Magazines are wax of contented, they include all types of subject on their locate. The magazine web site must be able to handle all these types of message and besides must be able to present them elegantly without hindering the read have. Starting a web design and development process with so many criteria will be a time-consuming job for you, so in this list, in order to help you, we have collected some of the best spare magazine web site templates .

Best Bootstrap Magazine Website Templates

All these paid and loose cartridge holder web site templates help you to organize the contents elegantly so that the user can find the crucial content well. To give you fresh inspiration we have besides collected some vane design templates with a modern count, make sure you check all of them .

Magdesign (Bootstrap 5)

best bootstrap 5 magazine website template

Magdesign is a Bootstrap 5 magazine web site template .
Bootstrap 5 offers more convenient customization options, and most of all, the mobile responsive blueprint is very fluent. If your magazine web site is getting dealings from all types of devices, a by rights optimized Bootstrap 5 magazine template like this will be a good choice. Design-wise, this template has a well-organized layout. You can group the related contents under one part and let the hearing cursorily find the topic they want from the home page itself. right from the newsletter subscription form to the social share options, everything is covered in this design. The godhead has kept the code handwriting compromising adequate for you to easily add customs designs. overall, Magdesign is a friendlier web site template for both developers and users .
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image-rich magazine website template
Magaznpro is an image-rich magazine web site template .
magazine websites that are using images and videos to deliver an immersive exploiter experience must consider this template. Images with round edges and placid levitate effects make the web site look neat. Texts and animations are handled cleverly in this template to have a balance expect on this image-rich layout. A login mannequin and a signup form are besides given along with early regular pages, which will come in handy for websites planning to deliver a personalized exploiter experience based on the logged-in user. This template uses the latest hypertext markup language and Bootstrap model, so you can well integrate any modern tools into this template and enhance the drug user experience .
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Awesome Magazine

interactive free magazine website template
Awesome Magazine is one of the best sanely designed mod magazine web site templates .
The creator has balanced the blank front and synergistic elements smartly throughout the template. As a resultant role, you get an engage magazine web site that readers love to spend clock time on. The godhead has used a video bring icon with pulse vivification for video content to let the drug user easily identify the video subject from others. You can find many simple even useful animations in this template, which makes it stand out from other dislodge magazine web site templates in this list. Since the creator has already taken care of about all front-end optimizations, you can concentrate on the backend bring with no worries .
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free magazine website template for food magazines
From the name itself you can understand that this is a food-related blog/magazine web site template. persona spaces are used elegantly in this template so that the food images look full of life and will let the exploiter ’ s mouth-watering when they land on your web site. A class yellow journalism is placed right below the header part and a featured post appliance on the sidebar to let the readers cursorily find the recipes they want. Since this template is strictly designed for food magazines, you get some utilitarian elements like the ingredients table and a smart doodad showing utilitarian information like the cook time, number of ingredients, and more. Once you are done with the backend work, you can launch your food magazine .
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wll-thought-out magazine design
News is a colored news and magazine web site template. The creator has equipped this template with all the necessary widgets and manners to help you make a proper news program web site. If you are revamping an existing news/magazine web site, well-optimized web site templates like this will be a good choice ; you can make a seamless subject transformation without affecting the reader-experience. A distinguish Youtube section is given on the home page. As most mod newsworthiness websites have a break Youtube channel, the given Youtube section will come in handy for many magazine/news websites .
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Technews (FREE)

