35 Best Free Dreamweaver Templates

If you ’ re a world wide web developer or network couturier, then you might know the importance of free Dreamweaver templates, and you understand how hard it is to create a Dreamweaver template from scribble. however, if you have the basic structure of a Dreamweaver template, you can well modify it based on your needs and save meter !
There are many benefits of using the best Dreamweaver templates. free Dreamweaver templates allow you to easily build, modify and update all the message and pages on your web site instantaneously. thus, we have listed the best free Dreamweaver website templates !
As you already know CSS3 and HTML5 are some of the most normally used network languages that are presently being used by millions of sites across the ball. It is for this reason that this mail has been put together to outline the best free dislodge Dreamweaver Templates which are in the fundamental structure of CSS3 and HTML5. You will besides like the best ambigram generator for habit in your next project .
furthermore, each of these templates has been crafted by professional designers. As a result, you don ’ t have to worry about bugs that you have been facing in other templates.

Each of the templates presented here has its unique features. While some of them lone have the basic look, they are many with an impressive look. The good news is that you can modify each of them and add any of the styles you deem necessary and polish each of them based on your ideas. You should feel free to check out each of these templates. besides, you can download any of the Free Dreamweaver Templates that you are concerned in .

How To Choose the Best Dreamweaver Templates

Considering all the factors into playing period, today, we will go forward and list the best release Dreamweaver templates .
The stream network technology is based on the baron of HTML5 and CSS3. With the Fastest Loading WordPress Themes, you can well leverage the benefits of the current web technologies and start building a singular purpose from the templates .
many web design projects do not have to worry about the Landing Page Templates for WordPress, and there is where everything changes. The idea of creating a modern plan from already created templates creates better design and improves the overall invention .
Most of the templates follow industry standards and then they are easy to adopt for daily purposes .
Without much bustle, let ’ s get down started with the best barren Dreamweaver templates. The templates can besides be listed within the HTML5/CSS3 templates and therefore you can besides use them without any issues .
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Best Free Dreamweaver Templates

Each Dreamweaver template from the choice below comes with singular features, some of barely in the basic form, but most of them are quite appealing. besides, you can modify the free Dreamweaver template that you choose and add your alone styles vitamin a well as polish them based on your own ideas. Take your time to check all these detached Dreamweaver templates. The good news is that you can download any loose template from the choice below and use it on your project .

Sonic Creative Portfolio

Free Dreamweaver Templates
Sonic Creative Portfolio is a basic portfolio template that can well fit a portfolio page for a photographer, couturier or a writer. The independent menu is located on the sidebar with the right side taking space for all the early elements .
The template is responsive and hence can be used for your reactive websites projects .

Responsive Product Page Template

Responsive Product Page Template
merchandise pages are common nowadays, and that ’ s where the responsive product page template comes into fun. The intersection page offers a one-page solution with a wholly responsive blueprint. The template is spare and uses HTML5/CSS3. It besides features PSD files .


Smoothy HTML5 Template
Smoothy is a one-page template that utilizes the Bootstrap framework to its advantage. As it is built using Bootstrap, you can easily use the template in different devices and hence can improve on the idea of the impressive purpose layout .
The home page is attractive and appealing. You can besides use the template as portfolio or blog .


Overflow by HTML5 UP Dreamweaver template
OverFlow is a creative one-page template built using HTML5 and CSS3. The template can well be used to signify a journey, and that ’ s why I love the template. This template can besides be used to how your ship’s company or career started .
The template is freely available from HTML5up.com. HTML5Up is a reputable generator for downloading free templates for your exploit .


Free Dreamweaver Templates
nature is a full-page design. Designers can easily utilize the design in Dreamweaver and customize it according to their prerequisite. The template is great for an idea or causes as the wax background improves the visibility of both text and the idea .
This is a rid HTML5 template. The good news is that you can use this template for different purposes. besides, it is important to note that the template applies to all websites. This is because it is very rich with fantastic elegant background images. You will find a menu on the left-hand side of the template having many impressive features .


