30+ Fresh HTML jQuery Image Sliders and Carousels of 2021

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Responsive jQuery Bootstrap Carousel

Responsive jQuery Bootstrap Slider
Create a mobile, retina, touch-swipe carousel that looks amazing on all browsers and phones. Add images, textbook, video recording, thumbnails, buttons to slides, set autoplay, full-screen, full-width or boxed layout. Comes with easy drag-n-drop builder – make a skidder w/o gull !
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Responsive Slideshow with Lightbox Popup and Tag Filter

Bootstrap Slideshow Carousel  with Lightbox Popup and Tag Filter
This Bootstrap slideshow template is clean, modern and simple — ideal for a web site with a minimalist theme, or one that wants to show off a modern design ethos. The slideshow images are boastfully, which makes this template ideal for image-focused websites, such as photography portfolios or e-commerce websites .
Each slideshow image ‘ drops ’ into topographic point vertically, with a little bounce at the end which makes the bowel movement feel identical organic and natural. The prison term each image stays on sieve is brief, but this can, of naturally, be adjusted in included builder. You can use both pictures and videos for your responsive gallery. furthermore, you can use gifs and svg in it, and your web site visitors will be able to view them in a lightbox modal auxiliary verb carousel .
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Beauty AMP Page Gallery JS Template

AMP Gallery CSS Template
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Light AMP Responsive Carousel Template

AMP Responsive Carousel Template
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Wedding AMP Responsive Gallery

Wedding AMP Responsive Gallery
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Business AMP CSS Carousel Example

AMP CSS Carousel Example
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Architect AMP Mobile Image Gallery Template

AMP Mobile Image Gallery Template
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Sound AMP Website Gallery Template

AMP Website Gallery Template
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Beauty AMP Image Gallery CSS Template

AMP Image Gallery CSS Template
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Space AMP Web Page Gallery Sample

AMP AMP Web Page Gallery Sample
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Fitness AMP Landing Page Slider Template

Fitness AMP Landing Page Slider Template
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Startup AMP Carousel HTML Template

AMP Carousel HTML Template
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Event AMP CSS Site Slider Template

AMP CSS Site Slider Template
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Grafito Gallery Plug-in – HTML5 Slider

HTML  Slideshow This gallery has a modern elegance and an strange semblance schema. The solution is identical singular and attention-getting !
There is no frame effect to the slides, allowing the pictures to take up the maximal measure of quad. however, the images do have a ’rounded corner ‘ effect, which makes them look like modern photograph of cars .
The font used is Averia Sans Libre, a singular font that was created from the average of many other fonts. It has a fun and slightly hand-drawn front to it, which complements the far-out modern feel of the drift well .
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Gentle Simple Slider – HTML5 Image Carousel

Bootstrap  Slideshow A painting carousel is an ideal accessary for just about any web page and may provide it a dressed and professional expect. even the most basic web site design will appear bright with incorporating a graphic slither picture .
The images show the historic architecture, so this slideshow can be used for any type of presentation to showcase ancient buildings .
The luger feels advanced and enjoyable to implement. The application of bullets makes this clear the way the navigation system works, therefore this carousel is bare to grasp and apply .
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Retina-friendly Slideshow – Mobile Image Carousel

Mobile Image Slideshow and Slider
This slider has a dim-witted, clean and identical modern design that uses black and white .
Hovering over the slider lets two navigational arrows appear, one on each side. The arrow consists of a white arrow principal with a black semi-transparent r-2 outlined with a dilute white border. Hovering over the arrow makes the arrow stand out more with its less transparency. Clicking on an arrow cycles you through the images. Because of this websites clean and mod design, this luger would work well on technology websites, software companies and websites about modern computer architecture. It would besides be a capital choice for science-fiction authors and any web site about knocked out space or future think .
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Turquoise Picture Slider – Bootstrap Image Slider

