It ‘s about impossible to maintain a successful business without a fully running, responsive, SEO-compatible web site — but you do n’t have to shell out the adult bucks to afford one .
There are enough of options for build and designing a web site for free, many of which require little to no coding cognition. And these web site builders are much comparable in quality to their paid alternatives, particularly for minor businesses or personal brands .
The loose web site builders we ‘re sharing today offer SEO benefits, embedded analytics systems, mobile optimization, and professional-looking templates. If you ‘re on a besotted budget and ca n’t quite swing the pay builders, these are the adjacent best thing .
Read on to check out 17 of the best absolve web site builders, so you can build a web site for spare without forfeiting quality.

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Best Free Website Builders

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. WordPress
  4. Elementor
  5. WebNode
  6. Jimdo
  7. Mozello
  8. WebStarts
  9. Webflow
  10. IM Creator
  11. SITE123
  12. Strikingly
  13. Duda
  14. Squarespace
  15. GoDaddy 
  16. Strikingly
  17. Pixpa

Wix is one of the most popular release web site builders out there, with 110 million users. The amply hosted chopine offers an easy drag-and-drop editor program, and a large collection of professional-looking templates that are well-suited for little businesses, on-line stores, restaurants, or personal portfolios .
Wix supplies built-in Google Analytics to monitor your web site, and even offers extra apps for individual preferences. If you want, Wix can even design your locate for you. The biggest downside of Wix ‘s exempt interpretation is it does n’t come ad-free, and each page of your web site will have a outstanding Wix ad. Ad-free is lone an option if you pay for the premium translation .
Website by Amber Schormans built with Wix
This outdoors source SaaS offers vane host, domain adjustment, web design, and even ecommerce functions, making it suitable for businesses and startups. Weebly ‘s a particularly compromising web site builder, compatible with every device and chopine, and easy to use .
Like Wix, Weebly has drag-and-drop functionality, american samoa well as an integrate CMS solution, and hand-coded HTML files. The in-house editor comes with SEO tools and Google Analytics. With PayPal integration, an automatic tax calculator, digital giving cards, and more, Weebly is a smart option for ecommerce businesses. And unlike some of its other free competitors, Weebly is ad-free .
Website by Mill Clothing built with Weebly
WordPress is a normally used complimentary web site builder that besides allows you to buy a vane knowledge domain. For those who do n’t want to pay for a domain, you can besides run your web site live with a WordPress-owned URL .
Like Wix and many of the other builders on this list, you can create visually stun websites, blogs, and landing pages with WordPress. You can besides place assets like contact forms, videos, and embedded content on to many WordPress pages .
For those who are less feel in web page build, WordPress offers and easy-to-understand backend interface with minimal to no tease needed .
WordPress is particularly bang-up for vane editors with less design feel. When creating sites on this chopine, you can build one from a professionally predesigned template or theme, or you can get more technical and personalize your own web site. Below is an exemplar of one of its pre-designed templates :
Maywood WordPress Template When you first get started, WordPress will show you a variety show of themes that you can preview and test out. then, once you select a theme, WordPress will give you a tutorial on how to edit your web site. You can then change your theme at any time fairly cursorily .
If a subject or the WordPress platform does n’t have something you ‘re looking for, like an intricate customer relationship management system, you can well get a plugin. A plugin is like an addition sport that is compatible with WordPress but normally managed by another company .
For model, HubSpot offers a great WordPress selling plugin which allows you to capture contacts through WordPress and send track them in HubSpot ‘s free CRM. You can learn more about the circuit board here .
While WordPress is a great option for building a locate, sometimes it ’ south decent to have a little help as you get started with designing from strike. That ’ s where a WordPress page builder can be helpful.

Elementor is a puff and drop builder trusted by over 5,000,000 users, and it ’ s a great no-code option for getting a WordPress site off the grind quickly. With Elementor ’ second page builder, you can choose from hundreds of available templates, customize them, and guarantee your locate displays correctly regardless of device size. It ’ south built with invention in mind, and you can create pixel perfect pages without worrying about the fundamental code .
elementor page builder
While Elementor is detached to use and includes 70+ templates, there are paid plans starting at $ 49 that offer more templates and functionality .
WebNode is a popular choice for both personal brands and professionals — it ‘s easy to use, and you can create a web site in a different linguistic process or on a different platform to suit your business ‘s needs. WebNode supports ecommerce stores, and the sites are compatible with Android, Mac, and IOS devices. WebNode will provide statistics to track your site ‘s achiever, spare of charge, and even with the exempt version, you wo n’t have ads .
Website by Orange Grove built with WebNode
Based in Germany, Jimdo is a valuable choice for international companies, with options to create a locate in more than nine different languages. The builder is compatible with smartphones and tablets, and there ‘s a mobile app you can use to build a mobile-optimized site, american samoa well .
With no page limit and 500 MB of space, you ‘ll likely have more than enough space to build your locate, and it flush provides HTTPS/SSL encoding, meaning your visitor ‘s information will be kept safe. Plus, you ‘re able to integrate your locate seamlessly with sociable media accounts. If you do decide to use Jimdo, beware of one thing : the builder prevents release websites from being indexed by search engines .
Website by Vorm built with Jimdo
One of the biggest selling-points for this Latvian-based ship’s company is the builder allows you to create a multilingual web site for free — something matchless by other web site builders .
Mozello ‘s features include a web log, on-line store, SEO options, and 500 MB of storage. There is an ad, but it ‘s precisely a connection in the footnote, so most visitors wo n’t see it. The only drawback is the drag-and-drop system is n’t equally intuitive or complex as some early options, and there are n’t a short ton of design customization options .
Website by Anna Photography built with Mozello
With a wide collection of beautiful templates and a user-friendly drag and fell functionality, WebStarts makes building a web site adenine simpleton as possible : best of all, whatever you see when you ‘re designing is precisely what your visitors will see when you publish the site. This can take some of the guess-work out of the process .
Website by Business Coaching built with WebStarts
While most of the early builders in this list are for people without a long ton of coding cognition, Webflow is specifically for designers and agencies who build sites for clients — this means the HTML and CSS is wholly in your dominance.

