With the advent of cheap printing costs and advertisements, authors from around the populace have started to gain a higher number of chances for publishing books and subject. The Internet provides users with respective means of vulnerability and recognition angstrom well. It ’ second much easier to become an generator in the current year of 2019 but what about becoming a popular one ? This is where the use of personal and selling websites come to use. Using a web site as an writer to help your works flourish is not only useful but about crucial. These websites open up a set of avenues to help you get your name out. This can be in the form of trial and show sign-ups, e-marketing, extra blog capacity and much. And, for this sole function, UiCookies brings you this list of excellent Author web site templates to help your task .
Each one of these author web site templates is certain to help put the focus onto your written contentedness and help oneself you flourish using unlike mediums. furthermore, these HTML bootstrap templates besides provide you with maximal lead generation equally good as leave you a platform to connect with your viewers more
so, go ahead and browse this entire catalogue to find the web site template equip for your needs ? furthermore, if you have any recommendations to add to this number, feel release to comment about them arsenic well .

Best Author Website Templates and Author WordPress themes


Chayma is a professional author web site template that is an amazing starting signal to our number today. complete with amaze visuals and packed with features that sets it apart, this template is decidedly a great start. It is wholly responsive and adjusts to all the device screens. Great for audio books, 3D animated books and even for promotional contents, it is pretty versatile. It features an exclusive pre-loader that allows one to stay engaged while your web site loads. And equipped with the professional CSS and HTML based animations, effects, and page transitions, it is equally creative as it gets .
Talking about being creative, you besides get tons of customizing options you can use to get that custom spirit to the locate. From 8 advanced pre-set discolor skins, to multiple layout styles and even a variation of fonts and icons ; you get it all. It is besides cross-browser compatible, RTL cook angstrom well as super fast load. The wholly social organization is based on one page and focuses all the contents at the same time. professionally crafted, it is based off the advanced Bootstrap model for add flexibility. The code social organization is well-commented and overall makes for a secure and dependable experience as a solid .
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future in line, we have another advance one page writer web site template ; Treaser. Minimal and simplistic with the design, this template focuses on showcasing your products in the most engaging and invoke manner. Featuring a stunning header section which includes the preview of the featured project, animated textbook, details and CTA buttons ; it reasonably much is straightforward with the determination. It comes packed with pre-built pages for hime, about, chapter, reviews, author, touch and more. easy to set up and work with, this theme is great for all those who have no previous experience with codes or designs. All of these are besides wholly responsive, retina-ready arsenic well as pixel perfective. Getting onto the details, you will besides find a range of easy customizing options you can use to personalize the site .
It is ideal for listing ebooks, audiobooks, promoting authors and their print contents as well. The great thing here is that you can integrate a buy immediately button hera to start selling on-line immediately. The sharp and clean and jerk plan here is based off the advanced Bootstrap framework. It is completely cross-browser compatible, RTL ready angstrom well as SEO friendly ampere well. other integration here includes Slick Slider, Countdown, Magnific popup, Illustations and more. All these adds to the efficiency and visuals making the on-line experience pretty great to say the least .
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Konjo is based off a more vector illustration based template that features a unique and out of the box design that you are looking for. Clean, minimal and simplistic with the overall mentality, this template focuses on showcasing your products as the foreground of the locate. With exciting sliders and gallery designs, it decidedly will keep your users hooked onto the web site. wholly reactive, retina-ready deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as pixel arrant, the visuals are pretty stunning to say the least. It is ideal to be used as a bring page for all niche of unmarried products whether it is apps, softwares, books, gadgets or more. And the best part here is that you get plenty of easy customizing options to add that custom feel to the web site .
apart from this, the template is besides based off the promote Bootstrap framework offering the users all the tractability they are looking for. For professional purposes, you get gain MailChimp forms for contacts, login or registration. not only this, but the stunning price table, attractive CTA buttons, creative fonts, icons and more, makes it more functional. completely cross-browser compatible, SEO ready ampere well as RTL friendly to ensure the optimum performance. Great for marketing and promotional purpose, you can even set up on-line selling with minimal campaign with Konjo .
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odrin author website templates
Odrin is a WordPress author web site theme like no other. You can make habit of its beautiful craft and design to support your reserve sales and advertising. Its singular ledger preview element lets your readers read snippets and demos for your books in a beautiful manner. furthermore, it ’ second patronize friendly design and multi-author accompaniment means that you can either use it as an independent writer or a publisher. Choose to demonstrate books in an astonishing manner using Odrin ’ s single products page that comes with complete customizability. furthermore, Odrin inherently supports WooCommerce which is a great thing for all WordPress based generator web site templates .
