If you want to take your design skills to the following level, save time when setting up sites, and plainly look more professional right out of the box, you need to invest in a high-quality and reactive HTML template .
Everyone ’ mho running round trying to hop on the newest drift : flat design, but before flat, there was reactive web design .
responsive web design has, of class, become the standard. even if a vane design client is not specifically looking for a responsive web site, it is already a given that you, as a web interior designer or developer, need to deliver reactive sites all the meter .
so, hera are the 50 best web site, admin, coming soon & under construction responsive HTML templates to help speed up the design and development of your following network project.

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Multipurpose Templates

This section is dedicated to multi-purpose templates that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can build a vCard, portfolio, or possibly even a clientele web site. It ’ s up to your resource .

1. Canvas

Canvas lives up to its name by allowing you the exemption to do whatever you want with this template. Like a blank analyze where you can paint your masterpiece, the theme allows you to create any character of web site. This is a very estimable template for Portfolio, Agency, Magazine, Parallax, Wedding, Restaurant, Blog, Business, Corporate, or App case site. With its 60+ ready-to-use Homepages & 450+ HTML Files with the software, anything is possible with Canvas .

2. Porto

Developed by Okler, Porto is another best sell HTML theme on ThemeForest .

3. Rhythm Multipurpose One

Rhythm has been given an estimable mention by AWWWards, an prize which recognizes the talent and creativity of world wide web designers. Why not, what with more than 135 HTML files and 38 demos to choose from. The subject is in full reactive and customizable. On clear of it all, the theme is loaded with more than 400 Font Awesome icons, fluent animation, and 9 web log layouts .

4. Progressive

Progressive is a dim-witted yet functional template with an optimize and intuitive code using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology. It has more than 200 interactional elements for easy and flying customization angstrom well as Twitter Bootstrap support and dislodge Revolution Slider to help you tinker with any web site you create with ease .
build up comes in three different versions – Drupal, Magento, and Joomla, all of which has a bit-by-bit drug user guidebook intelligibly and just described in the documentation. It besides has an adaptive Mega Menu where you can insert ordinary links, substitute menu, pictures, and text to the column. Progressive, as its name suggests, is constantly progressing with more updates and features coming in the cheeseparing future .

5. Slidebox

Slidebox is a mobile and pill responsive HTML template which contains tons of features to make the mobile experience smooth and easy. Made with the notion to enhance the fluid know in mind, Slidebox is amply compatible with PhoneGap and Cordova Build which enables you to create your own io or Android app. Despite this, however, it is easy to use because you don ’ t need to learn complicated codes and syntax but it utilizes the default option jQuery jQuery update .
Slidebox has 27 page templates all loaded with more than 100 copy and paste features allowing fun and easy customization. Powered by Font Awesome, you have access to more than 400 icons without having to use images, it ’ s fully scalable, and retina ready .

6. Minio

Minio Mobile is a mobile HTML/CSS template which allows you to create a mobile web site, a fluid world wide web app, or a native app. Integrated with PhoneGap, the mobile template contains a flexible layout that easily adapts to any mobile resolution. It besides includes multiple pages and design elements which makes the creation of any segment of your web site or app amazing. Minio uses Ajax and jQuery making the pages load dynamically, giving them a real app feel when navigate .

7. Nietzsche

Built on the Timber framework, Nietzsche is a robust and flexible template which looks great across multiple devices whether it be desktop, pill, or mobile. It comes with 6 pre-designed grid layouts which allows you to easily switch from up to six columns. It contains solid mobile menu, sliders with touch support, and layouts that work. In addition, Nietzsche has 8 in-house develop plugins which you can integrate into your template which means you don ’ t need to look far to one-third party plugins for your sliders, lightboxes, and parallax sections .

8. Hempstead

If you are a minimalist who loves a clean and modern purpose, Hemsptead is the template for you. Designed by Weiberg Media, the HTML template besides comes with a WordPress interpretation, both of which has the same knock-down features. This responsive and retina-ready HTML5 CSS3 web template uses the grid system layout and is optimized for mobile touch and pilfer .

