a one-page template. If you are looking for dislodge healthcare web site templates with one-page purpose, this one is a perfect design. The code structure of this template is made compromising enough to let you well customize and add pages if you want .
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premium looking free doctor website templates
If you like the Mediplus template mentioned above, but want it in a multi-page design, the Medcare is the best choice for you. With accurate spacing for each element and bang-up layout, this template is one of the best looking release healthcare web site templates in this list. ocular effects are observe very minimal in this template so the webpages load faster than other complimentary healthcare web site templates in this list. logically designed home page let the exploiter easily understand the services you offer and easily book an date on your locate itself. Since it is an HTML healthcare web site template, you have to work on the functionalities by yourself. The godhead of this template has used the latest web growth frameworks like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4. Hence, integrating the latest tools and options will be an easy occupation .
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clean easy-to-use free doctor website templates
DrCare is one of the bold-looking free healthcare web site templates with a straightforward design. All the significant elements and data are presented readily before the user. So the drug user can well select the options they want without spending a lot time. To manage all the contents within the given space the creator has used tabs and accordions efficaciously. If you like to tweak the default yellow journalism and accordion designs, take a search at our bootstrap check collection and accordion solicitation. As this template is made using the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle early third-party templates easily. With versatile features and easy-to-customize options, this template is one of the best detached healthcare web site templates for both general users and developers .
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modern and feature-rich free doctor website templates
Medisen web site template is about similar to the Medico template mentioned above. Since both the templates are from the lapp creators, you can expect the same premium design quality. This template has slenderly different elements and sections when compared to the Medico template. authoritative texts are made bigger and bluff to make them look unique from other text contents. The creator has shared the fonts, images, and other assets in the download file. Hence, customizations can be done well in this template. All the basic optimizations are done by rights in this template so you can even use this template as such without making any customizations .
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Medino is a pristine looking simple web site template. No matter how many contents you add to it, the blank layout of this template will show the contents distinctly to the drug user. Properly organized home page segment will help the drug user well research and find the contents they need. Forms and call to action buttons are placed at the appropriate positions to save the user ’ south prison term. colorful icons are used in this template to elegantly depict the services you offer. It is a multi-page template so you can use separate pages to explain your services. ample sum of space is given for the images, which you can use to show your hospital facilities and features .
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Medicare 2

Medicare 2 is a perfective web site template for big healthcare organizations. If you are offering more services in your organizations, this template will help you elegantly explain all your services. colored icons are used to beautifully list all your services in one section. vigorously designed home page let the user to properly see you contents and understand your services. Throughout the template, the gradient color scheme is handled finely to attract contemporary users and besides add life to your web site. It is a multi-page template, so you have more than enough pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to add your contents, integrate the tools to the platform you want, and launch your web site .
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DrPro healthcare web site template for credit card surgeons and hospitals related to it. Just like your service, this template gives a new look to your web site. big content blocks and web elements are used to make use of the full-width layout of this template. Both light and undimmed color schemes are used in this template to elegantly differentiate the significant contents from the rest of the vane elements. The home page of this template even has promotional banners. Appointment booking form is given on the home page itself, to help the drug user pass you well. In the contact foliate besides you have an appointment booking form. Throughout the template you can see enough of call to natural process button for appointee reserve, you can map the button to the contact page .
The hand brake number is highlighted in the banner segment and it is besides given in the footnote section. You besides have space to mention the bring hours in the footer section. trope elements with trickle effect are besides given in this template for easier comparison. Since it is a formative operation web site template, you can show face before and after operation .