similarly, Odrin is besides very simpleton to set up and even comes with a one-click show import function to immediately setup your web site. The addition of over 10 pre-built page templates is a sweet crack besides. As for the locate itself, you can enable diverse different custom widgets such as Upcoming books, Events, About me and Social media widgets, Accordions, Book preview images and much more .
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brown author website templates
Brown is a WordPress writer composition that features all the elements author web site templates should have and then some. Use a page builder friendly theme that comes with robust subject options and customizability to help you set up your website the way you imagine it to. Manage everything on your web site simply by clicking, dragging and dropping, the days of messing around with coding are immediately retentive gone. furthermore, Brown besides supports both one page and multi-page websites. So you can besides create impressive bring pages using Brown ampere well. Choose between ignite and dark background for your web site and customize tons of layout options. guarantee that your web site and its content as comfortable to read as possible using brown .
furthermore, Brown is besides designed to be an ad and commercialization friendly root. To make your web site ampere accessible as possible, Brown is built to be wholly Translation friendly, Cross browser compatible and mobile friendly with a touch of SEO optimization added for that perfect cherry on top .
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booklovers author website templates
Booklovers is a WordPress writer and writer theme designed primarly for book publishers and book shop owners. This means that the subject is completely marketing friendly and comes with features specifically with eCommerce in mind. This of couse includes complete WooCommerce compatibility. As for the theme itself, you can use 4 different beautifully made Bookstore demos/templates. You can besides make use of a wide scope of customs shortcodes built for Bookstores. This includes testimonials, accordions, column, price tables, team sections and more. For highlighting authors and their creations, you can besides make practice of a dedicated Author detail module deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a team web log and gallery .
Booklovers besides comes with tons of early fancy features such as tons of slider options, menu customization and menu sliders, fully Layout customization, one-click demonstration install, extra 3rd party plugins and a broad compass of custom-made widgets. furthermore, Each component is designed to be perfectly retina-ready a well as mobile-friendly to boot excessively .
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novela author website templates
Novela is more than barely a bare WordPress author theme. The subject is designed to not only market your books but besides preview them in the most fashionable manner possible. Use a dedicate book reviewer that comes with complete animation and read effects for extra impression. You can even set up Online downloads and eCommerce uncoiled from your web site and sell of your eBooks that way equally well. Website customizability is besides a cinch with Novela. The theme comes with a clean and minimalistic design that is supported by a broad range of theme options. The addition of Font amazing icons, Google fonts, and Advanced custom fields lone sweeten up that softwood .
furthermore, the habit of Advanced custom field lets you add modern content easily by just filling up some fields. Editing and managing site capacity has never been easier. additionally, to support your web site ’ s responsiveness Novela is besides built using Bootstrap. This not alone guarantees smooth functionality but besides complete smartphone corroborate and ensures that your web site faces the least issue of issues as possible .
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If you are looking for something dim-witted, minimal and clean, then this generator web site template or blog template ; Akea is perfect. Professional and mod with the style, this template offers a beguilement free surface for one to promote their write and content. Ideal for creative individuals and companies who want to start enlightening or creative writer web site, web log, or magazine based locate, you get everything you require right at your administration. There are more than 30 stunning HTML pages for you to get a head start with starting a locate. And these pages are all unique with the features and the elements it features. All of these are besides designed to be fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel arrant. Great for anyone who wishes to impress the audience right off the first glance, get started with Akea right aside .
There are batch of personalizing features to accommodate your preferences american samoa well. From the consumption of color palettes to the elegant and chic fonts and typographies, every short detail perfectly compliment the niche. The base is the advanced Bootstrap model which makes direction for a flexible interface. furthermore, it besides makes use of the CSS and HTML code structure that is pretty up to par with all the latest web-standards. It besides features mighty features for blogging like tons of post format support, working liaison form, legato scroll, and respective animations and effects to add to the invoke. furthermore, it is besides SEO friendly deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as amazingly fast load and cross-browser compatible. reasonably much all of your needs packed into one amazing author web site template !
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Le Mars