Bootstrap Image Slider The turquoise template will wow your site visitors with its original elements. The arrows are plain circles with arrow signs inside that have shadows falling apart. The description baptismal font has an attractive shadow arsenic well. That ’ s what makes this slideshow spatial to engage the visitors ’ attention. Since images in the slideshow have different sizes, the transition impression lets them fluently turn into each other .
If you hover over the thumbnails, you ’ ll see a traffic circle with a loop topology in it on the grey semi-transparent background .
This slideshow would be suitable in websites for restaurants, culinary events and other to inveigle target audience .
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Parallax Image Gallery – Mobile Carousel

jQuery  Carousel The current reactive picture bootstrap gallery can make everyone pleasantly athirst. Looking at this slider, users will calm down due to this green-colored design. On leave and right slide sides 2 arrow buttons are shown. They consist of a rectangle colored in green having a double arrow inside. The button shows a small preview picture while hovering the mouse. The text description is located in the bottom-left slide corner. The baptismal font ‘ Indie Flower ’ is written in a green rectangle. You can effortlessly go to any skid by clicking on thumbnails .
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Zippy Photo Gallery – Mobile Carousel

CSS Image Slideshow bouncing template is not like the others. The arrows are situated in the proper top and bottom corners, both in one side. The arrow button is made of an orange circle and a thinly black arrow. The description is besides great. It is built with a Garamond font. The description has no setting then the write looks advanced .
On the lower separate of the slider one can find fashionable bullets – orange dots. The Turn effect has a firm impingement on viewers gaining their attention .
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Cursive Image Slider – jQuery Image Slideshow

jQuery  Slider This css-only carousel template is fun and playful whilst retaining a modern chasteness. It is fast to load, wholly reactive, and does not require javascript or JQuery to work .
The design uses longhand fonts and a ‘ sketchy ’ design aesthetic that helps the slideshow count handmade. however, only a unmarried semblance is used, making this plan ideal for websites aimed at creative grown-ups, such as cooking blogs, scrap-booking websites and other ‘ Mommy bloggers ’ .
Because the slideshow uses only cesium to create the interface and transition effects the skidder is extremely flying to load and will work on any device with a modern browser. Use this beautiful luger to showcase your recipes, handmade arts-and-crafts, or crafty supplies .
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Ionosphere Style Gallery – Responsive Image Slideshow

JavaScript  Carousel Everybody would be shanghai opening this reach and colorful slideshow where we can see french flowers and antique houses. Adding this slider will guarantee that viewers won ’ thyroxine be able to keep their eyes off of your web site .
The pleasant lightbox has rounded edges giving your site the most quixotic search. Hovering over the popped up images let blue navigational arrows show up to go for and backwards through the luger .
At the movie bottomland you ’ ll see the slide description with black setting that appears from underneath. The solid purpose absolutely fits the concept of this presentation, so it can be applied to make your web site look more beautiful .
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Route Content Slideshow – CSS Image Carousel

CSS3  Slider This Route Slider encompasses outstanding nature landscape images. It will impeccably match the concept of a travel representation, ecological conservation organization and other companies. Hovering over the thumbnails of the dapper lightbox darkens beautifully framed images slightly to make them stand out. At the right and left sides we can see navigation arrows resembling elegant grey circles with triangles inside of them. They disappear with a evanesce effect and pop up again while switching between luger images. Along with them short-change descriptions act the lapp impress viewers with its facility .
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Metro Image Gallery – HTML Image Slideshow

jQuery Image Slider The right slideshow for a floral patronize and biological communities is this Metro image gallery. If you point your sneak cursor on a lightbox thumbnail, you ’ ll see a description box appear from underneath. If you click on that, the gallery will start. here you find gird arrows and description in white and gray colors allowing users to switch pictures in an slowly way. The gallery frame resizes smoothly according to the visualize size.

