Hand pick up best html5 church web site templates that created for non-profit websites, like religious and fundraising websites templates ! The Church is the people of God to study His Word and entreaty and to adore one another, to learn to love. To spread the parole, and people think and maintained at the stream stage of technology and get a presence on the Web, more welcome. You can make small template of church websites without a price you can afford. The HTML5 church service templates are suitable for redesigning the locate to begin or religious group perfectly .
The purpose of this site is to provide fair concerned in more data and membership, church attendance for events such as particular ministry, deputation and list of places. clear style and presentation of the practice of a particular church is a lot to talk about new visitors, and explain to them that they can expect to attend. With these html church templates, you can respond to the influence. If well-designed locate is the church service of points of interest, try this detached HTML5 templates with cliched user-friendly, and professional quality of the balance .


Sacreva Church and Nonprofit HTML5 Template is a clean, modern and professional multipurpose HTML5 template for churches and nonprofit organization organizations. Sacreva ‘s HTML5 template is a clean, modern, and simple template that was created for churches, charities, charities, charity templates, contribution portal vein, fundraisers, mosques, NGOs, and non-profit organizations .

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Ummah is a fully responsive reaction template built on Reactstrap 4, Pure React j, without jQuery. It is a modern designed React template that can be used for the Islamic Center ‘s React Template for Nonprofits .
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The Hafsa Islamic Center Responsive HTML5 Template is a non-profit Islamic Center template. The Hafsa HTML template offers all the necessary functions for an Islamic center, a mosque, a Muslim Institute web site, and a charitable NGO. Includes 1 home page, event page, donations, sermons, drift block, about, web log posts, services, equipment : academics, courses, products, about us and contact us. It is the most comprehensive web site for your Islamic center, mosque, and charitable foundation .
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An HTML5 template for churches and charities provides you with an excellent foundation for web site development. And nowadays, even religious and non-commercial organizations need to have a well-designed web site. It is a mean of forwarding since it facilitates the recruitment of new Catholic parishioners. besides, with a decent web site, you can get any kind of contribution for your church service. inactive, it takes a draw of feel to build an impressive web site .
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Maktab Islamic Center Responsive HTML5 Template is a non-profit Islamic Center template. Maktab ‘s HTML template offers all the necessary functions for an Islamic plaza, a mosque, a Muslim Institute web site, and a charity NGO. Includes 3 home pages, event page, donations, sermons, gallery jam, about, web log posts, services, equipment : academics, courses, products, about us and contact us. It is the most comprehensive web site for your Islamic center, mosque, and charitable foundation. immediately supports Arabic and RTL layouts .
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modern Church HTML Website Template is a great solution for building a choice site for your Catholic community or organization. Churches, like many other establishments, require proper promotion. And the best way to do this is by using a web site. however, modern websites can do more than fair advertise your constitution. They are designed to bring together the residential district of people who trust and defend you. For that reason, websites are an excellent option for churches and religious communities .
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Krowd is a professional and elegant HTML template for charity giving and crowdfunding project websites. It is particularly designed for all types of crowdfunding businesses, charities, fundraisers, nonprofits, NGOs, donations, churches, mosques and all other nonprofit organization crowdfunding and charity websites and businesses .
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kami Shinto Temple HMTL Template

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Tilak Hindu Temple HTML Template

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Parish Church HTML Template

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Sacredia is a high-quality HTML template designed for churches of all faiths that can be used on most religion-themed websites. It comes with a customs dashboard for administrators and users, with over 30 HTML page formats that can help you customize the expression of your web site .
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Churhius Religion ‘s HTML web site template is entirely designed for churches, non-profit organizations and prayer groups. We have created all the necessary elements, pages, ministries, events and cermons pages. Start with the Churhius HTML Website template today and convert your visitors to your prayers .
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Grace Church

The HTML template of Grace Church Bootstrap is a receptive Bootstrap network based on the 1170 post exchange grid system. This template can be useful for churches, charities, non-profit organizations or prayer groups. Functions such as Bulletin, Programs, Events, Sermons, etc .
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Buddha HTML Template