Technews is an in-house product from our designers and developers. We have tried to provide you all the options and functions you would need in a magazine web site template. Since most of the features are included in the box, lots of your template customization time is reduced. The neat home page layout of this template helps you to highlight important topics among other contents. The bright design of this template handles both text contents and multimedia contents without any trouble oneself .
Ads are one of the most normally used monetization options for all cartridge holder web site, in the default option design of the template we have reserved space for you to add ad banners. In the sidebar, you have the choice to include sociable media profile links and other important subject links. If you are running podcast shows, with this template you can besides share your prove, we have a special outer space for it in our default design itself. furthermore, it is an HTML5 web site template, so you can add multimedia contents without any worries .
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With a three-column home page design, this template gives you plenty of space to add and organize your contents. The sidebars will help you add widgets, promotional contents, and ad banners. The carousels and widgets are used vigorously to add more contents in one topographic point. Each category is distinguished by large banners and titles so that the drug user can easily find the subject they are matter to in. A large prototype skidder is placed in the home page header department to feature the latest articles and trending topics .
The interior designer has besides given you space to add television contents thus you needn ’ triiodothyronine adjust the layout to add video contents. Megamenu options are besides given in this template to help you organize all the related options under one hood. On the top correctly corner, you have the option to add a user login option. The godhead of the template has included a pre-designed login form along with this template .
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The internet service providers are able to provide high-speed data at more low-cost pricing ; which has increased the total of video content consumed by the people. If you are concentrating more on the video content on your magazine web site, this is the template for you. Lots of white space is used in this template to let you add more contents and videos in one identify without making the web page clouded. Bold text in ink-black are used in this template to make the text visible among the big video recording and trope contents. ocular effects are smooth and clean in this template so the vane pages load fast .
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minimal website template
Meranda is one of the true content focused free magazine web site templates. The godhead has kept the blueprint very minimal so the users can enjoy a distraction-free environment on your web site. Another advantage of using free magazine web site templates with a minimal design like this is you can easily customize it and add the elements you want. by and large texts are used for segmenting and categorizing the contents on the home page. If you want, you can add line vectors for the categories, which will great on this minimal web site design. In the default design, you don ’ t have a television post invention, but you can make one easily using the given individual stake template design .
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feature-rich website template
Magnews2, from the identify itself you can understand that this template is made for both the magazine and the news websites. The advantage of using such free magazine web site templates is you get the best of both the websites. You get enough of engaging elements to promote the important message and ad banners to well monetize the web site. The creator has given all the basic elements you expect in complimentary magazine web site templates to let you easily set up a proper web site in no time. For exemplar, you get the social media sharing options under each article, newsletter subscription phase, sidebars, mega menu option, and fortune more .
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easy-to-set-up website template
Though it is a news web site template, it will help you run a profitable magazine web site. Am saying profitable web site not only because of the ad streamer spaces but besides because of the engaging plan. This template allows you to add all types of contented. You can add videos and a few image sliders to well grab the user ’ sulfur care. modern web elements are used cleverly to utilize the spaces. For case, auto-rotating carousels are given to highlight the featured posts and proper textbook fonts to make the readability easier. It is a mobile responsive web site template out of the box, so your users can access your message even on the survive .
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gaming magazine website templates
Amin will be a good option for gaming cartridge holder websites. The godhead has tried to meet the needs of all types of bet on websites. You can post reviews or upload a entire walkthrough video without any harass. Dedicated pages are given for reviews ; hence, you can give a detail review with ratings and scores. If you like to make the ratings evening more expressive, take a count at our star topology rat CSS designs collection. On the night composition, contents look crisp. Plus, the sharp web elements give a sturdier expression to the web site. Like most other rid magazine web site templates in this tilt, this one besides gives you the full freedom to customize it as per your needs .
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reader-friendly website template