9. Gatwick

Gatwick is a reactive multi-purpose template loaded with numerous variants of layouts and useful styles and scripts which have been well-tested in different browsers and devices. No count what type of business you have, Gatwick has something available for you. The templates are pre-packaged with Stylus exploitation styles for easy customization .
There is besides a Coming Out page to help your clients be in the know when they can expect your web site to plunge. On top of that, there are besides a number of Blog Templates to choose from to help you create blog posts, lists, and pages easily and cursorily .

10. Lambda

Lambda is a amply responsive HTML template that looks cool across different types of devices. It is one of the biggest HTML templates on ThemeForest boast of more than 60 pages and more than 5 different kinds of working show and 6 header options. only released in February 2015, it is already on it v1.4 with new features and improvements including the modern patronize site demonstration and PSD files .
other noteworthy features included in the software are the Skin Customiser which allows you to personalize your web site by using versatile configurable variables and the Revolution Slider which lets you create amazing slideshows. On acme of these, Oxygenna, the theme developers, offer a five-star quality subscribe which leaves clients raving about it .

11. Aura

Aura is an HTML template developed by Pi Themes and already has more than 2K units sold. Built on Bootstrap 3, Aura has a moduled structure for beginners and boost users. By nonpayment, the most used components are placed on each page to make it easier for beginners while advanced users can the remove components they don ’ t need from global cesium and j files, or make their own based on components they need .

12. Eagle

Eagle is a very new HTML template which has been recently introduced in the marketplace. however, it has already become one of the most democratic HTML templates on ThemeForest because of its blank and modern design. This multi-concept design is ideal for any type of web site because of its three unlike business home plate pages, creative portfolio, consequence, and health pages .
Eagle Website Template


Edena is a clean and multi-purpose template loaded with more than 100 layouts and 15 color schemes. It is slowly to customize and is in full responsive .

14. Vossen


15. Imago

Imago is a massive HTML5 template designed by Nunforest which precisely recently released it in March 2015. It is available as a one page web site or multi-pages template with key features, such as LESS files, FontAwesome, Revolution Slider, and many more .
With 15 ready-to-use demonstration, more than 20 family pages, and 18 blog layouts, you can build about any kind of web site with Imago whether it is for business, Photo Studio, Freelancers, Portfolio Theme, Personal, Restaurant, Medicine, Travel, Creative Agency, Corporate, Magazine, Blog, Interior, Ecommerce web site designs, or a mobile application .

16. ODIN

Designed by Designova, Odin is a One page HTML5 template which is both retina quick and in full responsive. It is easy to use with 10 home page variants, inexhaustible colors and Content Carousel, liveliness, and parallax pages which are all easy to edit .

Admin & Dashboard Templates

If you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know where to start with web site admin or splashboard creation, this is the perfect shortcut. In this section you will find the best admin and dashboard HTML templates .

17. Material Admin Template

The Material Admin theme is made with Bootstrap, jQuery, and Less and is based on the fabric design principle developed by Google. Since the root is based on this principle, Material Admin uses material as a metaphor, which means that surfaces and edges of the material provide ocular cues which help users understand the affair of an object much more quickly .
The Material Admin framework contains batch of components which makes customization much easier. It has pages for blogs, CRM, and e-mail. It besides contains multiple color schemes which you can blend together or customize using the Less files .

18. Pages

Pages is high quality web design template has a carefully designed UI Framework to ensure suavity in its UI/UX. It has built-in features which generate boilerplates for expressjs, sailsJs, and Ruby on Rails. It is a well-documented theme which besides contains Layered PNG and PSD, HTML, CSS, and JS files .
Another cool feature of the composition is its Quick Search where you can type your search queries anywhere on the page. The Navigation Menu is hidden discreetly on the leave side giving you more area to place your content. You can access it by hovering your shiner over it .
Pages Admin Template

19. Clip-Two

Clip-Two is a dashboard built using the Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework, AngularJS. The model allows you to extend HTML vocabulary for your lotion which results in an inordinately expressive, clear, and promptly developed environment. Clip-Two comes in two themes – Clip-Two Admin and Clip-Two Admin RTL Version, both of which are customizable and mobile friendly. What ’ s more, the composition offers release updates to all its customers .

20. Angulr

Angular is developed by Flatfull and has had more than 3,000 sales since its release in August 2014. This perplex web site template is built with Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS, which features nested views and routing and lazy load for big projects. Another feature of speech of this subject is the Music View with a Single Page Application, audio player, television musician, color options, and multiple layouts .