Another one designed with the minimal and cleanse aesthetic is mind is Le Mars. This is a premium generator web site template that is ideal for any creative personnels who wishes to share their contents out to the worldly concern in an out-of-the-box manner. visually amazing, each section of the template is ultra-responsive, arsenic well as retina-ready. This ensures that your site looks flawless throughout all of the device screens. Storytelling and presenting the contents in the most creative manner has never been easier. And as it is based on the professional CSS and HTML codes, there are plenty of creative components that makes things more compelling. From sliders, carousels, animations, effects and more, everything you need is right at your disposal .
In addition to this, you besides get a stage set of particular icons and Google Fonts you can implement. not only this, but there are multiple elegant color palette you can switch to. user-friendly and detailed with the documentation, everything about this is designed to suit even the beginners and novices. It is cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly vitamin a well as SEO friendly. not to mention all of the other amazing elements you can get total extra features with.Click the connection below to get the full details and view the bouncy preview .
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Book land page

book landing page author website templates
Book land page is an HTML template that is designed for the same aim as its name. It ’ south clean, minimal and in full functioning landing page design makes it one of the best author web site templates to use. The template itself comes with all the elements that you ’ ll indigence for your writer land page. For case, you can use a featured part for your approaching books, call to natural process popup overlays, cool hover consequence enabled text picture boxes, about us sections and more. You can even place extra information regarding yourself, the businesses you ’ re affiliated with vitamin a well list down your other books. arsenic far as a commercialize tool goes, Book landing page is deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as it gets .
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Bookstore & Library

book store and library author website templates
Bookstore works big if you ’ ra looking for author web site templates that can double as an e-library. This writer and book web site template come with two different header variations arsenic well as a big located of tune elements and items all explicitly built for generator web site purposes. furthermore, this template besides comes with tons of composition options made to help you well personalize your web site to suit your creative ability .
Create a alone header carousel with three different variations vitamin a well as tons of Google fonts and cool custom icons. furthermore, Bookstore is besides a completely eCommerce ready template. This means you can well commercialize your books independently. The easily customizable Mega menu besides serves your web site quite well and helps your viewers browse through your integral intersection list and web site content casual. furthermore, Bookstore is besides mobile friendly, and users can directly purchase your books through their smartphones with zero hassle .
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smartbooks author website templates
Smartbooks likes in the eCommerce enabled class of Author web site templates. Take control of your on-line sales into your own hands with this creatively designed eBook store template. You can customize your Home page using 4+ different variations angstrom well as tons of comfortable to enable HTML files. It ’ randomness premade header styles, and the mega menu offers a distribute in terms of web site drawing card and seafaring. As for your book memory, you can make practice of a give Product luger for featured items ampere well as Category tab and respective product number layouts. To top it off, Smartbooks besides comes with a mini Shopping cart sheathing to help your customers keep in lead with all of their purchases .
furthermore, Smartbooks is besides completely blogging friendly with its 12+ blog pages, and Google fonts one media ready plan. Blog in accession to help your web site sell more products, highlight approaching sales events and modern additions to your catalog .
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boighar author website templates
Boighor is an writer web site template that is made to be in full customized and personalized as your wish. Powered by Bootstrap4, Boighor is completely cross-browser adenine well as mobile compatible. furthermore, each HTML file is built to be completely retina-ready and can resize absolutely to fit any screen size. Choose from 3 different unique home page choices with completely configurable layout options. furthermore, The addition of bang-up features like Mobile menu, Mega menu, Owl carousel sliders, three web log pages, and tons of custom HTML pages makes Boighor one of the best author web site templates available on the grocery store .
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Kevin Smith Writer/Author