BudhSpace is a responsive HTML template based on Bootstrap. It is best for Buddhist, Buddhism religious model hypertext markup language. Create a web site to give information about Buddhism to the general populace. possibly you have a Buddha model that you want to create a beautiful web site .
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Church HTML Template

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BetterLife is a new lightweight and aerial HTML template, which will be a perfective alliance for a church web site, Christian charity arrangement or other religious institutions. If you want more people to learn what your administration is doing and what it represents, you decidedly need a professional web site. This will be very utilitarian and practical in many ways : it will be a great place to connect people, it will make it easier to organize events and update your latest news and, above all, it ‘s perfect. Heard and spread your message around the world .
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New Life

New Life is a clean and ignite locate template created for churches, prayer groups, christian, charity and non-profit organizations. The model responds absolutely to the readiness of the retina at 100 %, which means it can adapt to any riddle size or settlement .
new life church religion site template more info / download demo

Holy Word

holy word church site template more info / download demo

Lord Church

The Lord Church Responsive web site template is a creative HTML5 template designed for religious organizations, churches, charitable services and exchangeable sites that need reactive and high quality templates. Lord is a feature-rich template, it comes with all the features you need for a church or charity service .
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Divinity is an HTML Church inspiring template, based on the latest Bootstrap model 4. With 25 different combinations Type header and ready made.Divinity 28 pages is arrant to promote the good shape done and your church by encouraging people to join your congregation .
divinity church bootstrap 4 html template more info / download demo


The template is well suited for presenting religious projects on the network. The theme will work well for heavy web message resources. A lazy load effect is built in to improve the loading speed of your locate. A assortment of exploiter interface and obstruct elements are provided to speed up customization of the theme. Custom page templates and a Google web baptismal font throng are provided to change the appearance of the root quickly and effortlessly. christian Responsive Website Template is well documented and includes layered PSD files .
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WeBelieve is a HTML5 template designed and developed for churches, prayer groups, Christians, charitable and non-profit. It is amply responsive template based on Twitter Bootstrap character that makes it available for all blind sizes from the largest to smartphones .

webelieve church responsive html5 template more info / download demo

Christian Church

christian html website templatemore info / download demo


Prayer is a creative web site design template for the church. The independent target of this template will besides provide a religious and charitable organizations, churches, etc. for many business branches. The main features are identical authoritative and very useful, in the consequence templates, including Wall and praying seolgyoeul, the functions of the three .
prayer-html-templatedemo more info / download

Christian Responsive Website Template

christian responsive website templatedemo more info / download

Hinduism Responsive Website Template

Hinduism Responsive Website Templatedemo more info / download

Presbyterian Responsive Website Template

presbyterian-responsive-website-templatedemo more info / download

Cross Church HTML Template

Presenting “ Cross Church HTML template ”. This is perfect and complete software for a across-the-board range of Church and associate projects. Its besides elastic with a across-the-board crop of possibilities to design about any kind of personal and professional vane layouts .
Cross Church HTML Template demo more info / download

Private Christian School Website Template

private christian school website templatedemo more info / download

Blessing – Church Website Template

Blessing is responsive church service web site template for churches build with latest Bootstrap framework. Blessing is responsive with about all devices filmdom size supported. This template equipped with amazing features like Revolution Slider, touch & swipe carousel, countdown timer and much more features. Get ‘ Blessing ’ now !
blessing church website templatedemo more info / download

Islamic Social Center Website Template

islamic social center website templatedemo more info / download

Church Website Template Responsive – Our Church

Church Website Template – Our church is a responsive church service template can be utilitarian for churches, non-profit or Prayer group. Featues like Bulletin, Programs, Events etc .
Our Church web site template has many intutive features for churches or other nongovernmental organization non-profits. Based on Latest Bootstrap framework 3.2.0 with Mobile first border on. 18+ HTML Pages : home, about, Ministry, Sermons, Image Gallery, Video Gallery, Blog list, Blog unmarried, Events & Programs, Event Single, Working Event Calendar with Google calendar Integrated, & Donations, Prayers and Worships, FAQ, Shortcodes, Full Width, Left Sidebar, Contact us .
church website template responsivedemo more info / download

