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You ‘re twenty-one years old, graduated from college. besides, you had a boyfriend named Samuel Evers. You ‘ve been in relationship with him since your first year of college.

Your parents were glad that you found person to be with. But Sam ‘s parents … well … get ‘s barely say one of them was rigid and loved her son so much.

You tried to please his mother by being nice, but she hated you. Sam tried to reason with you that he was certain that his ma will like you someday. You sighed and hoped so besides. You could n’t stand how Mrs. Evers complained about you. Your looks, your personality, and etc.

then abruptly, as to celebrate your fourth anniversary for being Sam ‘s girlfriend, Sam received an invitation to a mansion in New Orleans. He did n’t know who sent that invitaton. So you decided to join Sam on your fourthly anniversary for being a couple.

When Mr. and Mrs. Evers found out that you ‘re going to have a summer vacation, they decided to join, a lot to your dismay when it came to Mrs. Evers. You hoped that nothing can stand in your way with your boyfriend. When I talked about nothing, I meant about Mrs. Evers

During your road trip, you finally arrived at the gate of the sign of the zodiac. You waited for the gate to open. You realized no matchless lashkar-e-taiba you in.

With sol many time honking and yelling out, you decided to come toward the gate with Sam.

Sam noticed there was a lock in.

“ so now what ? ” he asked.

“ What if you give a rise and I ‘ll go around the back of that sign of the zodiac. My guess is an erstwhile man is living there. I ‘ll surprise him. ” you jested.

“ C’mon, ( Y/n ). You ‘re going to kill him, ” Sam replied. “ Let ‘s go dwelling. I ca n’t believe I have to turn down their invitation if they ‘re not home. ”

You both were about to leave, but you noticed the gates on the spur of the moment opened. As if it was magic. You were concerned or uncertain how did this happen. Without far bustle, you drove your car to the doorway.

After getting out of the cable car, you and the others decided to look around. Sam ‘s parents were aghast as they stared at something. There were then many gravestones and it was a cementry. Mr. Evers hid himself behind his wife. Mr Evers was indeed frightened and he does n’t like something skittish and horrified. Sam was sure the horde had a reason why.

then the rain came and you all headed to the entrance, you knocking the door.

“ Hello ? Anybody dwelling ? ” you called.

No response, but the door was opened with an eerily creak fathom.

“ Hello ? ” you called again as you all entered inside. “ Anybody ? ”

You shouted, telling them that your boyfriend received the invitation to come to this identical old sign of the zodiac.

“ Have you never seen anything like this ? ” Sam asked.

“ Never. ” you replied.

“ It seems that whoever lives this very invest must be very rich, ” Mrs. Evers stated. “ I wonder if this host has a daughter … ”

You inwardly groaned in discouragement as you knew that she still hated you. She even prefered suggesting a rich daughter for her son.

“ Smells like my grandma … ” Mr. Evers, sniffing the tune of the mansion.

The wholly mansion was covered with dust and cobweb. surely, the host was supposed to decree his servants to clean up before the guests like you guys had arrived.

then you heard a door cringing and with a lightning and sound of the thunder appear, you noticed an old man wearing a butler suit. He slowly walked towards you all and greeted Sam, “ Samuel Evers ? ”

“ Yes, I ‘m samuel Evers. But you can call me Sam. ” he said.

“ My name is Ramsley. ” the butler introduced himself.

“ Hi, I ‘m ( Y/n ), Sam ‘s girlfriend. And this is Mr. and Mrs. Evers, his parents. ” you introduced yourself and Sam ‘s parents.

“ We were not expecting … ” Ramsley paused before he finished, “ others. ”

“ Yes, I invited my parents and ( Y/n ) for our summer vacation. ”

“ Thank you for inviting us, Mr. Ramsley. I hope you will give us cordial reception. specially your employer. ” said Mrs. Evers.

then you followed Ramsley through the hallway.

“ Lady Gracie wishes to discuss her affairs over dinner. ”

“ Lady Gracie ? ” you replied in question.

