Collection of the best premium and free school website templates that use modern web development frameworks to make your development work simple. 
89 % of students born after 1993 begin their search from the search engine, and about 83 % of the students in the age 12 to 17 have at least one social media account ; welcome to the millennial world. Students embrace the on-line world more than the forcible populace, so taking education on-line is a must. We on this list have collected some of the best free school web site templates that you can use for school and university websites .
previously school websites and college websites are used to showcase the infrastructure, best staff members, and holocene events. But now the technical advancements have taken us to the following floor and the educate websites will need lots of functionalities to meet the millennial students ’ needs. The school web site must be able to manage all the students, track their activities, and student-teacher interactions. We on this list have collected spare school web site templates with all these gain features. As these are all HTML templates, all you have to do is to take care of the back end oeuvre .


play school website template
Kindergarten is a playing period school web site template. The colorful design and creative world wide web elements will make this template a darling option for many pre-school and kid school websites .
You can elegantly list your courses, facilities, and faculties in this smart web site template. right from the background to the carousels, everything is designed carefully to maintain the kids-friendly count of the web site. You can add insidious animations to the elements to make it like a illusion populace for the children. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 scripts ; therefore, it can handle all custom animations effortlessly out of the box .
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primary school website template
breeding is the best primary school web site template. Since it is designed for little grownups, the color outline and design are maintained to match that old age group student ’ s taste ; not over colorful and at the lapp meter not over matured .
Navigations are made dim-witted enough to make interactions easier for all types of users. Controls and options are kept adenine direct as possible so that even new users will find it easy to use the web site. Lots of image and video recording spaces are there in this template to keep the students/users engaged throughout the web site .
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Academia (Bootstrap 5)

higher-secondary and online class website template
Academia is for colleges and higher secondary school web site templates .
This template is designed to meet the needs of both educational institutions and on-line courses offering websites. You can use this professional expect and promotional elements to neatly highlight your best courses and improve your locate ’ mho battle pace. High-quality icons are used throughout the web site, which elevates the overall attend of the web site. The creator has bundled all the icons and other images in the download file so that you can use them easily on your web site and make your pipe dream web site in no time .
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online school website templates
Online school and on-line education are growing quickly. If your school web site targets the contemporary youths for on-line courses, the Studylab template will be a good choice. The gradient-rich design and sleek animations are something that modern students will love. On the clean and jerk layout, the gradient color pops and well draws the drug user ’ s attention to the necessitate descry. A registration form is placed on the home page header department, which will improve the chances of collecting new leads. The default design itself is about arrant, with all the elements at proper spots. Unless you have any particular needs, you can use this template as such without making any changes .
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colorful education website template
Courses is besides a colorful school web site template like the Studylab template mentioned above. Lots of wag elements and bigger images are used throughout the template, so you get a well-organized layout that is easy to use. You can see many commercial and promotional elements in this template since it is designed for on-line courses offering websites. You can edit the template a little and can use it for school websites without any worries .
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Kiddos web site template is designed for school websites and children education websites. Since this template is in the first place designed for kids, you get plenty of colored elements in this one. The farseeing home page design of this template let you give a brief overview of your classes, teachers, and especial features of your school. Texts and images are balanced well throughout the template so that you can engage your users well. The godhead has thoughtfully placed the contact information and address at the top bar for better visibility. basic pages are pre-designed for you to make your problem childlike .
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kids school website template
Kiddy is a kid school web site template. Since this template is made for kids, the creator has used plenty of colors for web elements. rather of using the convention orthogonal and rounded border buttons, the godhead has used different organic shapes. Like most other free school web site templates in this list, this one is besides made using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 framework. Because of the latest world wide web exploitation frameworks, the organic shapes and the colors look more natural on this template. largely baptismal font amazing icons are used in this template, so you get enough of compatible icons to choose from. Or you can use your own icons to give a singular touch to your web site .
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multipurpose education website template
The Fox web site template is made for all types of education websites. You can use this template for both educational institutions and on-line courses offering websites. The newly bold design delivers the content clearly to the consultation. The creator has used contrasting color jazz band to elegant highlight the significant contents and besides to add ocular aesthetics to the web site. Spaces for video are given in the default invention itself, so don ’ t have to rearrange the elements on the web page to insert video. All the basic pages and elements you would normally need in a school web site is given in this template so you can concentrate on the alone elements and features you want. Using free school web site templates like this will make the developer ’ randomness occupation easier .