After you ‘ve built a web site on Webflow, you will need to transfer it to a subject management system. There are some features, like drag-and-drop widgets for adding social components, maps, and videos, that do n’t require coding cognition. But if you want the fully benefits of Webflow, you ‘ll need to know HTML or CSS. There ‘s a specify set of themes, a responsive interface, and your Webflow locate can be customized for background, tablets, or smartphones .
apart from the necessity of knowing code, one other drawback of Webflow is you can lone have two pages, and there ‘s a limit of 500 visits for free users .
Website by Geely Automobiles built with Webflow
With more than 11 million sites built on IM Creator, it ‘s a popular choice for a few reasons : there ‘s an easy point-and-click interface, an extensive range of templates and images, and unlimited web host and sphere services. Plus, the chopine is scalable, and you can have either single or multipage layouts. This builder is unique for its built-in ecommerce tools, and offers SEO and Google Analytics to fully optimize your locate for search engines .
Website built with IM Creator
arguably one of the most flexible and easy-to-use builders, Site123 lets you customize anything and offers a one-click initiation charming with graphics and templates. Site123 stands out as peculiarly helpful with its dislodge images library, professional fonts to add ocular elements to your locate, and creative DIY plans for creating multiple pages ( which are unlimited ). Plus, since it offers vane hosting world registration, 500 MB repositing space, Google Analytics, and is ad-free, you wo n’t feel coerce to switch to a paid design .
Website built with SITE123
strikingly prides itself on helping its users build a web site with no programming skills required. Thousands of sites have been launched through this web site godhead, and users can start designing their own by selecting from countless templates contributed by locate owners around the universe. You can find web site designs suited for startups, ecommerce stores, blogs, events, product launches, and personal stigmatization .
Strikingly ‘s loose offer comes with unlimited free sites but a humble 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. You ‘re besides limited to a domain unless you upgrade to a nonrecreational design, which starts at $ 8 per calendar month .
Website by The Adventure Learning Project built with Strikingly
Duda is a feature-rich web site creator with numerous site widgets and media files, allowing you to piece together a web site to fit your specific needs. On acme of site templates and a drawn-out contentedness library, Duda comes with a team-collaboration instrument and basic analytics to show you how visitors are engaging with unlike parts of your web site .
Duda offers a free trial, arsenic well as plans that start as a moo as $ 14 per calendar month billed annually .
Website promoting wine event built with Duda
Squarespace is fairly alike to WordPress and Wix in that it allows you to work off of pre-designed themes or build a site from chicken feed with its wire-framing features. Squarespace claims to require no plugins while offering 24/7 avail to its users .
Squarespace ‘s pre-designed themes normally emphasize imagination or television, so it might be great for people in ocular media, entertainment, dining, or fashion industries. many templates, such as the one below, are both simplistic and mobile optimized. While simplicity might be unmanageable for a software company or a business which offers many services, it could be great for consumer facing companies that sell products related to one major industry :
Wexley Portfolio Template from Squarespace
While GoDaddy is known as a web site where you can go to buy bum domains, it besides has its own web site builder for web site owners that want to purchase domains and design their site at the same prison term .
GoDaddy Cafe Faba Template GoDaddy ‘s web site templates are simple, clean, and effective. They can besides be uploaded to WordPress sites for those who prefer to use WordPress ‘ software .
strikingly is another easy-to-use and code-free web site builder that allows you to create a web site using templates that are optimized for different sizes of screens. It besides offers basic image editing features to make your photos look crisp and clean and jerk .
TribeWanted Mobile Optimized Site designed with Strikingly.
Because of its bare interface, Strikingly and its customer testimonials claim you can build your web site within an hour on the chopine .
Pixpa is an all-in-one, DIY website builder designed to empower photographers, creative professionals, and businesses in creating beautiful, professional websites without touching a single occupation of code .
Pixpa ’ south compass of pixel-perfect, minimalist, professional web site templates are easily to build with and in full customizable. With a built-in on-line store builder, blogging chopine, node proof tools, and more, Pixpa enables you to showcase, share, sell and deliver their work on-line well – all in one stead .
pixpa homepage
While Pixpa isn ’ metric ton detached, you can access the full-featured web site builder for 15-days. Afterward, if you ’ d like to continue using Pixpa ’ randomness tools, pricing plans start a low as $ 3 .

Picking Your Website Builder

There you have it ! Since all of these web site builders are release, try out a couple if you ‘re uncertain of the best suit. In particular, carry note of what you very want to get out of your locate to ensure your needs will be met by one of these free builders .
Editor ‘s note : This post was primitively published in November 2018 but was updated in October 2019 for comprehensiveness.

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