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Hospice is a simple and fairly looking web site template, which is the best choice for all types of healthcare websites. The home page of this template let you add the services you offer, particular features, and testimonial. You can use the testimony to show some of the awards received by your healthcare organizations. The appointment booking form is given only on the home page. If you are planning to use call to action buttons in different pages for appointee book, make a separate page for the date booking. It is a multi-page template, so you can easily add a page in no time. Emergency contact number and the contact electronic mail is listed in the top bar itself for easier reachability. In some of the mobile devices, you won ’ triiodothyronine have adequate space to list many links in the top bar. So the hand brake contact details are given in the pedestrian section as well. Blog pages are besides pre-designed in this template. To increase your newsletter electronic mail number, the electronic mail newsletter subscription form is given in the pedestrian part .
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sometimes healthcare web site needs to handle multiple departments at the same time. The architect of the Remedic template has used the mod web elements to show multiple contents without taking much of the space. With the fresh design of this template, the user can relate contents simultaneously without scrolling the pages. Each section is made big enough so that you can add boastful web elements and long contents without any worries .
In this template, the date form opens in a separate lightbox so that the user can access it anywhere from the web site. All the network elements, including the appointment form, is optimized for the mobile position. With this template, the users can access your web site on the run from their hand-held devices. The interior designer of this template has used aristocratic and gradient color schemes. Both the colors are handled well throughout the template so you can highlight the authoritative contents graciously. animation and ocular effects in this template are streamlined and agile so the exploiter no want to wait for a long time to the foliate to load .
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Dentacare web site template is designed specifically for the dental hospitals, but this template can be used for early healthcare organization websites adenine well. This template is about similar to the Remedic template mentioned above. As both the templates are from the same graphic designer, you can see some purpose similarities. In this template the appointee booking kind is given in the header section itself, thus the exploiter no motivation to waste their time for a page to load. The appointment booking for supports drop-down options and calendar entrance angstrom well for a agile registration procedure .
Smooth vivification effects are used throughout the template to present the contents winsomely to the users. Though it is a multi-page template, the home page of this template is long enough to list all the services and give a quick overview of all your early page contents. other useful elements in this template are visibility cards, price cards, animated counters, and vector icons. This template includes more than you expect in a rid web site template. Make sure you explore all the features before using it in your undertaking .
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If you looking for something new, different from the usual hospital web site invention, then the Medart is the best choice for you. The couturier of this template has balanced both professional and creative design throughout the template. Modern web elements help you to highlight important contents neatly, for model, the unfold hours and the emergency number. logically arranged home page section assistant you to put the most important information at the top. fair below the header segment, you have space to add registration kind along with the emergency contact count .
The adjustment form is amply functional from the front-end, drop-down options are besides given in the shape field for faster data input. Another singular have of this template is the custom aesculapian icons and the best part is these icons are included in the download file. Blue gradient semblance schemes are used in this template. If you already have a color system for your mark, you can customize the default option color system to your needs .
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Medical is a bare and well-executed web site template. This template does not include any visualize design or elements like the Medart template mentioned above. But the Medical template has a professional design with all the vane elements placed in the most appropriate position. In ordain to highlight authoritative web elements from the rest of the design apparition effects are used. The manipulation of apparition effects and depth effects adds ocular richness to the minimal web site template .
On the home page, you have a big champion image in the header section with a call to action release. open hours and appointee book forms are placed just below the header image. The appointment scheduling form is made hanker adequate to get all the significant details you need. All the kind fields are running, you besides get calendar introduction human body fields and drop down options for easier access. In the circus tent bar besides you have a bid to military action button to ledger an appointment so that the user can access the registration form from other pages as well .
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Medilife is a modern colorful web site template for all types of healthcare websites. You can use this template for hospital websites and besides for a master doctor web site. With bold design and boastfully sections, this template helps the user to interact with the template easily. As it is a mobile responsive web site template, the user can book an on-line date from their telephone itself. about one-third of the on-line engagement is from the mobile devices. Having a mobile reactive web site is far more easy and cost efficient than using mobile lotion. On the clean white background, the attractive aristocratic color dodge gets drug user attention well. In the exceed bar, you have space to add opening hours, contact details and a custom welcome message. The red color dodge is used for important web elements to make it distinctive from the rest of the web elements .