NewsFlex is a fully-equipped news and magazine web site template. Like the Aznews web site template mentioned above, this one besides has all the front-end elements you would need in a proper magazine web site. Images play a major function in this template, and the creator has used parallax scroll effects to the images to give an engage know when the exploiter scrolls down. As most mod users access websites using smartphones, playing with scroll effects will make your web site converge all types of user needs. Ad streamer sizes are distinctly mentioned in the template so that you can easily plan your banners before starting your banner design works. public speaking of banners and posters, if you are a professional standard graphic designer, take a count at our poster mockups collection to save your fourth dimension .
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interactive website template
The creator has given a well-organized home page purpose in this template. Your regular users can easily pick the subject they like and start reading the match articles. To help you hold the drug user on your site, recommend posts widgets are given on the sidebar. If you are providing personalize suggestions for your register users, the recommend posts widget will be a distribute more effective. At the top bar, you have quad to add date and upwind information. You have to take care of the backend exploit to make the date & weather chemical element work properly. The cautiously written code infrastructure will make your backend bring a batch easier .
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colorful and interactive website template
Eden web site template is designed for present-generation readers. The creator has given lots of importance to the images and video contents. If you are using lots of customs images and videos, this template will impress you. For case, if you are making a web site for a technology magazine, this design would be a great choice. The godhead has used the white space vigorously to segment and organize the content. If you want, you can add a short bit of interaction to these cards. Take a look at our CSS cards design collection for more inspiration. Like most other rid magazine web site templates, this one is besides made using the CSS3 script. Hence, it can handle any modern designs and liveliness effects without any issue .
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unique website layout for fashion magazine website
Erase is a alone looking web site and is designed specifically for fashion magazines. You have the bouncing search and bright colors that you would normally expect in a fashion magazine websites. The Erase is one of the few free magazine web site templates that gives you bounty features and pixel-perfect design for free. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can well use this template for any fashion magazine web site. All the basic elements and pages are pre-designed for you. So you can concentrate on the custom features and pages you want .
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Vizew is the best web site template for video recording message rich magazine websites. In the home page header section, you have space for featured videos with playlist, good like in the Youtube playlist. You can show the number of views, comments, and likes for finical videos to curate the users before entering the television. The dark composition of this template let the user easily read and find the contents they need. For archive page, the creator has given you a tilt view and power system view choice. small animation effects are used here and there on the template to give a bouncy feel to the template. Along with all early basic pages, the creator has besides given you a login page. Overall it is a estimable software with bounty timbre .
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Endgam is a proper gambling review and newsworthiness cartridge holder web site template. The trendy look of the template will decidedly impress gamers. The architect has designed this template thoughtfully with options for the ad and promotional banners. Hence, monetizing your web site without disturbing the contents will be an easy job with this template. Since it is a gaming web site, you have the option to add video contents. Throughout the template, the interior designer has used a dark root, which clearly distinguishes the elements and gives better readability. By making a few changes to the default blueprint, you can use this template for your gaming magazine web site .
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Hikers is a simple and elegant looking web site template. The pristine layout of this template will give a better user experience for your readers. Colorful tags are used to easily organize the contents and besides to let the exploiter easily find the categories even in crowded pages. On single post page, you have a sidebar to show generator bio and related contents. lone basic pages are given in this template, but they will help you make an impressive web site. The developer has used the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, you can well integrate any modern cock to this template .
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Sensive is a properly organized web site template, which keeps all the contents and elements in an easily accessible blemish. If you are a niche-focused magazine and gradually growing in your readers count, this is the template for you. This template will give a rich look to your web site and besides make legibility easier even on small screen devices. The developer has made all the basic optimizations, therefore most of your work is reduced in this template. All you have to do is to take care of the customization and backend integration .
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Revive is another elementary web site template for magazines and blogs. The couturier has given you some modern elements so that your web site will age lento and look mod even after few years. If you are starting a fresh magazine web site and need a web site template that works ticket for the following few years, the Revive is the one for you. Smooth vivification effects and hover effects are used to present the contents winsomely to the users. basic widgets like newsletter doodad, social media appliance, and class widgets are given in this template .
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Force Mag