Telephasic by HTML5 UP - top dreamweaver templates
Telephasic is one of the finest barren responsive locate template that offers great design prospects for the architect. The template is made by HTML5Up and is available under the creative commons license .
This is one of the most ideal responsive web site templates that provide adaptable purpose features. besides, the template is built from HTML5Up .
furthermore, the template offers ace design and incredible functionality. You can easily download the template here .
Until now, the template has been downloaded, 280,000+ times .

Minimal HTML5 template for Organic Food Website

Organic Food HTML5 Template
Finding a template to fit organic food is a street fighter job. With the Minimal HTML5 template, you can easily harness the template in Dreamweaver. The freebie was made available by TemplateMonster and is an excellent way to get started for designers who are looking for an constituent food template .


BisLite Dreamweaver Template
BisLite is a great looking HTML5 template. It is completely responsive and can be used by the anyone who is looking to build a company page or even a web log .
The template includes PSD files, and you are release to modify it according to your requirement .
This template besides includes testimonials and clients section .

Type and Grids: Free Responsive HTML5 Dreamweaver Templates

Ivan Designostrom Smashing Magazine Template
type and Grids HTML5 template is made available by Smashing Magazine. The template is one of a kind as it offers 21 character themes and 29 tinge themes. Combining both of them will well result in 500 singular design combination .
The template can easily be used in Dreamweaver, enabling the couturier to create a alone and impressive design .

Agency Web Template

Free Agency Web Template PSD
If you are looking for an representation related web template, then the template is for you. The template is released loose by CSSauthor, a leading web site for CSS tricks and tips .
This is a stylish, one page Dreamweaver template for small businesses and agencies. The design of this template is chiefly based off of the chief PSD subject. You can download this template hera .
reactive disengagement stylings, polish page scroll and custom-make collapsing navigation with the active classes. The serve section with the CSS entirely revolves around the fonts. Foster with copyright information, social links, and other links .
The perplex collection of the dislodge agency site templates that are beautifully designed with custom-make attention to detail in an easy to customize, and clean code .

Personal Portfolio Dreamweaver Templates

Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template
personal Portfolio template is an interactional, grid layout portfolio template. The template is made available by W3layouts and utilize HTML5. This template compact besides includes PSD and can be customized according to your requirements .

Landing Page Dreamweaver Templates

Onepage HTML5 themes thomsoon
Landing Page template is an impressive one-page template. It is minimalist in nature and offers a capital feature set for the customization. The template besides comes with Behance API subscribe and besides offers PSD .

Pluton Free Single Page HTML  Dreamweaver Templates

Pluton Free Single Page Bootstrap Html Template
It is a bootstrap based single page HTML template that offers great reactive plan and can be used by a creative team, design studio apartment or agency .
Pluton is one of the most modern multipurpose HTML5 land page based on the Bootstrap. The template is built utilizing the mod jQuery/CSSS3/HTML5 methods and it ’ s responsive. furthermore, the template works perfectly on all devices and different shield size devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. As a consequence, the composition is ideal for your agency, creative team, and blueprint studio .
The color combination of the web site is impressive and can easily be used with Dreamweaver .

Awesome Landing Page
Dreamweaver Landing Page Template

Awesome land page is one of the finest exercise of landing pages. It is free to use and offers a great value for the graphic designer using Dreamweaver .

Horizons HTML5 Dreamweaver Templates

Horizons Dreamweaver Template by TEMPLATED

Horizons HTML5 Template is a free template by Templated. They released the template under the CCA license, and this means you can use it for free .
The template has premium looks and is responsive .
This is a responsive dark admin template that is built using the Twitter Bootstrap platform. Horizon has a reasonably simple jell of drug user interface plugins and elements to get your project done arsenic soon as possible with a scavenge and user-friendly design that attracts your customers .
If you are looking for a fairly, modern and innovative admin dashboard template. Fancy using HTML5 as your capacity management arrangement, then you should choose Horizon .

Aquatic Template

The aquatic theme is well designed in aquamarine or greenish blue color. The standard 5 pages have been included in the template .