21. AdminDesigns

AdminDesigns has been handpicked by Envato as one of its featured templates for a argue. Built on Bootstrap 3, AdminDesigns has dozens of updates making it a mega suite of developer tools. For starters, it already includes custom tools alone to the framework, angstrom well as a across-the-board array of handpicked and optimized plugins .
One of its unique features is the AdminPanels plugin which allows you to instantly change about anything, like widgets, title, color, and position. The theme besides comes with more than 25 pre-built forms making it easier to create forms. On top of all these, AdminDesigns offers loose life defend to its clients .

22. Minovate

Minovate is a bounty admin splashboard built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 and powered by AngularJS. Based on HTML5 + CSS3 standards, it is a amply reactive template which works well on any device.

The theme is compatible with major browsers and contains a batch of exercise pages with many quick to use elements. It is strongly customizable a well. There are 6 colors for headers, post, navbar and active elements to choose from. You can toggle fixed navbar and headers and choose from a few pre-made layouts such as the horizontal navbar, boxed layout or RTL layout .

23. Pleasure

barely debuting last 1 March 2015, Pleasure has already more than a hundred sales and was already updated to V 1.3. wholly responsive and easy to use, the template is built on Bootstrap 3.3.2 with jQuery 1.11 and LESS patronize. Some of the basic features include more than 65 template pages, numerous fonts, icons, and panels .

24. Xenon

xenon is a lightweight reactive admin theme built on the latest chitter Bootstrap version. The theme has a sum of 136 HTML templates made of a wide range of UI components, layout variants, and composition skins. One of the most democratic admin themes on ThemeForest, Xenon has a plain HTML and AngularJS adaptation. Built with the LESS preprocessor, you can easily customize the theme and have your own personal touch. excessively .
Xenon Admin Template

25. Learning App

Built on Bootstrap, the Learning App template is based on the Material Design guidepost by Google. The template is rich people with features that are specially made to enhance students ’ and teachers ’ learning experience. It has more than 135 HTML pages and is available in both HTML and AngularJS versions .

Business and Online Store Templates

here you will find the most desirable templates for bodied and on-line store creation. If you are on a nasty agenda, these templates are the best depart point. Dig in .

26. Metronic

Metronic is the # 1 best-selling responsive HTML template on ThemeForest with more than 25,000 sales since it was introduced in the commercialize in 2013. It is a multi-purpose admin and front composition running on Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.2 & AngularJS 1.3 frameworks .
To date, the theme has 4 complete admin themes and 3 front end themes. KeenThemes, the developers of Metronic, has committed to update the theme regularly with new features in order to keep up with the theme ’ mho goal, which is to be the theme for any web applications .

27. Biss Corporate

Biss is based on another bestselling theme developed by Riva Themes, Biss PSD. Biss is filled with extra functionality from mod web technologies taking all the best features from Biss PSD and adding it together to enable you to create a unique web site. A highly reactive HTML and CSS template, Biss allows you to view your web site on diverse platforms and devices. advanced JQuery techniques brings amazing features like dropdown effects, carousels, sorting and much more .

28. BuildPress Construction

BuildPress is designed with the construction industry in mind. This premium HTML template comes with unlike features and plugins which makes it easier and quicker for you to build a cool web site that showcases your customer ’ sulfur construction business. only made available on the marketplace in March 2o15, the theme has been making steady sales with more than a 100 already .

29. Euforia

Euforia is a vCard web site template running on HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 3. The template is using W3C valid code and has features that make your one-page web site count amazing. You can choose from 8 color schemes and inspire transitions .

30. Palas

Palas is a amply responsive HTML5 template which allows you to easily build a commercial enterprise, e-commerce, corporate, agency, web log, portfolio web site, or flush more with a short creativity. Built with Bootstrap 3.3 framework, is fully customizable and contains numerous shortcodes and features. Its replicate and spread features allows you to build a web site in such a brusque time even if you are just a novice .

31. Travelo

If you have a business in the travel industry, Travelo is a good HTML template to use with a responsive and customizable layout using SCSS. The template is compatible with Bootstrap 3 american samoa well as with other major browsers. Some of the features include booking pages, search box which comes in three styles, 8 header styles, and 7 footnote styles. It besides comes with more than 120 HTML files which include 10 color skins, mega menu, Ajax Photo Gallery template, and Map Popup Box .

