Collection of free travel agency website templates to help you make travel websites for booking airline tickets, bus tickets, travel packages, or any other related services. 
travel agencies entirely depend on the quality of the avail they provide. The best character is each customer is different and their needs are besides different. The lapp thing applies to travel agency websites. To meet customer requirements, websites need to be equipped with tons of features. deplorably most of the features can only be found in bounty templates. But merely for you, we have collected the best free change of location agency website templates with premium features .
All these free travel agency web site templates are HTML5 templates. Every feature of speech in these templates is wholly working from the front-end. With the help of a developer, you can make these templates a complete web site in no time .


HTML5 travel agency website template
Tralive is a trend-looking HTML5 travel agency web site template .
The practice of colorful elements and vectors in the nonpayment design will help you deliver a storytelling feel to the consultation. Plus, you can inspire the traveler inside the audience with the aid of image spaces in this template. Lots of persona spaces are there on both the list page and the travel package details page. You can add more information on the unmarried enlistment box page and let the consultation know what they get in the package. Since it is an HTML5 web site template, you can even add videos in this template to deliver the content clearly to the consultation .
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Passport (Bootstrap 5)

content-rich HTML travel agency website template
This HTML5 travel means web site template uses the latest bootstrap 5 model american samoa well. consequently, you get a stunning-looking web site design .
The adult sections give more than enough distance for images. Image holders on the home page and list page let the audience distinctly see the images before getting to the single enlistment package page. The creator has given you a solid base in this template, you can use it to create your own custom web site, or you can flush convert this template into a CMS subject if you want. Passport is one of the best change of location agency website templates for developers .
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ticket booking and travel agency HTML website template
Flyplane is a multipurpose HTML travel representation web site template. If you are offering travel packages and flight booking services, this template will be a good choice .
You get a neat search bar with utilitarian filter options for the audience to promptly search and find the travel package they want. All pages on this template have a content-rich layout. Whether you want to use images to awestruck the audience or planning to use custom videos to inspire the hearing, this template can handle it effortlessly out of the box. This template ’ sulfur front-end works smoothly ; once you have taken worry of the backend depart, your web site is ready to serve your audience .
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ultra-clean free travel agency website template
Hepta is an ultra-clean minimalistic travel web site template. large sections and image spaces make the interactions easier on both big and belittled screen devices. stylish fonts and slick persona animations give a contemporary search to this template. Plus, the images look vibrant and livelier on this clean layout. The entire images and icons used in this template are shared with you in the download file. So the developers can easily customize this template and can create a custom web site in no fourth dimension. overall, Hepta is a proper HTML5 travel agency web site template with all the options you need .
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travel agency website templates for airline and bust ticket booking
If you want a travel booking focused travel agency web site template, Travel2 will be a good choice. The first gear thing the user sees when they land on your web site is an gain search bar to book a journey. Since it is an HTML5 web site template, all features work smoothly from the front-end side, and you have to take care of the backend integration. The creator has followed the industrial code standards by rights in this template, so integrate any mod tools and options into this template without any hindrance. Travel agencies concentrating chiefly on the beach and oceanside vacation spots can use this template to straightaway establish their web site because of its greenish blue blue coloring material scheme and fluid animations .
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travel agency website template for agencies offering vacation packages
Pacific will help you make an amazing travel agency web site template. This crisp looking web site template helps you elegantly showcase the photograph of the places and let the users about feel the place ’ s beauty. If you are giving special importance to the photograph or consumption custom-made photograph of the places you offer travel packages, templates like this will be a dear choice. adequate importance is given to video content a well, so you get batch of space to add videos throughout the web site. Modern web elements are used cleverly in this template to deliver a friendly interface and besides to deliver a visually stunning experience .
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Places is a in full equipped travel representation web site template. The creator of this template gave us all the options we want and everything is in a perfect work condition. In the header, you have a ticket mental reservation imprint and a call to natural process buttons, in the form you besides have the calendar input signal option for easy submission. liveliness effects are used to show the images interactively to the users. even though it is a multi-page template, this template provides you a long home page .