kevin smith author website templates
Kevin Smith is a arrant personal web site template for authors and writers to help them define themselves and their career on their internet. Use a amply enabled Portfolio display to showcase your written contents. The project listing comes with brood effect enabled images vitamin a well as extra text. The fullscreen luger makes your home page look massively creative arsenic well as quite attractive. You can besides make use of the Sticky Header menu american samoa well as dedicated blog posts which come with tons of font settings, typography options and more. Kevin Smith is besides very lightweight and is designed to be SEO optimized .
Reach the top of Google charts and market yourself even better using this highly efficient bootstrap template. besides, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget that Kevin smith besides comes with dedicate documentation to help you out with all its features at any item and experts can use its admit PSD files for even more personalization.

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deus author website templates
This list containing Author web site templates is decidedly specify to equitable market and eCommerce templates. For a fresh depart, why don ’ t you check out Deus ? This multipurpose HTML template comes with all the features to enrich your textual and written subject. Choose from 6 unlike theme styles and tons of personalizable Ui elements. You can evening enable a across-the-board image of custom widgets, and media enabled elements on your web site. furthermore, for your log and written message, Deus provides you with six unique mail styles and tons of Google fonts. As for the web site ’ second coding itself, you can be damn certain that Deus provides with you maximum responsiveness on all filmdom resolutions ampere well as the best load speeds. furthermore, if you ever find yourself having any issue, feel exempt to consult with Deus ’ 5-star customer accompaniment to help your induce .
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universh author website templates
Universh is a complete material education web site template that is identical user-friendly and easy to set up. You can choose from over 20 different dwelling page variations to easily setup your home page. furthermore, as for your web site elements, you can use ten differted unlimted headers, seven footers, five unique page headers, tons of customizable grid layouts and page layouts, and over 30 different ready-to-use widgets. As for showing off your books and projects, you can use a fully customizable Portfolio foliate that comes bundled with grid and masonry galleries, video backgrounds, parallax backgrounds, brood effects and more .
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Book reviews

essay writers page author website templates
Book reviews is more than merely a marketing template built for authors and record stores. It ’ second multipurpose design and easy to understand page layout makes it a great template to use to attract both readers and writers. Publishing companies can make great use of its excellent Service listing section a well as the About us page. furthermore, you can besides use a dedicated price board page to list out all the price options alongside their curious advantages. furthermore, Book reviews is built specifically for run genesis and helping your print company reach the authors in need and evening comes with a custom contact page accomplished with a Custom contact phase and a Google map implant .
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koparion author website templates
Koparion is a book shop class HTML template. Well that description doesn ’ thyroxine do justice to this giant of a responsive template immediately, does it ? This wholly eCommerce enabled Author web site template comes with six alone home page designs ; each equipped with a cool Owl carousel slider and a Shop power system. The shop grid posses a design that helps in selling books on-line and is customizable an insane academic degree as well. Use over 18 unlike HTML pages, each carefully crafted to provide you the arrant template to start your eBook memory. The accession of 2 unique web log pages only sweetens the manage as this means you can blog about the latest accession of books, a book recommendation and a lot more using the like eBook web site excessively .
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book author website templates
It about seems insane for any author web site templates to have this many features. Book at a elementary glance might seem like a elementary marketing template/landing page built for authors, but it ’ south so much more. This MailChimp integrated responsive template helps you convert your leads and target your demographic equally perfectly as possible. You can use two distinct header designs using Book ; an persona background and a solid background. Both the backgrounds have parallax effects and can contain background videos alternatively for a more creative feel. Furthermore, the template besides comes with cool features such as a Twitter feed doodad, Font amazing icons, Custom Google maps, and SEO optimization .
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sparks author website templates
As a lionize writer or an approaching newcomer, it ’ randomness significant to put your newly book ’ sulfur mention out there. You can ’ t just take commercialize lightly in the current context of the market. consequently, Sparks becomes a capital choice for Author web site templates due to its perfect landing page layout and an huge number of extra features. Choose from 2 different page designs ; Flat and Parallax and commercialize your products using Testimonial carousels, Video embeds, dedicated Bootstrap gallery and more. Sparks even comes with a MailChimp integration to help you create signup forms and newsletter forms to help you market your product in an effective way .
additionally, Sparks ’ coding entirely uses HTML5 and CSS3, so it is extremely lightweight and mobile friendly. Market your products on all platforms with worry regarding compatibility issues using this excellent generator web site template .
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devita author website templates
Devita is ampere fondness as it gets for writer web site templates with its star coevals focused design and elements. This multipurpose web site template comes with over 25 different pre-built demonstration, many of which suit book websites perfectly. Market your books absolutely with this SEO optimized template that comes with multiple unlike premade header styles arsenic well as a dedicate blog segment. You can besides enable an Ebook store on your web site using Devita with its merchandise listing pages. Product listing on your web site is supported by multiple elements excessively. This includes dedicate Product sliders, unmarried product list, product grids, and immediate horizon features on each individual item. The addition of a Mini marketplace choice besides works absolutely to its advantage .
As for marketing tools, Devita besides comes with an Upcoming timer for new books/products and dedicated Testimonial sections for incontrovertible user reviews. You can add in tons of elements to sweeten up your page design such as Awesome baptismal font icons, banner sliders, php contact forms, and smooth vivification. furthermore, it ’ randomness Multi-layout structure, and comfortable customizability opens a set of areas for creativity and personalization .
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Essay write