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clean website template
Wiser web site template is designed to be compatible with the learning management organization ( LMS ). It has the front-end elements and code structure you need to make a proper LMS web site. Coming to the Wiser template ’ sulfur purpose — it has a bold and easy-to-interact design. Lots of white space, big images, and bright colors will help you make a trendy-looking web site. small sections are given on the home page and other pages to let you well promote your best sell courses. If you are planning to provide online-courses for your students, barren school web site templates like this will be a good choice .
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colorful school website template
Edumark is another colorful e-learning based department of education web site template. The creator has used brilliantly colors effectively to give a visually attractive web site and besides a reasonable web site that authentically promotes your courses. If you remove the promotional elements, you can use it for a normal school web site. bright colors and cool-looking icons are something that goes well with the school websites. If you have a developer team, you can add micro-interactions/animations to the vectors and make it even more betroth to the users. The creator has thought of everything before designing this education web site template. For case, you even get a login and a adjustment form in this template .
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academics website template image
Academics is a clean and engaging web site template for on-line courses offering websites. Though it was not designed for school websites immediately, it still has the elements and features you would expect in free school web site templates. By making a few adjustments to the design, this template can be used for school websites. To make the customization easier the godhead has made the code script bare and compromising. Along with all other normal pages, the godhead has besides given login and registration pages in this template. If you are planning to give students the login option to let them access the materials and results, pages like this will come in handy for you .
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online courses website templates
Etrain is a brilliantly colored web site template for education websites. Lots of engaging elements are given in this template to deliver the message clearly to the hearing. gradient colors are used as the primary colors in this template and they look very natural because of the CSS3 script. Like most other free school web site templates in this list, this one is besides made for all types of education websites. In the show, you can see that the creator has used lots of vector characters. If you have the resources, you can add micro animation to the vectors and make the web site even more engage. The latest web development frameworks are used in this template, hence working with this template will be an easy job for developers .
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Edustage is a multipurpose web site template made for both commercial websites and educational institutions. Since this template is designed for double purposes, you get plenty of elements in this one. Customizing this template won ’ t be a sturdy job and the compromising code structure will help the developers well add the features they want. Course and class contingent pages are besides given in this template, which will come in handy for on-line course offer websites. Alternate light and colored sections are used to break the boring obviously background from header to footer. Along with the basic web pages, the godhead has besides given you blog templates in this template .
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Eclipse web site template is designed strictly by keeping the modern users in mind. colorful layout and trendy vector design will help you present the contents winsomely to the users. If your education web site is providing courses for arts and computer development courses for entertainment, this is the template. Just like a book cover, The eloquent look of the template will by rights resemble the types of courses you are offering. address of book covers, if you are a architect making book cover designs, take a look at our record cover mockups to present your designs realistically to your consultation or client. Coming to this web site template, it gives you batch of options and pages pre-designed for you. Using absolve school web site templates like this will help you attract contemporary students .
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If you are covering lots of domains in your educational courses, the Edusmart web site template is your best option. open cleavage of this template with colorful web elements easily helps you to differentiate each category. Shadow and depth effects are besides used efficaciously to highlight authoritative network elements and contents. Lots of space is given for the image contents. If your web site has courses offered by diligence leaders, you can use the prototype space to feature them and attract new users .
big bluff texts make readability comfortable on this template and the best separate is the fonts used in this template are shared with you in the download file. The creator of this template has made certain you can start working on this template well by providing you with all the necessary assets you need. In a nutshell, if you are looking free school web site templates that can promote your services and courses, this is the best option for you .
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website template for content-rich sites
Accounting web site template will be a good choice for occupation schools. The content-focused design and the credibility construction elements will help you make a proper web site. Since this template is originally designed for commercial enterprise purposes, you have to tweak the design a snatch before using it for your school web site. All elements and images used in this template are shared with you in the download booklet, so you can well work with this template an can make your dream web site in no time .