The sections on the home page are aligned logically indeed that the exploiter will get the ask details easily. apart from the home page you besides get other pages like services, directory, and contact page. In all the subpage you have space reserved at the exceed with a background effigy to add promotional contents and latest offers .
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image-rich travel website template
Travelo web site template ’ south design will inspire the audience to travel to new places vitamin a soon as they land on the web site. The godhead has used images and videos effectively to let the users amply experience the beauty of the places. evening if you are planning to have a raw HTML web site, the HTML5 framework of this template will help you run video recording without any issues. Each and every page on this template is designed with wish so that you get relevant elements for that page, and users can well interact with your web site .
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user-friendly website template
If you are offering lots of irresistible features in your locomotion packages, this is the web site template for you. The clean content-focused design of this template will help you explain the go packages clearly to the hearing. largely flat-ish elements are used in this template ; some of them might transform into modern elements when you hover over them. Like most of the free travel agency web site templates, card elements are used to give a quick overview of the important aspects of the tour package. For case, users can see the count of days, price, and locations easily on the tour package card. You can use flip animations to the card to make them tied more attractive. Take a look at our menu flip vivification effects collection for fresh ideas .
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clean website template for travelers
Trips is a clean and engaging web site template for change of location means websites. On the fairly white layout, the godhead has used smooth animation effects to deliver the content winsomely to the audience. On the home page header section, you have the option to add a television link. If you want you can evening use a television setting to bring the gamble and traveler inside your hearing. The godhead has given an ample amount of space for images and texts to let you explain the enlistment package and the places intelligibly to the consultation. With the premium quality design, this template becomes one of the best barren travel representation web site templates in the market .
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unique website template with useful options
Waterboat is a unique travel web site template in this barren travel agency website templates solicitation. This one is specifically designed for travelers who like to travel via lavishness yacht, boats, and ships. Though the default purpose is made for the micro-niche, you can use this template for other types of locomotion means websites a well. All necessity elements from the enlistment pack cards to the registration forms, everything is given in this template. By making a few adjustments to the design you can use this template for all types of travel agency websites .
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vacation and travel planning agency website template
vacation is a normal change of location representation web site template that you can use for any web site. The solid web site is designed from a occupation perspective. You can elegantly showcase your travel packages, explain the places clearly using the video and images. To help the drug user easily search and find the travel box they want, an promote search browning automatic rifle is given in this template. Dropdown options and calendar input options are besides given in this search stripe to make the interaction easier. Every component on this template is designed with wish so that the drug user can well use your web site. If you are looking for free change of location agency website templates that can help you grow your business, templates like this can help you .
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colorful website template
Tourbi is a colored travel agency web site template. The creator has used bright colors efficaciously to draw drug user attention to the command elements and content. All the elements in this creative web site template are perfectly working form the front-end. So we can concentrate on the features we want and in the integration separate. The godhead has used the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, hence you can easily integrate any latest tool with this template. In all the pages, you have a newsletter subscription form. If you are into e-mail market, take a look at our electronic mail commercialize templates, to create impressive emails in no prison term. Using release change of location agency web site templates like this will help you save you meter and money .
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clean and professional looking website template
If you like the Tourbi template mentioned above, but want it in a more businesslike expression, the Martine template will impress you. Since both the templates are from the same creators, you can expect the same design quality and code quality. relatively speaking, the Martine template has more distance for images than the Tourbi template. Hover and animation effects are used cleverly to give utilitarian information within the given space. On the top bar, you have space to add useful information like contact information and social media profile links. On the webpages, you have bad banners in between the sections to promote your services and approaching events. If you are looking for free travel means website templates with commercial design, this is the one for you .
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Safario is a trendy looking exemplifying web site template. The architect has used colored vectors to show tour packages and places. Hover effects are used cleverly to show relate contents like the go package price and its details. vigorously designed home page let the exploiter get a immediate overview of your services. useful elements like enlistment software search widgets are given in the home page itself to keep the users engaged. In the pedestrian, you have space to add an Instagram appliance to share your feeds. It is a mobile responsive web site template so your customers can ledger your services on the go .