Forcemag web site template is designed for a well-developed magazine web site. If you are redesigning an existing magazine web site, this template will give a bracing front to your web site. Spaces for ads are already reserved in this template so you can monetize your web site without disturbing the contentedness of the web site. rather of big prototype sliders for adding feature of speech contents, this template has text sliders, which entirely show the position headings. If you prefer images more in the heading section, you can easily customize it with the help of a developer.

Contents are by rights organized under sections like editor ’ randomness option, latest news, and trending newsworthiness. This type of group will help the exploiter to easily find the article they are concerned in. A bright red color scheme is followed throughout the template, which well draws exploiter attention on the compulsory web elements. Sidebars in this template are besides efficaciously used with carousels to help you add more contents without consuming more space. Both in the header and in the footer department you have the choice to add social media profile links .
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Techmag, as the name implies this template is designed for technology related magazines. The contents related to the engineering are growing day by day, even Google News now supports a boastful segment for the technology section. If you are running a technology-related magazine, then this template is the best option for your web site. There are a set of image holders in this template to help you make the home page of this matter to for the readers to surf around. Another advantage of this image-rich web site template is you can create effective and engaging contents. A flat design style is followed in throughout the template, depth and shadow effects are used to highlight the authoritative vane elements when the exploiter hovers over the content blocks .
This template follows unlike capacity freeze alignments so that you can add more contents within the given space. Different flatcar colors are used for the tags, to help the users easily identify the capacity category in the home page. Spaces for ad banners are given in the sidebar and in the home page top banish. tied if you need more space for ads you can easily realign the social organization based on your needs. The creator of this template has made customizations easier .
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Quitelight is the best choice for the life style magazines and fashion magazine. This template follows a different design style. If you are bored with the same old usual designs, then this template will inspire you a bunch. enough room is given for the text and picture contents so you can present the contents winsomely to the users. Trendy boldface fonts are used in this template, which not only makes the readability easier but besides adds ocular impressiveness to the template. In the heading sections and in between sections you have carousels to feature the latest contents .
Since video contents are becoming democratic among the modern users, in the default design itself you have quad to add video contents. This template allows you to display lone the article titles on the home page. You besides have the choice to show the number of likes and comments to encourage the new readers to engage in the discussions. The alone drawback with this template is you lone get the home page and single article page. You have to manually take care of the rest of the pages you need .
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Viral Mag

In between serious and professionals, people besides love to spend some of their time reading some fishy contents. If you are running a web site to share viral contents, then the Viral Mag is the best option for you. It is the most colorful template in this list of free magazine web site templates. Unlike the Quitelight template mentioned above, this template is a accomplished template. You get all the pages and options pre-designed for you. In the top bar, you have a text rotator to show a personalize welcome message and besides distance to add social media profile links .
For entertainment sites, sociable media is the main source of dealings. As more than 50 % of the on-line dealings is spent on entertainment, giving social media sharing options is a must in an entertainment news web site. A trendy gradient coloring material dodge is followed in this template. With the aid of latest CSS3 framework, the developer of this template manages to give you more lifelike looking colors. ocular effects are keep very mild in this template, since this template deals with many number of contents, overexploitation of animation effects may annoy the users .
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Newspaper is a proper web site template for news and magazine websites with the familiar design. This template includes all the elements and options that you would normally expect in a content-rich web site template like the magazine websites. The graphic designer of the template has given you quad to add television contents adenine well in this template. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 framework, you can add videos immediately or add video recording links. early useful features in this template are mega menu options, neat cleavage of contents and utilitarian widgets. Image holder of both portrait orientation and landscape orientation course is given on the home page so you can add images without any hesitations. comment sections are besides designed in this template to match the dim-witted clean look of the template .
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Sports News (FREE)