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multipurpose website template
Conbusi is a multipurpose business web site template. Since it is a multipurpose template, it has a pleasing design with all the basic elements that you would need on a normal web site. You can keep this template as a base and can create your dream web site. The godhead has already taken worry of all the basic chores, so you can concentrate on the custom features without any worries. master looks are maintained throughout the template, which will help you make a intelligibly branded web site .
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Enlight is a especial education web site template designed by our in-house team. Though this template is designed for the colleges, the color layout of this template makes it a perfect choice for school websites as good. The boxed width layout helps you to stay organized and keep all your contents within the frame. Borders of the layout are pushed about to the edges, so you have ample total of space to add big elements and contents. The habit of the latest CSS3 framework gives this template more natural colors and fluid animation effects. With the aid of animation effects the godhead of this template able to provide a better drug user experience. It is a multi-page template with basic pages like courses, teachers, events and contact pages pre-designed for you .
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Learnit is a multi-purpose education web site template, which can be used for both academic websites and on-line course offering websites. Since this template is designed for academic and commercial enterprise determination, you have plenty of web elements to promote your courses. In the home page header, you have a boastfully prototype standard with parallax effect. You besides have space to add bluff texts and call to action buttons in the header section. precisely below the header, you have space to showcase some of the best courses you offer. custom-make line vector icons are used in this template to neatly represent the courses you offer. Most of the icons are simpleton so that you can use for any aim .
Since this template is designed for on-line course offering websites you have space for adding courses, their ratings, and monetary value. It is a multi-page template with the subpages pre-designed for about, contacts, and courses. Both course page and single course foliate is given in the template to let you neatly explain the details to the users. In the top bar and in the pedestrian you have distance to add sociable media profile links .
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Genius is a user-friendly school web site template. It is designed by keeping contemporary audience needs in judgment. With the logically arranged home page sections, the users can well understand the courses you offers. content blocks of different sizes are used in the template so that you can add any type of message without any hesitation. Trendy gradient color dodge is used in the template for prototype banners and promotional content to make it look unique from the rest of the web elements. You besides have a divide section in the home page to feature some of your best faculties along with their social media visibility links .
The long home page of this template gives you plenty of distance to list all your features and courses in one-page. Animated counters and smooth coil effects keep the users engaged. Advanced search cake with filter options is besides given in this template, to let the users easily find the courses they are interested in. Online registration forms are besides given in this template to let the new users easily enroll in your courses .
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With big subject blocks and sections, the Academica template gives the precise information to the users. Though the home page of this template is not ampere long as the Genius template mentioned above, it uses modern web elements efficaciously to let you more contents within the given quad. Since this template is designed for on-line course offer websites you have price tags in this template for the courses ; you can easily edit them to fit your needs. Customize line vector icons are used in the template to elegantly depict the services you offer. In between the sections in the home page, you have testimonial sections to show some positive review of your schools. You can even use this recommendation outer space to showcase some of the awards received by your school .
In the top seafaring legal profession, you have space for exploiter login and registration links. This template doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include a login shape in its package. But wear ’ t worry, we have collected some of the best barren login forms with cool designs. other utilitarian features in this template are animated counters, native documentation for multimedia contents, and smooth animation effects .
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Knowledge is another trendy looking mod web site template designed for educational institutions and on-line course volunteer websites. With the intuitive design of the template, you can intelligibly explain about your institution and the unique features you have. Since textbook are besides treated as a part of the vane design, you have clean looking bluff fonts which is slowly to read. This is a mobile responsive web site out of the box, all the web elements are scaled perfectly to work absolutely on all minor screen devices. The godhead of the template not only scaled the web elements by rights but besides arranged the web elements logically. This logical musical arrangement helps the user to get the crucial contents easily .
Video contents are one of the must-have elements in the modern web global. In the default option design of this template itself, you have outer space for adding television links and video players. It is a multi-page template, in all the subpages you have an advance research bar to let the user well find the courses they want. The footnote section of the template is made big enough to put all your page links and little widgets .
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University is a pristine and clean looking web site template which can be used for all types of institutional websites. On the clean white background, the images and the text are intelligibly visible. Each section and the vane elements are made boastful enough so that the users can easily interact with your websites, evening in small sieve devices. Light aristocratic shade greens color outline is used for the vane elements, which looks attractive on the scavenge background .