This glorious slideshow is amply mobile-friendly, so it can be viewed on devices like tablets or phones ampere well as desktops without any troubles .
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Mobile-friendly Bubbles Slider – CSS Slider

Responsive  Slideshow This slider is very convenient and square. It plays endlessly, and since it reaches the end it scans backwards, arrives for the inaugural visualize, and automatically replays the sum set right away. Users can determine which painting they would like to view by just clicking the thumbnail picture veranda located immediately beneath the slide testify whenever. additionally, hovering within the thumbnail displays the count header. The photos are bombastic and have the ability to expose details that can otherwise escapes the human eye. due to this pictures must be hi-res and choice .
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Kenburns Photo Gallery – CSS3 Carousel

Bootstrap  Slideshow The non-jQuery photograph gallery is created using entirely CSS and it provides a bang-up way to showcase your photos and to let visitors to your web site see the very best of what you have to offer. It has a beautiful conversion effect, with a slow and sweetheart pan toward the plaza of the photos, so your audience will have a chance to see every detail that you want them to. Between its ocular invoke and its full complement of controls for the spectator, this jQuery-free veranda will be a surefire hit with anyone who comes across your site .
With its loosen pace and versatile expect, this show is the perfect CSS photograph gallery for an artist ’ mho web site, an on-line clothing store or a site dedicated to travel .
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Dodgy Image Gallery – Bootstrap Image Slideshow

CSS3 Image Slideshow A modern frameless plan, this skidder keeps control buttons to the edges so that the spectator ’ randomness focus is on the images. Simple, bold style makes this slider ideal for contemporary websites .
For seafaring, the jquery visualize gallery has oversized arrow controls at each side. By hovering over these arrows, the exploiter can see a thumbnail preview of the adjacent or former slither. The craved slide is brought forward by clicking on the appropriate arrow. The double arrow design on the navigation controls adds to the mod appearance of this luger .
The basic blueprint of this skidder is perfect for modern websites that value intuitive design and simple displays. Let your images speak for themselves .
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Boundary Content Slider – CSS Image Carousel

CSS  Slideshow This slightly strange slider root is identical modern and attractive. It is a more ‘ square ’ supreme headquarters allied powers europe than most web site sliders, which allows is to work for images that aren ’ t landscape. It could be a great accession for a portfolio web site, or to showcase portraits of people and animals .
The luger uses a deep burgundy color outline, offset with egg white. It ’ s an unusual and assume color that suggests luxury and sophistication .
Each image in the slider zooms in and out, lento fading at the lapp fourth dimension to reveal the next image .
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Brick Content Slider – Bootstrap CSS Image Slideshow

Bootstrap Image Carousel
The transition effect is what makes this carousel rightfully amazing. Each slides plays for a much as three seconds before another image replaces it .
This model presents the slideshow during a wide excellent bird’s-eye display that is certain to amaze everybody that sees it. This example features identical little clutter as you possibly can to guarantee the pictures are displayed without obstruction generally components disappearing when not being used. The standard vivification effect is Brick, which slides images in through the right. Again, the transition is not hard but slick. The overall result is a slideshow that has been modern and elegant but simpleton .
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Mobile-optimized Showy Carousel – WordPress Carousel

CSS3 Image Slider The liveliness effect is what makes this carousel in truth enchanting. Each slides plays for about three seconds before another prototype replaces it. In the event the image is beginning to change, the approaching double ’ s shadow arrives in the impart, and outwardly the boundary line. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as picture has replaced the present one, users could see the shadow in the leaving photograph outwardly right in the frame. This consequence in truth illustrates the look and attracts the user ’ second matter to, which is the argue it will look courteous for photography or travel world wide web sites, chiefly because attracts people .
The usage of bullets will make it net what screen of navigation organization works, which means this chute appearance is easy to understand and employ .
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Dominion Slideshow – HTML5 Image Carousel