essay writing author website templates
Essay publish is an generator web site template perfective for publishing companies and writing agencies. The template lets you easily commercialize to your demographic of approaching and talented authors. It ’ mho lightly, and amobarbital sodium colored flair extends to the entire web site and adds a more easy-on-the-eyes feel. This includes call to action buttons, headers, logos and more. additionally, it ’ sulfur flat professional design, and use of scrolling effects makes browsing through the entire web site seem fluent and casual. Essay writing comes with all the advantage a marketing web site could possibly need. This includes cool featured listing sections with Font icons, Live search features, a fully functional touch form vitamin a well as Google fonts .
The accession of the Google function embed lets you well highlight your physical address. similarly, the custom Contact page lets authors contact you directly without any difficulty. furthermore, Essay writing is a perfectly Responsive, and SEO optimized as possible and even has the unfair advantage of being completely multi-browser friendly. Smartphones or personal computer, any platform is indisputable to demonstrate your publishing caller ’ south features quite well-using Essay write .
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tri-o author website templates
Tri-O is a multipurpose personal web site template that helps you easily setup a web site that fully represents your creative endeavors and capability. Choose from over 30 different Niche demonstration styles for your writer web site using Tri-O. The addition of over 22 different Portfolio styles and eight singles portfolio makes marketing your books and projects quite easy. furthermore, Tri-O is besides a perfect blogging platform for you ampere well. Use over seven different blog templates and 23 unlike web log options that complement a huge list of typography options and chemical element list .
furthermore, Tri-O doesn ’ thyroxine lag behind when it comes to personalization and customizability. Add your own affect to your web site using six different header styles, inexhaustible discolor variations, custom-made designed widgets, parallax effects, CSS3 animations, and Google fonts. You can choose from over 29 different pre-made home pages and use 140+ HTML pages to set up your web site in no time any. What ’ s more, Tri-O is besides perfectly lightweight, SEO optimized american samoa well as mobile friendly .
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The good ledger

good book author website templates
The estimable record works perfectly if you are looking for a chopine to help market your approaching books. Use a fully responsive page blueprint that is adjust absolutely to any device or screen size with no ocular issues whatsoever. It ’ randomness clean, clutter-free layout suits any author absolutely and gives your web site a identical professional attend to it. Add in tons of tip coevals and lead conversation elements onto your web site using customized Sign up forms, call to action elements, milestone trackers, television embeds, ad banners, and more .
Both the About section and Book description section lashkar-e-taiba you describe both about yourself and reserve in a way that fits you perfectly. Each segment besides uses a across-the-board range of typography options and Google fonts. furthermore, Good book besides enables User testimonials sliders that fully represent what your readers think of your subject. Marketing your books straight from your web site is besides comfortable using a dedicate price table and an extra script recommendation section that besides lists out your versatile other contents .
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Evan Roberston