The godhead of the template has used the full-width invention of the template effectively with full-stretched world wide web elements. In the top navigation cake, you have space for user login and adjustment links. This template provides you the login and registration form so you needn ’ t spend your prison term in creating one for your web site. This template is wholly running from the front-end, all you have to do is to take worry of the backend process .
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education is a well planned and executed education web site template. From the diagnose itself you can understand that this template is designed for all businesses related to education. With the professional invention approach, this template fits in well with all types of clientele websites. logically designed home page has all the sections arranged by rights so that the drug user will well understand about your school at a glance .
To match the professional design of this template, the ocular effects are besides mild and elementary. Though the liveliness effects are simple, the custom of it at the right point easily get exploiter care. This template uses three colors primarily in its purpose, blue, orange and ashen. On the clean white backdrop, the blasphemous and the orange color web elements look attractive. The top navigation banish is kept muggy for better exploiter navigation, but if you need you can customize it easily. The well-written code base made this template flexible and easy to edit .
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Skwela is a conversion focused advanced web site template for on-line course put up websites. The clean and compromising layout of this template makes it a arrant fit for the school websites vitamin a well. With big section and bold textbook, you can clearly explain your classes and other offerings. Each section is separated by in full stretched effigy background banners, where you can add extra features and early promotional elements .
The icons used are besides closely related to education recess, so you can use it as such unless you have any special needs. speak of animation effects, this template uses ocular effects lone at the necessitate elements and kept it minimal. Another useful feature with this template is the login and registration kind. Most loose school web site templates will give you lone options, but they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate provide you log in or adjustment form, the Skwela template gives you both forms .
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Unica is entirely built for education-related websites. If you are running a educate, university or on-line course relate commercial enterprise, this is the best template for you. The couturier has provided you boastful bold web elements and sections so that you can promote your courses and services neatly to the users. This template uses neat professional coloring material scheme because it is designed for all types of web site purposes .
It is a multi-page web site template with batch of utilitarian vane elements. Since this template is designed for the educational purpose all the icons you get with this template are besides related to education niche. All you have to do is to add the contents and launch your web site. The code base of this template is besides great, it uses latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Developers will find it easy to convert to other celebrated platforms .
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From the appoint itself you can understand the creator ’ randomness cue, this template is besides from the creators of the above mentioned Unica template. other than the name similarity this template has a completely newly layout and design. This light semblance outline web site template is a perfect pick for your school web site template. On the clean white background, the web elements are clearly discrete from each other and the textbook are besides easy to read. The best separate of this template is the detail, alternatively of leaving the background wholly blank, geometric shape patterns are used here and there .
At the acme bar, you have the choice to add contact information and login choice. As most modern schools are offering students log in, this choice may come in handy. Check out our dashboard template collection to manage your student ’ mho natural process well. The default purpose of this template makes it a perfect option for on-line course oblation sites arsenic well. If you are looking for free school web site templates with flexible design, this template might impress you .
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Eskwela is a advanced colored web site template for schools and other educational institutions. This template is designed and developed from the business point of scene, so you get many promotional elements and conversion-oriented elements. With this template, you can partake your achievements and early highlights of your school interactively with the users. The clean white setting makes the colored web elements tied more colorful and besides increases the legibility of the text. Interactive scroll effects used in this template makes indisputable that the exploiter scrolls down till the footnote .
The nonpayment layout of the Eskwela makes it a arrant business web site template as good. This template besides gives you plenty of space and world wide web elements to explain your services elegantly to the users. At the exceed stripe, you have a quad for adding social media profile links and call to action clitoris for an application human body. Take a search at our login form template and contact human body template collections for creative inspiration. if you are looking for free educate web site templates with a businesslike look, this template will impress you .
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Course is a creative bright colored education and on-line course offering web site template. The advantage of using on-line course offer web site is, you get batch of elements to handle huge contents and any count of users easily. This template follows a straightforward design, which lets the drug user understand your web site aim arsenic soon as they land on your site. The home page is made retentive adequate to handle all the crucial sections. rather of following the lapp traffic pattern this template uses different designs on the home page to keep the users engaged .
