Before he was The Completionist, he was a big G4 fan. now, Jirard Khalil is separate of the team. By the time you read this, G4 television receiver will have cashed in its extra life and restarted a leveled-up new broadcast game on an range of network streaming platforms a good as dear old fashioned linear cable television. A mix of the now-nostalgic gambling and pop culture roller coaster ride that lurched fans forward a ten ago, blended with the bleeding boundary of today ’ s always-online entertainment landscape, the net relaunch means a fresh depart for old school appointee viewing like Attack of the show ! and X-Play .
The gaming-focused X-Play is exhibit A in the net ’ randomness formula of making a tasty 2021 television frappe with the best ingredients from the past adenine well as the deliver. Returning for 2021 with the slenderly tweaked, hyphen-free title of Xplay, the relaunched testify highlight game reviews, previews, insider entree, and more will once again be anchored by original co-host Adam Sessler — now an iconic name among players of a certain old age .
Joining Sessler on Xplay ’ sulfur pixelated new journey is a swerve of new-to-G4 faces, including those — like Jirard “ The Completionist ” Khalil — that are likely familiar to anyone who ’ s been recently plugged in to the worldly concern of gaming news and reviews on-line. As the creator and host of the vastly democratic gambling web series The Completionist, Khalil brings a eddy of instantaneous credibility ( his reviews are deep, honest, and sometimes hilariously brutal when it ’ randomness called for ) and a built-in fan base to his Xplay corner of the hugely-hyped net readjust.

“ A thousand percentage, it ’ s very dreamlike for me. It ’ s very a dream fall true in terms of this wholly wax circle, Cinderella-esque narrative for me and my travel joining the team, ” Khalil recently confessed to SYFY WIRE, while assuring fans of The Completionist that the web series international relations and security network ’ thymine going anywhere anytime soon equitable because he ’ sulfur taken on a big new gig .

still, he freely admits, landing an Xplay spot right alongside one of his longtime bet on heroes feels like a “ phantasmagoric ” trip. “ Oh, I ’ ve been a Sessler fan from far aside, ” he says of his early days as an original G4 fan .
“ He ’ s a adult reason why I got into the industry, ” Khalil says. “ I ’ ve run into him as a sports fan several times. And of run I had weird emotional outbursts of fandom, in those moments, in my younger years. I think when my career last got to a nice blot where people started respecting me and I started kind of getting a fortune of traction, and once I joined the G4 team, having a clean slate with him was great — because he didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remember those interactions with him ! ”
The old X-Play was possibly G4 ’ s strongest mission argument as a brand. Sessler and early co-host Morgan Webb — who ’ s shown up in G4 ’ s recent promotions to support the relaunch, but won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be returning to the show — used their bang-up dais to score games with a regular player ’ second eye, giving accredit where it was due, and directly calling out studios whenever a title merely didn ’ triiodothyronine make the grade .
Khalil says the heart of that fan-facing honesty remains a congress of racial equality component of the new Xplay ’ s ethos, which has tons of on-camera fun with the medium even as it takes the players ’ side in seriously reviewing newfangled games. “ We ’ rhenium not afraid of anyone, ” says Khalil. “ We ’ ra coming in hopeful that returning brands and companies that have worked with us in the past will show up. But if they make a bad product, we ’ ra gon na tell them, ‘ You ’ ve made a bad product. ’ The consultation will know. ”

But what about the format of the read itself ? Will the newfangled Xplay instantaneously resonate with longtime fans ? “ honestly, in its current form, it ’ south going to feel identical close to it, ” says Khalil .
“ Xplay is credibly gon na be the more ‘ return-to-form ’ show out of the original lineup, ” he adds. “ It ’ s a combination of, ‘ If it ain ’ thyroxine broke, don ’ triiodothyronine pay back it, ’ but besides, it ’ mho kind of ‘ Return-of-the-King ’ -ish. It ’ second kind of about going back to basics and figuring out how X-Play kind of shaped the zeitgeist of the contemporary game revue. ”
Anyone who ’ s gotten hooked on Khalil ’ south, well, arrant approach to dissecting video recording games on The Completionist knows he ’ s constantly put a big premium on examining a bet on from the inside out — its setting, its development backstory, its mechanics, and its overall appeal. tied amid a contemporary ocean of gaming influencers online, he puts in the work to give players a deep smell of what they ’ re in for — which, of course, makes Khalil a natural fit for a show like Xplay that plans to pull no punches when it comes to even-handed criticism .
“ I think, because I ’ m a crazy person, I got the gig because of it, ” he half-jokes. “ It ’ s one of those things where my insight, going so far in — you can tell, based on my message, that I ’ ve turned everything over in these games. I ’ ve learned everything there is. I ’ ve put myself through hell in these games !
sol, when it came time to audition for the new Xplay casting, “ The one thing I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worried about was my cognition and expertness in the bet on field, ” he says. “ …Joining G4 has validated my 10 years of struggle as a content godhead through and through…If I have a crazy mind, everyone goes, ‘ That ’ s sol crazy — let ’ s do it ! ’ ”
All that ’ sulfur left is to remember not to be excessively geekily star-struck as Khalil takes his locate aboard Sessler on a G4 gambling degree he never thought he ’ d get the opportunity to step on. Back when he was a film educate scholar working his way through school in the bet on department at a big-box retailer, G4 was the network he couldn ’ thyroxine catch adequate of — even staying dialed in to shows like Ninja Warrior, Attack of the show !, and, yes, X-Play on the television in the break room .
“ I was glued to the television watching Sessler and Webb doing their thing…it very inspired me, even in just how I built the [ video recording game ] displays ! ” he says. “ I was good so in tune with what Adam was doing .
“ Using the cognition I kind of absorb from what I knew of X-Play and Adam and his career and what he was doing….fast forward 10 years late, and I ’ meter separate of the Xplay team, ” Khalil continues. “ It rightfully is like this fantastic Cinderella fib of how Adam Sessler didn ’ triiodothyronine know how a lot he impacted me. I don ’ thyroxine think he knows ; I haven ’ thymine even told him this — how much he impacted me in my career. And then fast forward : now we ’ rhenium sitting across the table, laughing at the fact that we ’ ra reviewing call option of Duty and talking about it. It ’ mho very dreamlike. ”

One thing ’ sulfur for sure : Khalil and Sessler, along with new Xplay cast members Corey “ The Black Hokage ” Smallwood and Indiana “ Froskurinn ” Black, are all-in on making the new show one of the relaunch ’ s flagship series. “ We ’ rhenium going in hard, ” he says. “ It ’ s not good, ‘ We ’ ra gon na see what happens. ’ Everyone is committed .
“ That ’ s the thing I love most about the team, is that everyone gives a s*** — I can confidently say that we are delivering some of the best contentedness that we are producing across our [ entire relaunch ] team, ” Khalil continues. “ I ’ m the kind of ridicule who ’ south like, ‘ If it ’ s not good, I ’ megabyte out. ’ …and since I ’ ve joined, this has been the opposite of that…We are putting pedal to the metallic element with this. ”
Starting nowadays, you can catch Khalil and the raw Xplay as share of the big net relaunch of G4 on cable television, Twitch, YouTube, and Philo streaming television .

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