32. Housebuild

Housebuild is a clean and easy-to-use HTML construction and clientele template, which comes with a Joomla and WordPress versions. equitable made available on the commercialize in February 2015, Housebuild has already sold around 300 units. Some of its clients praise it for its code quality .

33. ServerEast

ServerEast is a in full responsive HTML template based on Bootstrap 3. It has features that are ideal for corporate websites or for a web host business. It has 16 valid W3C HTML pages adenine well as a PHP/AJAX Contact Form with establishment and success messages .
ServerEast_Web_Hosting_HTML_Template - responsive html template

34. Automotive

Automotive, as the name suggests, is a car franchise template which includes easy-to-use functionality and a well-designed armory management system which is ideal for a small to big car franchise business. The template includes features designed for the cable car industry. Some admit features are a completely customizable, filterable, and sortable Inventory Search to search your Vehicle Listings and a Loan Calculator .
The template has a WordPress interpretation which has a in full functional Inventory Management System have. In addition, it besides has a PSD and HTML version a well as three different kinds of layouts. other add bonuses are the 32 pixel-perfect fully layered Photoshop files and the grid help oneself lines powered by Bootstrap 3 .
Automotive_Car_Dealership_Business_HTML_Template - responsive html template

35. Base Hotel

Base Hotel is a in full reactive HTML template designed with the travel and hotel businesses in mind. The template is packed with a large photograph gallery a well as 20 high settlement photos to help you showcase the best features of your hotel, haunt, or travel agency. It besides has a promotional Pop-up box which informs your visitors and clients of any particular or promotional offer you have at the moment .
Base_Hotel_Experience_Luxury_HTML_Website_Template - responsive html template

36. MaterialX

MaterialX is based on Materialize and Twitter Bootstrap and was designed with professionals in mind in order to give them a place where they can build their portfolio or resume using a cleanse and modern design. The theme can be well customized, is responsive, and is ready for all devices .
Material X Template - responsive html template

37. CityTours

CityTours is another clean HTML5 template suitable for travel or enlistment agencies. Powered by Bootstrap3.3, the template has a clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. It is loaded with features that can be used to provide general city drawing card information, buy tickets, tours, tour guides and any other refer services. The template is compatible with different browsers and comes with 4 dwelling pages, 3 header types, and 4 color schemes .
Ansonika_ThemeForest_Elite_Author_Portfolio_Showcase - responsive html template

38. Elixir

If you are looking for an extremist modern network design template that will do justice for your restaurant or food clientele, Elixir has features that provide you what you want. available in both One page and Multi Page, Elixir is crossbreed browser compatible and highly reactive. It comes with 4 different home pages with parallax sections allowing you to add 3D looking parallax animations. The code is well-written and the files are well commented making it easily to use and set up .
2015_03_26_15_45_28_Elixir_HTML_Template - responsive html template

39. ShopMe

ShopMe, as the name suggests, is an e-commerce web-page template designed by Mad Velikorodnov. It is filled with an across-the-board array of features to make your e-commerce web site unique. Some of the blueprint elements included are promo popup, quick position, 6 home page layouts, 4 categories, and 3 product layout variations. Its base foliate and heading layouts have 6 variations each vitamin a well as each of the footer layouts. You can besides choose from either the vertical or horizontal drop-down menu. If you want to present your products in different ways, there are 4 different types of product box styles to choose from .
2015_03_26_15_50_40_ShopMe_Home - responsive html template


Concept is a new HTML web site template on ThemeForest brought to you by FLP Design. still relatively newfangled, this minimalist and modern portfolio template has already made the Most popular list of ThemeForest not only because of its features, but besides for its clean and jerk expression. Its purpose is arrant for anyone who wants to showcase their portfolio and build their personal brand on-line .
Concept Portfolio Template - responsive html template

41. Extended

Designed by F Media, Extended is another relatively new responsive HTML5 template on ThemeForest which is aimed at creatives who want to display their portfolio or showcase their clientele and services. Its clean and modern design provides the right balance to distinctly show the message and graphics in the most professional direction .
2015_03_26_15_57_11_Extended_HTML5_creative_Portfolio_Template - responsive html template

HTML Page Builder Templates

These templates are going to make your designing process even easier. These templates offer a page builder ( no code required ), that can simplify and shorten your designing process .