“ Yes, she ‘s the owner of the mansion. Her parents passed away when she was young. ”

You wondered how does Lady Gracie look like. You all arriving in the dining room. You were informed that Lady Gracie will arrive identical soon.

You then stared at the fireplace.

“ This identify is exorbitant … ” you muttered. “ That fireplace makes me want to eat s’mores … ”

“ I ca n’t believe it … Look at it. I ‘ve never seen anything like this. ”

When the thunder was heard once again, a feminine part said, “ Have n’t you ? ”

You turned to see a young womanhood wearing a black ballroom snip with matching gloves.

“ My grandma spared no expense when she built this mansion. ” she explained.

“ effective to know … Hi, I ‘m ( Y/n ) ( L/n ). Nice to meet you. ” you introduced yourself.

In response, she made a curtsy and said, “ Edna. Edna Gracie. ”

“ Wait, you ‘re lady Gracie ? ” you widned your ( e/c ) eyes in surprise.

You could n’t believe how beautiful she was. No wonder you met a rich girl like Edna who owned this very sign of the zodiac. then she noticed Sam and stard at him with an alluring smile.

“ Oh, I about forgot. This is Sam, my boyfriend. He and I are celebrating our one-fourth anniversary. ” you explained.

“ Hi, my name is Sam. These two are my parents, Michael and Megan Evers. ”

Edna smiled at his parents and turned to Sam, “ You have such fantastic parents. ”

“ I heard from Ramsley that you lost your parents when you were a kid. ” you mentioned.

“ Yes, it ‘s true … They died in a tragic accident when I was four, ” she said as she felt heart-broken when she thought of them. “ Ramsley and the other servants are the only syndicate I have. ”

then dinner was announced by Ramsley and you all sat down at the mesa. then Edna spoke with your boyfriend, “ What do you think of the mansion, Samuel ? ”

“ Well … um …. ” Sam looked around and said, “ I think it ‘s very incredible. The italian influence and the molding with Renaissance Style. The attention of the detail is stunning. ”

Of course Sam was majoring real estate. He had recognized the home interior decoration of this identical sign of the zodiac.

The second butler and a maid served food for you and the others.

Sam stated that he had never see how brilliant this very house was.

“ Great manage and love went into the build of this home. ” Edna answered.

You had a bad feel that Edna had her eyes on Sam. You knew that you could n’t lose him to Edna. Sure she ‘s beautiful, but what ‘s more she ‘s unusually ample because of the sign of the zodiac. You felt jealously taking over you.

You listend to Edna talking about the mansion. Her inheritance of the mansion itself, her birthright. But recently this became besides much to bear for Edna.

Edna then stared at Sam ‘s church father and said, “ Tell me, Mr. Evers. Do you believe in ghosts ? ”

To his shock, he began to shiver when he heard her mentioning ghosts.

“ G-G-Ghosts ? ” he stuttered. “ No, nuh-uh. I do n’t believe in ghosts. Please do n’t tell me this place is hautned … ”

“ Sorry about my dad. He does n’t like skittish and chilling things. not to mention, he does n’t like Halloween. ” Sam explained.

“ Do n’t be, Sam. I understand his feelings. ” Edna replied.

then on the spur of the moment, you were informed by Ramsley that the storm had flooded, meaning that it wo n’t let you leave the mansion. Edna suggested that you and the others should stay here for the night. You all were shown to the rooms by Ramsley. Mr. and Mrs. Evers had a room to themselves.

You and Sam had single rooms. surely, you secretly knew that Edna must have put you to a single room, preventing you from sleeping with your boyfriend.

“ so much for not letting me sleep with my boyfriend … ” you muttered as you laid down on the bed.

You stared at the ceiling and wondered about Edna. Edna lost her parents and she was all by herself. The only family she got was Ramsley and the early butler and maid, Ezra and Emma.