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Medi Plus

Medi Plus is a visually rich web site template. The godhead of this template has used creative world wide web elements with synergistic ocular effects to give life to this template. In a creative representation style design, this template helps you to promote your avail lightly to the users. The smart home page blueprint helps the drug user to get a complete overview of all your services. ample total of outer space for text capacity is given in this template so you can give a brief theme about your specialties and features .
option for booking an appointment is given at the top bar and besides above the footnote sections. The registration form opens in a disjoined light-box so that the drug user can fill the form without any distractions. With the light-box invention, you have more outer space on the network page to add other authoritative contents. If you are adding a registration kind in your existing healthcare web site, the lightbox choice will reduce the work of rearranging web site template .
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dentist, as the appoint implies this template is designed entirely for the dental web site. But you can use this template for other healthcare web site templates as well. The default option design of this template includes lots of space for image contents. With package itself, you get the images used in this template, but if you have your own customs images, you can resize and use them. ocular effects wise this template is a very minimal one and is used lone at the want spot .
The green gradient color schema of this template gives a review palpate. CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks make the vane elements and the colors more natural. A separate part is reserved for the appointment schedule, but if you want to make the form more accessible attempt to put the form in a separate page. It is a multi-page template, so you no necessitate to worry about adding a new page to the template .
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Healthcare is a fresh newly web site template for healthcare organizations. If you are making a web site for a healthcare administration with different departments, this template is the best choice for you. The default design of this template manages and organizes different contents using the mod web elements. Each department in the home page is made big adequate to handle all the contents and web elements. You have a featured doctors section in the home page to show some of your best doctors, below each doctor you have the option to include script appointee call to military action button. The designer has included the booking mannequin in the footer section so that the user can access it from whatever page they are in. aside from the home page, you have early pages for web log, services, doctors and contact foliate .
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Medicare is about alike to the Healthcare web site template mentioned above, but this template has its own alone design and web elements. Call to action buttons are placed at the most appropriate positions, to direct the users to the corresponding pages. In the top stripe, you have space to add contact details and emergency number. Vector line icons are used in this template to show the services and features. As most of the icons are related to the checkup field you can use these icons as such. Call to action buttons for booking appointment is given in the peak navigation bar, in the pedestrian and in a separate section in the home page. The creator of this template has given you a offprint page for a mental reservation so that the user can be easily directed to the page .
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Medica is a trendy looking modern healthcare web site template. Sections in this template are arranged cleverly in this template so that the exploiter gets the necessitate details easily. The clear seafaring banish is split into two, at the top bar you add inquiry menus and in the second bar, you can add seafaring options. In the header, you have a big picture slider with a call to legal action buttons for on-line schedule. right after the header segment, you have contact bar, where you can add contact details, hand brake number. In the contact bar, you besides have outer space to add a simple date booking form. You besides have a detailed on-line scheduling imprint in the home page, in which you have calendar introduction options. Based on your prerequisite you can use either one of the forms on your web site .
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Caremed is the most creative template in this list of free healthcare web site templates in this tilt. With the trendy color schema and advanced web elements, this template stands out from the perch of the template. In the heading, you have a large image slider with bold textbook and call to action buttons. The information contented blocks below the header department allow you to add opening hours, emergency contact details and appointment booking shape. In the top bar itself, you have the choice to add request an date option, which you can link to your registration form. Custom line vector icons are used in this template, they are customized to match the overall color outline of the template. Both in the about page and in the blog page you have space in the sidebar to add the details in the information contentedness blocks again .
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Medical is a bare one-page template. Though it is a individual page template, the godhead of this template has given you all the option to explain your services to the users. Each part is made big adequate to give you enough room to add all elements. If you are making a web site for a little clinic, then this template will do. This template is slowly to maintain and besides helps the webmaster to update the contents easily. ocular effects are mild and are used only at the command spots. You can use this template as a base to create your custom web site template. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap model. As all the optimization in a modern web site template is taken manage you can set up a web site in no time .