42. Make

Developed by ThemesLab, Make is the first subject that includes the Admin Builder allowing you to customize your admin. The admin template is built with Bootstrap 3 and is amply reactive for multi-usage. It besides comes with a Page Builder which allows you to add unlike elements more cursorily using the Drag & Drop .
It has a great numeral of layout options including RTL, boxed, and sidebar on top a good as a One page Frontend where you can easily services, product or app. With their latest updates, new features and plugins have been added. Some of these features include extra Page Builder options, such as animate counter, 4 exploiter widgets, and the possibility to move form elements inside a form .
2015_03_21_08_43_23_make - responsive html template

43. ThemeKit

ThemeKit consists of multiple bounty reactive HTML templates refined for versatile niches, with specialize diligence features and a huge UI framework developed for sustaining your projects in the long run. It is built on Bootstrap allowing you to develop responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It comes with 319 HTML pages and a massive act of features and UI components. furthermore, ThemeKit can seamlessly adapt to any screen size and device, and supports at least the last 4 versions of every modern browser .
2015_03_23_03_28_25_ThemeKit - responsive html template

44. Pivot

For a minimal price, you get a potent, intuitive, and flexible theme with loaded with 70+ subject blocks, multiple page headers. Lightbox HTML5 photograph gallery, 3 menu types, and many more. Developed by the australian developers, Medium Rare, Pivot is a multi-purpose block-based template built on Bootstrap 3.2 .
Pivot is ideal for any type of project you are creating whether it is business, education, representation, portfolio or resume template application. The package comes dispatch with full login, mistake pages and coming soon pages your new occupation will present a consistent look from depart to finish .
2015_03_21_09_52_53_Pivot_Home_4 - responsive html template

45. Machine

car is a multi-purpose HTML template with a WordPress version equally well. Considered as ThemeForest ’ s most popular reactive HTML template, you can set it up in just three easy steps. Clients can attest to how easy the set up is .
2015_03_26_00_01_33_Machine_Multi_Purpose_HTML_Template - responsive html template

46. Atlant

Atlant is a fully reactive and retina ready admin template built on Bootstrap v3.3.2. already on its five. 1.6, Atlant has an Admin Template deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a Frontend Template, both of which include LESS files and documentation. It besides includes Layered PSD and PNG files deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a commented source code make set up easy and quick .
2015_03_26_15_04_02_Atlant_Front_End_Template - responsive html template

Coming Soon Templates

If you want to keep your visitors on their toes with a smashing coming soon web site, you ’ ve come to the justly home. It doesn ’ t matter if you are launching a fresh product or a fresh service, with these templates you can do it in vogue. Customization options are illimitable .

47. Triada

Triada is a in full reactive and creative HTML 5 template, which is ideal for keeping your consultation or clients informed about your official web site establish. Built on the Twitter Bootstrap3 framework and with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, it is easily and quickly customizable. The template comes with 6 unlike background styles and 2 extra content pages – About Us and Contact Us .
2015_03_21_10_46_45_Product_Triada - responsive html template

48. Oli

Oli is a creative, modern, minimal, and in full responsive coming soon/under structure template which can be used for any creative occupation representation. This cool reactive HTML template is compatible with Bootstrap v3 and with many browsers. It is available in 9 backdrop styles – Section Image Background, Section Parallax Background, Single Image Background, Single Image with Gradient Background, Slideshow Background, HTML5 Video Background, YouTube Background, Youtube Video List Background, and Gradient Background.

2015_03_23_03_04_27_Oli_Coming_Soon - responsive html template

49. Orbitex

Orbitex is a dim-witted, minimalist Coming soon template with a set to choose from. It has 6 different types of pages to choose from – static background, audio background, 2 kinds of slideshow backgrounds, and video recording background. Choose from any of them and create the kind of buzz you want before launching your web site .
2015_03_26_03_36_44_Orbitex_Responsive_Coming_Soon_Template - responsive html template

50. Gravity

Want to have a clean and mod attend for your coming soon or under construction page ? Gravity is the ideal template for those who are looking for a minimalist interface. Powered by Bootstrap 3, this responsive HTML template comes in three versions – image setting, trope slider background, and YouTube video background .
2015_03_26_15_00_49_Gravity_Coming_Soon - responsive html template This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about affiliate links here .

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