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Traveland is an effigy rich web site template. If you are using custom-made images made specifically for your web site, then this is the template for you. The big effigy holders help you show the photograph clearly to the users and let them feel the vacation spotlight they are going to choose. To make the text legible among these boastfully persona holders, the graphic designer has made the textbook bigger and bold. even on small screen devices, the exploiter can well read the contents on your web site. The package booking call to action button is placed at the crown navigation browning automatic rifle so that the drug user can entree it easily from all the pages on your web site .
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Travelers is a bold web site template that will inspire the traveler inside everyone. On the clean white backdrop, the images can be seen clearly. In all subpages, you have a testimonial section to improve credibility. Each segment on the web page is made bigger so that you can add all type of contents in this template. Since it is an HTML5 template, you can add video recording contents to it. other than regular pages, this template besides gives you blog templates to plowshare the latest news and offers. You can use the big trope parallax incision to add promotional banners and increase your conversion pace .
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taxonomic group is about similar to the Safario template mentioned-above, but this template has space for images along with the colored vectors. The interior designer has given you pre-designed colored banners to promote your services. colorful gradient colors are used for crucial vane elements and crucial sections. interactional levitate effects and animation effects are used to give life to this creative web site template. Along with the basic web pages, the developer has besides given you blog templates pre-designed for you .
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beyond is a clean looking web site template. The elementary bang-up design of this template presents the web contents elegantly to the users. ample amount of space is given for the video recording and visualize contents. If you are using your own images and videos on your web site, it will help the user engage your web site easily and besides will increase your credibility. Bold text and icons are used to highlight the services to give you more screen space, all the seafaring options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon. From header to the pedestrian you have plenty of space to add your contents. search options are given as a appliance on the home page, which you can move up or down on the page based on your needs .
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Major is the perfect option for the travel agencies offering A-Z locomotion services. Though this template is designed for hotel websites, you can use this for travel websites as well. The sensual design of this template get you list and organize all your services in one home. Using adult bold text and big images this template elegantly promotes your business. user-friendly features like gain search bars are given in this template for flying and easy search. In the top navigation browning automatic rifle, you have space to add customer support count and booking call to military action button. It is a multi-page template, so you needn ’ triiodothyronine worry about running forbidden of pages .
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The header section of the effigy itself will set the holiday mood, once the visitor down on your locate. significant web elements are put at the top part of the home page so the exploiter will easily know the services you offer. brilliantly colors and streamlined animation effects are used to promote new offers and your commercial enterprise elegantly to the users. Clean white background of the template is used efficaciously to intelligibly distinguish the web elements and text from each other. Vector icons are used to neatly depict the services you offer .
In the home page header section, you have an advance search bar with filter options. merely below the search bar, you have category options to let the user easily find the services they are looking for. Cards are used to show the enlistment packages along with their price, rag, and a flying information of the tour package. It is a multi-page template so you can explain the services in detail to the users. In the go page, you have interactional trickle tools to let the users easily filter the places they are interested to visit. As said before, all the features are wholly working from the front-end, you have to manually take care of the integration share .
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Storytelling is one of the most effective means used by the boastful stigmatize to inspire new visitors to join their broadcast or to try their product. With the Voyage template, you can inspire the travelers with images and video recording contents. The couturier of this template has made use of the modern web elements to get exploiter attention. Proper segment of the template answers the user questions then and there where it appears. So the users will find your web site extremely utilitarian to plan their slip with you .
Images and video contents are an important average, which the travel agencies use to engage their users. The graphic designer of this template has understood this demand and provided you with batch of double holders in this template. In the header section, you have a search bar with a tabbed interface ; it helps the users to easily switch between services and find the package within their budget. Full-width design of the template is effectively used by the fully-stretched carousels and big content blocks. The home page of this template is designed sanely sol that the users can have a flying overview of all your services .
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Harbor Lights

feature-rich hotel website template
Harbor Lights is a travel com hotel web site template. Modern layout and smooth vivification effects will help you hold the new drug user on your site for a longer period of time. The sanely designed home page has all the important elements and sections thus that users can easily find the information they want. Since this is a multi-page web site template, you can easily direct the users from the home page to the relevant pages. Blue and park colors are cleverly balanced throughout the template to give a visually pleasing web site. By making a few changes to the web site, you can use this template for a locomotion representation .