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Restaurant web site templates are one of the service oriented websites which adopts on-line trends to grow its business. In the restaurant business besides the user expect on-line reservation choice. Tasty is one such advanced restaurant web site template with user-friendly features and reservation options. The creator of this template has made it easy to customize so you can tune this template to fit your needs. Lots of space in this template used for the images, so make indisputable you have enough images when you use this template .
One thing you might need to customize in this template is the food menu options, which you can use to explain your services. The reservation options are given in both the home page and adenine good as in a separate web page. As it is a food web site template, you have a fully stretched doodad to show Instagram feeds. Most patients prefer social media communication before visiting a doctor, if you are using Social media marketing then you can use this doodad or else you can barely remove it .
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Steak is a full-page web site template with minimal design. This template is besides primarily designed for the restaurant web site, fair like the Tasty template mentioned above. With the simple neat design, this template puts the capacity at the center of the design. Neat ocular effects are used to present the contents winsomely to the visitors. The architect of this template has utilized the full page web site layout to show big web elements contents. reservation forms are given on the home page vitamin a well as in a separate page. few customizations will make this template a perfect choice for healthcare websites. To give you more filmdom space all the seafaring options are hidden behind the hamburger picture .
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Bright Hotel

Bright Hotel, as the name implies this is a hotel web site template. This template has everything you need to create a professional web site. As it is a clientele web site template you have enough of promotional elements and besides web elements to explain your services neatly. bold letters and big chemical element form interaction easy in both the mobile devices and in the computers. In between sections you have parallax images to give a lively feel as the drug user scrolls down the network pages. You can use the tabbed interface to explain different services neatly to the users. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap model. As this template uses the professional code standards, developers will find highly easy to work with this template .
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Luto is a occupation class web site template for service-oriented websites like restaurants, watering place, and healthcare. The flexible design of this template makes it a perfective option for all three niches. ocular effects are used vigorously to give life to the clean design of this template. In the header section, you have an visualize slider with a call to legal action button for making an on-line schedule. just below the header, you have the information legal profession to give communication details and open hours. The information browning automatic rifle gives a clear theme to the users when they can expect an appointee, A few things which you might need to customize in this template are images and the food menu section, This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. As this template follows the vane standard guidelines, other developers will besides find easy to work with this template .
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At the beginning of the article itself, I have mentioned that how Uber has changed the taxi feel. The Taxi web site template is for service-oriented websites. With the simple aboveboard design, this template puts the frequently searched message at the peak. In the header, you have a adult hero double with a reservation kind and bold text to show contact count. Each part is made big enough to handle both images and the text contents so that you can explain your services interactively to the users. Except for the dot yellow line borders, this template is a perfect choice for a aesculapian web site. few hours of customization will help you convert this template into a fully functional healthcare web site .
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Martxa is one of the favorite web site templates for mercenary web developers. This release web site template is packed with all the pages and features to set up a web site in minutes. Just like in the premium templates, the Martxa is packed with different variations of homepages. not only with the home page, with the subpages besides you get plenty of variations. Another utilitarian feature of this template is it has RTL design, so you no need to rearrange the contents while translating the web site. Again this is an HTML web site template, you have to manually take care of the translation workplace .
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Health is a clean looking modern web site template. Images are used cleverly throughout the template to help you explain the contents interactively to the users. Since the Health template is made under the unblock healthcare web site templates class, you get all the images related to the niche. In the top measure, you have space to add emergency contact numbers and other contact options. Putting all the immediate reach out choice in one station will help the users in a rush to reach you easily. To match the neat flat design trendy flat discolor dodge is used in this template. It is a multi-page web site template, so you have more than enough space to explain all your features and services to the users. As all the basic requirements of a mod web site template like mobile reactive optimization and other optimizations are done in this template .
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