A collection of modern responsive free AngularJS admin templates that you can use on your project to save a distribute of your development time .
AngularJS is used to create frameworks for application development. The model has a count of available extensions, and it works with other JS development frameworks ampere well .
Features can be modified at will, and all of it is potential through a elementary to use exploiter interface that you can take advantage of .
however, if you plan on creating a web application or your custom-made admin sphere for your web site, you always have the option of downloading a root that is pre-built and amply customizable with your plugins.

You do not need to have the cryptography know needed to build a template from scratch as you can download any of the templates from our compilation that will match anyone ’ second requirements .
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Blur Admin

BlurAdmin BlurAdmin is one of the cleanest-looking themes that you can get for your AngularJS admin dashboard. It offers a issue of tools to monitor your web site metrics including the number of visitors and their location .
You can customize the dashboard to your liking thanks to the developer propose modifiable reservoir code on his GitHub deck .

Angular Dashboard

Angular Dashboard If you need something reasonably bare and functional, look no further than the Angular splashboard. It offers a basic layout that you can take advantage of and add or remove elements that you need to be visible to you and your admins .

Angular MDL Dashboard

Angular MDL Dashboard angular MDL Dashboard might look simplistic, but it offers a long ton of customization and features. You have access to a number of metrics that you can use to change your content marketing strategies and besides give your admins a heads up about the web site ’ second impact on users .

Angular Bootstrap Dashboard

Angular Bootstrap Dashboard angular Bootstrap Dashboard ditches bar graph and proto-indo european charts most themes use to show data and streamline it using elementary lines to denote your ongoing progress and other stats and de-clutters the exploiter interface .

Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel Laravel Angular Admin is wholly geared towards e-commerce, and if you own a patronize web site or plan on starting one, this is one of the best themes that you can use .
It offers comprehensive stats and allows you to take a agile expect at all orders placed on your web site along with other information .

Paper Dashboard Angular

Paper Paper Dashboard for AngularJS designed specifically for monetized websites. You can keep track of how much tax income you have generated over time angstrom well as user activeness on the web site that is compared across respective time periods .

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular2

Light Bootstrap Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular2 is a reactive theme that looks amazing on both desktops and mobile browsers if you are managing your admin page on the go. It offers electronic mail statistics and early important data that you need to market your web site .

CoreUI Bootstrap Admin Template

Core UI CoreUI offers both a release and paid version that you can use to enhance your admin splashboard ’ sulfur appearance. It uses well-designed line charts that offer stats on the fly that you can refer to for measuring your performance .

RDash Angular

RDash RDash Angular is one of the cleanest themes that you can get for AngularJS with simpleton tabs that show off your stats and late activity. It besides keeps racetrack of how many active users and drug user tickets you have .


Paper Admin PaperAdmin is meant for e-commerce web site owners who want a dim-witted and functional web site without besides many UI elements that distract you from important things like orders, users and items on sale .


ngAdmin NgAdmin is one of the most advanced admin themes, and it is designed to offer maximal customization to users. You can set up your dashboard to show respective stats, and it comes with basic and advanced UI chemical element customization .

Paper Kit 2 Angular

Paper Kit 2 If you are looking for a theme that ’ sulfur easy on the eyes, the Paper Kit 2 offers clean fonts, pale colors and a beautiful user interface overall for your admin dashboard .

Material Dashboard Angular 2

Material Material Dashboard is inspired by Google ’ s own Material UI that you will find one a number of websites and apps. The theme offers a clean drug user interface that showcases your social interactions, web site natural process, and daily sales all in one station .

SemanticUI Admin Dashboard

Semantic UI semantic UI admin splashboard offers users the ability to customize the user dashboard, services dashboard, and admin splashboard very well. It tracks admin action and how a lot RAM, storage or network they use.

Versatile Dashboard

Versatile Versatile Dashboard is one of the most minimalistic themes you can get access to for free. If you do not want a fancy user interface and happen to be looking for something serviceable, this is the merely root you will need .

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 SB Admin 2 was built using angular 2 and Bootstrap 4 making it one of the most lightweight admin templates out there for anyone to use .

Simple Dashboard Admin

Semantic UI Simple Dashboard admin is another bare dashboard subject that you can use to get a streamlined have without any fancy features that you credibly don ’ metric ton need .

Azimuth Angular Admin Template

Azimuth Azimuth ’ s admin dashboard is one of the best ways to keep lead of your user bodily process on your web site. It constantly shows you where you are getting your most traffic from and how much increase your web site is experiencing per day .

ItemsAPI Dashboard

ItemsAPI ItemsAPI dashboard is easy to use if you want to keep track of respective metrics and list them numerically. You can add diverse functions manually to your number of metrics to track, and they will be displayed whenever you log in .

Angular Dashboard Seed

Angular Dashboard Seed angular Dashboard Seed makes good use of colors to highlight important data on your dashboard ampere soon as you login. Things that need high-priority actions are highlighted in red while early metrics are marked in fleeceable and yellow based on their priority .

Google Chart Angular Dashboard

Google Chart Google Chart Angular Dashboard offers an synergistic data tabloid when you login which can be edited by you to keep your stats improving to date and share them with other admins .

Loopback Angular Admin

Loopback Loopback Angular Admin uses large colored cards to showcase important data on your dashboard. You can click on them to quickly head to notifications, posts, files, and events in no time. You can add and remove cards to customize the exploiter interface to your like .

Malhar Angular Dashboard

Malhar Malhar Angular Dashboard allows you to add and remove widgets depending on what data you want to be displayed when you log in. It can include stats, your drug user count, telling and other utilitarian cards that you can add .

Angular Blog

Angular Blog angular Blog is catered to users who have their own blogging websites. You get a quick glance of all your latest posts, interactions and it besides comes with a textbook editor program properly on the admin dashboard if you want to edit or create new posts quickly .

Ani Theme

Ani Ani Theme is identical similar to other simplistic themes on the tilt that allow you to check basic information like user consider, views, reach data and more american samoa soon as you log in. You have access to a count of customization tools to personalize the splashboard to your like .

AngularJS Dashboard with D3JS

Angular Dashboard With D3JS If you have a personal stick out management web site, Angular Dashboard with D3JS is identical useful as it lets you keep chase of all your projects and manage your exploit identical efficiently. You besides have a questions section to directly send messages to your clients and view them in the splashboard .


Rin Rin is a very intuitive root that allows you to take advantage of “ buttons ” that mark important activities on the web site. You can personalize cards and categorize them under these buttons to promptly access information on the fly .

Bonita Angular Dashboard

Bonita Bonita Angular Dashboard is a useful tax management splashboard that allows you to be more productive by scheduling and marking tasks as done once you complete them. It can be useful for group activeness deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the splashboard allows you to keep track of your progress .


Maverick Maverix is one of the most expansive themes out there allowing you to manage your messages, tasks, charts, and other data all in one station. You can besides setup and manage user profiles that have been registered by your consultation which is a have not besides many themes on this list offer .

Angular Dashboard Fluance

Fluance angular Dashboard Fluance is a barebones root that offers a total of customization options like adding exploiter metrics cards, managing exploiter responses like comments and direct messages and keeping track of your tasks.


These are some of the best admin themes that are compatible with AngularJS and offer utmost customization .
We listed themes that cater to a target consultation from any background like blogging, e-commerce, on-line services, and more and we hope you were able to get some big recommendations .

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