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modern website template
Europa is a bold and friendly web site template for travel agencies and hotels. A alone color scheme makes this template base out from the early spare locomotion means web site templates in this list. You can change the color system if you want and make the web site look the way you want. The handiness checking shape has useful options like the date picking option, the number of adults & children, and the pricing. To make the search shape even more lease, you can add a range slider element. Take a search at our range slider CSS designs collection fir inspirations. Since this template is made using the latest CSS3 script, it can handle all mod elements and effects easily .
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Travello is an extremist clean travel web site template. This template gives you all the choice you need in a professional looking web site layout. The clean design of this template gives a rich look to the template. If you are offering luxury services, then this template will reflect the class of service you are offering. On the pristine white backdrop, the images look more colorful and the vivification effects are lively. On the home page, you have a large persona slider with the advanced search legal profession. You besides have a flying navigation option for the home page in the header incision to let the exploiter well startle to the sections .
Premade big effigy banners are besides given on the home page to help you promote the latest offers. In the top bar, you besides have space to add a touch count. You can even add chat confirm to this template. As the Travello uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, you can easily integrate this template with other web applications. The lone downside of the template is it has only the home page design. You have to take your web site from here or create your own web site template by keeping this template as a base .
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Fitness Gym

Fitness Gym may not be a calculate travel web site template, but it has the features and options to create an effective travel web site. promotional banners, price tables, and trope sections will help you neatly promote your business and explain your travel packages. Each segment is made big enough so that you can add big images and longer texts without any write out. Ample amount of quad is given for the text contents so that you can explain your service neatly to the users .
One of the most unique features about this exempt web site template is it is pre-bundled with the chew the fat creature, Twalktoo. You can engage your customers directly and try the chances of converting the visitors into customers. Twalkto tool is besides easy to use and customize tool, which is used in a numeral of websites. You have to manually take care of the integration of your subscribe system with the web site. Customizing this template will be an easy job for the world wide web developers. As this template follows the code standards used by master developers, integrate and adding features to this template will be an easy problem .
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Samira is a luxury hotel web site template by default. But, this template shares a batch of features you have seen in a travel web site template. This template besides includes all the user-friendly features like search options, software list with price, and lots of image holders. In the pedestrian, you have a full-width appliance for Instagram widgets. This elegant looking web site template is coupled with cool ocular effects to truly promote your commercial enterprise and besides to give life to the images and web elements. Texts are made boldface and easy to read so that the users can easily interact with your web site .
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Travelista is the most modern web site template on this number. Just like the Places template mentioned above this template besides has the network elements placed in the most appropriate places for a better resultant role. The full-width design gave you more than enough space to add bad elements and long subject. This template gives equal predilection to both text contents and double contents. ocular effects are used smartly to show useful information and it besides gets user attention easily. table elements are used to help the drug user get a better theme of the travel packages you offer. Take a search at our CSS mesa templates collection to get modern purpose inhalation .
In the header you get a hardening of forms in a tabbed interface, each form is used for unlike purposes. Just like in the Places template, this mannequin is besides is in a complete working stipulate from the movement end. All you have to do is to take worry of the backend work and the integration part. Just above the lead navigation bar, you have space to add social media profile links and ticket reservation options. If you are looking for free travel agency website templates with useful options, this template is the veridical deal for you .
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Travelix is a colorful web site template. This template ticks all the checkboxes of the modern network design ; you get gradient color dodge, bluff stylish fonts, simple icons and polish animation effects. The gradient color system is used elegantly throughout the template, liveliness effects are besides combined with this color scheme to give a full of life color switch when you hover over elements. In the heading, you have an image slider with fluent transition effects and bluff textbook to give an interactional presentation about your services .
good below the image slider, you have a tabbed interface to select the service they want. Each serve is indicated with beautiful icons. address of the icons, they are customized to match the overall design of the template. One lineage phase is used in each service options, to make reservations. Images play a major character in this template design, you can use images of the places to interactively show box details .
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atlantis is chiefly a hotel web site template, but the core features and compromising layout of this template male it a perfective match for travel websites as well. As a travel agency, you have to provide a clear estimate about the services the drug user will get in a box. With this template, you can explain your services in detail to the users. The clean pristine design makes the colorful web elements look more attractive and help you easily distinguish each element. big elements and sections make interactions easier tied in belittled shield devices .