Sports News is a multipurpose web site template for content rich sites. This free template can be used for both news and magazine purposes. The layout of the home page has clear cleavage so you can group the related contents easily. Each segment gives you distance to highlight the authoritative subject in that detail category. In the home page layout, you besides get image carousel option to induce the exploiter to read the topics. Spaces for ad banners are reserved at the top and in the sidebar. If you are running mental picture based ad campaign this ad placement will help you earn better. animation effects are mild and used only at the ask spots so that the drug user can enjoy the contents without any distractions .
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If you are running a news program site that covers different fields, then this the template for you. The smart invention of this template helps you to show all your news neatly on the home page. Neat segmentations of contents will make the user spend more time on your locate, they will besides find the relate contents well. Lots of white space is used so that tied when you add sol many contents the home page doesn ’ t front bungling. The couturier has used color rag to group the categories so that the drug user can identify the interest category between the group of contents on the home page. The color codes are besides used in the menu bar to indirectly inform the code structure to the users .
To encourage users to find what is trending, a separate incision for have posts and most read post is given on the home page. rather of using pagination this template uses an ajax like autoloading option. Some find this autoloading option incontrovertible since the drug user tends to spend more time. While some users do not prefer this autoloading choice as this may tend to slow down your web site a bit. But hey, this is an easy to customize web site template, based on your needs you can customize it easily .
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Avision is a modern trendy magazine web site template. rather of following the lapp old bold invention with horizontal flash newsworthiness elements, this template follows a fresh new design. If you are about to overhaul your site and give it a new look, then take a attend at the Avision. With the trendy easy color scheme, stylish bold fonts and neat animation effects this template will anchor down the visitor on your site .
In the header section you have a boastfully trope slider for featuring hot news and at the top of the news, you have quad to mention the newsworthiness category. At the top navigation bar, you have the space to add weather stats along with it to the far right corner you have a search bar choice. This template gives you space to add video recording contents from popular sites like Youtube and Vimeo, you can besides add television directly to the web site .
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magazine, as the name implies it is a proper magazine web site template from the core. The neat layout of this template can handle a huge amount of contents easily. Though this is a full-width template in the home page you get capacity blocks arranged properly to manage the contents well. The Magazine template actually follows a two column invention so that you can show huge number of news on the home page itself .
At the header, you have featured incision with three tiles to show top news. In the home page below every article, you can display the generator name, the act of comments and published date. The news channels, particularly the technical school news channels are effectively using Instagram for brand awareness. If you besides maintaining such social media scheme the Instagram doodad in the footer can help you. The pedestrian section is reasonably much larger so that it gives you ample amount of outer space to add important links along with the Instagram appliance .
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Stuff is a colorful multipurpose web site template, which you can use as both cartridge holder web site template and blog template. With the neat full-width design, this template gives you enough of space to add your contents and big web elements. The nonpayment layout of this template gives more importance to the multimedia contents than the text contents in the home page. Lots of white space is used in this template which helps you to avoid the awkward count in the content-rich home page .
In the header, you have a adult effigy luger with a contentedness freeze to the buttocks left corner. If you spend most of your prison term for making mail images for the article, then this is the template for you. The home page follows a masonry grid-like structure but its reasonably irregular so that you can easily highlight the significant article using the big blocks .
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World is another trendy looking template in this free magazine web site templates collection. This template is full of animation effects from the heading to the footnote. As you scroll down you will get fly cards from the bed of your screen, some of you may or may not like this, but you can change this easily. This template uses latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap model, the best separate for developers is this template follows the external code standard for vane development. So the developers will find working with this template as a assemble of cake problem. even beginners can use this template easily and can learn a fortune .
The home page of this cartridge holder template is designed vigorously so that group the relate contents and can show it elegantly to the users. This grouping layout will help the users to find the hot subject in the class they are interest. You get a top navigation barricade and apart from that, you have a separate browning automatic rifle for categories just below the header incision. This template gives you a sidebar, where you can add your ad banners and early hot topics link .
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Magnews, from the name itself you can distinctly get that this template is designed specifically for magazine and news class. Hence out of the box you get all the important features and options that you would normally expect in a news web site template. This template follows a standard news program web site layout that you have seen in many lead news websites .
The best part of this template is you get a pixel perfect invention followed by top news sites for free. vivification effects are sleek and fast so the drug user will experience a fluid exploiter interface with this template. This template besides follows categorized structure but in a different layout. In each class, you get a branch clear bar for featuring hot subject in that particular category. At the top browning automatic rifle, you have user login option and social media profile links. If you are about to run a membership web site, take a spirit at our splashboard template collection to help you manage users well .
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TheGazette is a perfect news program web site template to share the news as and when they happen. But the flexible design of this template makes it a perfect choice for magazine news program web site template as well. As like most early free magazine web site templates in this tilt, this one is besides optimized for ads and ad banners to help you monetize easily. In the header, you have picture luger with portrait orientation so sometimes bad images may be cropped out. The home page of this template runs a category tag basis, so you don ’ metric ton get an organize structure with this template. Just beneath the main section, you have separate distance for adding video contents .
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Bold (FREE)