evan roberton author website templates
Evan Robertson is a personal web site template built specifically in mind for authors. Are you looking for a template to help you reach publishing companies ? possibly a template to create a CV that fully represents you and your works ? Evan roberston ’ s the perfect nibble for you. This writer web site template comes with a huge set of UI elements and CSS3 animation effects to make the simple task of browsing through your web site enjoyable in itself. Make function of dedicate Portfolio pages to highlight your works and projects using three different gallery layouts .
furthermore, the portfolio page is besides accompanied by cool hover effects and a reactive fullscreen idle viewer excessively. As for marketing yourself, you can use a in full enabled Home-page that contains tons of sections such as Book listings, exploiter testimonials, social media icons and more. And lest we forget, Evan Roberston is besides wholly blogging friendly and provides you with three different web log layouts and tons of text options and features to help you write blogs that absolutely demonstrates your capability as an generator .
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escritor author website templates
Author web site templates aren ’ triiodothyronine all fair about marketing excessively. Why wear ’ triiodothyronine we discuss some truly cool web site template that you as an author can use for your on-line textual contented ? Escritor ’ s a perfect blogging template with over 4-page variations and defined HTML pages built specifically for authors. This includes an Author visibility page, review pages and more. Use this SASS powered template that comes with Fully responsive pages that feature a Modern and professional design that suit your needs as an generator absolutely .
Escritor besides contains tons of custom icons, Google fonts, and features accompaniment for a wide rate of blogging contented. furthermore, you can besides enable Owl carousels on your pages and decorate it to your heart ’ s contentedness. Lest we forget, Escritor is besides completely cross-browser friendly, and each one of its elements is perfectly retina-ready as well .
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Ak.1 is a creative portfolio template with features that make it a arrant personal template for authors. It features a premium adaptive minimalistic design that gives an air of singularity to your content. Use two different unique color themes ; Light and Dark with a wide range of customization options to personalize your web site. Ak.1 ’ s UI design is decidedly something to applaud with its unique muggy footer and header design and menu overlay. It ’ sulfur creative structure, and use of UI elements makes it a perfective choice for authors deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a publication companies .
furthermore, Ak.1 besides features a Blog page angstrom well as Portfolio page to help you market yourself a well. The portfolio ’ second masonry layout is sure to suit the template ’ s overall layout itself. Its hover effects and a fullscreen trope spectator besides support the drift quite well and add more functionality to it. furthermore, the blog page ’ randomness design makes reading through your content easy and casual. It besides enables you to use a broad stove of media elements, sliders, social media sharing and more .
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Narratium is another excellent WordPress writer web site template that is creative, out-of-the-box and unique. visually sandbag, wholly responsive and amazingly flexible, you can use this for multitude of websites. Ideal for generator profiles, writers, script promotion and even personal and professional bloggers, it is pretty recess oriented. hera, it features extended template arrangement that you can interchange to display versatile post types. For visuals, you can far personalize the template with respective fonts, icons, color schemes .
apart from this, it follows all the latest guidelines regarding the web-standards. This means, it is compatible with Gutenberg and GDPR. other mentionable features here includes access to add in custom-made contents like videos, galleries, sliders and more. In Narratium, you can besides enable generator profiles and post co-author and read time for your users to see. Another useful cock you get is the give voice counter that automatically does the work for you .
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Auteur is a more minimal, elegant choose on WordPress writer web site template we have in line for you. It is ideal for book stores, writer profiles, publishers, editorials and anything related to the niche. seamless with the design, it is wholly reactive, and loads effortlessly throughout all the devices. Ideal for all niches of book stores, library, generator profiles, publishers and more, it is pretty versatile. The seamless design is besides equipped with plenty of amazing elements like WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution .
hera, you will find plenty of variations for home and inner pages. In entire, there are 4 different dwelling pages, over 10 stunning web log, 4 different shop class, and more. Furthermore, all of these are highly customizable which makes it easy to add that custom touch. Accompanied by beautiful headers, mega menu, advanced Admin panel ; this subject is besides WooCommerce compatible, MailChimp ready angstrom well as politic loading. All in all, it is another professional generator web site templates that is decidedly worth a attempt .
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