Catalog Dreamweaver Template

The Catalog subject is besides a capital HTML5-CSS3 template from the selection of the best loose Dreamweaver templates founded on Twitter Bootstrap ( v-3 ) that works on screens of different sizes american samoa well as mobile devices .

Connect Dreamweaver Template

Connect is a single page template using a beige and green background. The JavaScript ’ mho affair has been integrated for vertically scrolling amongst pages .

Blue Tech Template

The Blue Tech is a complimentary Dreamweaver template with iconic menu items and blue color background .

Carousel Photo Template

The Carousel theme is well designed by the dark gray gradient background utilizing the pixelated effect in their setting horizon .

Concept Dreamweaver Template

The concept is a well-known multi-purpose Bootstrap root. the Gallery is perfectly integrated with the lightbox. company and Services pages feature sub-pages .


Gift Red Template

Gift Red is one of the best complimentary web site templates for the Christmas temper. It features beautiful and attractive header graphics .

Work Center Template

Work Center is a professionally designed and incredible web site template for anyone. The home page is well integrated with the Piece manufacturer 3D Slider .

Urbanic Dreamweaver Template

Urbanic is a popular unblock HTML5 web site template created by templatemo. It ’ s a bang-up one-page layout, which is highly responsive to view and use on any small screen mobile device .

Titanium Dreamweaver Template

titanium is a high-quality web invention template. Two designs of the home page are included with both stylish XML flash skidder and Nivo skidder .


The StoneWork is a great template with an amazing design with multiple attractive customizable features .
It is a professional Dreamweaver template that is highly recommended for business websites, architectural design, and construction .


This democratic Dreamweaver template is ideal for eco-related sites. It ’ s a CSS template that is created by ‘ Templated ’. It has highly capturing layouts and designs .


This classic web site template is made entirely for business websites and blogs. It features a 2 –column foliate layout that is available in blue, black, and grey colors .

Tech Layer

Tech Layer is one of the best exempt mini-theme templates, it features a clean drug user interface and a single page layout with multiple appealing attributes .
The amazingly designed main menu comprises different properties .

Dragonfly Template

This is a classic one-page layout template with many compromising features. Keep in mind, the web site template can be used on any web site .

Bootstrap 4

The release Dreamweaver template features a modern subject with a very elementary menu with multiple customize features. It works perfectly on unlike screen sizes and fluid devices .
Whether it ’ s an e-commerce web site or web log web site, Bootstrap fits in absolutely !


Linear is a in full responsive absolve Dreamweaver template that can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. The linear gamey quality Dreamweaver template uses an extensive background double, with minimal manner attributes .
furthermore, It ’ s a highly versatile template that works absolutely on all websites .


With a simplistic invention, the template features many highly advanced customization tools. The template ’ randomness theme goes well with portfolios, blogs, and more .


Tessellate business HTML5 Template
Tessellate is a loose premium responsive locate template. The template looks premium in both looks and features and can easily be used for coding purposes .
This is a free responsive HTML5 locate template with a clean, modern, and fashionable plan. Tessellate is fitted with perfectly organized CSS/HTML files, a unique design style, and adult typography. As a leave, this template is perfective for personal websites .

Wrap Up

The Free Dreamweaver Templates are a big way to manage a couturier ’ south work. They besides offer a start point and helps in maintaining the industry standards during exploitation .
By using the Dreamweaver template, it will be easy for you to control unlike elements of your web site. Whether you own a designed, portfolio-related web site or traveling blog, all you need to do for instantaneous results is to install the free Dreamweaver templates of your choice .
The dependable news is that it is reasonably easy to install the template. If you feel that they are some extra changes that need to be made, all you have to do is update and modify the available data and then click “ save. ” After everything is up and running, you can sit and start enjoying the benefits.

I hope you loved the list of best loose Dreamweaver templates. These templates will help you to start your work with more confidence and come up with the final web site in a matter of hours .
If you have a template hypnotism for the community, don ’ thymine forget to comment below. besides, share the article with your friends and kin .

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