Free Image Carousel In this gallery each thumbnail has a light frame with description and plus buttons looking fantastic on any device. The theme of this skidder can resemble a Summer Breakfast. Opening the main drift shows a darken skeletal system rather which best contrasts with the first one. To emphasize the image in the center there is the grey semi-transparent background. The dark arrows appear once you hover over the image. This slideshow will fit on the menu page for a cafeteria or restaurant to show available desserts .
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Showy Slideshow – HTML5 Carousel

Free  Slider A deceptively and enticing simple design with attention-getting fluent effects, these are the highlights of this show slideshow created using the amazing Wowslider. The pictures rotate smoothly in and out producing a strike and attractive effect .
Each image of the fantastic Oxford University is displayed for an enjoyable duration. And in case you want to go for or backwards a bit, you can find an arrow each on veracious and left slideshow ends .
Every arrow mechanically highlights once you move the cursor over it and disappears smoothly. The design is simple green on a translucent white background. The fish edges offer a sense of modernity to the arrows .
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Fade Slideshow – Bootstrap Image Slideshow

HTML Image Slideshow This is a relax, cute and playful luger purpose with a slightly feminine look and feel. It would be perfect for websites with an arts-and-crafts focus, for bloggers, or for romance and chick-lit authors .
The design uses a purple and white color scheme, rounded corners, and foil to create a soft, slenderly free-and-easy look. Of class, everything can be tweaked and customized in cssSlider so that the resulting slider blends seamlessly with your web site .
This luger is an excellent option for anybody who wants a relax slider blueprint that still has mighty functionality and a authentic framework .
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Ionosphere Slider – WordPress Slideshow

HTML Image Carousel This skidder demonstration utilizes the well-known ‘ stack ’ effect for slide transitions. In this effect, each raw slide plainly swipes in from the right side towards the impart. No fancy pop and distracting magic trick tricks, a bare swipe. This room, the spectator international relations and security network ’ thyroxine distracted and focuses directly on the picture in front .
The luger demonstration has sharp, angular orthogonal boxes for text, placed in the lower left corner. Each box is a translucent black with white opaque write .
The bullet train points are placed in the lower middle in the form of homely grey circles. elementary blue arrows for seafaring are confront in right and left side .
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Epsilon Slider – jQuery Slideshow

CSS3 Image Carousel The slideshow has very minimal features to maintain its simplicity and crisp look. It has a very reduce white ensnare that would work capital as a heading slideshow for satiny and modern websites that want to portray a neat and master front to its viewers, such as wedding photography sites, or a studio product photography web site .
Above the slideshow, there are small boxes that feature belittled previews of the images that are in the slideshow. This makes for quick interchange of the slides. Each box of preview is highlighted with a purple molding. The previews are slenderly dulled so that each preview on mouseover can stand in darkness contrast to the others .
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Mobile Sunny Slider – HTML Carousel

HTML Image Slideshow This Sunny Fade skidder template offers a easy and very chill transition from slide to slide, allowing your web site users to enjoy a relax skidder of all of your best images. With a built-in preview panel and an sound recording have that they can control, both the eyes and ears of your guests will be entertained while they check out your pictures at their own pace. As constantly, you ’ ll have the best slideshow technology at your service, allowing for glitch-free and continuous displays that are indisputable to stay in the minds of your customers for days to come. WOW Slider ’ mho templates work equally well whether your consultation is using it on a desktop or mobile device, so it will never limit your ability to capture the imagination of visitors to your web site, no topic how they are accessing it .
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Slim Slider – CSS3 Slider

Mobile Image Carousel
If you want an elegant slider design with an antique sophistication then this is the matchless for you .
The invention uses a soft and faded brown, evocative of sun-bleached leather, and white. By using merely two colors, the design manages to remain dim-witted and elegant but extra flourishes in the typography and UI elements stop it from feeling besides bare and clean .
This design is an ideal choice for many different websites. It would work particularly good for antiques dealers, anybody dealing in vintage goods, and clothes designers that channel an antique elegance and sophism. It would besides work well for diachronic love story authors .
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Non-Javascript Material Slider – Angular Slideshow