You felt commiseration for her and stood up. A interview on the spur of the moment came to your mind. Edna invited Sam to this sign of the zodiac by sending the letter to him. Why ? Ramsley did n’t expect you and Sam ‘s parents when you first entered the sign of the zodiac. Wondering about Edna, you decided to speak with her.

You opened to the bedroom door and you were startled by Ramsley. You yelped and backed away from him.

“ God damn it ! What is improper with you ? ”

“ Pardon for startling you, Ms. ( L/n ). The mistress was wondering if she might have a word with you in the library. ”

“ I see. Thank you for informing me. I was about to see her before you came here at the doorway. ”

Ramsley guided you to the library. You both arrived and you were asked by Ramsley for a drink while waiting for Edna.

You kindly refused his offer and asked him about his service for Edna. He had been served her syndicate for a long time. You even asked how does it like to be a butler.

He said that he constantly attended to every detail, understanding priorities, and all of the above, knowing one ‘s space. You asked about Edna and her personal things.

You were informed that Eda liked artwork, beauty, and literature.

“ I was informed that she believed in ghosts. ” you mentioned.

“ Do you believe in ghosts, Ms. ( L/n ) ? ” he asked.

“ well … possibly, possibly not. ”

“ Ms. ( L/n ), may I confide in you ? ”

“ Yes, go ahead. ” you answered.

“ dame Gracie is n’t feeling well. She must leave this house, Ms. ( L/n ). ”

“ Leave this house ? Why ? ”

“ She must move on. It is of the scratch importance, I assure you. Of I fear the worse. ”

After Ramsley left, you began to wonder about Edna. Is she brainsick ? Or was she fair a hermit who refused to leave this mansion. Knowing that if you do n’t do something for Ramsley ‘s sake, something worse will happen to her.

Waiting for Edna, you wandered around in the library. You sat depressed at the desk and stared at the bust. You tried to pick it up, but it wo n’t budged. You stood up from the desk and wondered about the break statue. You placed your hand on it and its lead bend down. then, you noticed one of the bookselves was moved aside, showing you a secret passage.

“ Whoa … ”

You never realized that this place had a secret passage. Intrigued, you decided to find out as you walked towards.

“ Wow … ” you stared at the darkness passageway. “ Wonder where this leads to. ”

abruptly the door was shut, you became shocked as you tried to push it. But it was no manipulation.

“ Hello ! ? person ! Anyone ? ! serve ! Ramsley ? ! ”

But your cries for help oneself with pounding on the secret door was no habit.

“ Damn it. ”

You looked around and decided to find out a way out as you began to walk throughout the passage. At least you had some matches in case of emergency such as a baron outage. You walked and walked and walked.

“ Where ‘s that creepy old geezer when you need him ? ” you muttered as you continued to keep walk. then you finally were at your end of the passageway. You noticed you had seen movies relating to this. Like when a murderer spied on the victims from the portrait. You checked it out and you were right. You noticed the hallway from the portrayal ‘s eyes and you got out from the passage.

You noticed a candelabrum nearby and held it in your hand. You slowly walked around, hoping nothing worse happen to you on your means.

As you walked past the portraits, you were n’t aware the portraits had changed. A lady in the picture turned into a human-like tigress. Captain Napoleon turned into a skeletion. You walked through the hallway until you noticed the door at the end. You entered inside and heard a telephone plangency.

You took the vintage telephone and said, “ Hello ? ”

then person hang on you in answer.

You put down the earphone and noticed a mirror nearby you. You checked your reflection until you were startled by the crow ‘s call gripe. You were about scared to death by the crow and gave it a wave before you turned to the relection.

Except … your reflection showed you being a dead cadaver !

You scremed in horror and dropped the candelabrum. You quickly picked up the candelabrum and looked rear at your contemplation. You noticed the relfection of you as a absolutely cadaver was gone, it was only your normal self.

“ What the sin is going on ? ”

You had a bad feel that this sign of the zodiac was n’t just a mansion, but something worse and chilling will come your manner.

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