Religious Responsive Website Template 52974

religious responsive website template 52974demo more info / download

Deeds – Simple Nonprofit Church Website Template

Inspiring a raw emotional state for the religious cause, Deeds is a simpleton, neat, clean & catchy agio HTML web site template for building an innovatively featured web site for church, administration, nonprofit organization, fund-raise, contribution or foundation web site. With the built-in 7 unique Homepage styles, you can give a especial taste and variety show to your web site. Each of its two novel header styles can be made muggy, corresponding to your own choice. Likewise, two of the four available gallery pages are in Masonry style with 3 and 4 columns. Most importantly, the very well error-free cryptography, lightweight, cross-browser compatibility and advanced SEO features will render your project outstanding popularity over the ever expanding population of internee .
deeds nonprofit church website template demo more info / download

Christian Responsive Website Template 51140

christian responsive website template 51140demo more info / download

Adore Church – Responsive HTML5 Template

Adore Church is a wide running HTML church Template designed & developed for Church, Non-Profit and Religious Websites and comes handy for Portfolio/Corporate Websites as well .
Adore-Church-Responsive-HTML5-Template show more information / download

Bethlehem – Church Bootstrap 3 HTML5 Template

Bethlehem – Church template is a clean and modern template just for your nonprofit organization constitution with many features like Sermons and Events section/pages, Donations sections/pages, Commerce Shop and its social networks ready with draw other features .
Bethlehem-Church-Bootstrap-3-HTML5-Template demonstration more information / download

NativeChurch – Responsive HTML5 Template

NativeChurch is a full functional HTML church web site Template designed & developed for Church, Non-Profit and Religious Websites and comes handy for Portfolio/Corporate Websites as well .
NativeChurch-Responsive-HTML5-Template demonstration more information / download

Kause – Multi Purpose churches and non-profit Template

Kause is a superintendent elastic template designed for churches and non-profit webistes. A beautifully designed multi-page multi-purpose web site template, perfective for churches and non-profit websites. Kause is clean and minimal and puts direct focus on your message .
Kause-Multi-Purpose-churches-charities-and-non-profit-Template demonstration more information / download

OMG – Religion Style Church HTML Single Page

OMG individual HTML page is a fully reactive, beautiful religious template with it ’ s clean and minimalist invention. Recommended for missions, communities and churches. PSD adaptation of this template is included in the box
OMG---Religion-Style-Church-HTML-Single-Page demonstration more information / download

Vineyard Church – One Page Responsive Religious

Vineyard Church template- is a compromising directly HTML5 one page template made specifically for churches. The church service web site template is using Bootstrap 3 .
Vineyard-Church-One-Page-Responsive-Religious demonstration more information / download

The Church – Responsive Site Template

The Church is a church service web site template suitable for any kind of church, christian arrangement or non-profit websites that needs a have rich however beautiful presence on-line .
The-Church-Responsive-Site-Template demonstration more information / download

Reverence – Church Responsive HTML 5 Template

reverence is a responsive HTML 5 template for religious organizations, churches. It uses a responsive Framework so it ’ s compatible with all mobile devices. It comes with several home foliate options including the amazing Revolution Slider .
Reverence-Church-Responsive-HTML-5-Template show more information / download

Blessing Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Template

Blessing Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Template best suites for Church Websites. It can be besides used for any type of clientele with it ’ south own wide range of gallery/events/news pages layouts. It looks perfective on both wide screens and on portable devices .
Blessing-Responsive-HTML5-CSS3-Template demonstration more information / download

Spirit – Free Church HTML5 Template

well done locate is a good communication tool for all religious groups. Or set clean and free redesign HTML5 theme features a balance between advanced appearance, user-friendliness and master codes. Use and customize the root easily and try to start a Web site that you want .
spirit free church html5 templatedemo more info / download

Responsive Christian Website Template

Responsive-Christian-Website-Template show more information / download

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