`` Tommy, we need you to ask a question to the ladies. '' Austin explains. `` besides how many girlfr- ''
                           `` approve. Sooo I ca n't ask about how a lot money George makes ? '' Tommy asks .
                           `` no. '' 
                           `` jack. '' This child is harebrained .
                           `` Tommy, does your mother know you swear ? '' I ask him folding my arms .
                           `` yes. She hates it. '' I roll my eyes at him .
                           `` Tommy, you had hours to think of a question. I 'm sure you must have something to ask the ladies ? ''
                           `` Austin, those were the lone 2 questions I prepared. ''
                           `` Do your homework ! '' Austin jokes .
                           `` I can answer your questions ! '' Kandy speaks. I swear- can we kick her off the read, that doubt was aimed at George I-
                           `` I 'm 27. '' 27 ! holy shit- the woman has youth. `` I 've had a fortune of life experience. I 've had many boyfriends bu they never made me feel what I feel with you George. Just putting that out there. I make quite a bit of money to take caution of myself and if George ever does get cancelled. ''
                           `` You think George will get cancelled Kandy ? '' I said aloud .
                           `` I have a question for you Kandy. '' Tommy interrupts. `` why do you think George will get cancelled ? '' I can hear Dream giggle in the background .
                           `` People are brainsick ! people make up things all the clock ! I do n't think you can be cancelled until you cancel yourself. '' She says
                           `` let 's motion on, we 're getting off topic ! '' Austin shouts .
                           `` one 'm barely trying to look out for George Austin ! '' Tommy defends .
                           `` yes, I understand. You know what Tommy, I 'm going to ask the doubt. George is looking out for his best interest on this show. And part of that pastime is to determine which one of you chose host. It is very important that he does n't chose person who chose host. so, out of the guests that are here today, which one of them do you think most probable choose host ? ''
                           When Austin asked that, I did not know who I thought choose horde. Yeah Kandy is annoying but I do n't think she is a host. Minx would pick love because the daughter is alone, ngl. The only person I think that would most probable pick host out of the girls left I think would be peachachoo. 
                           The girls all answered with what they thought. I said all the girls left choose love but if I did have to pick I thought peachachoo because I do n't think she would want person like George flush if she is so 'wholesome ' .
                           `` time for the following elimination. George please dm me. '' Austin says as he plays acute music. `` here we go. Kanyland, you are in the bottom 3. ''
                           `` again ! '' Kandy whines .
                           `` yes. '' there was a moment of muteness .
                           `` It 's a yolk ! '' She says alternatively of joke due to her stress .
                           `` no, it 's not a yolk. '' George giggles. `` Ms Botez, you are safe. Minx, you are safe. No lease backs. Danielle, you are safe. Y/n, you are safe. Peachachoo and Quqco you have found yourself in the bottom 3 with Kandyland. Please defend yourselves '' I let out a sigh of relief .
                           The girls submit their cases .
                           `` The person getting eliminated from the testify is.. Kandyland, I 'm good-for-nothing it 's the end of the road you have been eliminated from the show. '' last .
                           `` actually ? Why George, why. ''
                           `` I do n't know it seems like you are being slightly untruthful with what you mean. '' He says honestly, slouching in his president .
                           `` you think she chose horde ? '' Austin questions .
                           `` I think it 's a possibility. '' He sounds indeed British-
                           `` Theres no way I chose host ! You 're sol adorable I would never ! '' George and Austin just busyness. `` And besides, even though iodine 've been on this indicate several times i 'm besides very aflutter. '' Arent we all ?
                           `` aw, I do have a decimeter that Kandy chose.. she chose.. '' Austin plays brassy sad music. `` she chose love.. and this is a diabetes mellitus she sent before the show. '' ambition giggles. `` This diabetes mellitus was sent several hours before the show began. She said 'love, expect at those eyes. No matchless can not love that. ' ''
                           `` You messed up George '' Dream says facetiously. 
                           `` my heart is broken now ! '' Kandy says, holding her hand on her heart .
                           `` I 'm regretful ! I thought you were lying ! '' George says with sympathy, Dream continues to laugh in the bet on .
                           hey yall!! I'm so bad at updating I- I really need to update more regularly.. BUT! I've had an audition for a musical and I got a call back- I'm really nervous, so I need to practise for that! I hope you enjoy the rest of your night / day! Love  y'all , thank you for supporting this book! <3 🧃
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