Responsive Image Slideshow This demonstration shows off your images in a arresting slideshow that is all about presentation ! Arrows and titles are brushed off to the sides and corners to avoid cluttering the screen door while always being promptly available for easy control and access. You can move ahead and backward by clicking on the aforesaid arrows at the left and correct hand of the screen which are encased in simpleton blue circles that go well with the image title ‘s public square backdrop and the ones at the bottom of the show that quickly allow you to skip to whichever image you may wish to see at any consequence. You can besides scroll through them by clicking and dragging the mouse over the photos if you desire .
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Bootstrap Gallery – Free Slider

Responsive  Slider Bootstrap provides a thumbnail component that is designed to showcase linked images in a grid with thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnails of this fantastic gallery brings up a full screen luger window with newfangled telephone images. This skidder is responsive what means it resizes to fit the sieve it is being displayed on .
Site visitor can get to any trope using white bullets at the slideshow bottom. The easy so far smooth transition effect gives an allow way of showing the web site content .
Adding a cesium effigy gallery to your web site does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. It ’ s obviously the best way to liven up your web site .
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Bootstrap Carousel – HTML Carousel

Mobile  Slider To embed a stunning image carousel that ’ s truly modern of its web nature, you can use this slideshow based on Bootstrap – the most potent and reliable model. It will fit the sieve of any device providing a milled look and feel charming your locate guests and making them stay on your page .
The Slider is full screen sized giving an ambient impression arrant for presenting goods and services. The rectangle ashen arrows are placed on the right and left image ends. The white advanced bullets let exploiter easily navigate through the whole slider .
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Responsive Angular Slider – WordPress Carousel

Responsive  Slider This Demo Slideshow will fascinate quite everyone with its user-centricity and responsive blueprint. It shows a colorful evening nature soothing anyone who looks at its sunset images. User can proceed for or backwards clicking on the bottom-right or top-left arrows like angles a well as on preview buttons at the bottom. Therefore this slider template is called Angular. There you ’ ll see modest pictures for skipping slides and going to the skid drug user want to look at. This collage effect with its throwing pictures into the setting and picking up these from nowhere will excite your site consultation providing unforgettable user-experience .
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Carousel Slider – Angular Carousel

HTML5 Image Slider many slider designs look extremely similar, and it is hard to find one that stands out and is memorable. This root from cssSlider avoids that problem by being highly unique in every aspect, whilst hush looking professional and mod .
This skidder would be perfect for websites that want to be memorable but still look professional and trustworthy. fiscal websites would benefit from its clean and jerk and authoritative expect. Overall this skidder design is grown-up, trustworthy and memorable — working for any site that has an pornographic audience and discusses serious topics .
As with all cssSlider designs, the theme is amply reactive, fast-loading and authentic. There are no images used in the interface, which helps ensure the skidder always works absolutely .
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Utter Image Gallery – HTML5 Image Slider

Mobile  Slider The Push Stack slideshow template offers up a sharply presentation for your images, with a dramatic transition from one slide to the future and enough of convenient controls for viewers. Visitors to your web site will be transfixed by the smooth chemise from image to image and they ’ ll no doubt appreciate the ability to stop on images that capture their attention, american samoa well as preview the rest of the slides and go directly to any one of them with nothing more than a snap of the mouse .
You can expect the same great operation from this Utter template that you would from all WOWSlider slideshows. They are all made to work well on any device and they ’ ve been repeatedly tested to ensure that they are rid of glitches, providing web designers with a fantastic excerpt of prove winners for their sites .
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 Responsive Carousel Bootstrap
 Carousel Bootstrap 4
 Responsive Carousel Bootstrap

 Bootstrap Carousel
 Bootstrap Carousel Slider
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