Bright yellow color outline of this template get exploiter attention easily and besides looks vibrant on the clean white backdrop. Icons used are besides customized to meet the overall purpose of this template. It is a multi-page web site template with all the basic pages pre-made for you. If you need any finical pages, you can add it easily, this template uses latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so developers will find it easy to work with this template .
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Edusite is a modern multipurpose web site template designed specifically for the education-related web site. This template follows a occupation web site standard design, so you get a more professional looking web site template with the Edusite. Colorful network elements with synergistic animation effects make this template a perfect option for the school websites. The default design of this template gives equal importance to both text contents and multimedia contents .
The advantage of using a textbook and multimedia-rich template is you get better SEO leave plus you can engage the visitors well. Navigation options are provided at both the top bar and at the pedestrian to help the user easily derail to any pages they want. Font amazing icons are used in this template, one of the widely used icons which supports all celebrated browsers and you besides get icons for all categories .
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Stack is a multipurpose web site template with a neat design and elastic layout. Since this template follows a business standard design you get a clear cut design in which the drug user can well understand about your school. The godhead of this template has balanced both the invention and the ocular effects elegantly. On this light color dodge web site template all the web elements are intelligibly visible and distinct from each other. Since this is a occupation web site template you get a enough of interactional elements to keep the visitors on your web site and you can besides narrate your services beautifully to the visitors. The acme seafaring legal profession is a smart stripe, which mechanically appears and stays awkward after the user scrolls below the header part. You besides get enough of space for adding images .
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inning is another multipurpose professional web site template. Since this is a multipurpose web site template you get plenty of useful elements, based on your needs you can well adjust these elements. The pixel arrant design is combined with the well-written code to give a fresh web site template. With the full-screen design, this template gives you enough of outer space to add web elements and bold text. If you are looking for a modern one-page template for your school, then this is the template for you. Without redirecting your visitors to other pages you can say all about you in one place .
The template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap model, if you are a developer you can use this template as a base to create your own custom-made school web site from rub well. The coherent alliance of sections and proper placement of a call to action buttons make the Frame the best choice for landing page template as well .
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Classic is a clean and synergistic one-page web site template, just like the Frame template mentioned above. Every web site has a finish to reach, with this template you can create a finish focused web site. Since it is a one-page template maintaining content on a long run will be an easy caper for you. Another advantage is you can tune your web site for a detail keyword easily. For example ; you can tune this template for best schools in the town keyword. As all the contents revolve around this keyword, your page will get a better rank for that particular keyword .
design and functionalities wise besides you get a agio quality template for release. Thought this template has a one-page purpose you can distinctly mention all about your commercial enterprise neatly in the home page itself. Like all other modern HTML5 web site templates, this one is besides made mobile responsive and accelerate optimized .
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security system is a multipurpose web site template with a act of utilitarian features and web elements. The versatile design of this template ’ s layout makes it a arrant fit for all types of websites. The home page is made retentive enough to accommodate all significant sections of the web site so that the drug user will have an overview of all your services and early features. This template uses floating expressive style design and the developer has used the brood effects to highlight the want elements .
The interior designer of this template has balanced the template smartly therefore that you can add both text contents and multimedia contents neatly. The best part is you besides get blog template with this Security web site template, so you can run an active voice blog well. If you are concern in converting this template to other CMS platforms like WordPress, you can do it easily. Since this template follows the industrial code standard, developers will feel slowly to work with this template .
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Invest is a package of two web site template, this template includes web design for blockchain and fiscal services. Both the web site templates include full-width design with a unlike layout, based on your need you can choose the one that best suits you. Neat cleavage with colorful web elements makes this template a best foot for educate websites. Since this is a fiscal web site template you besides get other useful elements and tools. All the tools provided in these templates are wholly working from the front end, all you have to do is to take care of the back end work. The creator of this template has used ocular effects to use secondary web elements like search options within the given space .
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immigration is a consulting representation based web site template. The colorful simple layout of this template can besides be used for schools and universities american samoa well. Since this template is a service-based web site template, you get many promotional and subject blocks. With this template, you can distinctly trade name your web site. At the crown measure, you have space to add a welcome message to give a personal touch to the visitors, along with that you besides have space to add contact count at the top right corner. On the clean and jerk flannel background, the red color web elements look attractive and get exploiter attention a soon as they land on your site .
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