As it is a hotel web site template, you get monetary value badges to mark the pricing of the rooms and suites, you can use this to mark your travel package rates. It is a multi-page template and you get a separate foliate for the room reservations. As it is a service based web site template, feedback options are provided on the contact page and booking foliate. Overall the Atlantis is a well thought out useful web site template .
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Destino is similar to the Travelix template mentioned above. This template follows the design that attracts the modern millennial traveler. even the promotional elements and banners are designed elegantly to match the overall modern purpose of the template. The designer of the template has used the undimmed bolshevik color schema cleverly thus that the template doesn ’ thyroxine look brassy but besides gets exploiter attention at the right spot .
Thanks to the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework for making this template more lively with creative ocular effects. As all other rid travel agency web site templates in this tilt, this one is besides a multi-page template. The icons are singular and match the travel services theme of this template. The Destino template gives you enough space to add both simple text contents and multimedia contents .
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Luxehotel, from the list itself you can infer that this is a hotel template. Just like the Atlantis web site template mentioned above, this template besides has elements and options to help you make a professional locomotion agency web site. The couturier of this template goes with a minimal and elementary border on to make a distraction-free web site. The simple design of the template besides gets minimal animation effects to make it visually appealing to the users .
As this is a service-oriented web site you get utilitarian vane tools to make the drug user experience great. For exercise ; at the heading you have an advance search bar for finding relevant room, you can use this tool for the exploiter to select a package. As it is an HTML web site template, you have to take manage of the back end function. speak of the code, this template follows the industrial standards followed in the premium template, so the developer will find it easy to work with. Using absolve travel agency web site templates like this will save you time and money .
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tour is the go-to option for travel agencies which take care of everything in their package. This template comes with tons of utilitarian options and elements. not only with the features but besides with the design you get a premium quality template. With this template, you can explain all your services interactively to the users. If you like to impress the visitors with your own custom-made photograph of the places, then this is the template for you. The Tour template gives you plenty of space to add your images, as it is an HTML5 web site template you can flush video contents without any worries .
Since most of the space is reserved for the persona, the developer has used the hover and animation effects to explain the services. In between sections you have space to add promotional contents and banners. The full-width banner with bold textbook helps you promote particular offers. Rating elements are besides provided with this template to help the user best package they need. If you are about to make a custom-made business model that allows the user to select everything from the mode of tape drive to the hotel they stay in, spare locomotion means web site templates like this is the best option for you .
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This template is besides designed for service-oriented websites, hence you get promotional elements angstrom well as user-friendly elements with this template. The full-width plan of this template gave you plenty of quad to explain your services interactively to the exploiter. If you are into a conventional exemplar with professional business style design, then this template will impress you. The creator of this template gives more importance to the text contents, the light color scheme of this template improves the readability of the textbook. early utilitarian elements you get with this template are parallax scroll, animated counters, placid liveliness effects and well-customized icons. This template is packed with two home page variations, both follow different conjunction, based in your indigence select the one that fits you .
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Flawless is a sports and seaworthiness web site template. This creative web site template has a clean design and useful features that will help you create an effective travel agency web site. Flawless is a pure conversion focused web site template and has all the web elements placed in the most optimum position. alternatively of using parallel lines to differentiate each section of the home page, unlike shapes are used. contentedness boxes are provided to add both text contents and trope contents .
In the header, you have an image slider with text to give motivational messages. just below the image luger, you have pricing table segment to show the box details and price. This template besides provides you pricing badges to indicate packages with images merely like in the ecommerce websites. Icons are the only matter you need to change. Since it is a fitness web site template you get all the icons related to the fitness center field .
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Royal is a fashionable and feature rich web site template. Detailing makes this template stand alone in this fix of dislodge travel agency web site templates. not only the designers but besides the developers added their creativity to make this template visually appealing. pristine uninfected design of this template made legibility and interactions easier. Image holders with round edges and natural colors show the usage of latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Just like all early service oriented web site templates, this one besides gives you search and reservation options at the heading section. The form fields are made user-friendly so that the exploiter can input data well. apart from the home page you besides get gallery page where you can add some of your tripper photograph to inspire the travelers .