Bold is a elementary web site template which follows minimal design. It is a multipurpose web site template, the default purpose of this template make it a perfect for cartridge holder websites as well. On the clean blank background, the bluff text look big, from the invention itself you can intelligibly infer that this templates singularity is its baptismal font style. Since this template follows a minimal design, the interior designer of this template uses creative fonts to make it trendy looking. For the count of fact, in the modern web plan, the textbook do hold an significant space. Most fashionable fonts end in low legibility stage, but the fonts used in this template is stylish and at the same clock time it is besides easy to read .
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Original is a in full functional HTML5 web site template with lots of useful features. Though this template is designed for bloggers at beginning position, it has enough of useful features to create an effective magazine web site template. If you are just starting your starting your magazine web site or moving from inauguration to adjacent level, this template is the best option for you. The Original web site template helps you to give a gradual ocular transition for your existing viewers. This is a pure image focused web site template with lots of space reserved for images. Make sure you make images with adult dimensions so that you can make consumption of the full electric potential of this beautiful looking web site template. At the footer you have a full moon stretched Instagram appliance with carousel effect if you need you can customize it easily .
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Dorne web site template is basically designed to handle phone number of contents efficaciously and organize them neatly so that the drug user can find the want contents easily. This feature makes this template a perfect choice for magazine web site template. The Drone template follows a neat advanced web design with trendy semblance scheme and beautiful interface. Since this is a number web site template you get more web elements and icons, which may come in handy for you in the future. Again this template is besides multimedia content focused web site template with lots of space for images than text contents. animation effects are besides used wisely in this template to match the trendy expect of the template and besides to improve the exploiter experience .
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Sasha is a software of minimal looking web site templates. Though this is a dislodge web site template, the godhead of this template gave us five home page variations with different layouts. If you are running a vane development agency or a freelance web developer, you will find this template highly useful for your project. You can even use this template ( s ) for commercial function as well but for that, you have to pay a little, when compared to other premium web site template in ThemeForest the measure you pay here is less .
just like in the premium web site template you get more variations for all the major pages with this template. If you are thinking of converting this template to WordPress you can do it easily, in the template package itself you get unlike post formats, so in the development phase, it will be useful for you .
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article is a clean contentedness centered web site template. This template treats both multimedia contents and text contents equally. The bold textbook and clear spacing gives a ace reading experience. On the scavenge white background, the colorful network elements look more vibrant. liveliness effects are besides done neatly on this template, it is used only at the needed spot to highlight the contents and to get drug user attention. In the sidebar, you have space to add popular tags, categories, videos and gallery options. merely above the footer, you have a full stretched Instagram doodad to share your feed. Overall the Article is a completely working web site template from the front end, all you have to do is to take care of the back end .
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You can use the Blogger as a nucleotide and can create your custom-made magazine web site template. With this template, you alone get the sketch of a creative advanced home page. The legitimate arrangement of the content makes sure that the user gets the necessitate content well. This multipurpose web site template can besides be used as a business web site template. In the footnote, you have the choice to include crucial links, subscription form, and Instagram appliance. The designer has used the color dodge systematically throughout the template, which helps you to maintain the brand consistency on the web site .
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Yummy is a food blog with lots of utilitarian features. The creator of this template gave us multiple customization options which make this template arrant for food-related sites and for magazine web site websites adenine well. Like all early food-related templates this one besides gives more importance to the visualize contents. Food magazines use this layout to share the foods they discover with mouth-watering images, the neat layout of this template will add more life to your food images. right below the header section you have a part to show class banners. ocular effects are besides done neatly in this template to match the professional design of this template. overall, this is one of the best release magazine web site templates for food magazines .
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Bona is a Pinterest style web site template. With this template, the couturier has barely shared the basic idea of a magazine. By keeping this template as a base you have to develop your own custom web site. The bang-up layout gives you distance for adding both images and text. Image holders have both portrayal and landscape orientation, so you won ’ thymine experience any cropped images. To match the simple plan of this template, the color scheme used is besides meek. On the idle color scheme, the text and the images are legible and easy to read even in small screen devices .
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