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Robust is besides a fitness web site template just like the Flawless template mentioned above. It is a flexible and comfortable to customize web site template, which makes it the best option for any professional websites. On the clean white background, the gradient coloring material scheme looks attractive. As it is a seaworthiness center you get schedule section in this template to explain daily classes. Parallax sections in between sections give users a full of life feel when they scroll down. All you have to do is to add your contents and customize this template as per your needs. As this template follows universal code standards, the developers will find it easy to work with this template .
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Taxi web site template is designed to manage multiple users and make reservation easier. Hence this template will besides help you create an effective change of location agency web site. This template includes all the elements and options to create an effective business web site. As this template is designed for cab services, the yellow tinge scheme is used throughout the template. If you have any sword color you can customize it in the CSS charge. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 framework the animation effects and the colors are more natural. Based on the setting color the text color changes automatically to make legibility easier .
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As the name implies, Educrown is an education web site template. As this template is designed for the on-line naturally volunteer businesses, you can use this template for travel agencies as well. This template is for the content-rich web site, it has lots of synergistic elements to present contents elegantly to the users. Another big advantage of the content-rich locate is you can explain the services in detail to the users. If you tune the content based on keywords you will get better search engine ranking. Big bold text and clean and jerk white background made readability easy on both the small screen devices and desktops. search options are provided at the double sliders in the header sections .
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Caremed is a service oriented web site template designed specifically for the medical websites. If you are planning to make a web site that provides the most important information readily on the drug user ’ s hands, then this template is for you. With this template, you besides get better mark visibility in the web site. In the gluey lead measure navigation, you have a special cutout to add your logo ; the developer of this template managed to highlight the logo section without disturbing the overall design of the template. Blue and greens semblance combination makes looks attractive and besides helps you to elegantly highlight authoritative contents .
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Villa a multipurpose web site template for hotels, restaurants and travel agencies. Since this template is designed for multiple niches you get enough of useful elements and options with this template. Smooth scrolling effects help you to share your services interactively the users. This template gives you more than enough quad to add images, this template can handle images of any size and any orientation well .
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venture is a one-page web site template. If you are about to make a elementary even modern looking web site for your travel representation then this template is for you. Since it is a one-page template the home page of this template is made long adequate to accommodate all the sections you might normally need in a professional web site. If you are offering travel services entirely to selected regions, then this template will meet your needs. The float vogue design of this template will attract the contemporary consultation .
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Travelasia is a colorful simple web site template for travel agencies. This is besides a one-page template, but the creators of the template used advanced web design to give you all the options in the given one page. Both the graphic designer and the developer has put their peer attempt to make this template look beautiful. They besides managed to keep all the features you need. Animation effects are subtle but wield to get exploiter attention at the needed position easily .
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South is a real estate web site template, the default feature to showcase the property elegantly to the users makes this template a best choice for travel websites. Since this template needs to handle multiple types of contents about different properties the designer of this template has used versatile elements to make it user-friendly. Below each property the attributes about the place like price, number of rooms and outer space are indicated by icons ; you can use this feature of speech to show the highlight features of the travel package. You can add promotional banners in the parallax sections given between the sections. It is a multi-page template with lots of utilitarian features to help you create an effective web site in no time. few hours of customization will make this template a perfective travel agency web site .
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Dorne is designed specifically to handle a number of contents well and present them elegantly to the users. Being a directory web site template for places and tourist spots, this template will help you create an effective locomotion representation web site arsenic well. Trendy color schema and advanced design make this template stand unique among other HTML web site templates. With this template, you get an interactional function, which has interface about similar to Google maps. You can use this map component to show your tourist spot in real-time to the users. Maps can besides help users plan their personal schedule based on the places around it. This template gives equal importance to both image contents and text contents so you can make an synergistic web site .
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Listed is besides a place listing web site template just like the Dorne template mentioned above. This template doesn ’ triiodothyronine give you enough of options like in Dorne, but you can use this template as a base and can create your own custom web site template. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap model. If you are dim and looking for a purpose inspiration to start a web site from start this template will be the best position to start from .
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